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▲☼ Ethereal Valley ☼▲

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▲☼ Ethereal Valley ☼▲

We welcome you to a celebration of Life, Art and Community held in the beautiful Sunshine coast hinterlands. 

Join us for three nights of camping, dancing and soulful connection.
Lineup featuring Aussie Hip hop, Trap, Tech, House, Ambient Chill, Future House, Glitch-hop, DNB, Psytrance, Progressive Trance, HiTech and more!
Free entry if the date's fall on your birthday and you're welcome to camp the sunday night for a full recovery. 

DIRECTIONS - Will be word of mouth to all Crew, Artist, Presale and hard copy owners.

1st release - sold out
2nd release $40

$50 on the gate

Arrival times + Gate price ♥ 
Gates open 11:00am Friday 16th June
Friday - Saturday = $50 
Sunday - Monday = $40 
Gates close 10:00am Monday 19th June

Only 1.5hr drive north from Brisbane
Private Property.
Medics and Toilets will be on site.
We will have Plained clothed security present at the event checking all campgrounds.

Please only bring friendly likeminded indiviuals to this event ♥ 
Interstate license plus 4 + passengers get $10 off each gate priced ticket :)
Anyone on any Blacklist will be denied entry,We know who you are.
checking all ID's upon entry. 

_________________?What to bring?_____________________
Event ticket (If you forget or can't print we will have your name on the gate)
Cash $$$
Warm clothes, Beanies, Gloves, Thermals, Ponchos (We're nestled in a valley with a lot of shade and a creek so it's going to get pretty chilly!!)
Tent, Tarp, Gazebo , Blow up bed, Foam mattress 
A source of light , Fairy lights for your camping space (This site has some real dark spots)
Comfortable footwear (site is pretty rough here and there)
Lots of water and food!!! (Try and bring a few big reusable containers instead of buying plastic water bottles in mass)
Rugs, chairs, blankets, pillows, costumes, pois, juggling balls, lighter, bowl, scissors ;) ... a SMILE & the right attitude. 

Please note that there is a 60m hill on site. Make sure you go slow and in low on this hill when entering and leaving the site. We have had a 2wd making the trip up and down all week and the road will be flatter very soon. In case all else fails we will also have a tractor on site to pull you up ? Remember to carpool as much as possible!!! And camp close to each other for this one guys.

VIRUS sound + jake's rig :P

VIRUS Lighting & Lazer's
Flow Vision Production 
DFC Lighting 

DreaMTime.Fx Decor
Silly Goose
Hippy Spin tie-dyes 
Jazz Soul
String art - Lachlan Robertson 

Stage/Shade sails: 
Katelyn Nagel 

Magic Mixes 
Skitz psychedlic sistarz
Intrusting Delights

Lachlan Robertson
Jade Bromhead 
Neo Matthews 

Fire Show/Perfomers:
Logan Mcalpin - 

Live Art: 
Emm Trillo

LINE UP: (we are full!!)

Live Music:
I AM ANGEL (Hip Hop)





 - (Progressive Psytrance)
 (Bush Tech)
 (Progressive Psytrance)

First Release: 
Midicinal Noize - Twisted Lotus -2HR SET!!!
Trip Syndicate - Neva Endin Beats-  
Complex Theory -Neva Endin Beats 
Zodiac -  
Rascal -  
Lucid Gecko -Progmore Records-  
Aqua Shack - 
Hollowglyph -Progmore Records  
D-Lysergic -Progmore Records -  
Aquarius -Progmore Records - 
Augmentor -  
Chupa Chunks -  
Abstrakt -  
Hunter s. Thumpsum - 
LU-C!D -  
Mk Ultra --ultra-oner
Cosmoganic - 
Stormer - 
Geoglyphik -  
Nafta -  
Mynx -  
Neal San -  
Soyboy -  
Limp Wrist -  
Quadrapuss - 
Smart Alec -  
Psymon Says - 
Abraham Tilbury - 
Boogie Collective - 
Jakstafyri - 
Aramas - 
Elektropanda - 
Penny - 
Enveeh - 
Tryptamine - 
Molly Gobbler - 
Mr Buisness - 
Perfect Storm - 
Artemis - 
Citrix - 
Psysin - 
Transonic Perplexity 
12PM... Leana Avaxa (Spacey Electronic) 
1PM... Leana Avaxa (Spacey Electronic) 
3PM...EmphnTreats (Hip Hop)
4PM...The Loose Screws (Hip Hop)
5PM...Syntax Era (Hip Hop)
6PM...Limp Wrist (Trap)
7PM...Chuppa Chunks (Progressive Psytrance)
8PM... EnVeeh (Progressive Psytrance)
9PM....Aquarius (Progressive Psytrance)
10PM...D-Lysergic (Progressive Psytrance)
11PM...TRiBAN (Psytrance)
1AM...Midicinal Noize (Psytrance)
2AM...Midicinal Noize (Psytrance)
3AM...MK ULTRA (Full On)
4AM...Augmentor (Morning Psytrance)
5AM...Hunter s. Thumpsum (Psyc0re pudding/Hi-tech
6:00AM.. Albraham Tilbury (Chill Electronic)
- LIVE ART - Emm Trillo
6:30AM...Paul (Ambient/Chill Techno)
8AM....Knackered Sailor (German Tech House)
9AM...Rascal vs Matt (Tech)
10AM... NAFTA (House)
11AM...Neal San (Future House)
12PM..Soyboy (Bass)
2PM...Cosmoganic (Chill-out/Glitch/Space)
3PM...Lucid Gecko (Glitch-Hop/DnB/Tech)
4PM...Mynx (African Deep House)
5PM..Amaras (Bush Tech)
6PM....Rainbird (Bush Tech)
7PM...LUCID (Bush Tech/Prog)
8PM...HollowglypH (Progressive Psytrance)
9PM...Jakstafari (Progressive Psytrance)
10PM...Complex Theory (Progressive Psytrance
11PM...ORGANIC DISTORTION (Progressive Psytrance)
12AM..VOLKIENE(Progressive Psytrance)
1AM... Viridus vs Citrix (Prog vs Psy)
2AM...Geoglyphik (Full on)
3AM...Transonic Perplexity (Dark Psytrance)
4AM...Abstrakt (Psytrance)
5AM...­­­­Quadrapuss (Hi-tech)
6AM..Aqua Shack (Chillout - Prog)
7AM...Trip Syndicate (Psytrance)
8AM...Smart Alec (PROG)
9AM...Tryptamine (PROG)
10AM...Stormer (PROG)
11AM...Mr Business (PROG)
12PM..Psymon says (Psytrance)
1PM ... Psysin (Psy/Prog)
2PM...Perfect Storm (Psy/Prog)
3PM...Molly Gobbler (Psy/Prog)
4PM... Boogie collective (Lowtempo Prog)
5pm...Elektropanda vs Artemis (Techno)
We will be providing Multiple campfires at the event.
Respect the land, Respect & take care of each other.
No METH or any dangerous drug! 
Only bring what you can take home, only foot prints to be left on this beautiful property so please pick up your own rubbish and take it home or atleast put it in the bins we provide?
Violence, anti-social behaviour and general negative behaviour is strictly not allowed and if any of this behaviour is observed the person or persons involed will be escorted off the property.
Also please make sure that if you are driving or to make sure that your driver is able to know when to slow down and stop the alcohol and any other goodies which are available. It's your job as a friend to make sure your driver has had enough rest before you leave. Please be safe, cautious, smart and responsible while having an incredible time!
Lot's of love ? We hope to see you all very soon ?

More Info: https://ozclubbers.com.au/calendar/event/89-%E2%96%B2%E2%98%BC-ethereal-valley-%E2%98%BC%E2%96%B2/

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Whats this i heard it was cancelled?

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      Pop in for a beer over University holidays or stream in to share the love to your people. 🙂

      Address: 57 Wellington Rd, Gabba.


      Music Genre: Techno

      Purchase Tickets:

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