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Dragonfruit & FLUX Pres. Diego Krause



Event details

D I E G O . K R A U S E
(Unison Wax / Apollonia / Beste Modus) - Germany

Dragonfruit has teamed up with FLUX to bring German legendDiego_Krause to the Capulet garden in Fortitude Valley on Friday September 29th!

Diego Krause is a DJ/producer who was born in Berlin’s eastern districts during the high times of synthesizer music as created by the likes of Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre. Growing up in the 90′s, he was a direct witness to the golden era of hiphop and spent years producing hiphop beats before finally making the switch to house-music.

He is Co-Owner of the Beste Modus imprint and runs his own label Unison Wax as a self-release outfit.

Diego’s sound is influenced by funk and soul, garage and deephouse and everything in between that is both underground and raw. He has taken his sounds all over Europe and beyond – playing at clubs like Watergate and About Blank. His DJ-sets are powered
by driving basslines with a raw 90’s texture and a tech-ish approach while always retaining a groovy, jacking feeling.

L I N E . U P 
Kyle Burchill
Papa K

L I N K S 

E V E N T . D E T A I L S
$15 Entry
Capulet Bar
9:00pm - 3:00am
188 Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Music Genre: House
Purchase Tickets: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https://pulseradio.net/events/view/14454&h=ATPPyNgNHWDYxtMt21tGUlVgUew6BSxT8apRA1I1UDio4UBXpxp2tBtBWD6jAof9s0aQMxMwGh1NlKxkZ8bb7iV6t8t9jl7Qs8lCB7McHk3Cd0Hg4_qBdIR3Dz6ne3PZ8L8wi80cSFnP6MLUlF6I4dog
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1837791009884257

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      By BBC

      This mix is an accumulation of a lot of things for me - anthems that I love to play out, tracks that I love to listen to and artists and labels that I'm proud to represent. I've tried to include a little bit of everything that shapes me as a DJ and a performer. And of course I've thrown in some bangers for good measure! Let me know what you think of it!
      Flux Pavilion
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      Whilst “Watch The World” was electrifying airwaves & delighting fans last spring, it was also having another, altogether subtler side effect. Intentionally or otherwise, it was bringing about a shift in the understanding of who Markus Schulz, the musician, is.
      Working in stylistic areas new, penning & co-penning many of the tracks’ lyrics and delivering an entire disc’s worth of acoustic versions were just some of the ways in which “WTW” challenged the Schulz perception chamber. Bringing that development to its natural conclusion this October, Markus signs off on his most transformative long-player to date with its criterion edition.
      Never one to do things by halves, Markus commenced the Deluxe Edition by returning each of WTW’s 15 tracks to the studio and fleshing them out into extended versions. Having brought new detail, nuance & life to each, he also adds two new anthem contenders to Watch The World’s tracklist. Alongside “You And I”, the album now sports “New York City [Take Me Away]”, a second track captivatingly sung by Adina Butar. Also included is the epic-in-every-sense “Luce Prima” (literally translated: ‘first light’). Conceived to bookend his Tomorrowland 2017’s main-stage daybreak set, here its two parts are reconciled into an ever-building, ever evolving 14-minute-long trance goliath.
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      Developing the reach of its music farther still, Markus sketched out a remix blueprint that would allow the tracks to work both individually and as an album-whole. Ranging from the deep to the uplifting, there are reinterpretations from a broad cross-section of the Coldharbour Recordings crew. Among them are Dave Neven, Nifra, Solid Stone and Fisherman & Hawkins, who have each respectively remixed up a storm on ‘In The Night’, ‘Love Me Like You Never Did’, ‘Destiny’ & ‘Favourite Nightmare’.
      There are also rebuilds from legendary trance greats such as Solarstone, Kyau & Albert and 4 Strings, as well as more recent additions to its establishment like Standerwick, Gai Barone and Amir Hussain. Given Markus’ well-known eye & ear for talent spotting, many emerging names are likewise represented. The likes of Dream Sequence, Claus Backslash, Daxson, Artisan & Dawn all weigh in with spectrum-trance remixes, while elsewhere there’s an electro-pop spin of ‘I Hear You Calling’ from We Rabbitz and ‘Summer Dream’s trop-house take-on, courtesy of JackLNDN.
      Released Oct 6th, Markus Schulz “Watch The World” [Deluxe Edition] is available to order now here.
      Disc 1. Extended Mixes
      01. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (Extended Mix) (5:41)
      02. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Extended Mix) (5:17)
      03. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Original Mix) (10:10)
      04. A Better You (6:56)
      05. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) (Extended Mix) (5:23)
      06. Leaving LA (featuring Nikki Flores) (Extended Mix) (6:21)
      07. Fears (with Kyau & Albert) (Extended Mix) (7:35)
      08. Facedown (featuring Soundland) (Markus Schulz Arena Mix) (7:54)
      09. Waiting (Extended Mix) (7:20)
      10. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) (Extended Mix) (6:40)
      11. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) (Extended Mix) (7:37)
      12. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) (Extended Mix) (5:07)
      13. Favorite Nightmare (featuring Delacey) (Extended Mix) (7:50)
      14. Soldier (featuring Naguale) (Extended Mix) (6:23)
      15. Rewind (4:36)
      16. New York City [Take Me Away] (featuring Adina Butar) (Extended Mix) (7:45)
      17. Luce Prima (14:00)
      Disc 2. Remixes
      01. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (4 Strings Remix) (5:23)
      02. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Standerwick Remix) (5:26)
      03. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Dream Sequence Remix) (8:24)
      04. A Better You (Daxson Remix) (6:32)
      05. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) (JackLNDN Remix) (3:58)
      06. Let It Rain (featuring Helen) (Artisan Remix) (6:24)
      07. Facedown (featuring Soundland) (Solarstone Pure Mix) (8:13)
      08. Waiting (Gai Barone Remix) (8:24)
      09. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) (Dawn Remix) (9:06)
      10. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) (Claus Backslash Remix) (7:37)
      11. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) (We Rabbitz Remix) (3:47)
      12. Favorite Nightmare (featuring Delacey) (Fisherman & Hawkins Remix) (6:11)
      13. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (Dave Neven Remix) (7:58)
      14. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Amir Hussain Remix) (7:15)
      15. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Nifra Remix) (6:13)
      16. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Solid Stone Remix) (7:19)
      17. Markus Schulz featuring Delacey – Destiny (Kyau & Albert Remix)
    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      H A L L O W E E N . In the Enchanted Garden 🌿🕸

      Once upon a time there was a young girl walking through the garden of Capulet , she laid eyes on a single piece of mysterious fruit. Unable to resist the temptations, she picked the fruit and took a single bite, instantly dropping to the floor and falling into an endless slumber ... 

      ... unless rescued by the Princess of Montague, she will live out her days in the dark side of the garden tranquilised by the never ending beat of the Void acoustics 

      ...show us your UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER! ☠️

      Prizes for BEST DRESSED

      $10 Entry - All night!
      Doors Open 9:00pm
      Music Genre: House,Tech,Techno Purchase Tickets: Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/490434318000361
    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      Bass Swag Entertainment and DeadbeaT Events invite you to a FREE open air DAY PARTY.
      SOLARIS Saturday 21st of October, 1pm-9pm @Capulet.

      Join us to enjoy some high quality Tech House and Minimal delivered to you by Ceccato from the Gold Coast and some of the Best DJ's on the Brisbane scene.

      Ceccato sheds light on the darker side of music by focusing on curating deep melodic tunes through his set but also punchy fruity bass lines that keep the vibe at a high , years of musical knowledge has helped him experiment during his sets , taking you on a journey full of highs and lows

      ***** Line UP *****
      -Eduardo Morales ( Bass Swag )
      -Manu Neves ( Dragonfruit)
      -CECCATO ( Secret Garden )
      -Trouble ( Bass Swag )
      -Peppe (Deadbeat / Dragonfruit)

      Free entry
      Doors Open at 1pm
      188 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley Brisbane.
      Music Genre: House,Techno Purchase Tickets: Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1481803561898866
    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      We're excited to have for the second time at Dragonfruit Fridays, Sydney master ZIGMON ( Bassic Records / Rabbits Eat Lettuce), joined by our local residents Rascal , Jay Berry and Manu Neves.

      Bassic Records director/co-founder "ZigMon" breaks the boundaries of techno, progressive, house and minimal, generating encapsulating and unique dancefloor dynamics. Always finding a balance between driving basslines and alluring melodies, ZigMon sees his purpose to deliver something unexpected, compelling an unpredictable journey without the confines of style or genre.

      Warming up for Boris Brejcha and Anne Clue sits at the top of his resumé, closely followed by directly supporting Jay Lumen, Perfect Stranger, D-nox, Alex Stein, Minilogue, Justin Jay, Kolombo, Dale Howard, Louie Cut, DJ W!LD, Be Svendsen, Astrix, Opiuo and Koan Sound. A vagabond of the Australian festival circuit, ZigMon has featured at Strawberry Fields, Earth Frequency, Subsonic Music Festival, Psyfari, Bizarre Garden and is a resident of Rabbits Eat Lettuce, hosting a Bassic Records showcase on the festival’s main stage each year. Indoors, ZigMon is constantly on the move, regularly performing with Australia’s most famed brands; SASH, elsewhere, Breakfast Club, WeLove, Dragonfruit and Essential Intentions, additionally leaving a mark on a wide range of respected venues; 161, Circus, Railway Hotel, New Guernica (Melb), Max Watt’s, HOME, Burdekin, Slyfox, Zoo Project (Syd), The Northern, Sticky Wicket (Byron Bay) and Capulet (Bris). 

      Establishing himself as a key player in the NSW electronic music scene, ZigMon grows with a strong network of events, crews and artists with the collective aim to further the future of the sound in Australia. A crucial cog in the machine at Rabbits Eat Lettuce and Subsonic Music Festival in the areas of artist, event and stage management. ZigMon’s passion outside of DJing lies in curation of musical acts and development of underground event concepts, thereupon collaborating with outgoing organisers, so far delivering the seaside day party Immerse, Aphotic Warehouse and the Bassic and Upon Access label nights.

      $10 Entry
      Doors open: 9:00pm
      Music Genre: Tech,Techno Purchase Tickets: Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/335771356885869

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