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Elements Festival Launch Party ft: JYDN (Melb)


Event details

&lt:span&gt:Elements Festival Launch Party ft: JYDN (Melb)
Sunday 9th of June from 9pm | Free Entry

In the leadup to the amazing Elements Festival, we're celebrating the launch of their third Festival by inviting Melbourne legend and head honcho of &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/recoverycollective/&quot:&gt:Recovery Collective&lt:/a&gt:, JYDN &amp:amp: festival organiser &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/djtranceducer/&quot:&gt:Tranceducer&lt:/a&gt: to join us in the hive with &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/butterzmusic/&quot:&gt:Butterz&lt:/a&gt: to get you excited for whats to come in October this year.

Join us for another edition in the Hive with extra sound and something a little different for your eardrums.

Entry is free for this Sunday and you can
purchase Elements Festival Tickets here: &lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://bit.ly/2Xo0l2t?fbclid=IwAR2xweO167XDWMQEbyK5kXW38jnzDkUWcTny6Z7MGRgz7eWXN88nhVWjTBE&amp:amp:h=AT2ENhFRUER6I2S4Oaq5mFvCd7bZaj5mYaGlw6_tdw0KIkY9TEVhoHRfux1HRJQE8RcsQBsVPJEtiKnq-acpgjcO4vP45G6fL8yYyZyX6BVhFkG9uHpoR2wCa_sQ9gScuuU&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:https://bit.ly/2Xo0l2t&lt:/a&gt:

&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:http://www.elementsfestival.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR03i_sUpGnK4SL7SLkT00WMctdUGTZknsCOVO4fvANlqEVOoW-vaeHvUow&amp:amp:h=AT1z3iwNJk-IW_VAvxRaRMGw6f_xePOHHhOFjiO4rPLTVT-KPNAvDfHiaK-UDTJ9L16JhY0L5t7jeekjT0mWXDqqwRwKjrKUuW_rp01hlo_UkddNx408kbD56hfQopzhH_s&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:www.elementsfestival.com.au&lt:/a&gt:

&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/jydnmusic/&quot:&gt:Jydn&lt:/a&gt:
Caught up in some sort of deep emotional abstraction between House, Techno &amp:amp: Electronica. Inspired by the balance of dark and dreamy, melodic and rhythmic detail of artists such as Extrawelt, Stephan Bodzin, Recondite &amp:amp: Tale Of Us - all crafted to encapsulate the audience with the movement and nature of each musical enlightenment.

Jydn - recognised as one of one of the hardest working emerging artists of the dance music scene in Melbourne at the moment.

Co-founder of Recovery Collective. A forward thinking, local Melbourne-based movement with a creative visionary and an aim for providing a fresh educational vehicle within the electronic music community. By showcasing emerging artists and undiscovered sounds alike, constantly striving to increase awareness and appreciation for quality electronic music.

2015 was the introductory. Jiayden, at a mere 20 years old. Jumped on an open-ended musical adventure after he finished studying which resulted in his first season on the beautiful and ever so magical island they call Ibiza. Here he lived for almost 6 months and networked around the island. During this period he played a number of gigs at the notorious Sankeys Ibiza, Savannah Beach Club and held weekly residencies with both Ibiza Beatz &amp:amp: Capadi Rebels boat parties.

He returned again for a second season the year later in 2016, to of which which he held the Recovery Collective second birthday celebrations. ’Two Years’ was a series of showcases held across Melbourne and Ibiza, including a concurrent party being run on opposite sides of the globe at the same time, linked via a series of live streams.

Determination to pay homage to the Australian scene over the summer seasons is what drives Jiayden to return back from his overseas expeditions each year. His previous involvement spans Australia wide with brands such as Babylon, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and more.

Ambition x Persistence x Diversity

&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:http://www.soundcloud.com/jydnmusic?fbclid=IwAR3ZFD-4RYelHHf04l1ACfuTf56UI4uT07cvOpvNdsn_rljMjvh6QkFStIQ&amp:amp:h=AT2viAZBuNTscNAMbfu5QEYU_kzvB-eaMigBpbYejQWDuaojQYcBsRU4jr7rz0rQrOm1SXz2DalOUNTnAvRMGH91H98fFugHSPiFioqTxG9wl1Y-xu_2akpDViY_sZoBrCo&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:http://www.soundcloud.com/jydnmusic&lt:/a&gt:
&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/jydnmusic/&quot:&gt:https://www.facebook.com/jydnmusic/&lt:/a&gt:

Programmed with a deep musical passion, diligent drive and natural manner, Tranceducer is highly regarded throughout Australia’s dance music industry. Tranceducer’s dedication to share music that thoroughly fulfills and surprises has him regularly included on Queensland’s biggest dance line-ups. Adaptable to any environment, Tranceducer regularly appears at the finest clubs and festivals and has held his own when supporting many international dance legends. As well as a constant gigging schedule, 2019 sees the conductor enter the studio to craft his own dance floor ammunition. This will see him armed and loaded to execute his primary function: converting musical energies into dance floor focused sets of House, tech house, techno, progressive, trance and psychedlia.

&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://soundcloud.com/dj-tranceducer?fbclid=IwAR2DqExLouZXUWF2RPn7R_fjVpKe0PPsGv_Us0WP-sfrTVDWkdoDUbap0p8&amp:amp:h=AT3vJdt07iHOm8MYFW8MQOsAwjAMOMv9pZxTb3K9pC7B9lIshezuocB2N9_tsMAJqCTUUl5B2QHUGhVub0QfGHfV_gwiiQ7_QDKMGOoBTe6n66WsWIs6BXrXo0BITLsg4RI&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:https://soundcloud.com/dj-tranceducer&lt:/a&gt:
&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://www.facebook.com/djtranceducer/&quot:&gt:https://www.facebook.com/djtranceducer/&lt:/a&gt:&lt:/span&gt:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/323701081648371/

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