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Oz Day Weekend.

Revolver Public Holiday Eve

TRAMP Presents AUS DAY EVE Sunday JAN 26th


★ Breakfast at SASH ★ Denis Kaznacheev ★ Prunk ★

2 events,


Fatboy Slim at Revolver Upstairs


The Run + Wurli At Sonic Textures

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3 events,


Music from: waterhouse, Ava, Sam Miers and Britt d’Argaville


Sub Culture Screenings ● GO v HumanTraffic (Rave Double Feature)

40 events,

Tim Fuchs & Greg Sara | The Disco

stranger with Ø [Phase]

Static x Synesthetic pres. DJ Gigola, Reptant (live) + Nenagh

Rework x Revolver Fridays


Asylum presents Prok & Fitch (UK)