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2017-09-09 - Back To The Fractal Part 2: Time for the 909

2017-09-09 - Back To The Fractal Part 2: Time for the 909
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Various photos from this event - here's the event page & the promo blurb >>


Radio 4ZZZ, Um, Yep. & The Flamin’ Galah proudly present:


@The Flamin’ Galah, 8pm-3am Saturday 9/09

Children of the Raveolution!
We call on you once more to unite!

Your humble purveyors of fine quality acid, Those Acid Dudes, invite you to a night of genre bending, tempo twisting musical delights and retina mashing visual experiences.

On the auspicious date of 9/09, the sacred name of our most sacrosanct machine rhythm composers, The Flaming Galah will be transformed into a Mandlebrotian playground of formulaic mathematical derivations and incalculable uncertainties with sonic trajectories aimed directly at enhancing pineal neurotransmitter revelations in all who attend.

Joining us on the Altar of Acid is the much anticipated return of the tympanic shattering, synaptic warping, Munter S Thomson, busting out of the restraints of his lesser monikers… along with a double helping from the sonorific smorgasbord including DJ A - (House of Joy), Emeline Sound, SonicAcid, Rufus and Rakes.

Providores of the promiscuous pulsating pixel pleasures on the night include the hit list of seminal Brizzy VJs: Aleph-One, Fluff Daddy, Adam Raboczi and Pi-Rate… an exhibition of oldskool fractal geometry meets sampled deconstructed muxing of the datasphere.

They said there would never be another… & the DeLorean is all out of flux… so don't chance with destiny… make sure you don't miss out!

$10 entry or $5 for 4zzz subscribers. All money raised will be donated to Brisbane's one & only, 4ZZZ Community Radio :)

- Those Acid Dudes https://soundcloud.com/thoseaciddudes
- Munter S Thomson https://namshubofenki.bandcamp.com/album/waste
- DJ A (House of Joy) https://m.mixcloud.com/jonathanlane5095/junglisms
- Emeline Sound https://www.mixcloud.com/emelinesound
- Sonic Acid https://soundcloud.com/sonicacid
- Rufus https://soundcloud.com/rufus81
- Rakes https://www.mixcloud.com/rakesdj

Visuals & lighting by:
- Aleph-One https://www.facebook.com/Aleph.001/
- Fluff Daddy
- Adam Raboczi
- Pi-Rate



Also check out the promo video I made >

And this edit of Those Acid Dudes set!


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