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Our House DJ Comp - Heat 2

Prohibition Brisbane

Event details

&lt:span&gt:Prohibition &amp:amp: DJ Lab presents Our House DJ Comp!
Join us on Thursday June 13 for the second heat of this years dj comp! Its all about the house music in Garden bar on Thursdays nights and these local heroes are about to put on a show!

Set Times
8:15 - Settle
8:45 - KTmin
9:15 - Kris Diahann
9:45 - Jack Dawn
10:15 - Sarjent
10:45 - JAAX
11:15 - RossY
11:45 - Disposition
12:15 - TJP
12:45 - VAIO
1:15 - GOO
1:45 - Hiiro

Kicks off 8pm! Free Entry!
&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:http://www.prohibitionbrisbane.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR3uNcET4917NovEeKkIvpdEnDVBOL2nT8nVvy_pGnCPha_ix5lbr2yF_tw&amp:amp:h=AT3rV3TPNKzT4oDFCBftgcbgRQeGPq-3__yFcBSBz-2pAAnxmudk6l0Nlrj5h2QhPh0LWdvEoSNFw7oA_YdRCCDtKfwTjkwnC6CNuQl5TiffQoYNFFfl31dV39tEu3t_7V3f&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:www.prohibitionbrisbane.com.au&lt:/a&gt:
&lt:a target=&quot:_blank&quot: href=&quot:https://djlab.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR102QbFbVdQdMyHHx8npJQEA-Q3g6DKguxDtjJAG3QQSpqH80vjXuqa7hY&amp:amp:h=AT0bQTovxFVbrExCcgZXIg4iCsEjMOonTO2oQljaHoiiYSRc0SZbJRtak9YlHo_Dh12wFvMKtF_zHDGvtG8OIDKCctL7gqkbwkDl5FGwdMpTiOTon3gAe6RaH4MEaztFnIjW&quot: rel=&quot:nofollow noopener&quot: data-lynx-mode=&quot:hover&quot:&gt:https://djlab.com.au/&lt:/a&gt:&lt:/span&gt:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/390539274885502/

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