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    btw, if anyone is after a quality Japanese kitchen knife, we'll be at Kelvin Grove Markets tomorrow selling 'em
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    yeah i know hahaha
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    Woot! About time hehe
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    After a long hiatus I'm back with a new blog post/mix of tunes from september
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    yep, with a little jungle thrown in
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    the w'end is almost here, and I'm looking forward to this one tonight'll be some quality old skool DnB, then tomorrow my gf and I will do some serious grouting, followed by dinner and a play with friends. by play I mean a performance done on a stage by actors, not that play you naughty people
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    EARTHCORE IN THE PARK 2017 - QLD 2-3 DECEMBER - IVORY'S ROCK - QUEENSLAND earthcore in the park is a one day and one night outdoor event featuring some of the best acts and a taste of the same world class production you expect from the mothership 5 day earthcore festival in Victoria. Perfect for those of you that want all the fun without the travel. However, if you want the full earthcore experience then we recommend you head to Victoria instead. Either way...Join us for the ultimate doof experience. 24 HOUR NON-STOP MUSIC 3 EPIC STAGES MONSTER MARKET PRECINCT CAMPING GROUNDS ALL AGES 16 + LICENSED AREAS (BRING ID IF YOU WANT TO DRINK) SUN - FUN - YOUR MATES & YOU XXX INTERNATIONAL GUESTS Say hello to the earthcore in the park 2017 lineup feat international heavyweights in everything psychedelic trance, techno, bass, progressive, deep house and more... Berg Bliss Coming Soon Coyu Dave Angel Dirty Audio John 00 Fleming Marc Romboy Morten Granau Nick Curly Plump DJs Prok & Fitch Sean Tyas The Freestylers Vini Vici + much more
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    hahaha. Sssssh, or everyone will know!
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    ah ha... so this is the secret to being a DJ...
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    Hahah, most likely right there
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    Given Rick's nihilistic and sarcastic approach to everything I wouldn't be surprised if the sauce is complete crap and he's just fucking with everyone. Man, I really need to reread The Nihilists by O Wilde again, been meaning to for a while now.
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    It was a brief promo for Mulan when that came out in '98. rick wanted some sauce i don't remember it being in aus either, don't think it was re-released here for the rick n morty promo either, just uSA... there was one couple that drove from canada to try it but the shop didn't sell it threre
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    Wow, today's a struggle already
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    Spring has sprung, and we're back in action for our next Attic event—this time, welcoming the extremely talented, Folamour, as part of his 'Umami' album tour! We'll be back at our favourite home away from home, The Civic Underground, and moving things to a Saturday evening on this occasion—so put a big circle around 25 November in your calendars! Line-up, as follows: Folamour (Moonrise Hill Material / FHUO Records) https://www.facebook.com/folamourmusic https://soundcloud.com/folamour Kyoku DJs (Kyoku Records, Melbourne) https://www.facebook.com/kyokurecords https://soundcloud.com/kyokurecords Brendan Clay https://www.facebook.com/BrendanClayDJ/ Andrew Fazzolari https://www.facebook.com/AndrewFazzolari/ About Folamour: Think uplifting, melodic, disco-infused house music, and you're on the money. Behind the name is hidden one of the more prominent house DJ/producers out of France; with a reputation for burning the coolest of dance floors—far and wide—having enjoyed successful international bookings in Germany, Holland, Croatia, U.S.A., and Canada, to name just a few. As well as being a highly-accomplished technician behind the decks, Folamour is an incredibly well-seasoned producer. The output of the man is simply phenomenal—both in its sheer volume, originality and consistent quality, alike. His discography includes releases and remixes on renowned labels such as Glitterbox Recordings, Defected, Church, Better Listen Records, Sleazy Beats' off-shoot, Make Believe Disco, Roots For Bloom Records, D.KO Records and Delicieuse Records. Folamour is also manager of exclusive record labels, FHUO and Moonrise Hill Material; the latter of which, he has released his debut album, 'Umami'. 'Umami' is an ode to his love of Japanese culture and infuses tastefully-added house samples, organic drums, disco swing, and future jazz, all in a neat, nine-track package. This is a sound well-placed both on the club dancefloor and in your living room. The album—currently a vinyl-only release—forms the basis of this tour. This is Folamour's very first trip to Australia, and his only Sydney show. You do not want to miss this opportunity to see this Frenchman do the damage on a warm Sydney spring evening! --- About Attic: 'Attic' is the brainchild of Sydney jocks, Brendan Clay and Andrew Fazzolari; devised as a medium to promote their love for low, slow grooves, thick basslines and loose percussion. Attic is tailored to those searching for an avenue for deep, soulful, disco-infused and melodically-centric house music. Fundamentally, its focus is the promotion of quality, hand-picked local talent; while regularly welcoming selectors from around the globe, mirroring its ethos and vision. Since its inception, Attic has hosted two standalone events—featuring renowned Dutch artists, Fouk and Nachtbraker—as well as appearing all around Sydney for invitational takeovers, radio appearances, and exclusive showcase sets. 2017 has been a positively memorable first full year of Attic action; the boys' enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for quality house music continue in full swing... deep • low-slung • disco --- The Civic Underground is located within The Civic Hotel, 388 Pitt Street, Sydney—on the corner of Pitt and Goulburn Street.
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    I don't even remember if they ever had that sauce here in Australia.. If i didn't trim my nose hairs regularly, they would be longer than my beard. Oh eww..
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    pft, like my nose hairs need extensions, you can almost braid them already re the Szechuan sauce, it got a brief mention in one Rick and Morty ep. Apparently that's all that's needed for all that craziness.
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    This is awesome. I guess that kind of means less going to the other websites although i didn't know half of those websites existed to begin with. ha ha. In other news, why are so many people talking about Maccas Szechuan sauce anyway? I never tried it, was it really that good?
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    Got some syndicated news feeds on the site now Under the News menu
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    In this December edition of Causal Rhythm, we've got:Rufus - Anoshi - hifire - Sunken Forest - Noisey - infraDreadStarts at 8pmFree before 9pm$5 afterBYO only (Dan Murphy's across the road shuts at 9pm)Rufus & Anoshi are both playing their debut Causal Rhythm set, with Rufus dropping some 160bpm jungle, and Anoshi coming through with the halftime flavour.Expect hifire, Sunken Forest to be smashing the halfstep vibes, with Noisey doing same, with a fair bit of footwork thrown in.infraDread will be throwing around his regular footwork.Hope to see you there
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    Various photos from this event - here's the event page & the promo blurb >> https://www.facebook.com/events/124758228154628/ Radio 4ZZZ, Um, Yep. & The Flamin’ Galah proudly present: BACK TO THE FRACTAL Part 2: TIME FOR THE 909! @The Flamin’ Galah, 8pm-3am Saturday 9/09 Children of the Raveolution! We call on you once more to unite! Your humble purveyors of fine quality acid, Those Acid Dudes, invite you to a night of genre bending, tempo twisting musical delights and retina mashing visual experiences. On the auspicious date of 9/09, the sacred name of our most sacrosanct machine rhythm composers, The Flaming Galah will be transformed into a Mandlebrotian playground of formulaic mathematical derivations and incalculable uncertainties with sonic trajectories aimed directly at enhancing pineal neurotransmitter revelations in all who attend. Joining us on the Altar of Acid is the much anticipated return of the tympanic shattering, synaptic warping, Munter S Thomson, busting out of the restraints of his lesser monikers… along with a double helping from the sonorific smorgasbord including DJ A - (House of Joy), Emeline Sound, SonicAcid, Rufus and Rakes. Providores of the promiscuous pulsating pixel pleasures on the night include the hit list of seminal Brizzy VJs: Aleph-One, Fluff Daddy, Adam Raboczi and Pi-Rate… an exhibition of oldskool fractal geometry meets sampled deconstructed muxing of the datasphere. They said there would never be another… & the DeLorean is all out of flux… so don't chance with destiny… make sure you don't miss out! $10 entry or $5 for 4zzz subscribers. All money raised will be donated to Brisbane's one & only, 4ZZZ Community Radio Featuring: - Those Acid Dudes https://soundcloud.com/thoseaciddudes - Munter S Thomson https://namshubofenki.bandcamp.com/album/waste - DJ A (House of Joy) https://m.mixcloud.com/jonathanlane5095/junglisms - Emeline Sound https://www.mixcloud.com/emelinesound - Sonic Acid https://soundcloud.com/sonicacid - Rufus https://soundcloud.com/rufus81 - Rakes https://www.mixcloud.com/rakesdj Visuals & lighting by: - Aleph-One https://www.facebook.com/Aleph.001/ - Fluff Daddy - Adam Raboczi - Pi-Rate www.4zzzfm.org.au https://umyep.com/ https://www.facebook.com/theflamingalah/ Also check out the promo video I made > And this edit of Those Acid Dudes set!
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    I'm having Chicken and Corn soup for lunch, what is everyone else having?
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    Yes! Can't wait for this!
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    yeah sure... it's a 'filter'...
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    What is with your profile pic @AdamMadd?
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    Oh that sucks. Which venue was it?
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    SBS has been replaying a bunch of Ali G stuff lately
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    Whenever i hear the term "jungle", my mind immediately thinks of this:
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    haha, yeah, i'll have to come check it out. Its drum n bass, right?
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    Well now you'll be able to, come and have a dance with me. PWEI and Carter USM (Jim Bob) were both UK acts back in late 80s early 90s. Carter is just straight up awesome punk rock which I'll often very loudly sing along to while driving
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    I don't know either of these Jim Bob or Caligula. But I was only 8 years old in 1995 so it was a bit before my time.
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    Added the Rubebwoyz event. Ooh, Caligula reforming.
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    RudeBwoyz Relaunch! Brace yourselves! We're goin in! That's right. RudeBwoyz are back! If you were a fan of Drum n Bass over the last 17 years you know the score: DnB and Jungle biz for the Headz! Erther and Operon have reunited to bring the fire and set Brisbane ablaze with a BIG relaunch party this October in the Montague room at Capulet! With The strength and knowledge of running over 60 RudeBwoyz events between 2001 and 2007, they're back to bring the dancefloor damage for a huge 10 year reunion partay! The strong heritage of proper Sound System DnB returns with a rollcall of Brisbane's best Selectors bringing the finest of Serious Drum'n'Bass & Jungle Vibez! Not only that, but the $10 cover charge includes access to Underground House and Techno in the Capulet main room, BOOYAH!! Dancefloor Selektaz on the night... Erther (vinyl only set) Justus (vinyl only set) Operon (vinyl only set) Morthotech Mickeydubz Kosha D $10 Entry Capulet Bar (188 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley) Friday 20th of October More info:
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    If you ever watch me DJing it's mostly me making sure I've got the knobs/faders where i want them to be... too many times I've brought a tune in and forgotten to cut the bass, or left the fader up while I'm searching through a new tune... It probably looks like i'm trying to look busy, but it's more like OCD...
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    probably wasn't even plugged in either
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    Jesus, it must be good! Lets see if they do release it worldwide or whether it'll just be in the states.
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    Oh god. .... No! Just No!
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    I went with chicken, cheese, avo and mayo sandwich today, using up left over roast chicken from earlier in the week. Atm I'm trying to figure out what to do for dinner, gf will be out so I'm left to my own devices for it.
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    Ahahah, its one of the filters on snapchat
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    Probably better I don't name the venue or the person for that matter.. It was only a DVD
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    I used to have the DVD of the movie until a venue manager stole it from me...
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    Ahahah, Ali G. I forgot that movie existed..
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    I remember hearing about the Rudeboyz gigs! Never went to one though
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