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LOLA & BTHC presente Fresco per Tutti w/ Hysteric

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 AdamMadd     213

LOLA & BTHC presente Fresco per Tutti w/ Hysteric

After a busy start to 2017 and a quiet few months to recover we are pleased to present another BTHC dance initiative and the return of our first guest, Melbourne’s "Italo Disco” master, Hysteric! We’re teaming up with Laruche based disco party LOLA to bring the sounds of Hysteric to your ears and feet in the intimate loft space. Transport yourself into a two level world of sound and sense. FRESCO PER TUTTI (Fresh for everyone)

Hysteric has kept busy since he graced our fine city, pushing his edits and label to dizzying heights. His brand of exciting and classy edits have brought music from eras and subcultures once forgotten, igniting them with an energy that brings the music back into the hearts and minds of today. Staying true to his style on another red hot release on BTHC favourite Public Possession and new forays into Parisian Labels Edits du Plasir and Fuego International. 

His label Mothball Record which focuses on re-releasing unknown Italian gems has taken to Italo supergroup “Plustwo", reissuing their cult classic “Melody”. The meticulous nature of Hysteric’s restoration of the original testaments his love and energy for the music. This energy is also seen in his record digging and relentless DJ sets which after last March left us begging for another taste. 

Those Restless Beat boys and BTHC Deejays got you covered for some extra spicy trimmings upstairs in the Bad Taste Fresco per Tutti discoteca. Main dude Dan Mumbles, GC homies Buff Girls and Brisbabe Emma Stevenson getting sweaty in LOLA's Liberazione room downstairs. Bring your dancing feet and don’t be afraid to use them. Maximum respect for the venue and each other as always. Fresco per Tutti - Fresh for everyone !!

Fresco per Tutti Discoteca di Laruche (upstairs)
LOLA's Liberazione (downstairs)
680 Ann Street (Laruche)
Entrata - dieci incluse aperitivo ($10 including aperitif)
Nove (9) - Fine (late)

More info: https://ozclubbers.com.au/calendar/event/123-lola-bthc-presente-fresco-per-tutti-w-hysteric/

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