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The state of Sydney clubbing

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So we all know that Sydney's club scene has been fairly well killed with the lockout laws, but i was reading elsewhere about how its pushed people out to the suburbs where the clubbers have mixed with some bogans and its caused more issues than there was originally, and the NSW government is now considering state-wide lockout laws.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?


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    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      LOLA & SHADE are weak at the knees to be kicking off a luscious new love affair, with Chaos In The CBD gracing us in an outdoor Apocalyptic Garden in Bakery Lane. Join us for a night of devious dancery as LOLA & SHADE present you these two brothers from across the way, who never fail to bring infectious energy to the dancefloor and airwaves, wherever they play. Debauchery is encouraged, a good time is guaranteed.

      Perhaps best known for their stratified, ear-catching rhythms, Chaos In The CBD is the house moniker of New Zealand brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales. Though their music evokes the time-honoured heritage of classic house, their interpretation of jazz brings a unique inventiveness to the genre.

      In 2015, the duo released Midnight In Peckham on the South London dance party and record label Rhythm Section. The EPs poetic production and mournful horns (played by Isaac Aesili) seems to thaw the ice and grime of their new adopted home and embodies the borough’s thriving, vibrant music community. Early 2016 saw two releases with revered Japanese label Mule Musiq, further enhancing the pair's ear for complex drum patterns that create visceral listening experiences.

      The brothers’ ceaseless momentum led to the start of their own label In Dust We Trust, a collaboration with childhood friend Jon Sable. The label’s first offering, Accidental Meetings, exemplifies their considered production; energetic progressions that mature as the motifs develop.

      With ever-strengthening production credentials, and infectious, joyous rapport while performing, Chaos In The CBD have marked themselves as one of the most eminent underground house artists to emerge out of the South Pacific. The pair split their time between the studio and performing around the world.

      DRESS CODE // Post apocalypse sequinned, botanical garden nomad. 


      ++ FREE ENTRY ++   Music Genre: House Purchase Tickets: Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1014362588717555
    • Jackbhoy
      By Jackbhoy
      Thanks for having me on the forum.
      I may have to go along to the Lobster Theremin night on the 23rd September(Nthng, Asquith, and Dj Huere) solo due to various friends not being able to make it.
      Does anyone think this will look weird or should i just go and dance the night away to some quality tunes and meet some random people?
    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      The CAVE is hosting it's first ever open day on Sunday, September 10th from 11am-4pm. 

      This free event will have a relaxed, drop in/out program featuring: 
      - a modular synth petting zoo
      - open jam sessions (bring along an audio or video toy to plug in or use the CAVE ones)
      - live performances
      - a pop-up modular synth shop
      - a video experimention lab...and
      - maybe more...

      Come along, meet cool people like you and find out about the upcoming CAVE workshop program.

      A more detailed program will be posted over the coming weeks.
      Music Genre: Electronica Purchase Tickets: Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/222470278279995
    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      Radio 4ZZZ, Um, Yep & The Flamin’ Galah proudly present:


      We are going to blow your minds with a multitude of musical genres including: House, Acid House, Techno, Acid Techno, Detroit Techno, Warehouse, Breakcore… the list goes on!

      There’s gonna be Old Skool, New Skool & every skool in between along with mid tempo’s, fast tempos, & I’m sure, some freaking crazy tempo's

      So make sure you don’t miss out peeps!! & don’t forget your smiley face shirts, fluffies & fluro’s - it's gonna be an epic night!

      $10 entry or $5 for 4zzz subscribers. All money raised will be donated to Brisbanes one & only, 4ZZZ Community Radio

      - Those Acid Dudes
      - Munter S Thomson
      - DJ A - (House of Joy)
      - Emeline Sound
      - SonicAcid
      - Rufus
      - Rakes

      Visuals & lighting by:
      - Aleph-One
      - Fluff Daddy
      - Adam Raboczi
      - Pi-Rate

      Music Genre: Electronica Purchase Tickets: Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/124758228154628
    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd

      x NO LOCK OUT
      x FREE PIZZA IN COCO @ 330AM
      x OPEN TIL 7AM

      GUEST LIST (available via ticket link)
      Music Genre: House Purchase Tickets: http://bit.ly/GuestList-TheMET Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/811698705674523
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    • Hope all is well in your paradise. The invitation for the infamous City-Bush-Doof, aka CBD, is officially official! As the name suggests, the CBD is a music-based event set to the backdrop of Brisbane’s suburban jungle. 

      The City Bush Doof evolved as an idea that began as a lunch in the park and quickly turned into an all out party after receiving huge support on Facebook . Since it’s offical release on the 30th of September, first round tickets have already sold out! With over five thousand people interested in attending the event before the announcement of a lineup or venue, it’s no surprise that the City Bush Doof promises to be a defining event of 2017.  If you’re into dance music and good vibes, this is one Sunday sesh you won’t want to miss.

      Although the initial plan was to occupy public land in St Lucia, our application with the council was rejected, so we have had to move to a new location and will post closer to the date.

      The CBD was inspired with the aim of bringing just a small group of family and friends closer together but with so much interest and excitement, we opened the event to the public. Since, it's become a music-based event built on positivity, happiness and a mutual love of doof. So please please please take the opportunity to spend time with your bretheren and bask in the love. 

      Originally, we planned to run the event on donations but in order to host the best event possible, we needed more funds - and have since released tickets (check the link above). This year's event is on a Sunday and we're hosting a range of local and national artists. 

      Updates will be provided as we approach the event date.

      We can't wait to see you there!

      Music Genre: Deep,Minimal,Progressive,Tech,Techno,Trance

      Purchase Tickets: https://citybushdoof.oztix.com.au/

      Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/449437888746955

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    • It's been 10 years since Henry Saiz launched his amazing label. Now come celebrate with an afternoon of amazing music in the courtyard.

      HENRY SAIZ - BALANCE presents Natura Sonoris Label
      Balance Music - www.balancemusic.com.au

      Soundcloud preview link: https://soundcloud.com/balanceseries/balance-presents- natura-sonoris- mixed-by- henry-saiz-preview-edit

      Spanish musical genius Henry Saiz provided one of Balance's most memorable efforts on the 19th volume, utilising vinyl, cassette, reel-to- reel tapes and over 100 field recordings to create an incredible patchwork of sounds that came together as a beautiful whole. Ever keen to provide something unique, he returns to the series for Balance presents Natura Sonoris: an expansive mix comprised completely of exclusives from his award-winning label.

      Supported by-
      Rich Curtis Dj
      Jesse Kuch
      Marcus Doré

      Read more at: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/henry-saiz-brisbane-show/96698#PG9g5dlpAXYLJ4e7.99I

      Music Genre: Techno

      Purchase Tickets: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/henry-saiz-brisbane-show/96698

      Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1673546276008027

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    • IWTFA is proud to present MACHINE from Melbourne.
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    • BoogieKnights DANCEFLOOR REACTION / ARIA CLUB TOP 20    

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    • Hi everyone,

      I hope i don't offend anyone in asking this, but was exactly is Techno?  I see so many events popping up on facebook and here that are Techno events, but i really don't know what it is.

      Can someone please post some links to some music that is classified as Techno?  I guess there's subgenres of Techno too, so if you have any information about the sub genres also, that would be really helpful!

      • 3 replies
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