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    • Nordic-By-Nature
      is excited to announce that 90% of tickets have now been sold! With almost 5 weeks to go, be quick so you don’t miss out on this incredible event, which is debuting in Australia for the very first time.  

      The event will be held in Melbourne: Saturday 24th February 2018, at Sidney Myer Music Bowl.
      Presented by: PSV Group Australia, in partnership with Lucky Ent / WAO

      is excited to announce that 90% of tickets have now been sold! With almost 5 weeks to go, be quick so you don’t miss out on this incredible event, which is debuting in Australia for the very first time.  

      The event will be held in Melbourne: Saturday 24th February 2018, at Sidney Myer Music Bowl.
      For Tickets to Road to ULTRA Australia, go to: http://ultraaustralia.com

      Showcasing the best in Australian talent, check out their latest releases below:
      Will Sparks 
      ‘Bad Connection’ w/Luciana: https://LuckyEnt.lnk.to/BadConnection 
      ‘What I do’: https://LuckyEnt.lnk.to/WhatIDo 
      ‘Stand Together’ (Remix of Toneshifterz): http://listento.biganddirtyrecords.com/WillSparksRemix
       Timmy Trumpet
      ‘Déjà vu’ w/Savage: TimmyTrumpet.lnk.to/DejaVu-Spotify
      ‘Narco’ w/Blasterjaxx: spinninrecords.com/releases/narco/
      ‘Punjabi’ w/Dimatik: bit.ly/punjabiTT
       Mashd N Kutcher
      ‘Everything I Needed’ (remix of Feenixpawl 2016): http://bit.ly/2mcnvYN
      ‘Pretend’ w/Park Avenue: http://bit.ly/PRETENDSTREAM
      ‘Need Me’ w/Sammi Constantine: https://UMA.lnk.to/needme
      ‘Ashes’: https://tigerlily.lnk.to/ashes
      ‘Spice Temple’ w/Dimatik: bit.ly/spicetemple
       For more information, go to:

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Images by Rachel Dray
      Sydney City Limits made it’s debut on the weekend, and we can confirm they did it in style.
      Hosting a wide range of artists such as the legendary Grace Jones, Beck, Future and the Parisian electro lords Justice among others; the event was an exciting injection of life into Sydney to wind Summer down to an end, with an eager and respectful crowd to go with it.
      Despite the odd the dust storm, the day was an overall success and we’re looking forward to 2019’s instalment. Check out our photos from the day below, courtesy of Rachel Dray.
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Nordic-By-Nature
      Category: News, Interview

      DJ/Producer Dennis White aka Latroit won a Grammy for his remix of Depeche Mode’s track ‘You Move’ at this year’s 60th Grammy Awards, at Madison Square Gardens, New York.
      His current release ‘Feather’ with Lliam Taylor & Aussie vocalist Charlz is currently being played on radio across Australia.
      When Ozclubbers spoke to Latroit, he had just returned home to LA from New York and was decompressing from an intense week. He talks about the surrealness of winning a Grammy and how he came to work on the Depeche Mode classic “You Move”.
      How did you come to work with Depeche Mode?
      I was approached to remix the song and when I heard the vocal I like the way you move I just thought it was such a great vocal for a dance remix. I couldn’t get it out of my head and I had the entire remix done in my brain pretty quickly after hearing the vocal.
      It was really natural, it came to me really quickly. Maybe just one day of prep. It has taken me 5 or 6 days previously to do a remix, but that is usually when I was overthinking things. Sometimes it’s just best to embrace the notion that your first idea is your best idea”.
      You recently worked with Aussie vocalist Charlz on the track Feather. Can you tell us about how you and Charlz linked up?
      I have been a fan of hers for a long time, I was familiar with her voice, we were linked up by a friend of mine. Charlz is the greatest undiscovered talent in the world, she’s my favourite vocalist, I love her work on Feather and I’m excited to see how her career evolves.
      What advice would you give up and coming producers given the amount of music being released on a weekly basis (estimated 30,000 tracks on Beatport).
      My advice is always the same for up and coming producers. Listen to what everyone else is doing, and then do the total opposite. Find a way to stand out from the crowd because you are far more likely to be ignored doing what everyone else is doing, than you are if you’re doing something that’s different and unique.
      So, my two bits of advice are always the same, be good at your craft, be good! Put in the time, don’t fuck around on twitter and Instagram so much, get in there and be good at your craft. Just be conscious of doing something that’s unique that is natural to you. It’s so tempting when you hear something popular to want to do something that will fit but be unique.
      How long does it take you to make professional tracks?
      Sometimes a day but I’ve worked on songs for 6 months, if I’m not feeling it, I’ll shelf it and come back to it. There are songs I’ve let lay around for a few years. But try to find a balance and move on.
      What's your favourite synth.
      I have a Roland Juno 6 that I brought in 84’. It’s my favourite synth because I saved up to buy it. It was the first thing I played around with and that’s how I fell in love with electronic music. I still have it in my studio and I use it in some of my songs.
      What’s it like winning a Grammy? – It’s a surreal experience at first. You’re asked - what’s it feel like when you hear your name? Well it doesn’t feel like anything, but your like, I heard my name and I was like oh shit! I didn’t prepare a speech because I wasn’t going to win this thing. So I had like about 15 seconds between this seat and that stage to figure out what the hell I’m going do in front of a room full of people. I really went straight to focusing on that and then there’s a bunch of stuff that happens backstage after that. There isn’t really a lot of time for it to sink in. Dave Chappelle won best comedy album and his speech summed it up perfectly, he said - I’d like to thank my wife, my dad etc etc and at the end he says “see you on Monday” and that’s exactly what it’s like. You arrive home and your back to taking out the garage and doing your laundry.
      Listen to Dennis’ incredible Grammy speech here: Here
      For more information, go to:                                                  
      Listen to Dennis’ incredible Grammy speech here: Here

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      Luceo Drops Mid-Tempo, Not-so-Quiet “Whispers”

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      Being a burgeoning artist in a very saturated industry can be difficult, but certain artists stick out. Luceo is one of those breakthrough artists. With their latest mid-tempo track, “Whispers,” the mysterious electronic moniker proves that they’re worthy.
      Beginning with gritty, mysterious elements, “Whispers” is a track that tries to self-contain itself but struggles to do so… in a good way. This piece whispers its way into the drop and then unleashes dirty, demented, and grungy Rezz sounding basses and synths. This sound further proves the point that Luceo is most certainly worthy of bass music.
      Be sure to allow yourself fall for the whispers that this upcoming artist says. The whispers open up into a new world of sound.

      Connect with Luceo: SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter
      The post Luceo Drops Mid-Tempo, Not-so-Quiet “Whispers” appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Slippy is a new identity that has arisen from Slips & Slurs. The pioneering music producer has put his past in the past and slipped into his new moniker. To launch this new moniker, he’s unleashed an ominous track on Monstercat titled “Promise Me.”
      For those that don’t know, the name Slips & Slurs comes from mysterious lyrics from Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. “It’s been watching you, your slips and slurs and play on words.”
      “Promise Me” is omnipresent throughout. Without unleashing an immense amount of energy at any given point, the track remains subtle and, well, promising. The atypical four-and-a-half minute track features filtered synths, pitched vocals, and a throbbing trap rhythm. Slippy most definitely promises a lot in this piece.
      Alex Swartwout is the creative mind behind the Slippy moniker. His Monstercat debut was most certainly a day Swartwout will remember for the rest of his life. He followed the label for years. He was also graduating high school in Yorkville, Illinois the day of his Monstercat debut. He continues to follow his dreams by attending college for commercial music, while simultaneously working on short- and long-term goals. Writing something as a cohesive listening experience is a big goal of Swartwout’s.
      As Swartwout continues to trek through the music industry, his sound also evolves. His inspiration comes from film (Interstellar being his favorite), so it will not come as a surprise if we see his name in the credits of a blockbuster smash hit one day.

      Connect with Slippy: SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter
      The post Slippy Makes Colossal Return on Monstercat with “Promise Me” appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Los Angeles-based electro-house DJ, producer and songwriter Dallas Koehlke, better known by his stage name DallasK, released two addicting original singles early this month that show signs of a big step up and out within the industry for the young multi-talented artist.
      The dueling tracks hit on both sides of the emotional spectrum.
      The spirit-lifting All My Life is a dance-hit to-be. It’s a big, catchy, mainstream-ready house banger that will hit the groove switch with listeners and have them singing along in no time.

      Self Control, on the other hand, is a smooth but somber track, pairing Koehlke’s crisp vocals with big background bass. The song is somehow massive yet minimal, a much lighter take on the style achieved in Marshmello‘s haunting Spotlight, featuring the late Lil Peep.

      Koehlke has already teamed up with the likes of Tiësto, Adventure Club, and KSHMR. Now, he has revealed his own vocal talent for the first time, giving him a new facet of dance-pop control that could finally let the young talent burst into the breakout star he has all the goods to become.
      Follow DallasK on: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 
      Written by: Aaron Nelson
      Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      After six memorable editions, the little sister event of Dekmantel Festival, Lente Kabinet Festival has set up a weekender for the first time as 2018’s festival event.
      With its focuses on avant-garde music and arts set against the stunning natural decor of Amsterdam’s Het Twiske, Lente Kabinet, along with its local partners Red Light Radio, Cineville and Subbacultcha, will see bring the likes of Motor City Drum Ensemble, Peggy Gou, Hunee, R&B singer/songwriter Kelela, jazz-funk hero Kamaal Williams and Congolese street-and DIY artists KOKOKO! and across the 26 – 27 May 2018 weekend.
      Furthermore, the festival includes the likes of Ben UFO, Dekmantel regulars Phuong Dan, Young Marco and Midland, promising up and comers like Nosedrip, Ana Helder, Lipelis, Borusiade and Dazion, while Peaking Lights, Crash Course In Science, Black Zone Myth Chant and Essaie Pas each bring their respective experimental live-sets.
      Check out the full lineup below and make sure you grab your weekend tickets when they go on sale, 27 February (12:00 CET)

      26 – 27 May | Lente Kabinet 2018 | Tickets | Het Twiske
      The post Lente Kabinet Festival Announces Full Lineup For First Ever Weekender Festival appeared first on Deep House Amsterdam.
      Source: Deep House Amsterdam

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      Noisia Radio Show S04E08

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      Noisia Radio this week: Their genre-bending DJ set from Let It Roll Winter Edition 2018.

      Nathan Fake – Unen (Intro)
      ID – ID
      Camo & Krooked – Ember (Noisia Remix)
      ID – ID
      ID – ID
      Signal – These Eyes
      ID – ID
      ID – ID
      ID – ID
      Eprom – New Level
      ID – ID
      Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
      Tsuruda – Slippin’
      I Am Legion – Choosing For You
      Havelock – Chamber
      ID – ID
      Katt – Sileo
      Misanthrop – Blurred
      ID – ID
      MRSA – Bio Weapon VIP
      Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)
      Mefjus – Continuous VIP
      Chee – Pedigrief
      Ivy Lab – Planebeats
      Noisia – Tentacles
      Noisia – Tentacles (Ivy Lab Remix)
      Arca – En
      Rosalia – De Plata
      Eprom – Koummya
      Ploy – Unruly
      Randomer – Foghorn
      ID – ID
      ID – ID
      Mr Frenkie – Bass Symptom
      Bou – Poison
      Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Noisia Remix)
      ID – ID
      ID – ID
      ID – ID
      Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix)
      Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit
      Limewax – Agent Orange
      Noisia & Former – Pleasure Model
      Subscribe to Noisia Radio: fanlink.to/NoisiaRadio
      Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: spoti.fi/29v73JS
      Get the ‘Hello Person’ T-shirt: bit.ly/NoisiaRadioMerch
      Follow Noisia:
      Instagram instagram.com/noisia_official
      Soundcloud: @noisia
      Spotify bit.ly/NoisiaSpotify
      Youtube youtube.com/user/NoisiaTV
      The post Noisia Radio Show S04E08 appeared first on Drum and Bass News.
      Source: Drum and Bass News

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Since July 2017, the extremely successful Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 1 collaboration has been a staple in both online gamers and fans’ playlists alike. Accumulating millions of streams online across multiple platforms, this collaboration became the first of its kind, really beginning to define the intersection between gaming and soundtracks. To define this intersection even further, Monstercat signed a first of its kind multi-EP record deal with video game developer Psyonix.
      This new approach to this partnership allows to maximize both the creativity and potential growth of these EPs by creating a new channel for discovering music. This will also allow artists to grow their following by reaching an audience they may not have without the exposure to the Rocket League fan base. Vol. 2 of this collaboration will be available for streaming on the video game, where the tracks are already heard millions of times a day by avid users. The tracks will also be used for esports productions like Rocket League Championship Series and will be featured on Monstercat’s own website for those on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer to use for their own content. The EP will also be available for streaming on Spotify.
      “With Volume 1 being the success that it was, we are more than confident that this method will be adopted by more developers and music labels to come,” said Gavin Johnson, Head of Gaming for Monstercat.
      Overall, this collaboration allows a new kind of platform for artists to be both discovered and empowered by allowing new people to be exposed to their music.
      The post Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 2 EP Announced in Multi-EP Deal appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Russian-borne EDM violinist Alfiya Glow has just released the music video her electrifyingly fresh, classical-infused original track, “Broken.” With a blend of future bass, chill trap vibes, and juicy violin solos, Alfiya is able to create a symphonic atmosphere through intense emotion. This music video is a great personification of that vibe, check it out!
      Alfiya Glow is a classically trained violinist with some of the most wicked production and DJ sets around. As a talented DJ, electric violinist, and music producer, Alfiya has opened for international headlining artists such as Lisa Lashes, The Disco Fries, Michael Brun, Marcus Schossow, Sebjak, Kenneth G, Indian Summer, W&W, and Bassjackers. She has played several huge shows on the national Hyperglow Tour: “America’s Largest Touring EDM Glow Experience,” and in summer 2017, Alfiya played two debut shows at the beloved Insomniac Events festival, Electric Forest. In lieu of the single release, this winter, Alfiya went on the road with Philly-native, Tesitorra, for 2 GIRLS, 1 TOUR. The tour hit majorly Northeast cities like Syracuse, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Chicago, Buffalo, and Brooklyn with plans to head west for 2018. Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      DJ and producer Dillon Francis continues to tease the music world for his soon-to-be-released Spanish album with his newest release of “We The Funk” featuring Fuego. The platinum-selling artists continues to break boundaries with his new wave beats, proving that his style cannot be contained to one genre. In addition to the new single, he and Fuego released an accompanying music video directed by Erik Rojas.
      “We The funk” can only be described as a combination of Latin, colorful vibes and the smooth, classic beats Francis is known for.  The smooth vocals of Miami-based merengue singer/songwriter Fuego reflect heavily on Francis’s mixing style, which adapts his classic beats to add more flare and funk, giving the single an exciting and vibrant feel throughout.
      The music video really adds to the lively nature of the track, showing Francis and Fuego taking over a downtown Los Angeles rooftop. Full of dancing, colorful backgrounds, and exciting transitions, this video really contributes to the smooth but also exciting feel of the song. Whatever your style, this single and music video duo will want to keep you on your feet all night.
      Check out the track and music video here and here and stay tuned to see the release of his studio Spanish Language album, which is scheduled for later this year on his own IDGAFOS record label.
      Connect with Dillon Francis: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud
      The post Dillon Francis Drops New Track and Music Video ft. Fuego appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      NP Exclusive Mix: RUVLO

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      Staten Island, New York-based DJ/producer Jon Rualo, aka RUVLO, is only 20 years old, but he is quickly catching the attention of some of the industry’s top tastemakers, like UZ, Ookay, ATLiens and more. 
      The bass music producer recently made his way to No. 7 on the New & Hot US and Worldwide Trap charts with his remix of Kyral x Banko & G-Rex’s “Buzzin,'” and debuted the powerful “LOUD” with MMXVAC. Fresh off of a guest performance at LA’s Space Yacht, RUVLO is kicking off 2018 in a huge way with a stack of up-and-coming label releases and much more.
      Check out the official RUVLO guest mix below featuring music from HEKLER, QUIX, Getter and more.

      Tracklist: Vargo – Rouge  Hekler – Basic Bass Tune  LOUDPVCK X Michael Sparks – Bones (RUVLO Remix) Kayzo – Feel The Power (Sam Lamar Bootleg)  VARGO x GLD – ID  Dubloadz – Fight Music 2017  Trampa – Make Room (Mishap Remix)  RUVLO – MOSH Dubloadz – Break the Rail ft. Sullivan King  MUST DIE! – The Weapon (Bite Me Remix) [ACRAZE Flip] Carnage & Lil Pump – iShynee (Kionne Remix)  QUIX – Lucy’s Place  G-REX & Kyral X Banko – Buzzin’ (RUVLO Remix) Blvk Sheep x Buonofide – ID  UZ & Stooki Sound – Bang (ft. Foreign Beggars & Once Caponoe) (RUVLO Remix) Blvk Sheep – ID  Gammer – The Drop  Skrillex – Ruffneck (Chode Gang Remix)  Kompany x Tascione – End All  RUVLO – ID  VARGO x Bailo – ID  Getter – Colorblind Lil Peep – Star Shopping  Connect with RUVLO: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud
      The post NP Exclusive Mix: RUVLO appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      Ultra Worldwide Announces Resistance Mexico 2018

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      Huge news , Ultra Worldwide is back with another installment of Resistance. This time they are going bigger than ever with the return of Resistance Mexico 2018. This year it will be a standalone three day event that will take place over the weekend of May 25-27th at Club de Golf Teotihuacan. Club de Golf Teotihuacan is the absolute perfect location for Resistance Mexico City. It offers nothing but breathtaking views and beautiful people. The event will host the best techno and house artists in the world, along with state of the art stage and sound production. This will be a treat for all music lovers worldwide.
      Resistance has recently just completed its first summer residency in Ibiza, at the world largest club “Privilege” Ibiza. With an absolutely heavy hitting 20th year anniversary lineup for Ultra Miami, you can believe that Mexico City will be following suit for 2018. Full lineup to be released soon. Ticket registration is now open.
      Ticket Registration: http://https://resistancemusic.com/tickets/mexico-city/
      Watch Trailer here:

      Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      Rapture Music Festival will be taking place from 7am until 3am, starting Thursday, March 22nd at the Virginal Key Beach Park in Miami, Florida.  Tickets for the 18+ event can be purchased here.
      The best part about the announcement of the lineup is that they already broke down the which artists are located on which stage. Artists marked with a (*) are exclusively performing for Rapture. Check it all out below and make sure you cop tickets to attend.
      Guy Gerber
      Chris Liebing
      Art Department
      *MANFLY [Audiofly + M.A.N.D.Y]
      Marco Faraone
      Archie Hamilton
      RPR Soundsystem (Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Raresh)
      Ion Ludwig
      *Sammy Dee
      *Cristi Cons
      Hernan Cattaneo
      Nick Warren
      *Danny Howells
      *Guy Mantzur
      *Eelke Kleijn
      The post Rapture Electronic Music Festival Announces 2018 Lineup appeared first on By The Wavs.
      Source: ByTheWavs

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      News Round-Up: 23/2/18

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      A scammer makes millions from Spotify. Jazz infiltrates club culture. Cakewalk Sonar saved. Cashback. An anonymous Bulgarian has legally rinsed Spotify for millions of dollars of payouts. Read how here. Jazz. Nice. "In the same way that Odd Future injected DIY spirit into hip-hop, these artists are doing it all themselves..." Gilles Peterson writes in the Guardian about how jazz music is infiltrating club culture, here. Tons of bottle. Glastonbury could ban plastic bottles when the festival returns next year. Over a million are thought to be taken onto site each year. More here. New signings. Rinse FM have announced more than 30 new resident hosts including Dana Ruh, Lady Leshurr, Jane Fitz, Umfang, Nicky Siano and more. Full details here. Tasty. After previously announcing it would cease all development on Cakewalk, struggling musical instrument giants Gibson have now sold the "complete IP of Cakewalk Inc" to BandLab, saving the company's Sonar DAW. Find out more here.Source: Attack Magazine

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Having established his own unique musical branding, Different Heaven always manages to excite fans. This time is no different as he unveils new single “Goodbye.”
      Out now through Ultra Music, “Goodbye” is a soft house track that combines electro-synth layers with a rich and hypnotic bassline. The Seville-based producer utilises a warm melody across the release, underpinned by dreamy, wistful vocals.
      It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Make sure you check out this tune below.

      Connect with Different Heaven:
      Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud
      The post Different Heaven Releases The Brilliant “Goodbye” appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      You might have heard of old mate Kwame. He’s a 22-year-old Sydney native who shot onto the nations rap radar when coincidentally plucked out of the crowd at an A$AP Rocky show, to freestyle alongside the man himself. Since the release of his debut EP  ‘Lessons Learned’,  he’s supported big-guns on stage such as Migos and 6lack. Now a fresh signee at Vita Artists, he’s got the ins on a roster including acts like Peking Duk, Nyxen, and Tigerilla. We believe all this + his undeniable hustle will lead him to things way beyond Australia’s borders.
      Now he’s taken us all aback once again with this latest output, “WOW” written and produced by Kwame himsef. Debuted on Triple J’s Good Nights last night, it’s clear you’ll be hearing a lot of this one. “WOW”  is one of those tracks with not a single dull moment to be heard. The production is seriously playful and unique – the trap feel is definitely present, but the lead kalima is fruity as hell. (What’s a kalimba, you say? You’ll know it when you see it.) From just one listen, you can tell he’s been grinding away at his verses for a long time. Alongside his witty wordplay and humor, his control on tone and expression keeps you hooked from start to end, and beyond.
      Expect all of the big tings from Kwame. He’s releasing his sophomore EP,  ‘Endless Conversations‘ to the world on March 23rd. We’ll be here waiting.
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • AdamMadd
      Category: Music Review
      Ozclubbers Review of "I Need You" by Jroll, Voviii, and Wknd Warrior on Central Station Records
      Review by Wormie, Lou Lou, and MJ from Duggystone Radio
      Wormie and Lulu: We're here to review I need you by Jroll, Vovii, and Wknd Warrior, coming out on Central Station Records tomorrow (Fri 23rd Feb) LuLu: I've been listening to it and god, its a great track Wormie: Yeah I thorougly enjoyed it MJ: I really loved it, the beat and everything, and i loved how the second drop wasn't the same as the first drop. I know its something that many many of my friends would totally vibe to W: Its starts off with the bass, thats what got me hooked M: I loved the melody as well, the only thing that would amp that up more would be a female voice, not all throughout the song, just every now and then, but its still.... i loved it L: Yeah, the intro and outtro, its puts the song in such a different perspective, you don't expect it to drop into that heavy ass bass M: Yeah but even the drop itself, i didn't expect that, i was expecting it to be a harder drop than that, but it was still brilliant the way it all just worked together W: I personally think its an easy song to freestyle to L: Definitely M: Yeah definitely W: I was busting away to it throughout the song. Its going to be a dope song L: Freestylers are going to love it! W: Its smooth and easy listening, thats the best part about it from the start to the finish. The only thing I can really fault about the whole song is the outtro goes a bit too long, but thats all L: Yeah but it does cut the track too M: The good thing about that is, you can bust out solo's to it or its good to just listen to also just how it is, its versatile like that and thats a great sign of a great track L: I can 100% hear this on the radio in the future W: I could see me dancing to it in a nightclub after a few beverages too (all laugh) W: JRoll, Vovii, and Wknd Warrior, you have outdone yourselves with this one L: I give this one a 10 out of 10 W: Yeah, it gets a 10 out of 10 from me too M: 10 out of 10 from me too  
      OzClubbers Revew on I Need You.MP3

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Papa Sven should need no introduction by now. If you fall under the category of one who is unfamiliar with the workings of Sven Väth, then it’s time to educate yourself on one of techno’s staple figures.
      The Frankfurt techno pioneer is set to grace the crowds at Pitch Music & Arts Festival over the Labour Day weekend in the lovely setting of the Grampians, but for that extra little bit of spice, Papa Sven shall also be playing a side show at Melbourne’s Xe54 club on the 11th March 2018.
      The event is being promoted under the name Kinetic; this show being the “…first in a series of electronic music events, employing movement & energy to create new large scale experiences…”, all of which will be housed at Xe54. Tickets are one sale now, so be sure to grab yours quick. 
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      NY-based producer Chrome Sparks has announced his long awaited debut, self-titled album that is set for release in April.
      Blending hip-hop soundscapes with a club-ready, house approach, Melvin’s truly unique take on electronica has allowed the eclectic producer to have a long and rewarding career thus far, which is why we’re so excited to se what he has in store for his debut LP.
      Along with news of his album, Chrome Sparks has offered up an emotive new single, ‘Still Think’. The track comes across as a moody, intimate track that – with the album confirmed as being self-titled – gives us insight into just how personal this project will be.
      Chrome Sparks’ debut album is out via Counter Records/Inertia on April 13th. See the track list and his latest offering below.
      1. Rocket
      2. What’s It Gonna Take (feat. Angelica Bess)
      3. Still Think
      4. Sugar
      5. All Or Nothing (feat. Angelica Bess)
      6. I Just Wanna (feat. Kllo)
      7. O, My Perfection
      8. Wings
      9. Attack Sustain Release (feat. Graham Ulicny)
      10. To Eternity
      Source: Stoney Roads

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    Our local volunteer contributors are creative people who are passionate about the dance music and club scene in Australia and want to share their passion with others.  If you feel you fit into this category, we would love to hear from you!  Send us an application to become a contributor (writer / reviewer) by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/application

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