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In The Midnight Lands

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50. See Izzy Dance. Dance, Izzy, dance.



WITH MY friends, it was a different conversation:


ME - I've quit my job.

FRIEND - Fek, really?

ME - Yeah. I’m taking the year off. Crazy, ay?

FRIEND - Crazy.

FRIEND - So what are you going to do? Travel?

ME - Sort of. I'm going to hit festivals.

FRIEND - Festivals?

ME - Well, more of a dance festival tour, really.

FRIEND - A dance festival tour . . .

ME - I have six planned in six countries.

[Dumbfounded silence]

ME - I'll spend the northern summer doing it.

[Dumbfounded silence]

ME - Maybe write a book about it.

[Dumbfounded silence]

ME - So, which one are you coming with me too?

[Dumbfounded silence]

ME - I’ll make you famous.

John, face impassive as he listened to all this, said, "Buddy, if you're going to spend a summer partying your arse off around the world, the only book you're going to write is: See Izzy dance. Dance, Izzy, dance."

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