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Permaculture Retreat: EFF2021

10 May @ 09:00 - 14 May @ 14:00 AEST

Adapting and responding to change with the new dates for 2021 – Earth Frequency is proud to still offer the 5th edition of our Permaculture Retreat in partnership with Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc. and Peak Organics at Ivory’s Rock.

Our carefully curated and gracefully facilitated Permaculture Retreat gives a small group of participants a solid grounding in a broad range of regenerative topics based on real-life projects happening on the festival site.

It is designed for those who are ready to take action and gain the practical knowledge and skills required to sink roots deep into radical self-determination and productive land regeneration.

Whether you are a complete city-slicker that’s never gotten dirt under your fingernails, or whether you grew up on the land with the animals and eat compost for breakfast this retreat has much to offer you.

The broad range of topics and down-to-earth facilitation team means that no matter what stage of your regenerative growth you are on – you are to get much value out of this retreat.

The five-day program will cover:

– Permaculture Ethics & Principles
– Certified Organic & Biodynamic Farming
– Syntropic Orchard Planning, Design & Maintenance
– Plant & Soil Health
– Seed Saving & Plant Propagation
– Natural Sequence Farming (Leaky Weirs)
– Holistic Bush Care & Indigenous Land Management
– Cultivating Group Ecology
– Daily Mindful Movement Meditation Guided Practice

The retreat will run from Lunchtime Monday 10th to Lunchtime Friday 14th of May 2021 – and will be based right in the centre of the festival site – hosted out of Grounded’s social enterprise the Chai ‘n’ Vibes.

are on sale now for $600, which covers workshops, camping and all meals from Grounded’s all-inclusive plant-based kitchen during the retreat. Participants that wish to attend the festival will need to purchase a festival ticket or have other arrangements (work/perform/volunteer). Participants have the option to attend the retreat without attending the festival.

Ticket numbers for this are extremely limited (12 max) so get in quick!

Follow this link to book now —> bit.ly/3ib8guL

Mystery Guest: Permaculture Ethics & Principles

At the core of the idea of permaculture is a set of ethics and principles which act as guidelines into holistic thinking and better decision making. This introductory session will give participants a solid understanding of where permaculture came from, where it is at, and how they can start to use it in their everyday lives.

Annaliese Hordern: Propagation & Seed Saving

Drawing upon two decades of Permaculture experience, Annaliese has a strong focus on ethnobotanical research and plant-based lifestyle. Her experiences in Eco-communities around the world and working alongside many of the original pioneers in the industry have provided a solid grounding for Annaliese’s interactive facilitation practice and education programs. This workshop will have participants understanding and applying the fundamental concepts and principles when it comes to plant propagation and seed saving.

Anita Greenwood: Certified Organic & Biodynamic Farming

As the farm and volunteer manager at Peak Organics, Anita enjoys getting dirt under her fingernails while producing organic food for herself and the local community. During Anita’s session on the farm, participants will have the opportunity to get on the ground knowledge and experience of what it takes to run a certified organic (and biodynamic in transition) farm in harsh conditions with essentially 100% volunteer labour. Anita’s session will also include a hands-on component making biodynamic compost.

Brendan Taylor: Plant and Soil Health

Brendan has been a market gardener for five years. Always striving to the best food with the least effort he has delved into the mechanics of soil and plant health in an effort to understand his systems. If you have ever wondered “Why is this happening in my garden?” Brendan’s session will take you on a journey into the chemistry and biology of soil and plants. With a wealth of knowledge and experience you’ll be able to find out what to look for, how to improve your current practices and get the most out of your garden. Feel empowered with knowledge and the ability to grow your own food.

Erin : Social Permaculture: Self, Kin & Community

Erin Young helps purpose-led people and enterprise activate group intelligence to turn inspiration into positive impact. Collaborative decision-making and governance tools (Sociocracy) and holistic design for people systems (Social Permaculture) are her primary frameworks; all nature-inspired and informed. Social Permaculture is a nature-informed regenerative design for social systems; with particular focus on people care. Applying to self, kin and community, its scope includes personal growth, community, finance, business, health, art & culture, education, events, media and justice. In this participatory workshop, a spectrum of effective tools and techniques for designing and practicing Social Permaculture are shared. Topics covered include regenerative culture, dynamic groups, seasons and cycles, collaborative leadership, invisible structures and earth connection. Participants will gather practices to integrate into their lives, celebrating nature’s abundance by supporting people care for a better world.

Ross Higgins: Leaky Weirs (Natural Sequence Farming)

Learn about the simple yet progressive technique of Leaky Weirs (a technique of Natural Sequence Farming), transforming damaged landscapes around Australia. Leaky Weirs help eroded gullies become thriving waterways by maintaining conditions that help retain water and reestablish vegetation and broader ecologies. Ivory’s Rock caretaker Ross Higgins has been ninja landscaping the eroded gullies onsite with leaky weirs for a number of years. During his workshop, he will introduce participants to the technique, take them on a tour of the property to see them in action and if conditions are right, plant more seedlings!

Thiago Barbosa: Syntropic Farming Co.

Syntropic Farming follows the practical theories of Ernst Gotsch, a Swiss/Brazilian plant biologist that has over 30 years’ experience in reading forests to design regenerative systems. Over many decades of observation and practice, Ernst Gotsch has formulated agricultural systems based on natural succession, creating ecosystems with similar structures, functions and dynamics to natural and localized biomes. Syntropic Farming fosters positive energetic yields resulting in abundant systems and high-quality harvest. The system is applicable to both small and large-scale farming and is able to support micro and macro-organisms while ensuring the health of the greater organism – Planet Earth. Thiago Gimenez Barbosa is a Syntropic farming pioneer in Australia who is helping to spread the knowledge of this unique farming system and teaching farmers and backyard gardeners to apply the principles in different regions and climates around Australia and the world. Thiago grew up growing food with his grandparents in the countryside of Brazil. He fell in love with the principles of Syntropic Farming and over the few years has been visiting and learning from Ernst Götsch and other teacher-farmers across Brazil to improve his knowledge and skills. He facilitates workshops throughout different regions and climates in Australia and helps farmers transition from conventional to regenerative practices using Syntropic Farming principles.

Bushtekniq: Holistic Bush Care

We are tali & jono, a sister-brother duo to assisting natural bush regeneration, using ethical perspective & holistic technique. Based on Brisbane’s northside, we have worked for over a decade as bush regenerators throughout the region and beyond – in coastal dunes, wetlands, waterways, paddock, scrub and ancient forest. Along the way we love to share our learnings and inspire others to care for country too. Holistic bush regen aims to engage in all parts of our natural systems including cultural heritage, the role of weeds and what it means to be earth custodians. And then there’s the bizarre insects, scintillating soundscape, spunky patterns and esoteric art to keep the joy and the mystery unfolding! Workshop participants will have space to reconnect with themselves, their community and the whole life-supporting system we depend on. Learn about the ‘tools n tekniqs’ of the holistic bush regenerator and how to tip the balance toward healthier ecology.

Lynda Maybanks: Wirrinyah Conservation

“Wirrinyah” means coming back in Yugara language. It represents the ongoing revival of Yugara ways of being and doing through caring for country. With strong connections to South East Queensland namely, Yugara (Yerongpan, Gungin-jin, Miguntyin, Gatteebil clans) and Yugembeh (Mullunjali, Wangerriburra, Koombumerri clans), Wirrinyah is a 100% indigenous owned Land Management Organisation. Lynda and the Wirrinyah team aim to regenerate our natural areas, conserve our native species and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage sites for the enjoyment of all Australians.

Leah Corey: Mindful Movement Meditation

As we humans are the ones that must do the work to regenerate our connection to the land and our communities, it is of utmost importance that we do so whilst taking care of our mind, body and soul. Every Grounded event includes a morning practice mix of Mindful Movement Meditation to ensure each participant has the opportunity to fully receive all of the information and practices from a healthy state of being.

For this retreat, Leah Corey will be facilitating these morning sessions. Leah has been studying and teaching many styles of yoga for over 8 years. Her passion for quality connection to our earth, self, and relating to one another, drives her to help others connect to their body, mind and spirit through Yoga, Pranic Energy Healing, sound , song circles and Zenthai Shiatsu.

Kieron Anderson: Yalabin Dining

Chef Kieron Anderson is a proud Quandamooka, Kullilli & Wakka Wakka man. Established in mid-2019, Yalabin Dining is committed to creating fantastic fresh food for every occasion utilising only the best locally sourced ingredients whilst incorporating native flavour from across Kieron’s homelands and around Australia. Keiron will be catering the permaculture retreat with a fresh, local, gluten-free plant-based menu. He will also spend some time with participants yarning about his story and culture.

Daniel Rodgers: Retreat Host

Daniel is the Secretary of Grounded and an agent of change committed to living in integrity with permaculture ethics and principles. He is a founding member who has a key role in the growth and development of the organisation since the start and will be hosting the retreat experience throughout the week.

Tickets for the retreat can be purchased as an add-on product from the main Earth Frequency ticketing page.

Follow this link to book now —> bit.ly/3ib8guL

Please note whilst this Permaculture Retreat is presented in partnership with Earth Frequency Festival – it is a stand- event. Participants have the option to attend just the retreat if they wish.

If you wish to stay for the festival over the weekend then you will also need a festival ticket (unless you are working or volunteering for the festival).


10 May @ 09:00 AEST
14 May @ 14:00 AEST


Ivory’s Rock
Mount Flinders Road
Peak Crossing, 4306 AU
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