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Rhapsodise: Metropolitan Mirage


Section 8

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Searing sunlight bounces off the glass of surrounding office blocks, blinding you. You try to raise a hand to shield your eyes, but you're swarmed by flies buzzing in and around your mouth - the taste of summer stinging true. The blisters on blisters on your soles burn with pure 303 venom. All hope seems lost: until~

Your ears perk up at a distant melody.

A soft mist drifts over you - cooling and serene.

A mirage in the distance, surely? It couldn't be possible. Nothing this fresh exists within the concrete jungle. There is no such thing as an Urban Oasis.

"Hello Again"

2018 welcomes a new chapter for Rhapsodise. And we welcome to Melbourne's favourite cage some of the city's finest selectors. A light-drenched afternoon of funk, soul, italo disco and everything in between.

Edd Fisher (Wax'o Paradiso)

George Hysteric (Mothball Record)



~~See you in the pit~~

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/314364189076778/
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