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    yeah, do something like this maybe?
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    Funny funny guys. I meant as in take photos and such.
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    Yeah, something like that
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    Melbourne is so nice! Are you planning to do ozclubbers there too?
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    currently i'm the IT Manager for one of the ports in Mackay but moving on shortly to Melbourne
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    Not much up mackay way, what do you do?
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    Yeah to a degree. They're like a paid holiday for me, so i don't mind them. But at the same time it'll be nice to not be surrounded by coal and needing to scrub myself whenever I return home. lol
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    you going to miss the work trips up north? in other news, have some footwork to start the day
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    It was bad since last week apparently. we lucked out on Sat and got the one good day. when i looked at the radar yesterday they were getting hammered about as much as we were.
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    Oh is the weather bad up there already? We're supposed to get 43mm here today
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    well, I'm glad I'm not still camping at Mooloolaba now, think we'd be floating away
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    Loads of clubs adding their events i see! Well done getting them on board! Its about time they recognised the site for what it is
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    Hey, i'm all pro-pantlessness. We all know i like to ride the trains in my underwear..
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    Don't miss this one kids! !!!
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    true, and at least the neighbours haven't complained either
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    if you don't want to wait until the 15th of Dec, you can also catch Henge and MZO on the 24th of Nov; While I'm keen to do both, apparently I'll be doing the markets on the 16th, so a late night on the 15th prob isn't the best idea
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    This is a forum area specifically for DJ related discussions, such as DJ equipment questions, tips and tricks, etc. For all producer related discussions, go to the Music Studio forum: Any questions, contact the moderators.
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    I've just landed in Mackay and it looks like they got a hammering too, there's water everywhere up here
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    Kinda. I've got an automatic importing thing running now which pulls the event details from their facebook pages, and i've just associated the import to their logins on here.. That gives them the power to modify the event at any stage.. But only for venues which have accounts
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    I'm sure she won't mind you wandering around without pants on. haha
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