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IWTFA presents Machine | Simon Slieker/Lateral (MELB)



Event details

IWTFA is proud to present MACHINE from Melbourne. Pretty much the most forward thinking techno club nights in the country and has been called by some, "best techno club night in the southern hemisphere". This is the night Scottie Chappell disapears to Melbourne once a month to go to so we are bringing Machine to Brisbane to show everyone why. 

Joining us is legendary techno mastermind SIMON SLIEKER who is one of the founders of Machine and machine resident LATERAL aka Matthew Drape. We are very excited to be bringing MACHINE to Brisbane for the first time to give you a total techno experience what Melbourne get once a month and still going strong all these years. So lets show them how Brisbane do it and give them a warm welcome. 

Finally we have the time and the space to give all our guests and supports 2 hours each to show everyone their full potential. something that is very rare in brisbane and especially in a warehouse environment. 

Also its Jamie Grenenger's birthday so come down a celebrate as it is Sarah Spencers and Jamies Birthday night!! big celebrations. 


Machine Club is the night time expression of Machine Label. It is home to Melbourne’s restless electronic devotees. It acts as a signal beacon to the witless and the wise. Its thumping baseline can be heard through the fog of the night. Characteristic of Machine is the harmonious intermingling of young and old, male and female, gay and straight; Machine and Machine Label don’t settle for the singular; rather an undulating landscape defined by a love of techno music in all of its multiple personalities. We welcome the journey, and all who undertake it. The path we have traversed is a 8 year adventure, already a fable, and the path that lies ahead? This is the tale we tell together. 

Over 8 years Machine has proven to be somewhat of a signal beacon for the emergence of a mature and considered revision of techno music, art and culture. Not surprising perhaps when it is revealed the driving force behind the endeavour are two older practitioners in Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, with 48 years of professional music industry involvement between them.

Eight years in, the Machine club is the hang-out for this re-emergence. Significantly, Machine is populated by a mix of age groups: representative of youth and maturity, enjoying an environment together, each bringing something to the table. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the artist roster, which boasts a swathe of established, older artists, some coming out of retirement, pulled by the lure of an event that is multi faceted, intelligent and offering the promise of something many artists yearn for in the techno field: recognition of artistic expression. Could it signal the “growing up” of the misdirected youth, ever the villain: techno music?

Further to this cause is the attraction of a band of artists, new to the fold, rallied by the sophisticated approach to sound which is at odds with typical commercial interests. The young welcome this apparently vibrant and expressive scene that clearly holds the interest of older heads than their own, that promises something more than a passing fad-like appeal.

Underwriting the spirit of the Machine club, is Machine the label. Representative of the night time realisation of the Machine ethos, the label offers a distinct outlet for the artist fold; beyond the temporal throws of an evenings soiree.


Simon Slieker is a career dj whose currency began with his first shows in 1994 and has held firm through 21 years of laying down as dj, performer, writer, producer and workshop practitioner.

Just as familiar with brooding melodies as he is tribal drums, Slieker is known for the sense of journey he creates: insistent and intense yet sensitive to the subtle textures which allow breath. The through-line: a mesmerising and hypnotic drive. With Simon Slieker you get classic turntable dj'ing: blended vinyl cuts interweaving across an extended music horizon.

Slieker’s career profile has taken him through most clubs and events in Melbourne, across Australia and various countries abroad. The more significant residencies were the Every Picture Tells a Story parties in the early 90's, 8 years with Teriyaki Anarki Saki, key resident contributions with Centriphugal, Revolver and Escape. He has also run several production enterprises, namely Yeah Fuck Yeah, Sucker Punch, Monotremes, When the Smoke Clears and the current vehicle Machine.


If you're keen fan of Melbourne techno, there is a strong chance that you've heard the name 'Lateral' in the last couple of years. Lateral, the creation Melbourne-based DJ and Producer Matthew Drape, is the alternate alias for Matthew's darker and more experimental techno releases; with his previous, more melodic productions having been released under his first alias of 'Backroom Reality'.

There is not a whole lot to say when it comes down to him explaining the musical background behind his work or what his sources of inspiration are. Instead, he prefers to remain quite modest and relatively humble about his productions. Spending a significant portion of his downtime locked away in his studio ñ he sits there crafting dark, thunderous and high quality techno for the aural pleasure of his listeners and fans alike.

Lateral has a handful of remarkable releases under his belt so far, most of them residing on Melbourne-based record label 'Machine': the label he proudly calls his home. Recently, he was happy to be brought on board to help with dealings with the label by fellow crew, Andrew Till and Simon Sleiker.

Over the last couple of years, Matt has released several EP's on Machine ñ Including not only original compositions and remixes, but also a couple of collaborative works with fellow Melbourne producer and local techno heavyweight: D-Rex.

His latest EP on Machine, ìFermionî, is a hypnotic and deep combination of busy chugging techno full of atmosphere and depth. It features remixes by The Black Moy and Ground Loop.

In addition to his Machine releases: Lateral has released a standout EP on Melbourne/Glasgow based record label, One4SevenOne Records, called ìAltitudeî (released back in 2014) and his track ìFractalî was featured on One4SevenOne's ìMelbourne Sampler Aî compilation in 2015.

Matt has supported the likes of DVS1, Enrico Sangiuliano, Tripeo, Knobs, Luis Flores and many others ñ but he always enjoys performing alongside his fellow Melbourne techno artists and DJ's, and often his favourite gigs to play are the nights held by Machine. Previous events that Lateral has Djed at include Machine Halloween, Unfold 002, Machine 26 & Billion Underground Presents Tripeo [Live]. His latest set was at the highly esteemed Rainbow Serpent Festival, where he helped celebrate Rainbow's 20 year celebration. Bringing in the sunrise on the sunset stage Saturday morning.


- BRAHMER (Soiree) 

VENUE: Secret Warehouse Venue BYO (please no glass). Venue will be announced a couple days before the event on the facebook event. 

Only bring good vibes. No bad attitudes or you will be ejected from the venue. 


Tickets on sale now from ticketbooth.com.au
Early Birds $10 (Limited amount)
General Release: $20

Music Genre: Techno
Purchase Tickets: https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/iwtfa-presents-machine/pre-sale
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1056561774474156

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