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Sonora feat. Traumer (Desolat/Rekids/France) All Night Long



Event details


Once again Sonora invites you to another side of techno from an artist that speaks music like their first language.

For our first event of 2018 we bring you Traumer

Paris's university seems not to have lost any of its superb when it comes to electronic music. Its persistant lights keep attracting -as much as they steadily arrouse- more and more artists from the country towards her, although a very few, the most cunning ones succeed in implanting durably there.

Traumer is one of them. The keen disciple has left Avignon's comfortable warmth and plunged deep into the capital's boiling life. For a couple of years now he's been devoted entirely to his passion and has elicited many enthusiasm, offering him now the possibility to dedicate all of his time on his productions. Under IRM founders's friendly wings, who noticed in the first place his talent, and Electric Rescue's expert and encouraging critic, the young producer keeps on working and delivering new material, easily oscillating between genres, that has already convinced most of the electronic scene's godfathers.

The frenchman's discography pledges for his dynamism: in a few of years he proved his versatility, composing a cold, fierce, uncompromising techno for Maxime Dangles's imprint Sign Industry as well as a melodious, jazzy deep house, suave and delicately bouncing, that Ventura Records released last year. Traumer's musical circonvolutions reflect the deepness of his creativity and his technical mastering. Alternating genres, switching from smooth, sensible productions to straight, extatic techno tracks like Night Moves released on Skryptöm, he succeeded in building up a rich and strong repertoire, giving his live performances an unanimous acclamation in prestigious clubs like Paris's Rex and allowing him the notable supports of artists like Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, whose label Herzblut had the honor of releasing the first LP this year. In June 2014, Traumer will have the chance to release 2 x EP on Desolat records.


Sonora feat. Traumer All Night Long
Sunday January 10th

Residents on Support: TBA


Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sonora-feat-traumer-desolatrekidsfrance-all-night-long-tickets-41308402544

Powered by : Faceless Touring / Quality Projekt - Melbourne / Soirée / Xe54


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/173698266703860/
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