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In The Midnight Lands

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57. Might chemically labotomise . . .

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IN COMFORTABLE silence we sat for the first few puffs before John mused, "Not long to go now."


"Mmm," I answered, enjoying the hazy blanket descending from the outside in.

A pause. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yeah man, I have too."

"But you know, you are, well, kind of useless right?"

I wasn't offended. John's words were voiced with affection and a fair amount of prior experience.

"I like to think of myself as endearingly useless bro."

"That's still useless. Do you really think you can pull this off?"

"No, not really.”

The spliff savoured. Passed back.

“But it’s sure going to be a trip finding out."

John leaned back, looked up and laughed. "Well I guess it's good that you've stopped this straight edge bollocks then. You know, before it felt as if you hung out with us because you had too. Now it feels like you want too."

John still thought my travels might chemically lobotomise; but at least now I should have some fun along the way.


* * * *


SO OKAY, I wasn't some electronic prophet destined to lead a straight edge revolution. People of all ages weren't going to flood the dance scene for the good of their health due to my example.

I was an ageing hedonist heading for one final blowout and all things were back on the table. I had no idea what the next few months held, what they would mean. I hoped meaning would be found. I was searching for secrets and mysteries and magic - for an end worthy of the name. And I was scared shitless. And it was going to be great . . . I hoped.


* * * *

This blog is a story. Each post picks up from the last.
If you are new, start at the bottom with post 1 and then work your way up. 


* * * *

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* * * *

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Posted (edited)

On ‎2‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 2:23 PM, AdamMadd said:

please tell me thats not the end....

Hey @AdamMadd

Yeah that's the first third of the story done, so was thinking of stopping there. Not sure what readership I've got but if enough Ozclubbers protested I could be persuaded to continue on ;)

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I'm with Loz, don't end the story here. Its like watching Game Of Thrones and then they force you to have a mid-season break! 

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Posted (edited)

@Littleloz @AnnaBodanna

Thanks for the support guys!

Part 2 will begin in a few weeks after I settle into my new job. 

I guess it is a *gasp* mid-season break . . .

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