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Waveback x Tetrameth



Event details



Recovery Collective, Bushtechno and Brown Alley present...


WAVEBACK has his distinctive style residing somewhere restlessly in between Brazilian, minimal and twisted progressive techno. We welcome our dear Italian friend to grace the stage.

TETRAMETH - The bastard spawn of ex-rock bands, and the after-effect of the digital age. Tetrameth’s unique style is experimental, progressive steeped in paisley psychedelica, intended to augment the brain & defrag the soul. Truly unrestricted by limitation or the conventions of genre. Quite simply, Tetrameth is a beast of it’s own.



— Muska : (https://soundcloud.com/djmuska)

— Handsdown : (https://soundcloud.com/handsdown-1)

— Leigh Boy : (https://soundcloud.com/leighboy)

— Jydn : (https://soundcloud.com/jydnmusic)

— Amuze : (https://soundcloud.com/amuz_e)

— BONGANI : (https://soundcloud.com/bonganiofficial)

— Less Is Moar : (https://soundcloud.com/lessismoar)

— John Baptiste : (https://soundcloud.com/john-baptiste)

— ALEGRA : (https://soundcloud.com/alegramusic)

— Jordan Hoko : (https://soundcloud.com/jordan-hoko)

— Liam Sieker - Artist : (https://soundcloud.com/liam-sieker)

— Lask : (https://soundcloud.com/alaskarees-wiliams)

— snilluM / Syd : (https://soundcloud.com/snillum)

— Peruw. : (https://soundcloud.com/peruwaus)

— Aeyem : (https://soundcloud.com/aeyem)

— A.m. Adam : (https://soundcloud.com/am-adam-86)

— Warsawyer : (https://soundcloud.com/warsawyer)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1539672486078464/
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