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In The Midnight Lands

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27. Lit to our very tips.



BACK INTO a new track flooding the Zone,

Gathering Nightime 3 darken

lush and muscular, layers upon layers, orchestral, upwelling. Those big speakers barking, my God, emotions sparking, everything on the up and up, everything on the move, and then - BOOM - the track detonated and we were gone, gone.


Rushing for the first time - dancing, hollering, igniting - moving in whatever way took hold, in whatever manner best pleased. Nothing but us and the bassline now, on the Nirvana express, aeronauts launched a thousand feet straight up, down, sideways, catapulted away again.

So few ways to express all us starvelings felt: the blaze of fraternity, empathy, quietude of soul: the X transporting us to places we could never reach on our own.







Big Dan looming over me, yelling something in my ear.

“Iz. . . y! . . . Pet . . . osed . . .  to  . . . hanie.” 


“Pete's . . . posed bro! They . . . ting married!”

Dan spun me around; his wolfish grin filled my vision. A pause, I understood and we were in, all in to hug the happy couple. A group hug of twenty of us, jumping and shouting and hurtling still higher with the news.

Evil Petes marrying Stephanie.

A-haaaa, wicked!

On, Up, Further we went, into the quaking pitch, into the rain and riot and cannonade of the Gods, avatars of freedom, bambinos of lightning, on, and on, and on into some misty, mystic pinprick of paradise.

Something was coming; the trance had run away. I gave my camcorder to Dan in the hope of capturing it; it died in the rain. In the interregnum we trembled, arms around each other's shoulders and lit to our very tips. Our heads turned towards the flower towers where the petals peeled to reveal high-powered strobes . . .
* * * *
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