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      Welcome to the brand new OzClubbers community.  We welcome all the new members and old regulars back to the community!  The site is still brand new, so its a great time to get on and start some new conversations, create a blog, add events, or submit photos!  To do that, you will need to sign up first.  It takes about two minutes and is completely FREE.  To sign up, visit https://ozclubbers.com.au/register and either create a new account, or use your facebook or twitter accounts to register. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Support menu! Thanks! Adam Madd


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    yeah rad also new page is new !!!!!!
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    i have been meaning to mention @AdamMadd... but i think you need to see a dentist!
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    yeah, sorry about that happy b'diddy though
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    Swipe left
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    Still more photos to be uploaded from Llama-G yet. Lol
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    even better there is videos.... once they are ready to go, some are already edit: find them here http://www.frequencies.tv/
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    wow, sounds like one hell of a party! is there photos?
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    hahah, yeah, there's a limit as to how long after you make the post that you can edit the same post. I think its set to 5mins at the moment from memory, but i'll need to check that..
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    QUITE ACCIDENTALLY the year before, I discovered the dance scene. I happened to be at Auckland's Real Groovy Records one blank October day, and I happened to glance down at one of the colourful dance party flyers littering the counter. It was the colours that caught my eye. That and the promise of a ‘Snow Party’. Picking the flyer up, I thought: snow means wet clothes, then, this might be a good place to meet chicks. Which it wasn't. Not if you went to the party in a plaid flannel farmer's shirt—as I did—certain it was the height of manly fashion. Before then, nothing was extraordinary in my life. Not that there was anything particularly sub-ordinary either, you understand. It was just your average early-twenties, know-nothing, Kiwi-bloke life. I was average in height and build, average in looks—with a receding hairline and an upturned nose that had earnt me the nickname pugsley. (Whether due to a resemblance to a member of The Adams Family or the dog breed with the squashed in face I was never entirely sure.) If you didn’t count the hat-trick I took when I was seven, I had two claims to fame: being a fifth generation New Zealander and being the only son out of five children to parents comfortably married. My days I spent in subtracting the hours to the weekend, where I would drift along behind my mates through the pubs of Auckland—The Forge, Broncos, Copper Joes, The Loaded Hog—shimmying away to the commercial pop played (and enjoying it far more than I let on) because that was the best place to meet girls. And at 3 AM I would head home with a kebab, alone. In summer I played cricket; in winter I watched rugby; and every New Years I went camping in the Coromandel with my friends, there to get prodigiously sunburnt and prodigiously drunk. Not a bad life, really, just: ordinary. And some part of me was searching, searching for, well, the extraordinary I found at that first warehouse dance party in the centre of town. It was all madness and riotous magic from the moment I entered the parking lot. There were snow blowers blowing a blizzard at the door, pyros spinning great tongues of fire outside, and white was the attire for everyone—other than me, in my plaid-flannelled goodness. Nervously I went to join the queue. The bass reverberated through the walls; the friendly bouncers welcomed me. A surprise. They ushered me inside . . . To collide. A new realm of being. First that techno thundercloud hitting like a train (and I thought of it all as techno then), next those weird, wild and wonderful ravers in their blissful, boisterous boil (and I thought of them all as ravers then), cutting loose and letting go, the warmth and the lights and their glow, and finally the recognition they were dancing, actually dancing, but with such freedom and ecstasy, such kinetic creativity, it was like watching a human murmuration. (And, incidentally, putting my patented sidle-up-to-a-girl-and-grind-against-her groove, doing the pugsley, to deep, deep shame.) From that first reveal through ice-crusted doors, I was out of step. Lost. I did not know how to move. I consumed space and collected frowns. I gawped and wanted to take pictures. I was a sightseer to the Amazonia Planitia of Mars where all the martian woman streaming by were gorgeous—so this is where they all hang out!—and all the martian men laid-back-cool-enough not to hit on them; where your skills on the dance floor mattered and water was preferred and an effervescent energy reigned and not one fight began, and I careened around dazed for a while. Finally, overwhelmed, defeated, I retreated to a wall at the back, a tartan flower, there to stay for the rest of the evening. I was pounded ever flatter by the bass. I chewed over what secret school had taught them all to dance this way, developed a man crush (sadly) on the obvious king of the party: a bloke onstage wearing reflective sunglasses, wrapped up in smoke and lit up by lasers, peep-peep-peeping away on a glowing whistle. And slowly, inexorably, like all those in the warehouse before me, I became determined to cross over . . . to the extraordinary. Authors note - this blog entry a continuation from:
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    I look forward to posting more. i have a feeling I may be here a while . . . *pulls up a comfy chair and makes himself at home*
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    cool, we can 'like' our own posts now
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    adminadammadd maddadminadam adammaddadmin bahaha
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    oh happy birthday adam! hey, do you realise that ........ you're adam and you're the admin. and those letters are very easy to get mixed up on a keyboard? hehehe
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    making clubbing forums great again
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    Happy birthday to me from Facebook 😂
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    while I couldn't find a remix of 'living on the edge', I did find a remix of another aerosmith song....
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    IM's latest came out a while ago, so I've been doing that a bit lately and I'm a couple ep.s behind with Electric Crush, so will catch up with it when i get a chance http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/electric-crush
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    You know, thats a good idea for a special topic. A "what are you listening to" thread.. -EDIT- Created new thread
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    7%? man, I thought I lived dangerously
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    Absolute madman
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    Finally i can shitpost again!
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    In my heart he's still Prince Thicky
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    This is what I'm doing today. Hahah
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    hey everyone! saw this topic was "hot" so here i am ahaha i didn't know TWD was back! Thanks for letting me know. And i totally agree, what the hell is with this whole half a season crap??? Just do the whole season and stfu
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    From the album Llama-G - 25/02/2017

    © Adam Spencer

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    yeah, though I for a bit after I woke up I couldn't remember getting off him and was wondering where he was, but drunken me had put him away already
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    Will definitely let others know about ozclubbers. Wont be sharing my blog to facebook as yet, as these posts are from the beginning of a memoir still in draft. Think of this as a beta-release (hopefully without all the bugs)
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    Hey Adam, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I’m feeling very happy to have stumbled over Ozclubbers today, I’ve been looking for a home for ITML for a while. It feels good to be around like-minded people As for if I ever looked back, you’ll just have to wait for the next post
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    Wow dude, you have a way with words. I loved reading your glorious entrance to the electronic music scene. I'm guessing you've never looked back once? I mean, why would you look back
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    yeah i turned that feature on at the same time as i was turning off the limits on how many "likes" you can do in a day. lol
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    hahah, so it was YOU!! lol this is doing my head in
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    well in that case I'm currently listening to that Aerosmith song cause it's stuck in my head
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    My battery only has 9% left. I thought you all should know. Lol
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    congrats borris, get some sleep while you can
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    Smart Phone tune in link: http://tunein.com/radio/Sweet-FM-971-s111067/ Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvq9ZrnEk2ZFsQ0keAm-gzQ/live
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    lol i didnt see that yet - keep refreshing the page straight to the comments #kawaii
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    he's a grower, not a shower
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    hihi @puffpuff!
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    I doubt it's as good as the prosciutto on figs I had last night
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    hahaha also.. gotta love those cucumber cat scare videos stupid creatures
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    I've only seen about one and a half episoides of TWD, but I love Rick's jokes. especially the one about the RHCP.
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    She just needs to bat her eyelids, and people fall to the ground
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    Maybe its the start of something bigger. Where all series' have mid-season finale's to drum up interest? *conspiracy*
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    yeh got on to it yesterday... was well impressed with the mid season return but seriously what the hell is with this "mid season finale" bullshit we have to put up with now.... its a god damn oxymoron!
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    yeah mean! speaking of.. hurry the fuck up season 3
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