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In The Midnight Lands

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25. They better burst forth!



MY CREW and I all together now, no longer scattered but together, invincible,

Jesters hat 2

all twenty of us at the height of our youthful powers, at the peak of our sharpness and coolness - me in my Jesters hat with real bells that jingled, my face covered in glitter - waiting to begin the biggest night of our lives.

All of us would roll.

Some of us had not rolled before.

Earlier in the day Joseph, Darius and I had discussed how we would chaperone the newbies of Dan, Sam and Tim. Our role to stay on their shoulder and amp them up, make sure they had a good time and avoided the usual rookie mistakes: teeth grinding, excessive water drinking, inappropriate stranger touching.

This part of dance scene law, guiding the first-timers, like passing on the secrets of accoutrements: gum and poppers, nos, chupa chups, tiger balm, glow sticks and glitter spray.

10:30 and we all dropped - as subtly as twenty people putting little pills in their mouths and sharing bottles of water could. We then milled - milling being a big part of a group spangle - nobody ready to head out yet into the dark and dirty night blistering only a few feet away.

There is an anxiety like two hours to a moon landing after you've dropped and before you get smiley, that eerie anticipation of feeling pretty fucking good . . . soon, but not quite yet. For some this can extend half a day before, their stomachs doing flip-flops, appetite dying away.

During the come up you are want to act nonchalant, to give the impression of being in control of your shit to your friends, but sooner or later the question always comes - 

"How you feeling?" I asked sidling up next to Joseph.

 (This to be followed by a close examination of how much you were or weren’t feeling.)

"A bit of a bounce," he replied. "Quite mellow though. You?"


(This to be followed by speculation on the quality of the gear.)

“You tried these before?”

“Nah, but Darius told he’s had the purples. He reckons they’re real smooth on the way up and that you keep going” - Joseph’s hand marked out ascending levels - “up and up."

(Then generally a pause as the backgrounds grow bright and you rock back and forth and you consider the mysterious inner transmutations about to burst forth - they better burst forth! Before a rinse and repeat with somebody new.)

* * * *

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* * * *

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