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      Every visionary artist has a defining work – their personal magnus opus. For the polymath Andrew Bayer, ‘In My Last Life’ might be just that.
      Grammy nominated through his production work with Above & Beyond, the D.C. native co-produced their #3 US album ‘Common Ground’ and is also a writer and producer on Lo Moon’s indie electronica hit ‘Loveless’. As a DJ, the Anjunabeats star has graced the stages of tastemaker electronic festivals such as EDC Vegas, Electric Zoo and Creamfields, and headlined clubs from LA to London.
      But it is as an album artist that Andrew Bayer has sculpted his reputation as a true innovator – an artist in the classic sense of the word. It’s a journey that began with his 2011 debut LP ‘It’s Artificial’ – described by Mixmag as “an incredible album of sophisticated electronica”. Traversing glitch hop, progressive house and electronica, it signalled the arrival of a true talent on Anjunabeats.

      It’s 2013 follow-up, ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave’ took an even bolder creative direction. Ditching the 4/4 beats completely, Andrew instead conjured a 16-track sampladelic odyssey featuring Sufjan Stevens, Ane Brun and Des-ree – earning comparisons to DJ Shadow, Moby and Flying Lotus by XLR8R.
      Five years in the making, this third LP ‘In My Last Life’ represents a humanising of the enigmatic producer’s sound – comprising of 8 heartfelt and emotional songs penned and delivered by Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun and the incredible Alison May respectively. It is also, quite simply, his defining work to date. An artistic statement and a perfectly considered body of work, ‘In My Last Life’ owes very little to the dancefloor that Andrew is often associated with – instead drawing its inspirations from influences as far and wide as Kate Bush, Atoms Of Peace, Aphex Twin and Talk Talk.

      Through its 8 songs, the LP plots an enchanting, carefully spun tale of love and loss – explored through the narrative prisms of reincarnation and immortality.
      Alison May swims in the overwhelming sensations of love in the ethereal electronic washes of ‘Tidal Wave’, looks at love through reincarnation on the dreamy ‘In My Last Life’ and whispers of stalking ex-lovers from beyond the grave on the shuffling, Timbaland-esque beats of ‘Immortal Lover’.

      Ane Brun’s three turns, meanwhile, are as diverse as they are majestic. Nodding back to classics 80s ballads from Kate Bush and Sade, ’Love You More’ is a slow-building indie-pop beauty loaded with joy and musicality. Somewhere between Aphex Twin and The XX, ’Hold On To You’ is a string-laden, bittersweet ode to the recently departed, whilst the psychedelic synth-pop of ’Your Eyes’ that could easily be filed next to the best work of MGMT, Passion Pit et al.
      And then there’s closer ‘End of All Things’, an anthemic, arm-waving electronica excursion, where Alison May sings in ode to a recently lost love – capturing all the celebration, uncertainty and emotion at the end of a beautiful road.
      A perfect closer, but ‘In My Last Life’ is also an album that needs to be taken in its entirety.  
      Taken as one cohesive and beautifully constructed whole, the 8-track LP represents an journey that will surprise, stun and overwhelm those that submit to its charms  -a truly personal masterpiece with all the musicality and detail that Andrew’s fans know and love him for.
      “In My Last Life” comes out on the 24th of August. Pre-order your copy here.
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      Source: Trance News

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      Sven Väth’s iconic Cocoon label is releasing the latest chapter of its annual alphabet compilation. New compilation is out on July 20.
      ‘Cocoon Compilation R’ features names such as Pig & Dan, Ambivalent, Inigo Kennedy, ROD and a number of new faces make their Cocoon debut.
      Hear the preview of tracks below.

      1. Lusine – Parallel
      2. Isolée – Yes Let
      3. Mano Le Tough – Vanishing Landscapes
      4. International Anything – The Future is Here
      5. Eduardo De La Calle – Caravaca’s Distortion Theory
      6. Inigo Kennedy – Black Light
      7. Ambivalent & Alden Tyrell – War Island
      8. Pig&Dan – Shattered Minds
      9. ROD – Abel
      10. Ingo Boss – Junghof Love Star
      11. John Heckle – Fantasy
      12. Cristi Cons – Bird in Space
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      Korg Prologue designers Etienne Noreau-Hebert and Yoshihito Yamada discuss the company's new flagship synth and the pressure of following up on previous successes. The new Korg Prologue, unveiled at this year's NAMM show, is a big step for the Japanese company. For a start, it's a new flagship synth for the company's analogue division, sitting above the Minilogue. Secondly, it's the first major release since the departure of Tatsuya Takahashi, the designer behind some of the biggest releases in Korg's recent history. We sat down with designers Etienne Noreau-Hebert and Yoshihito Yamada to discuss some of the finer details of the synth and whether they felt any pressure to follow in the footsteps of the much-celebrated Tats. [caption id="attachment_64640" align="alignnone" width="856"] Korg Prologue designers Etienne Noreau-Hebert (left) and Yoshihito Yamada[/caption] Attack: At first glance I think people could be forgiven for assuming that the Prologue is very similar to the Minilogue. Once you start to play with it that’s obviously not the case. Can you go into some detail about just how much of the synth is based on new circuits and new technology? Yamada: Although the oscillators are based on the Minilogue, we brushed up the implementation and were able to achieve a better sound. We made many analogue synths these past few years, and this experience allowed us to better tune the circuits. The VCF of the Prologue, however, is completely new. This new VCF is wider and brighter than the Minilogue’s. [quote text="The VCF of the Prologue is completely new. This new VCF is wider and brighter than the Minilogue’s."] It seems like some people are having a bit of difficulty understanding the focus of the Prologue. Would you say it’s best to view it as a hybrid synth or as an analogue synth with additional digital features on top? Yamada: Yes, the combination of the rich analogue sound and digital harmonics is the essence of the Prologue. And in the continuation of the -logue series, we maintained a direct and intuitive user interface. Is it possible to program patches with entirely analogue signal path, or is there always an element of AD and DA conversion involved along the way? Noreau-Hebert: The final output comes from a DA conversion for the digital effects. But we made all efforts to get a completely clear bypass sound. It doesn’t degrade any aspects of this synth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMGhiBi9s0o A lot has been made about the fact that this is probably the biggest analogue-focussed release from Korg since the departure of Tatsuya Takahashi. In practice, how much did that affect the design process? Yamada: Originally, Prologue was in the early stages of planning while Tats was still with Korg, and he is still doing consulting for us. We are all friends and so it is easy for us to keep a good relationship with him. I have been the lead engineer for this project as I was for the Monologue but we still have the same team that made the Volcas and other -logue synths and even welcomed new members as we expand our product directions. For future products you can expect new perspectives but also continued input from Tats. Did you feel pressure to live up to people’s expectations after the Minilogue and Monologue? Yamada: The only pressure we ever feel is to produce the best possible products. We designed each synth of the -logue series from different perspectives, and although there is overlap, we believe the Prologue customer is slightly different to that of our other products. The price point the Prologue sits in is highly competitive. I won’t ask you to compare directly with other products in that market, but what do you think makes the Prologue stand out? Yamada: Prologue offers a classic, yet distinctive, analogue sound with many modern touches as well as the ability to bring in the extremely flexible third oscillator. It’s a unique instrument with character, tradition and originality, that’s what’s most important about it. [quote text="Our future product schedule is so crowded right now – and going in new directions!"] How do you see the SDK enhancing the user experience in the long term? I think it’s probably quite difficult for the average user to understand what that might bring to the keyboard. Can you suggest what you expect to see happen? Noreau-Hebert: We are currently opening up the SDK with a focus mainly around third party and independent developers. New content usable by the average Prologue owner will not appear overnight. However, in the long term, it means the Prologue will benefit from refreshing sounds and effects. Also, due to the minimal amount of software dependencies, the SDK will be serviceable well beyond the typical product lifecycle. Do you think we’ll see any Prologue technology trickle down to other Korg products in future? Yamada: It’s possible, but first we need to see what the Prologue customers most respond to. The Prologue is clearly the new analogue flagship for Korg. I’m sure you won’t give much away, but do you think there could be room above it for an even more high-end option? Yamada: It is far too early to even consider this, although of course that also means we leave our options open. Besides, our future product schedule is so crowded right now – and going in new directions!Source: Attack Magazine

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      Detroit home towner/Los Angeles transplant PEEKABOO liberated his version of Liquid Stranger‘s dubstep anthem “Hotbox” via WAKAAN. PEEKABOO constructed an andante, sphinx-like buildup. In contrast, this creation’s mutinous climax is magnified; envision Interstate 405 during a Monday at 5 p.m.
      On May 4, PEEKABOO’s Matthew Lucas dropped the four-track Imposters EP which garnered attention from the likes of Dancing Astronaut, The Untz, EDM Sauce and Magnetic Magazine. Matthew’s 2017 collaboration with Bassnectar, “Disrupt The System” (ft. Azeem), cumulated more than half a million Spotify streams.
      “I was really honored when Martin [Liquid Stranger] handed over the stems,” said Lucas. “He said only do this if you can 100% smash it, so obviously a lot of pressure. I went through three versions of it and finally came out with this one.”

      Connect with PEEKABOO: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / SoundCloud
      Connect with WAKAAN: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / SoundCloud
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      Source: Noise Prn

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      K’Alexi Shelby

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      "As a producer and a DJ, I try to find the good in every song, but as I also run four labels I get some SHIT demos." K'Alexi talks us through his favourites (and not so favourites). What's the first record you ever bought?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tsfJn8YdwQ Man Parrish - 'Hip Hop Be Bop'. The first time I heard electronic music was being at a friend's house and his big brother played us the Man Parrish song and others. Your favourite ever record?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa3YBDXY7c4 This is such a hard question, but off the top of my head, I’d say in terms of a vocal track 'Distant Planet' by Fingers Inc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3E9NSgJZkY For an instrumental, 'Night of the Jaguar' By DJ Rolando. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwxpMIEZ9fg With vocals it is so hard because I also love, then and now, 'Gabriel' - Roy Davis Jr. The guaranteed floor-filler?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjdmPALLna0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCUPc9zVfyo This is another hard one because it really depends on where I’m playing, so for the club I’d say 'Strings Of Life' - Derrick May, but for a festival crowd, 'Acid Tracks' by DJ Pierre/Phuture. The last track of the night?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hic-dnps6MU Another hard one. For the club, The Rolling Stones - 'Miss You'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V09x2y9MHbA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhC_Zm04aoU For a festival, it’s a tossup between Joe Smooth's 'Promised Land' or Frankie Knuckles' 'The Whistle Song'. The best chillout record?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DJK7LJ_0yA Herb Alpert - Rotation. The record everyone loves but you hate?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEGccV-NOm8 Hate is a strong word and it’s only because it was played to death but Cardi B - 'Bodak Yellow'. The best record for a family party?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDtpVqzGhjk Easy! McFadden & Whitehead - 'Ain’t No Stopping Us Now'. The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00tzcnyDL68 The style would be classic old R&B and jazz. Some Miles Davis, like Tutu. The worst record you’ve ever heard?
      Well as a producer and a DJ, I try to find the good in every song and every bit of music, but as I also run three or four labels I get some just SHIT demos. The record you're proudest of?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NajxGltmjBA 'Essence Of A Dream' because when it was done it gave birth to that poetic style. We took a long time in the studio and the music was so good that everybody thought it was going to be instrumental and started packing up like that was it for the day. I told them "STOP" because I have to lay the lyrics down, but the engineer told me we had no time and that I could only do it if I got it right in one take. I looked him in the face and said: "Put the mic on." When I finished I asked: “How was it?” The whole room was just standing there with their mouths open! Plus another fact, like 90% of my music – especially back then – it seemed to be about women. Even now I find myself looking for my next muse... The future classic?
      A banger I’m working on called 'LSD'. I’d love to have a Martinez Brothers remix on it, and a vocal project by me and 3Way, so keep an eye out👍🏾   K’Alexi Shelby's So Chicago EP is out July 13th via Seth Troxler's Play It Say It. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. https://soundcloud.com/mr-k-alexiSource: Attack Magazine

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      News Round-Up: 22/6/18

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      WTF. WTF. WTF. WTF. WTF. FTW. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkPCZ2mgT-J/?utm_source=ig_embed WTF. Louis Vuitton’s menswear director Virgil Abloh has named pal Benji B as the company’s first musical director. WTF. An unprecedented court order has ruled that five members of London drill group 1011 must obtain authorisation from Scotland Yard before writing and performing tracks that are deemed to “encourage violence”. Find out more here. WTF. West End nightclub Drama has being accused of charging black women twice the door fee of white women. The Guardian investigate. WTF. Behringer are threatening a Chinese music tech blog, Dave Smith Instruments and 20 forum users with criminal proceedings after they were critical of Behringer products at Superbooth. More here. Behringer have also defended themselves against accusations of reverse engineering, here. https://twitter.com/BFLFevents/status/1009497506043088917 WTF. A kiddie rave with proper DJs playing? That’s what Fabric have planned with Terry Francis and Jacob Husley headlining a Big Fish Little Fish event on September 30th. Tickets here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oy_aZrvK7U FTW. The New York Times document the welcome fact that women are finally gaining more and more visibility in dance music, here.Source: Attack Magazine

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      With “Jedi” fryhide introduces the next instalment of their successful INSTANT series with a collaboration by HOSH & Groj.
      “Jedi” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide PRE ORDER
      fryhide fryhide Page

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      Source: Deep House Amsterdam

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      Some Sun, Sand and some anjuna vibes – sounds perfect isn’t it? Above & Beyond with some of the biggest names in the Anjunabeats family  will unite over three days at The Riviera Maya in Mexico on January 4-6, 2019 for the all-inclusive Anjunabeach concert getaway, transforming the unique spot into the kind of music paradise only Above & Beyond can create.
      get more info here.
      It’s not just all music though. By day, guests will get to explore the best of Mexico’s amazing natural treasures and extraordinary beaches through incredible off-site adventures, take part in exciting activities or simply cool off by the pool at one of the three selected resorts that will accommodate guests during their stay. By night, party goers will head straight to the mainstage for a next-level concert experience at Playa Azul, which sits on a beautiful stretch of beach just feet from the Caribbean.

      Above & Beyond are set to perform three unique sets that will encompass the trio’s full spectrum of their sound. From ambient, to deep to peak time – no doubt this will be a mind-blowing musical experience, and they’re bringing some special guests along for the ride, with DJs soon to be announced from the Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep camps.
      “Since ABGT250 at The Gorge we’ve been dreaming up ways to recapture the magic of bringing fans together from all over the world for unique experiences. We’re excited to be able to give our Anjunafamily the chance to meet up with like-minded souls and enjoy great music in such a beautiful location,” Above & Beyond have commented in a press release.
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      Source: Trance News

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      Turning back the clock for our new, weekly throwback mix series, we’ve decided to kick things off with the techno maestro, Gesaffelstein.
      The mix in question was recorded back in 2013 at Boiler Room’s House Of Vans in Berlin, an evening that also hosted the likes of Boys Noize, Brodinski and Modeselektor among others.
      At just shy of 90-minutes, the mix is loaded with dark, driving club tracks that we’ve all come to expect from the now retired artist. Listen below and get the weekend started on the right foot.
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      Nothing is better than catching your favourite artists before they hit the big time and this Queensland festival is giving you the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some of the biggest acts about to come out of the country.
      Boasting a massive 75+ line up, BIGSOUND really is one you need to add to your festival circuit. Already on the bill was: The Chats to have you reeling, you were already head bopping to Eilish Gilligan and being captivated by Asha Jeffries and now you have more artists to support, through the likes of Olympia, GRAACE, Kaitlin Keegan, Bin Juice, Kwame and many many more as only the first release of artists! The festival is still in the process of accepting more applicants so you can expect even more lush Australian artists to be announced very soon.
      Whoever wins is likely to be the next best thing in Australia so for you to see that will be great to see. Artists are in for a prize of $25k and 5k in travel fees if winning the event so you know everyone will be putting in their best for a performance for you all.
      This festival is for anyone serious about supporting Australian music, so drop a link in your group chat and get some of your closest mates down for what could be a four day adventure.
      Let us know who your most excited to see or even if you know of anyone you would want on the bill. Pass details are highlighted below. You can buy tickets here.
      ONE NIGHT PASS – $45.00 (+BF)
      (One night of live music of your choosing)
      RAINBOW PASS – $85.00 (+BF)
      (Four nights of live music)
      PURPLE PASS – Start at $370.00 (+BF)
      (Access to festival and conference + More)
      A. Swayze & The Ghosts
      Adrian Eagle
      Alice Skye
      Asha Jefferies
      Bin Juice
      Blank Realm
      Cable Ties
      Cast Down
      Cry Club
      Dreller (UK)
      Eat Your Heart Out
      Eilish Gilligan
      Ella Hooper
      Emma Anglesey
      Estere (NZ)
      Gabriella Cohen
      Genesis Owusu
      Georgia Mulligan
      Good Doogs
      Greta Stanley
      Hobsons Bay Coast Guard
      Imogen Clark
      James Wright Trio
      Kaitlin Keegan
      Kota Banks
      Kult Kyss
      Miss June
      Moaning Lisa
      Oh Pep!
      Pink Matter
      Pool Shop
      Rachel Maria Cox
      Riley Pearce
      Ruby Gilbert
      Sleep Talk
      Slowly Slowly
      Stevie Jean
      sweater curse
      The Chats
      The Merindas
      Triple One
      Two People
      Tyne-James Organ
      Wax Chattels (NZ)
      yú yī
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      AXL is a miami-bass performer who has been gradually gaining the attention and DJ support from audiences across the country. His style of dance-pop shines in his latest single ‘More Love (feat. Jermaine Black)’.

      The piano and percussion drive this beat with a smooth rhythm that compliments the bold performance Jermaine Black. We love the feel of this and could not agree more with the “Carpe diem” theme of the lyrics.

      Follow Axel https://soundcloud.com/axl_music/moreloveaxl https://www.facebook.com/axlmusicofficial https://twitter.com/axelbeca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPKm8jjy1vI https://open.spotify.com/album/4XyoYrjPQhlJFmtf3QKPB9?si=2L4ZUgK4TpKdCPCCSUASqw Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Newcastle will be getting shook this coming November with the first act of THIS THAT Festival confirmed today as RL Grime.
      The LA producer is the first artist named on the 2018 lineup, which is set to drop in it’s entirety on Tuesday,  June 26th. It’s been a busy week for RL Grime, who revealed his long awaited, sophomore album NOVA is dropping on July 27th; an announcement that came paired with a trap-heavy new single off the record featuring Jeremih and Tory Lanez.
      For those of you too eager to pass on this opportunity, you can  register for exclusive pre-sale tickets right here before 5pm, June 27th. Regular pre-sale tix will be available from 9am on the 28th and general tix from 9am the 29th.
      More details below, along with RL’s latest heater!!
      What: THIS THAT ft. RL Grime
      When: Nov 3
      Where: Wickham Park, Newcastle
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      There has been plenty of good work done by numerous groups involved with the first pill  testing station at an Australian festival – taking place at the Canberra leg of Groovin The Moo this year – to make sure harm was prevented for festival goers, and now we have the evidence to show how it has helped.
      This coming together for pill testing was ten years in the making and completely funded by the STA-SAFE consortium and a group of organisations (includes Harm Reduction Australia, DanceWize, Australian National University and more) pro-bono. The official report has been published following the vent, outlining how much potential it has to help users in and outside of drug use with systems looking to be installed such as welfare and health services for abuse of the drugs a long term goal.
      Australia, being a country where a disposable income is easy to come by, it is said that 43% of all Australians having tried an illicit substance over the age of 14 according to a National Household Survey. It was stated in the article that “Twenty-seven percent of recent ecstasy users aged 18 years and over reported high or very high levels of psychological distress and 26% reported they had been diagnosed with or treated for a mental illness,” it is easy to see why steps need to brought in place to facilitate the experience, especially for younger people.
      Harm Reduction Australia found many substances in the testing including the potentially deadly chemical N-Ethylpentylone which is “associated with fatalities and mass casualty events in other jurisdictions.” One user found it in what was thought to be Meth and advised the workers that they would use less of the drug and said they didn’t know of anyone else using the drug.
      Interestingly, the fact that 55% said they had received it from friends and 28% from dealers and some saying they had found the drugs. Also stated in the article was , “Those aged over 20 years were slightly more likely to have sourced from a dealer (34% vs 22%) while younger patrons were more likely to say from friends (62% vs 50%).” Which may show how much of a deterrent the risk of bringing it into the festival is for patrons.
      Hopefully with more drug tests happening in the future where drug dogs are becoming more imposing, this can identify how much sniffer dogs really effect the in flow of drugs into festivals, help people remove the stigma of getting their pills looked at and provide information on both sides as to how to go about pills being brought into festivals.
      You can check out the full link here
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      With their forthcoming album, The Now Now looming, Gorillaz have wasted no time with the single roll outs and today we have been blessed a new one.
      Hollywood follows four big singles in just a matter of weeks from Gorillaz – with Humility, Lake Zurich, Sorcererz and Fire Flies – and features none other than Snoop Dogg and Chicago house legend Jamie Principle! Yeah, they calling in the big guns.
      The track comes paired with a visualiser, and is another quirky, hip-hop centric slow jam from the band. Listen below and pre-order The Now Now (that drops July 27) right here.
      The Now Now track list

      Humility – feat George Benson
      Hollywood – feat Snoop Dogg + Jamie Principle
      Lake Zurich
      Magic City
      Fire Flies
      One Percent
      Souk Eye
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      If you follow Sydney producer Enschway closely, you’ll know damn well that this EP has been a long time coming. Friendschway Vol. 3 comes 2-years after the last project from the enigmatic artist, who has paired the release of the EP with a nationwide tour that kicks off in July. Teaming up with 16-year-old wunderkind producer Perto, Sydney local Leotrix plus Jupe and Savoi on the final track, the project showcases the mind of an artist who has been spending his time honing his craft with no issue pushing the boundaries.
      To get our heads around the monster that is Friendschway Vol. 3, we asked Enschway to give us a track-by-track run-down of the EP. Dive into his personal log of Friendschay Vol. 3 below.
      ‘Lose It’ ft. Perto

      So I first came across Perto around two years ago when I found his Soundcloud and was super impressed with a remix he’d done; especially because of the fact that he was only 15 at the time. Sent him a soundcloud dm and decided to get together and make a tune & ‘Lose It’ is what came from that session. We finished It about a year ago and have been playing it and teasing it in our sets ever since so it’s a weird feeling having it finally come out.
      ‘Can’t Stay Here’ ft. Leotrix

      Funnily enough I met Leotrix in the session with Perto when we made ‘Lose It’. We only decided to make a tune a few months later and ‘Can’t Stay Here’ is what we made. Ethan (Leotrix) is one of the most insane producers I’ve ever worked with. The sounds he can make with the stock ableton synth are stupid. I thought we’d make a weird crazy tune together & it turned out to be spooky and haunting but also filthy at the same time.
      ‘Make It Work’ ft. Jupe & Savoi

      This tune is one of the ones that just slowly comes about and evolves. Jupe lives over in the US so there’s no chance to get a face to face studio session which usually helps with the creation of a song, but I feel like we connected really well over this one and loved the changes each other made every time we sent it back and forth. I’ve always wanted to work with Savoi so I was stoked when he wanted to contribute to this one. This is the more calm and easy listening track of the EP and personally my favourite song i’ve produced.
      Listen to Friendschway Vol. 3 in full below, and revisit his previous EP right here. To catch this man and his friends in action, be sure to snag tickets to the Friendschway tour that kicks off from July 6 ft. Daktyl and Vincent. More info here and below.

      Tour Dates
      July 6 – Mr Wolf, Canberra
      July 7 – Villa, Perth
      July 13 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
      July 19 – Fat Controller, Adelaide
      July 20 – The Met, Brisbane
      July 21 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
      July 28 – Studio, Auckland (Enschway only)
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      Interview: ANSV

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      Featured image credit: Maria Butyrina
      Latest export of Moscow scene ANSV is a rising figure in techno underground. We got the chance to speak with this enigmatic producer following her EP on An Der Grenze and you’ll find out more about ANSV in the lines below.
      Your work under the alias ANSV is still a mystery for many. How would you present yourself to our audience?
      I like to consider myself as a part of the Moscow underground stage, that is not yet known and understood by everyone, but it’s just a matter of time.
      How did your first contact with electronic music happen and how did you get interested in techno?
      I got to know about techno from one good person a very long time ago. He is a DJ, I was so fascinated so I wanted to learn the process of creating electronic music.
      Can you tell us something more about your career? How did it all begin? When did you decide to choose it as a professional path?
      I don’t take this occupation as a professional one, you can call it a hobby, but people give up their hobbies, and the music will remain with me forever. It began many years ago, I tried twice to start writing music myself, but I didn’t succeed. The musician in me was brought up by my ex-husband, I was inspired by him, his music and productivity from day to day and eventually began to write myself.
      Your EP ‘Impostor Syndrome’ was recently released, so tell us something more about it? What inspired you to make it?
      I’m always inspired by something, but the most important is my inner demons because sometimes they wake up and I immerse myself into the music to release them. So it happened with these tracks.
      EP is out on An Der Grenze, so how did your collaboration with the label started?
      My friend from Berlin Amir laid out a track and wrote that everybody should like it. It was the track by Colin Tobelem and I really loved it. We added each other in social networks, and suddenly he proposed me to make something together. But nothing happened, I was not ready that time, but I think he saw potential in me. Finally, I wrote the track in a year, in addition, I gave him something new to listen, and so he introduced me to the ADG label.
      What’s your favorite thing when it comes to producing your own track? How are you describing your sound?
      My favorite thing is the so-called pure inspiration when it controls you completely, you just disconnect from the world. And the puzzle is formed itself. It’s difficult for me to determine my sound, probably because I think I haven’t found it yet. But definitely, I love the contrast in music and the suddenness.
      Russia has some incredible techno exports, how would you say Moscow had shaped your music?
      Certainly, Moscow forms my sound, if I lived in another city, I would have sounded differently.
      What are your plans for the future, are you working on some new music?
      I try to write as much as possible and update my live set all the time. Although I let myself to take breaks when it doesn’t work. I’m planning to finish my audiovisual set finally. I also have a collaboration called “Central Circle” with Viner, a musician from Kazan. We make plans to perform together.
      Where can we hear you play in the next few weeks?
      June, 30th I will perform in Pluton at the Void party.
      In case you’ve missed hearing ‘Impostor Syndrome’, check it below and grab your copy here.

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    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      It is with great pride that we announce that Into the Valley festival 2018 will take place next 28th to 30th September in Andalusia, Spain, with the amazing and ancient Castle of Sohail in the town of Fuengirola as main location.
      The ITV concept has been evolving through the years, and after last year´s experience, we decided we needed a fresh start. This comes in the shape of a move, from the cold and rainy North to the sun at the very southernmost end of Europe. This is why the home to the next chapter of the Into the Valley legacy will be the bright and sunny Andalusian coast of Spain, with its breath-taking beaches, wonderful cuisine and warm exuberant people.
      The festival venue is the 1000-year-old Castillo Sohail. A truly dreamy and mesmerising landscape, featuring historical castle ruins by the beach, next to the small town of Fuengirola – a remote but still accessible ocean paradise nestled in the Mediterranean coast. Just 30 kilometres from Malaga, the festival is easily reached by daily direct flights from most European countries.
      Castillo Sohail will be the center for the daytime program curated on the three stages open from noon until 23hs: The Castle, The Theatre and The Beach. We will soon be presenting the night program, which will be equally amazing, but will be held in an industrial setting and will run be open nonstop to provide round the clock fun. Afterhours on Sunday, while the Beach Stage, which is the link between the festival and the local community, will open daily to the general public.
      The first 13 artists from a total of 40 that will be announced today are:
      Acid Pauli
      Amelie Lens
      Anastasia Kristensen
      Charlotte Bendiks
      Elena Colombi
      Fatima Osman
      Jessie Granqvist
      Natasha Diggs
      Peggy Gou
      Ulwhednar (Anthony Linell & Varg)
      Young Marco

      The post Into The Valley 2018 announces new location & first wave of acts including Peggy Gou, Omar-S, Young Marco and many more appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Celebrating its 15th anniversary as well as the monolithic catalogue #100, Figure releases a gem-packed compilation featuring 15 artists who are shaping the current sound of the label.
      Ranging from machine-driven stompers courtesy of Juxta Position, Kirilik or Lady Starlight, to punchy electro by Viers and UBX127, to Nocow‘s signature style wavey melancho-electronics, to the straight-up high-voltage-techno of Shlomi Aber, Lewis Fautzi and captain Len Faki himself, all adequately framed by Setaoc Mass‘ beautiful ambient pieces – this 4 LP-set encompasses everything Figure both past, present and future.

      Arriving in a unique gatefolded sleeve that carries the exclusive handmade visual art by Munich artist Julia Schewalie. Whether long time fan or newly recruited follower, this one is a must-have entry in every techno-lover‘s collection.
      Compilation is out in September.
      A1 Setaoc Mass – Far Away From Yesterday
      A2 Juxta Position – Hexagon
      B1 Roman Poncet – Turn Down
      B2 Viers – Moomin Trash
      B3 Nocow – Metha
      C1 kirilik – Batut
      C2 Lady Starlight – d5-12
      D1 UBX127 – Vectors
      D2 Len Faki – Robot Evolution
      E1 Pablo Mateo – Anfang Ende Immer
      E2 Shlomi Aber – 3000 Reasons Why
      F1 Nocow – Run Far
      F2 Truncate – Bassline
      G1 Lewis Fautzi – Modern Humans
      G2 Jeroen Search – Rubidium
      H1 Amotik – Neela
      H2 Setaoc Mass – Silence
      The post KiNK, Lady Starlight, Len Faki, Truncate feature on ‘FIGURE 100’ 15th anniversary compilation appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      The 20th release from Nina Kraviz’s seminal трип imprint is an homage to some of the most uncompromising manifestations of electronic music imaginable. Tracing sub-cultures from the 90s to the present day, трип 20 interrogates the boundaries of tempo and form via hardcore, gabber, acid techno and ambient. A mix of unreleased material and essential gems, the ten-track concept album visits трип regulars, esoteric masters and relative newcomers on a voyage to the extremities of a global underground.

      трип 20 continues the tradition of gatefold double EPs as a conceptual album ‘Don’t Mess With Cupid’. All of the tracks are selected around a particular story, a trip, and presented as a continuous sonic landscape. All of the tracks are structured in a way that they can be mixed one with another an endless amount of times making a continuous loop, a trip, that needs only end when the party stops. Kraviz works without release dates or deadlines, enabling her to achieve a certain sound bank to shape the story, unmasking the thoughts and unravelling like a dream.
      LP is out on July 20th.
      A1. Biogen – Hexagraphic A2. PTU – Castor and Pollux A3. DEKA – Pearl (Nikita Zabelin edit) B1. Exos – Grasshunter B2. Bjarki – 3-1 tap lush C1. Marc Acardipane a.k.a. Pilldriver – Pitch Hiker C2. Shadowax – I want to be a stewardess D1. Universal Indicator – 15 c7 D2. Roma Zuckerman – Zero D3. Nina Kraviz – Opa The post Nina Kraviz, Bjarki, Exos, Nikita Zabelin and more on new trip concept LP appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Founding father of Diynamic Music, giant of the underground scene and luminary DJ/Producer Solomun delivers his first full EP in three years.
      The EP leads with the dramatic and theatrical title track “Customer Is King”, soon to be featured as part of a long-rumoured collaboration between Solomun and Rockstar Games, creators of Grand Theft Auto, with more information to be revealed soon.
      The EP also sees Diynamic Music, the Hamburg-based imprint founded by Solomun and Adriano Trolio, celebrate its 100th release, passing the impressive milestone with a trusted and well refined musical recipe that has seen the label rise to be one of the most successful and supported underground labels of the last decade.
      Following on to “Dre”, which is sure to find its way into many a summer sets is a musical tip of the hat to the early West-Coast sound that was popularized by music icons such as NWA, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Warren G and most notably, Dr. Dre.
      “Ich Muss Los” (German for “I have to get going”) delivers a more compelling and industrial mood, akin to many an applauded dark, early morning set from Solomun himself.
      Now with both the labels anniversary and 100th release behind them, Solomun and the Diynamic label continue to harmoniously innovate at a pace that surpasses their contemporaries, pushing their creative boundaries in and out the DJ booth.
      Solomun – “Customer Is King EP” is available through Diynamic Music on 13th July.

      The post Solomun announces 1st EP in 3 years and the 100th release from Dynamic appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      With 2018’s hotly anticipated Kappa Futur just a few weeks away, the brand new stage for the July 7th and 8th event can now be revealed. It is sure to become another iconic new addition to the festival, whose main stage is the already stuff of legend throughout the techno world.
      Known as the Futur Stage, the new site was recently road tested by the one and only Derrick May, who live-streamed a very special one-hour set from this previously unused part of the Parco Dora.
      The new site was recently road tested by the one and only Derrick May, who live-streamed a very special one-hour set from this previously unused part of the Parco Dora — Watch below.

      The Futur Stage is a 7500 square metre area of rusted industrial columns, exposed stonework and manicured lawns that will have all amenities and services you can expect from KFF, but will increase capacity by an extra 5.000 people per day. As well as this, a brand new food court with a wide range of food and drink choices, 20-metre bar and VIP lounge will also be set up to make this an even more complete and immersive experience.
      There will be four stages on both days of Kappa Futur, and they are Dora, Futur, Burn and Jäger and will cover many different facets of house and techno from the genre’s key players. On Saturday on Jäger, you can expect the likes of a special DJ Set from Apparat, as well as Eric Prydz, New York pair The Martinez Brothers, German titan Timo Maas, then on Burn Stage Hi Ibiza resident Andrea Oliva, bass house lover Eats Everything, Life And Death boss DJ Tennis, plus Patrick Topping, on Futur Stage Drumcode’s Adam Beyer, breakthrough sensation Amelie Lens, Marco Faraone, and on Dora Stage the legendary Francois K and Danny Krivit from Body and Soul, and a live performance from Blaze’s Josh Milan.

      Sunday, meanwhile, will be the day to catch a unique live show from Chicago house innovator Mr Fingers aka Larry Heard, plus Motor City Drum Ensemble and Peggy Gou on Dora Stage, Detroit pioneers Derrick May and Robert Hood and stars like Berlin’s loop master Rødhåd on Futur Stage, house party starts like Jackmaster, Hot Since 82 and Adriatique on Burn Stage and more superstar names like Luciano, Marco Carola, Seth Troxler, Stacey Pullen, Fatboy Slim, Jamie Jones, a live show from KiNK and many more on the Jäger Stage.
      This new and expanded site for Kappa Futur is another evolution in the ongoing story of the premier techno gathering in all of Europe, and means that the 2018 edition will be the most memorable yet.
      The post Kappa FuturFestival Announces Brand New Techno Stage appeared first on Only Techno.

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