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Bag Raiders Horizons Tour - Brisbane


Event details

&lt:span&gt:&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/undrctrl/&quot:&gt:UNDR ctrl&lt:/a&gt:, &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/IslandRecords/&quot:&gt:Island Records&lt:/a&gt:, &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/thetbcclub/&quot:&gt:The TBC Club&lt:/a&gt: &amp:amp: &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/theflyingcock/&quot:&gt:The Flying Cock&lt:/a&gt: presents...

&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/bagraiders/&quot:&gt:Bag Raiders&lt:/a&gt:
'Horizons' Album Tour 2019
Friday 23rd August
The Flying Cock, Brisbane

Plus special guests &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/mickeykojak/&quot:&gt:Mickey Kojak&lt:/a&gt: &amp:amp: &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/chasezera/&quot:&gt:Chase Zera&lt:/a&gt:


&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://bit.ly/HorizonsBRI?fbclid=IwAR3V33SDgL66OZgZehIhpPv0_mYM9F_I0IzEA95ViCN0ATZkenRSLNGl2A8&amp:amp:h=AT34em-Sp069WquXRAAbj_nFO8HDT68sFaMbxfZdn6OfVy6iGP-77QkwHNd_j5evL2g1OlNEixnSuZOq13x8YeqxBd3_pmt_YujmbRvjYOsrt32wiz_Yy8q38sSZbbGK9V3W&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:bit.ly/HorizonsBRI&lt:/a&gt:
First Release: $27.50 +BF
Final Release: $33.00 +BF



The story of Bag Raiders is already the stuff of legend but in 2019, the ever-popular Sydney production dream team Jack Glass and Chris Stracey are ready to share their highly-anticipated second album Horizons and head around Australia for the official album tour, premiering the brand-new live show for the very first time.

Horizons documents the journey Bag Raiders have been on since the release of their ARIA nominated Top 10 debut album in 2010, which spawned the singles ‘Sunlight’, ‘Way Back Home’ and the triple-platinum selling, runaway meme phenomenon and global anthem ‘Shooting Stars’.

Conceived, written and recorded all over the globe, Horizons features a stunning cast of Australian collaborators including Mickey Kojak, Panama, Tora and The Kite String Tangle who appears on the first single ‘Lightning’.

Consistent regulars on the festival scene, these however are the first Bag Raiders headline live shows in 3 years and are truly not to be missed.&lt:/span&gt:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2404904566462957/

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