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    • Nordic-By-Nature

      OzClubbers Artist Interview - SHOWTEK

      By Nordic-By-Nature, in News and Reviews,

      Category: News, Interview
      Hey Wouter and Sjoerd! Thanks for chatting with OzClubbers. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer some questions for us.
      Happy belated birthday Wouter, did you get a chance to celebrate in style? Any cool presents or special ways you like to mark the occasion?
      Wouter: Haha thanks, it was just me and my fiancé since we had a weekend off. We went for dinner and enjoyed the fact that we could relax! I am not really into celebrating my birthday to be honest. Just some good food and a bottle is wine is the perfect setting for me.
      The SHOWTEK sound is an evolving quest for perfection. Will this evolve as long as you continue to produce, what is it about music that speaks to you? 
      In our opinion, music kind of grows with you as you get older. It’s almost the same as the way we eat food, that also changes.
      Sjoerd: A good example is that I turned Vegetarian/Vegan a few years ago, but I could have never imaged that when I was a bit younger, I used to eat so much meat. LOL. This is the same with music, it’s an outcome of our creativity. As artists we kind of want to evolve, that’s the reason why we are doing this, to find and re-discover ourselves in music. It is a translation of who we are. We will always look for something new, which doesn’t mean that we we will always keep changing our styles, we just are looking for new elements that can change the perspective on how we produce music.
      Music is a way to express our selves, like sport is to people. It’s just inside us and it needs to come out. It’s very important to find out who you are in life and what your talent of gift is. You still need to work hard for it to become successful, hustle like you are broke. But there is nothing more satisfying than to be able what we love to do in life, make music, perform and travel, that’s what music brought us and we are very aware about the fact that we are blessed to do this.
      For all the budding producers out there, what’s your latest tip or tool that is inspiring your sound?
      We might have said this before, but the most important thing is to not to be afraid to be different. That’s not only in music, that is in general. But since music can be such a translation of yourself, do what you think is good. This doesn’t mean you should not be open for criticism of advice, but be pure and don’t try to be or sound like someone else.  As SHOWTEK we got very inspired by a lot of other artist, but you need to find a way to create your own signature in your work.
      Is there a track that you adore that has been undervalued in the past, but you think should go into the EDM hall of fame?
      U96 – DAS BOOT!!! Classic!!
      You’re coming back to Australia in November for a show with MaRLo, is there a story behind how you met the trance hero?
      We met Marlo a few years ago on Stereosonic, he is also Dutch but moved to Australia. We had a good connection and when we decided to do “ SHOWTEK Past to Present “ we thought he would be a good support act since he is very respected in Australia. We think he is a good fit for the night! 
      How do you choose who to collaborate or tour with? Is it a style of production, technique, sheer coincidence or someone you’ve been a fan of for years? 
      You got to hit it off with someone. For example; We were hanging out with David Guetta in Australia and we had such a good vibe on and off stage. He told us he had a cool vocal from VASSY and he wanted us to work on this song together with him. A few days after our tour we went to The Whitsunday islands, to relax a bit after the crazy schedule. We started working on this song and that was the beginning of the collaboration of BAD. We became good friends over the years and this is the beautiful side of music, it brings people together!
      What are the top 5 essential tracks on rotation right now for you personally? What do you love about them?
      Kanye West & Lil Pump – I Love It.
      Don’t take the lyrics to literally, but the song has a good flow and it’s just so cool.
      Lil Wayne – Uproar
      This beat is just a killer, good lyrics and one of his best songs on his new album.
      Armin Van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah
      One the best EDM songs of this year, just a very catchy hook!
      Lartiste – Mafiosa
      It might not be on the radio everywhere, but it’s huge in France. Love this song!
      Juice Dreams – Lucid Dreams
      Such an emotional song
      You’ve been blessed with awesome success; a rollercoaster of international travel and tonnes of interviews; are there any question that you get tired of being asked?
      Haha, LOL but YES! The worst is; what does SHOWTEK come from. We like more indepth interviews, sometimes is nice to really think about how to answer a question or where the answers reveal some information that fans didn’t really knew about us yet. The question: how is it to work with your brother has been asked also A LOT!! HAHA
      Aussie fans are crazy excited for your Past to Present show in November, can you give us a sneak peak into what they can look forward to?
      It will be melting pot from the Showtek rollercoaster. We will bring the full spectrum of the Showtek Sound. Basically the best of the best from when we started until where we are now and what is coming!! So for some of our hardstyle fans; YES we will play hardstyle!!! A lot of it hahahah!
      With an intense tour schedule, have you had a chance to be a tourist and see the sites when you have visited Australia? Anything strange about the Australian culture?
      Unfortunately, this tour we will not be able to really see our friends! If they want to come and see us they have to come to the show basically because we have 8 shows in 9 days! Australia is one of our favourite countries to tour and this will not be the last time we are here, so next time we will! We have seen a lot in Australia, we have been coming here since 2009 but tbh, it’s never enough! We love this country for it’s people, culture, food and nature. The spiders and snakes scare the shit out of us tho! Haha. Oh; and what the fuck is vegemite?? That stuff is disgusting!
      We’re quickly getting to the end of 2018, what’s on the cards for 2019? Are there any special projects or collaborations?
      Yes, we are! We worked on our collaboration with Yellowclaw earlier this year and hopefully we will be able to release this in the beginning of 2019! We are also working with another hardstyle DJ to do another collab, but that will be a surpise !!!! We are trying to release another album ep next year and this will be full of new Showtek Music! We are working on 25 songs at the moment! So enough to everybody happy!

    • Nordic-By-Nature
      Category: News, Interview
      OzClubbers Feature Article - Alpha Agency

      In this weeks Feature Article, OzClubbers is proud to introduce Alpha Agency - Australia's first all female & LGBTQI+ Booking Agency.
      Alpha is the brainchild of a female music industry worker who had not only faced adversity as a woman in music herself, but also saw the struggles her female talent had faced over the years. During the recent Bigsound Festival in Brisbane I spent an evening with Kailei to find out more about her new venture. We ate tempura eggplant and between sake shots chatted candidly about being a woman in the music industry and her mission to support, empower and navigate a positive and successful career for women in music.
      Tell us a little about yourself, Kailei?
      I’m a booking agent originally from Sydney who quit her job and moved to Melbourne on a whim in May, then started a business three months later. And here we are!
      How’d you get into the music industry?
      I decided I was going to work in music when I was fifteen years old, so I studied Music Industry Business as soon as I finished my HSC. From there it was a lot of internships, free work, ‘blood, sweat and tears’ until I finally got my first full time job in the industry and kept on growing from there. It’s been a long journey and a lot of hard work, so it’s nice to be here doing something I really believe in which will hopefully help a lot of people along the way.
      What experience do you have?
      I’ve been an agent, promoter, artist manager, merchandise manager, event manager and publicist; so it’s shaped me into an allrounder which put me in a great position to start the business. I used to think I needed to be a specialist in one area of the industry but soon realised the value in having really solid experience in a number of sectors.
      Why'd you decide to make Alpha all female and LGBTQI+?
      Alpha stemmed from my personal experiences as a woman in music and also from seeing first-hand the constant challenges and feelings of defeat my female talent encountered over the years. I want to be able to navigate safe, positive and successful careers for people in music who don’t feel properly represented because of their gender, sexuality or ethnicity.
      Can someone that doesn’t identify within these areas sign with you?
      Yes of course. I’m currently speaking with a band who are fronted by a female vocalist with the other band members being straight, cis-males; however their music is about gender, sexuality and other ideologies that align with Alpha’s. We’re here to support anyone fighting the good fight with us through their music and influence!
      Other than the fact that you’ll be all female and LGBTQI+ inclusive, what sets you apart as a agency/booking agent?
      As an agent, I really understand the needs of female talent and form solid bonds with my artists which in turn brings out the most creative, successful and collaborative work. I also specialise and focus heavily in the corporate events and the brand sponsorship space which is a really important nut to crack for an artist.
      When are you launching and have you got anything special planned?
      Alpha is officially launched but we’re looking at throwing a party in summer to showcase our amazing talent roster and wet the agency’s head. It would be wrong not to!
      Are their any collaborators you’d like to mention (that'll be involved with Alpha)?
      I’ve collaborated with some wonderful, creative women for the launch of Alpha. A core ethos of the business is to outsource female freelancers for services such as web development, design, photography, publicity and marketing to open up more jobs for women in creative industries. So far I’ve worked with Angie Young, Xposed Media (publicity); Annie Walter, Annie Walter Design (logo); Kate Carmen, Rabble Rouse Creative (website and branding), Renee Peterson (copywriting) and Alex Drewniak (photography).
      Can you tell us about who you have signed? What sort or artists/genres can we expect to see coming out of Alpha?
      So far the roster includes (in alphabetical order) Ayebatonye, Feline, Rosie Kate, Sara T, Stacie Fields and Stara spanning in genres from Techno, to UK Garage, Drum & Bass, House, R&B and Dancehall.
      Tell us about you plan to work with charities?
      Working as an agent has an immediate impact on your artists but I sat scratching my head a few months ago wondering what other contribution I was making not only to music but the community. Alpha will continuously work with a number of charities and associations for a range of social issues in Australia, as well as those that our roster of talent hold dear to them and would like to support.
      Any thoughts on the state of the music scene in Melbourne or Australia that you’d like to add?
      Melbourne’s music scene is as strong as ever which is a big part of why I moved here from Sydney earlier this year. There are gigs on every night of the week, in all genres, all venues, all parts of Melbourne; it’s great and there’s such a solid music community down here. Needless to say, the lockout laws have really affected Sydney nightlife and it’s sad to watch so many iconic venues in Kings Cross and on Oxford Street shut down over the last few years when those places were my home and where my love of electronic music really solidified.
      What’s your No 1 piece of advice for an artist that’s tossing up signing with an agent or going it alone?
      Make sure that if you’re signing to an agency you’re signing because of the agent and not because of the status of the agency. You could sign to the best agency in the world but if your agent isn’t on the same page with your vision and the dedication to your act, it could potentially set you back further than when you were representing yourself. In terms of time to find an agent; you’ll know. Your bookings will be too much to manage solo and you’ll need someone to be repping you so that you can focus on making and/or playing music!

      How can people get in contact with you?
      You can contact us here (https://alphabookingagency.com/contact) or join the conversation on our socials!
      Website: https://alphabookingagency.com/
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alphabookingagency
      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alphabookingagencyau/
        Want a taste of Alpha talent? Check out Ayebatonye's Yours & Owls set from the weekend:   https://soundcloud.com/ayebatonyedjs/round-the-twist-minimix-yours-and-owls-festival 

    • Ozclubbers_Staff

      News Round-Up: 20/10/2018

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      Point Blank goes East. Deadmau5 apologizes. Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit. PrintOUT. The German magazine Spex will publish its last print issue in December. Faced with declining advertising and sales revenue, Spex follows Groove after it too revealed earlier this month that they would cease printing. Read more here. Problematic. In the case of a No Deal Brexit, British citizens may not be able to access their Netflix or Spotify accounts in the EU. The government revealed the possible change to the copyright law earlier this week. It also states that if Britain were to split with the EU next year, without successfully agreeing to a deal, then 70 free trade agreements would be lost. Read more here. More artists, more music. Point blank has partnered with NetEase FEVER’s to open its first branch in China. The electronic music school will open in Hangzhou and hopes to capture the growing local interest in music production. It will open in the summer of 2019. Read more here. Un-plugged. Pioneer DJ have unveiled the HDJ-X5BT over-ear headphones. Revamping the original HDJ-X5 models, the new version offers Bluetooth connectivity. They come in various colours and have the same sound quality as the HDJ-X5. They are priced at £139. Read more here. [advert] Strings attached. Expanding Sound are offering a free Martin HD28V Open String Ableton Guitar Instrument through their website. Read more here or discover how it sounds in the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=108&v=RczC_T0TMbk Think before you speak. A video of Deadmau5 playing video games, and insulting fellow artist Slushii, has surfaced online. The EDM artist referred to Slushii's music as "autistic". Slushii took to Twitter to voice his disappointment over the comments and revealed that he is on the autism spectrum. Read more here. Sound on. Akai have blended a MIDI controller with a sound module in their new MPK Mini Play. The portable device boasts 128 sounds, drum pads and even a built-in speaker. The product retains the same functions as their popular MPK Mini Midi Controller and is priced at $129 (£95.58). Read more here. Rebuilding the Earth. Spitfire Audio have reintroduced the eDNA Earth with a whopping 1,900 instruments compiled into 1000 custom presets divided into sound types. The product costs £149. Read more here or watch the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrX-8qqGSPQ    Source: Attack Magazine

    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      Prodigious DJ and producer Whethan brought his Life of a Wallflower Tour to San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre on Thursday, October 18, delivering a big bass, feel-good kind of night with support from Yoshi Flower and Louis Futon.
      The 19-year-old artist born Ethan Snoreck has amassed an impressive following in the short time since he burst onto the scene with a slew of impressive Soundcloud remixes in 2016.
      Along the way, he’s shown an impressive consistency in his sonic style.
      Standout singles in the steady list he’s released in the last year and a half include High featuring Dua Lipa, Savage, with MAX and Flux Pavilion, and Superlove, featuring British pop duo Oh Wonder. These epitomize Whethan’s ability to wrap his standout synth and bass timbres around hooks inspired by his ever-expanding base of influences.
      Whethan laced his set with segments of more freeform beat play between his popular originals, maintaining a steady feel throughout.
      He also opted to perform behind a transparent projector screen.
      Though it made for a difficult photo night, the setup also included screens on either side, lasers, and floor flighting, making for one psychedelic visual performance.

      Occupying the main support slot was LA-based multi-instrumentalist Louis Futon.
      The 26-year-old has a magnetic smile and demeanor, made more prominent on this night with help from trumpet player Ariel Shrumpet.
      The two showed dynamic presence and timing on stage. Each also kills on their respective instruments, which always helps.
      “He’s gonna be here all night. And we’re gonna have some fun tonight, let’s go,” Futon said shortly after introducing Shrumpet.

      Futon, like Whethan, was tight in his set structure, mixing his popular singles including Endless Sea, Rewind, and Fall On Me with some surprisingly heavy remixes of and plenty of brass-filled funk throughout.
      Born Tyler Minford, Futon has steadily pushed his way up and through the electronic music scene, often including elements of hip-hop and R& B.
      Yoshi Flower opened the show with great energy, slashing away with complex guitar riffs.

      Touring first with The Chainsmokers in 2017, then on his own for the Good Nights tour, Whethan continues to hone his live performance and with Radar, the first single off his forthcoming The Life of a Wallflower Volume 1 project, may have given fans a good indicator of what to expect for his next release.
      “It’s a great representation of the sound I’ve been inspired by and I’m thrilled to finally show the world this song with HONNE,” he said.
      Just this week, he also appeared on the Jimmel Kimmel show last to promote the release of Every Step That I Take with Tom Morello and Portugal. The Man.
      Whethan will wrap up the 30-city Life of a Wallflower tour this weekend with the penultimate stop coming in Los Angeles tonight, and the conclusive performance slated for San Diego on Sunday, October 21.
      Follow Whethan on:
      Facebook Twitter Soundcloud
      Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      “Evil Rave. We own that sound ” Liam Howlett
      Scorching times demand scorching tracks. Hardcore temperatures sizzle sweetly with hardcore beats – and maybe a bit of acid squelch. Who better, then, to roar in out of the sun and soundtrack summer ’18 than the original electronic music trailblazers?
      Dropping ‘Need Some1’ in July, the frankly pounding first single from The Prodigy’s forthcoming album is, if you like, vintage futurism, a banger that features a classic house diva vocal sample from Loleatta Holloway (the original “voice” of Black Box’s ‘Ride On Time’). “I wanted to write something that had downtempo swagger, but still felt dangerous,” says the band’s Liam Howlett. “Need Some1 demonstrates the thing about our band that I love: it’s multi-sided,” says Howlett. “We have the freedom to drop a tune like this alongside tracks led by Keef and Maxim, and still represent what we are about in the same way.” Referring to the Holloway sample, Liam adds that “there’s always one element in our tunes that looks back to where we came from. When asked what the new album sounds like, my response is: Evil Rave. We own that sound ”

      ‘Light Up The Sky’ the explosive second track to be lifted from the band’s much-anticipated seventh studio album without doubt illuminates the urgency and danger that has continually defined The Prodigy throughout their career, an attack of acid rock in which guitars combine with 303 mayhem, Maxim’s spitting vocal and an uplifting chorus from long-time contributor Brother Culture. Following returning track ‘Need Some1’ – and arriving alongside an arresting video that features imagery that directly links to the album sleeve – ‘Light Up The Sky’ is a visceral introduction to the world of ‘No Tourists’: an album that takes you on a journey through the twisted, party-hard psych of a band that has resolutely followed their own route through the underbelly of popular culture since day one. It’s every inch a Prodigy record and it’s their most direct, concise and pure statement yet.
      The third track made available ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ sees The Prodigy partner up with New Jersey’s finest noise crew Ho99o9, resulting in a down-tempo, heavy-grooved, surefire banger. ‘This was the first track I wrote for this album,’ says Liam. “As far as doing a collaboration, the Ho99o9 guys were the main band I wanted to work with, and this tune has so much danger embedded in it. It’s the best collaboration we have done.” ‘
      The Prodigy have never taken the lazy tourist route. They dominated the illegal rave scene, challenged anti-rave legislation and redefined the whole idea of what a band should be like. They brought UK electronic music to the US heartland, turning metal kids onto raving and ravers into metalheads…effectively reaching global audiences without compromise: see 6 number 1 albums, 30 million record sales, and multiple honours (two Brits, two Kerrang! awards, five MTV awards, two Grammy nominations).

      With production completed, the band have broken cover from the studio to shed further light on ‘No Tourists’. Expanding on the general shape of the project, Liam says: “this album is equally aggressive as the last records – but in a different way.” A musician, songwriter and studio maestro, Howlett is as rigorous and righteously Up For It as he was when he formed his 28-years-young band. He explains that, as ever, the new songs “are built to play live”. This summer, true to form, The Prodigy can be found out and about across the globe, hitting festivals week in and week out, with album tour dates to follow towards the end of the year. “That’s the one thing that brings everything together. I couldn’t write this music unless it has that outlet on stage. That helps write the music. This is what I do it for: the live thing. And until we feel like we can’t do it, or the buzz goes, we won’t stop.”
      It’s that sense of do-or-die commitment that is reflected in the album title. “To us, ‘No Tourists’ is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed. Don’t be a tourist – there is always more danger and excitement to be found if you stray from the set path.”
      ‘No Tourists’ sees The Prodigy return with venom in the way that only they can. They’re renegades, outsiders, outlaws – always hiding in plain sight. Though much has changed in the musical and social landscape, what remains a constant is The Prodigy’s resolute focus to always do things their own unique way, and in 2018 the urgency and irrepressible spirit of The Prodigy has never been more needed.
      From heatwave to evil rave, The Prodigy are back, and back with some of their fiercest ever tunes. Get ready to sweat better.
      Pre-order here.
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    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      Robert Hood will preach and play at St. Thomas Kirche Church in Berlin on November 9th.

      The founding member of UR and a minimal techno pioneer is also an ordained minister. His Floorplan project is close to religious themes and he has equated DJing and preaching in the past. In his interview with Rolling Stone, Hood explained: “When I’m behind the turntables, I’m at a pulpit. I’m preaching a message of love—it’s just coming through electrical wires and Funktion-One speakers”.
      At St. Thomas Kirche, he’ll preach and DJ before, and later he is playing a set at Tresor.
      Via: RA
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    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      Halloween lovers, rejoice! If you’re looking for something to do on Halloween weekend, Minimal Effort will be happening at the Belasco Theater in DTLA on Saturday, October 27th, inviting out some of the world’s most in-demand selectors to Los Angeles. This is including (but not limited to) Boys Noize, Ardalan hosting his own stage, Louisahhh, and a slew of local talent.
      The Belasco Theater has been home to Minimal Effort in the past and treated fans to countless stand out moments. This year, the Belasco will be transformed into an underground haven with multiple stages, each having their own unique aesthetic.
      8 hours of music, 28 artists, 4 stages powered by Funktion-One (Official) + d&b audiotechnik GmbH sound systems and cutting-edge decor, will provide a thrilling and memorable Halloween experience for all. The best part of it all is that you’ll get $10 off your ticket if you follow our link located here. Get ready for another memorable Halloween weekend! Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      Who remembers Bang On’s Halloween party last year? The costumes, the production, Fatboy Slim orchestrating a human smiley face? Well, this year is set to be bigger and brighter as BangOn! NYC celebrate their 10th anniversary! On Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, 485 Johnson Ave Brooklyn will be transformed into “Warehouse of Horrors” filled with goblins and ghouls.
       >>>> Tickets <<<<
      BangOn!NYC really know their audience enough to have varying style of music. With 2 stages, Earth and Fire, you’ll be able to catch Gramatik and G Jones on one, and Walker & Royce on the other! Saturday calls for Space Jesus, Eprom and Yheti on the Earth stage and Klingande and Goldfish on the Fire. 
      Besides the headliners, here’s who else will be playing the two nights:

      RSVP Here // Advanced Tickets Here
      Plan your night with official set times here
      Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers_Staff

      NP Exclusive Mix: Fytch

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      In the spirit of all things dark, we’re extremely pleased to present a brand new guest mix from incredibly talented producer Fytch.
      The Paris-to-Boston native first exploded onto the scene with his breakout single, “Sirens In Paris,” which was supported by acts like Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, and REZZ, who he later collaborated with on her Certain Kind of Magic album. With a specific set of influences derived from classical, jazz, and electronic training, Fytch’s Stéphane Lo Jacomo has brought a boundless and forward-thinking approach to electronic music that sets him apart from many of his peers. His Berklee School of Music education probably doesn’t hurt either.
      “What I am seeing more and more of is people who are impossible to classify under a specific genre and who keep evolving their aesthetic – this is what I will continue to strive for, as I believe it will pave the way for new and exciting innovations in electronic music,” said Fytch in a 2017 interview with Your EDM.
      Fytch’s releases on NCS, Heroic, Deadbeats and Seeking Blue have continued to defy genres. His brooding basslines, flawlessly executed vocal work and vast atmospheres make him one of the most exciting artists to come out of the electronic realm in 2018, although he has been showcasing his capabilities since 2012.
      We teamed up with Fytch for an exclusive guest mix featuring his fan-favorite remix for Taska Black and San Holo, a must-hear ID and tracks from Shades, REZZ, Shadient and more. Check it out below and make sure to stay tuned for more Fytch.

      [0:00] Fytch – Collide
      [2:00] Fytch – Promise
      [4:24] XTALS – gameboy color
      [5:48] Wuki – Chop it (no etiquette remix)
      [6:48] Taska Black & San Holo – Right Here Right Now (Fytch Remix)
      [8:22] What So Not – Bottom End
      [9:33] Fytch – Irkalla
      [10:58] Sumthin Sumthin – Confused (feat. JAWNZA)
      [12:17] Fytch – Sirens Over Paris
      [15:06] Dub Head, M.Justa – Ghost note
      [16:34] Fytch – Without Heaven
      [18:02] Shades, Ivy Lab – Sleaze
      [19:51] Rezz, Fytch – Toxin
      [21:13] Shadient – Lotus
      [21:54] Zhu & Tame Impala – My Life (AWAY Remix)
      [23:12] (ID)
      [25:00] Fytch, Paradym – Lonely Roads
      [26:08] Fytch – Gravity
      [27:17] Fytch – Blinded (ft. Kosta, Theo Hoarau)
      [30:15] Fytch – In These Shadows (ft. Carmen Forbes)
      [33:00] Bleep Bloop – Slippin’
      [34:08] Eptic – The End (Lowkey Remix)
      [34:50] Fytch, Paradym – Checkmate
      Connect with Fytch: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud
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      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      Great news just in! The legendary British Dance Music Trio Above & Beyond is back on the ASOT lineup. A State of Trance 900 celebrations will be held at Utrecht on February 23, 2019! Above & Beyond last played for ASOT in Netherlands in 2012 for ASOT 500, that one a mindblowing set! Remember this interview? How times have changed!
      Get your tickets – ASOT 900

      The post Above & Beyond joins ASOT NL celebrations after 7 years appeared first on Trance Hub.
      Source: Trance News

    • Ozclubbers_Staff

      Looking at the past, present and future with Sasha.

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      I feel like the need to introduce Sasha, as if to refresh your memory, is a bit unnecessary considering the status he holds in electronic music. For those who don’t know and are relatively new to electronic, Sasha has been at the core of dance music since the scene burst out of the UK in the 90’s. He was truly one of the first global superstar DJ’s.
      One thing I maintain when I chat to artists is to remind myself that they’re just people too, and that’s what Sasha is, a bloody nice guy with a passion for music; just like the rest of us. Considering the length of the interview, I won’t bang on too much about hi, as there is plenty to read below.
      Sasha is in town for a few shows, namely Strawberry Feild’s and Return to Rio festivals as well as a slew of sideshows all around Australia.  I might suggest that you get a ticket to see the Welshman do what he does best (see the bottom of the page for tickets and dates). Enjoy the read.
      FS: You’ve been in the dance music game since its inception. Did you ever expect the scene to continue to thrive into what it is today despite some media in the early 2000’s declaring that dance music was dead?
      S: Yeah, that was a bit of a rough patch there. The UK scene, in particular, took a real hard hit. Everything changed at that point. The superclubs as we knew them back there started to close down, a lot of British labels that had been so successful in the 90’s very quickly just folded up.
      There was a huge change in music taste in the UK. Whenever you went out, you were mostly hearing RnB and hip-hop. The landscape changed massively. There was a short period where a lot of people where scratching their heads thinking ‘well is this done?’
      But then the whole EDM movement kicked off in America, and it all kicked off again on a much more global and commercial level.
      FS: Do you think that’s what saved the scene from all the doom and gloom?
      S: I guess in some respects, yeah. It was a complete transformation for where electronic music fit and its influence around the world.
      FS: I was a reading a book recently titled Last Night the DJ Saved My Life. The interesting thing the book talked about was when you guys went over to the United States, there was this kind of rock n’ roll concert vibe but mixed with dance music. Did you expect that the music would develop into that kind of scale?
      S: I always had a feeling that America was always going to explode, it just took a little bit longer. I just kind of felt that it would be a continuation of what happened in the UK. There was a moment in the mid-2000’s where the scene sort of just stalled.
      I always knew that the scene needed to be led by local heroes, by American artists. You had the rise of people like Deadmau5. A lot of the upcoming electronic producers just started working with bit commercial artists and that took the scene onto a whole other level really.
      In the meantime, the underground scene went underground for a while, but it got bigger and stronger after and while and rose from the ashes, as it were.
      FS: Do you think that’s what we’re seeing today, that the underground is coming out, not so much into the mainstream but its following is growing?
      S: It’s very different now. There was a feeling in the early 2000’s that the underground had completely run out of steam. I don’t really feel its like that at all now at all, I just feel that general music tastes are changing. With the underground, the techno and electronic scene is thriving and doing so well all over the world.
      Boutique techno parties and festivals are getting huge. Really interesting lineups are being put together at festivals without commercial acts and are doing well. You got parties like Elrow where it really doesn’t seem to matter who’s DJng, it’s rather about the event itself. So it’s a pretty damn health scene right now.
      On the commercial end of things, I think people are getting tired of it the same way it happened at the end of the 90’s/early 2000’s that the commercial tastes where changing and people maybe got tired of a certain sound dominating the charts. That seems to be happening right now but those producers are evolving, changing and developing as well.
      The great thing, and I’ve always said this about electronic (music), the reason why it sticks around is that it does keep evolving. New sounds or a new hybrid sound will pop out and the scene will just suddenly gain momentum again.
      Even a few years before the drum & bass thing happened, no one could have predicted that people would start playing music at that tempo and it would become a huge scene. That just what happens with electronic, all it takes is one huge record to just change the course of things.
      FS: I can tell you that the underground scene down here is going through that ‘thriving’ stage now. A lot more international artists coming town and playing at a few venues around town. That boutique techno and house festivals are taking off big time down here.
      S: Well that’s really great to hear.
      FS: I think you’ll really enjoy coming down and playing at the 10th anniversary for Strawberry Fields.
      S: I’ve always enjoyed coming down to Australia and I’ve always enjoyed the crowds down there. I do see in Australia that things do move at a rapid pace down there and things come and go quite quickly and things can change in quite a short period of time. But it seems that right now is a really good time to be coming back so I’m very excited to come and play.

      I’ve always loved coming down to Australia anyway. The place is amazing. I love hanging out there, I love eating there (laughs). I got a lot of friends and relative there so it’s always a special trip for me. Seems that right now is a very good time to come back and be playing the type of music that I play.
      FS: Have you played in that unique Australian environment before?
      S: Yeah I did that crazy festival outside of Melbourne, Rainbow Serpent. I did that once and it was bonkers so I have an idea of what I’ll be getting myself into. (laughs).
      FS: Is there anything about the scene today that is keeping you curious to see where it heads next?
      S: I mean I always hate to make predictions with the scene because things always surprise me. People come out of nowhere and are suddenly huge DJ’s after a couple of releases like I said before it takes one record to change the course of everything. So it’s hard to make predictions.
      FS: You’re more or less just along for the ride with all of us?
      S: Yeah it’s just great to be along for the ride and to still keep being booked, to be relevant, to be enjoying it and being apart of it all. I never thought in the early days that I would get to make a lifetime career out of DJing and making music. I was always just apart of the scene in the early days.
      FS: You once said you “…always like to have something that you’re building towards” and if you don’t have that, you can get a bit lost along the way. What’s kind of methods do have you developed to stay inspired all this time?
      S: Having a big project, whether it’s a new album or a new concept for a mix CD or, right now my main focus is doing these live events which I’ve been really excited about. They’ve been quite successful and well received. Right now we’re writing music for the third round of these shows.
      I’m really hoping that in the future I’ll be able to find more of a balance between the live show and my DJ sets. So right now that’s where my energy is focused, writing the music for the live show and how we’re going to play it live.
      The first round of those shows was all about taking existing music that had been written for clubs and trying to make it work in a live environment, whereas now we’re writing music specifically for the show. We have a process of elimination where we ask ourselves ‘is this going to work in the show?’.
      If it’s not then we’ll put it to one side. If its ‘ahh this could really work in a live environment’ then we’ll push it (the sounds) like that.
      It’s kind of a new approach to making music which is really exciting; at this point in my career, to suddenly have a whole new way of music making and whole new direction.
      I’m still focused on the kind of sounds and music that I like to make, but whenever I made music I’d always envisage on how it would sound in the club the moment I dropped it, whereas now I’m thinking ‘how is this going to work in a live environment, how is this going to work?’. So it’s a different sort of focus and it’s really exciting because of its opening up a lot of interesting possibilities.
      FS: This is you working with an orchestra with this project?
      S: We’re working with strings but it’s not really a big orchestra thing. I know a lot of people are doing this big orchestral thing, playing a lot of the classics but that’s not really our focus. We’ve got strings apart of the show but they’re there as a sort of ‘add-on’ to what we’re doing.
      The core of the show is the main band which is me, Charlie May, David Gardener and Dennis White (Thermal Bear). We have an orchestral percussion guy, Joby Burgess, whose amazing. A lot of the other musicians and singers will rotate and change for each round of shows.
      I can’t take an 80 piece orchestra on the road, I’m not Hanz Zimmer. So the challenge at the moment, how do we evolve that show. It’s a really interesting and exciting process.
      FS: Is the audience you’re aiming to shoot for a ‘sit-down and listen’ crowd or is it more focused on dance?
      S: It’s not necessarily a ‘sit-down and listen’ show. I’ve seen people like Nils Frahm play in beautiful concert halls venues and he does that show incredibly well – his show has just blown me away – but then I’ve seen people like Bonobo play an electronic show at Ally Pally (Alexander Palace) to 10,000 people that really works in that environment, so his shows (Bonobo) is really more my inspiration than the orchestral electronic things thats happening a lot.
      I’m trying to build something that isn’t just tied to a concert or sit-down venues. We want to do a show that’s possible to put into those venues but at the same time, I’d also like to go to a regular festival and play on a stage as well. So we’re trying to look at how that works at the moment because they’re two different kinds of shows (venues).  
      The next shows that we’re doing are at the Brixton Academy, Apollo in Manchester and Barrowlands in Glasgow so they’re very much kinds of big venues that host rock concerts. The first show we did was the Barbican in London which is a sit-down venue with amazing acoustics.
      It’s a very revered concert space so the show that we built for that won’t necessarily work in Brixton, so we’re trying to work out how we can keep the idea of what we did at the Barbican but make it work on a rock stage. That’s our challenge at the moment.
      FS: So the show is sort of this flexable experience…
      S: Yeah. On the last bunch of shows we did the Roundhouse which is more like a traditional rock venue, but then we also did the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester which is much more like the Barbican. We did those shows on the same weekend but they were very different experiences.
      The things the really work in the more rocking venues are the more rocking tracks. The stuff you play in the sit-down venues, you definitely get people’s attention for the finer details so you can be a little more experimental in those concert venues but in the rock venues, you’ve got to get the atmosphere rampt up and get the crowd rocking.
      FS: Is there any plans for that show to come down to Australia?
      S: It’s one of my big things at the moment to try and find out a way to try and tour this thing in the states and in Australia. We’ve definitely got offers and plans but we’re trying to figure out how to make the show work so we can tour. It’s quite a big show, there’s 35-40 people involved in the show in London.
      It’s hard to tour that and make it work. The logistics of touring that many people and equipment is very hard. But it’s definitely a conversation we’re having and we’re trying to work out, as how you said, how to make it flexible so we can get on planes and tour with it.
      FS: Fingers crossed, we’d love to see you.
      S: Yeah, I’d love to bring it to Australia. Its one of my key things to do Australia, South America and North America.
      Sasha resented this cover when it came out, but it shows just how large his artists status was. A testament to him being a down to earth bloke.FS: Has there ever been a time or times in your career where you’ve thought of giving it away? What have you told yourself to keep on track?
      S: There has definitely been times when the touring has really got to me. When you’re planning a run of shows 6 months in advance, you think ‘oh yeah I can do that’ and then you get into the nitty-gritty of the schedule that you agreed on, you start to think ‘oh god why did I agree to that’ (laughs).
      A few years ago when I was promoting one of the Evolver albums, I did in August something like 20 shows in 30 days and by the start of September I was just on my knees, just shattered, thinking ‘woooah what just happened to me!’.
      In hindsight, you look at that and think ‘that’s a bit too much Sasha’. But its very hard when you’re agent and management are calling up saying ‘do you want to do this great show and this great show?’ and of course you want to do it and don’t want to say know. You want to make it all work as you might not get offered the gig again. There’s always that pressure on.
      There’s something that comes with having good management and knowing yourself and how much you can handle all just comes with the experience of being on the road.
      FS: You’ve said that one’s health and sanity is the most important thing to protect. At what stage of your career did this dawn on you? What would be some advice that you’d give to the next generation of producers for dealing with pressure?
      S: Well it’s something that i’ve come to realise through experience and seeing some sad cases of people crashing and burning.
      FS: What period of your life did that dawn on you?
      S: It’s been fairly recent. I’ve been on the road for almost 30 years and it’s only been something in the last few years that’s come to my attention. You kind of have to go through it and experience a little bit of burnout before you realise ‘okay I can’t maintain that’.
      FS: In regards to that, what would be some advice that you would give to the younger generation of producers and DJ’s?
      S: It would be very hard for me to say ‘don’t overdo it’ (laughs). Because when your star is rising and you’re getting offered everything on the planet, you just want to grab at everything and take it all in, play ever gig and experience it all. It’s very hard for anyone to give advice about taking it easy.
      There’s been a couple of cases recently when I’ve thought that the management really should have stepped in and done something about it. Some of the EDM guys schedules that I’ve read about are just inhumane. I mean 300 shows in a year? Come on guys, what are you trying to do your artists?
      FS: The artist is sort of just a product that management is organising shows for vicariously.
      S: Yeah they’re almost well aware that they’re going to burn the person out and they’re just trying to make as much money out of the artist as possible. Like I said before, the only way to really understand the effect of what touring has on someone is obviously get your fingers burnt a little bit.
      All I’ll say is that if you can manage that then you’re going to have a longer career. Having good people around you, management you can trust and solid friends to form a good solid base around you is key. If you’re out there on the road by yourself, it can be a pretty brutal place.
      FS: Have you found that your family have been to fall back on and sink into that space when work has got too much?
      S: Yeah, I just learn this summer – and this is the first summer that I’ve ever done this in my entire career – but I took time off in the peak of the summer to spend time with my family and I had an absolute brilliant summer. The gigs where brilliant, I had time with the family and I had time to recuperate between shows. But it’s been the first time that I’ve done it in 30 years so it’s taken me a long time to learn that lesson.
      When I say time off I mean I took a weekend off in June, July and August. Normally I would work all the way through from the end of May all the way through until October and then collapse in a heap, whereas this summer I took timed breaks all the way through.
      It’s taken me 30 year of getting to the end of every October being in an absolute state (laughs) to realize that if I broke the summer up that I might actually feel better. Sometimes it take a lot to teach yourself a lesson.
      FS: You’ve always gone down your own path and worked on projects, despite knowing that some fans mightn’t appreciate the direction. Is a certain level of pressure when comes to choosing what ideas to follow?
      S: Maybe my career would have turned out differently if, when I released Expanded, I’d done another load of Expander type records because that’s what people wanted at the time. But I always feel that if I make a record of a certain sound that and I’m really happy with it, I’m like ‘okay I’ve done that now, what can I do next thats a challenge, that’s different?
      I’ve never really been one of those guys that just likes to churn out the same thing over and over. I might have been a bit more successful if I had done that, commercially wise, but I always feel like ‘that record was a sound and I’m really happy with it but let’s move on’.
      It’s okay to revisit stuff! Wherever I’ve gone back to do another involver, its always been a whole new set of music to do another one of those styled albums. I think you really have to love what you’re doing when you’re in the studio. Obviously, you want your core fan base to like what they hear, but at the same time, you want to push yourself forward a bit and challenge yourself.
      FS: Your output has been limited to one release in 2018. What was it about ‘Singularity’ in particular that enthused you to release that track in particular?
      S: There was a lot of music that we wrote off the back of Scene Delete. After doing that record, which was very tripped out and out there, definitely made for a home listening environment, I really wanted to make a load of club music. Singularity and Smoke Monk where the last of that batch of out-and-out club tracks that we’d made.
      Since then we’ve been focused on writing new music for this show. We have something like 50 demos on the go. 2019 is going to see a lot of new music come out. 2018 has been a little bit quite but we’ve been really busy. I’ve got a feeling that off that back working on the music for the live show, there will be another load of music that didn’t fit in there. Got some collaborations coming up as well so a bunch of interesting stuff coming up.
      FS: One thing I’m curious about is people’s creative process. Writer’s block and lack of inspiration is one of the core issues that producers encounter. What’s your method of dealing with these issues? Do you know that if your not in the zone do you put your attention elsewhere?
      S: I just listen. Whenever I get stuck in the studio I think ‘its time to get inspired’ and just start digging around corners of a website, bandcamp, spotify, around my record collection…The inspiration is all there.
      If you’re trying to make a certain record, and its not working,  you sort of get tunnel vision. You think ‘I can’t do this because I’m not feeling inspired”. Inspiration is really just a click away.
      All of the time when I’m struggling in the studio a bit, I just decide that I won’t touch any equipment for a few days and just listen, and you always find things you like. It might take a while but you’ll always find something that really just hits a note with you. Weather its a synth noise, or a bass sound in a certain record or a groove.

      It’s good to just step away from the gadgets and the computer for a bit when you’re struggling.
      FS: I know what you mean. There are times when I’m in the studio and I start to get frustrated because I’m not making anything good.
      S: Yeah, I think those are times when you think ‘I need to open my ears and give them a clean’.
      FS: Is studio time hard for you to come by these days?
      S: It is. I wish I had more time in there. I have a little setup and I just love going in that room. Its like my happy place but I’m in there very far and few between.
      I have to grab ideas when I can when I’m on the road. A lot of my down time in my life is when I’m travelling, be that in a hotel room or I have a few days off in a city between shows. That’s the time when I can really dig into things, gather ideas together and work on existing tracks.
      So I do a lot of work on my crappy laptop speaker or headphones. But, I have to grab the time when I can because my studio days are pretty precious. When I get in there I might have ten ideas that are ready to work on and I’ll try and blitz through what I have in two or three days.
      FS: Do that sustain your output for a whole year?
      S: Yeah, we’re always working. My studio in London, where my production team of  David Gardner and Dennis White are, is always working. As I said, we have something like 50 demos on the go and a mountain of other stuff to get through and get finished. The only way that I can do this is with a team of people. I can physically do everything between touring and my family life. The only way I can get this music together is with a strong team of people which I’m lucky enough to have found these guys to work with. We have a great relationship and understand. We speak the same language.

      I might be jet lagged in Tokyo at 3am with a synth line idea. I’ll send it through to them and they process it, work it around. We might take a groove off another track that we’ll work around with. A lot of the time it’s a complicated jigsaw puzzle. 
      It was my upmost pleasure to get the chance to have a chat with Sasha and I very much look forward to seeing him play. Below is a list of his Australian club shows with ticket links so hop to it!
      Melbounre: Friday 9th November @ Brown Alley
      Return to Rio Festival, NSW: 9th-11th November @ Wisemans Ferry
      Brisbane: Sunday 11th November @ Capulet Bar
      Strawberry Fields Festival: 16th-18th November @ Tocumwal
      Sydney: Saturday 17th November @ Manning Bar
      Fremantle: Sunday 18th November @ Habitat Garden Party 
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers_Staff
      A rally has been planned to show support for an MP who is set to introduce legislation to NSW Parliament to remove the archaic Sydney lockout laws as early as next week.
      The legislation will push to see if Deputy Premiere John Barilaro, who cited a need to remove the lockout laws next year sometime will actually back it after publicly stating the need for their removal earlier this month.
      “The Deputy Premier has two options: put up, or shut up. He can either support my bill, or stop paying lip-service to proposals he has no intention of really supporting.” – Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak.
      The rally, organised by long-standing anti-lockout laws group Keep Sydney Open aims to show that people care about this city and it really is time to remove the lockout laws that have crushed the cities nightlife entertainment and economy.
      While their were some good intentions to the lockout laws in response to a handful of coward punches in Kings Cross in 2012, alcohol related violence was already in decline for the years pre-lockout laws. The laws were also seen as a somewhat blanket solution to all operators and in turn wiped out businesses and creative opportunities for musicians and artists.
      Moving forward, the removal of the lockouts laws along with more visible policing and education around violence, especially alcohol related violence would go a long way.
      The Keep Sydney Open lockout law rally will happen Thursday October 26th outside NSW Parliament. Be sure to hit ‘Going’ on the event page and invite friends along!
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      RÜFÜS DU SOL have delivered an emotive new album that paves the way for a new chapter for the Sydney born, LA-based band comprised of Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt.
      There was already a strong inkling their third studio album ‘SOLACE’ was going to be a monster with electric cuts “Underwater” and “Lost In My Mind” showing both confidence and comfort for the band in knowing their unique sound was the one to share with fans.
      The new album ‘SOLACE’ is nine tracks of bubbling, simmering electronic indie-dance goodness with multiple tracks being fit for dance-floors or home listening to get you in the groove.
      Those wanting to catch RÜFÜS DU SOL can in Sydney at New Years Day jaunt Field Day alongside Peggy Gou, Duke Dumont, Tchami and more although sadly recently said they won’t be playing next years Splendour in the Grass festival.
      Check out the full track-listing of ‘SOLACE’ and a dive into the album stream below.
      RÜFÜS DU SOL Tracklisting
      1. “Treat You Better”
      2. “Eyes”
      3. “New Sky”
      4. “Lost in My Mind”
      5. “No Place”
      6. “All I’ve Got”
      7. “Underwater”
      8. “Solace”
      9. “Another Life”

      Source: Stoney Roads

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      As 2018 begins to cool off and slow down, so do many of our newest electronic releases, but in the best way possible. Dyrisk’s newest single “Whispers” brings together soul and electronic in a way that is unmatched in the EDM world. The up-and-coming Norwegian songwriter, producer and performer provides listeners with a mellow and soulful yet still upbeat track that will transform the life of any regular playlist.
      The track starts out as an emotional lyrical ballad and eventually transforms into a catchy background beat and chorus that combines each sound of the different beats, voice and vibes altogether. This whirlwind creates a harmonious and intense track that although powerful in nature, still resonates chill vibes throughout the track. This track is particularly unique because of the resounding deepness and emotional play in the lyrics and the vocals. With tempo changes throughout, and surprising sounds like background piano, “Whispers” is a track for the ages and one that is bound to put Dyrisk on the map more so than he already is.
      Listen to the track here and see why Dyrisk’s unique and sophisticated take on electronic is ready to make waves in the EDM world and is bound to make a spectacular addition to your music library this fall.

      Connect with Dyrisk: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
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      Source: Noise Prn

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      Ricardo Villalobos is releasing new EP

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      Ricardo Villalobos will release a new EP next month, as RA reports.
      Renowned producer announced the release in a Facebook post, which offered little information about the release. According to Juno, EP will include two tracks, “Wispa” and “909 Track,” and will be released on vinyl on November 19th via Pressure Traxx.

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      Ferry Corsten Trance Masterclass

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      Watch an Exclusive Masterclass With Ferry Corsten at Point Blank in London
      Point Blank were treated to a visit from legendary trance DJ/Producer Ferry Corsten, who joined them whilst in town for his latest project, ‘Unity’. This ambitious musical project has seen Ferry join forces with the likes of Paul Oakenfold, DIM3NSION, Jordan Suckley and Saad Ayub, creating a series of collaborative tracks and additionally translating this into the live arena as part of a worldwide tour.
      As an active producer and DJ for the past 20 years and ranking in the top 10 DJ’s in the world on four separate occasions in DJ Mag’s yearly poll, Ferry has a huge amount of expertise to share. Check out the masterclass below and for those who want to develop their music production and DJ skills, find out how Point Blank’s courses in London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and online can help you get started.
      Whilst early chart successes in the 90’s were achieved in solo productions such as ‘Out of The Blue’ (as System F), collaboration has also been a regular feature in Ferry Corsten’s career. Having worked with fellow producers including Tiesto (as Gouryella), Chicane and Armin van Buuren – as well as a host of vocalists and songwriters – Ferry is no stranger to the benefits and challenges of musical partnerships, and this is very much the lead topic for discussion in this session as he breaks down recent track ‘Rosetta’, a remote collaboration with previous PB guest, Jordan Suckley.
      The track is part of Ferry’s current project, ‘Unity’, which also includes collabs with BT, Alpha 9, Gareth Emery and Marcus Shultz, with part of the project’s proceeds going to VH1’s Save The Music charity initiative. Expect a range of insight in this intimate masterclass session, in which Ferry shares some of his favourite plugins, along with some tips and perspective on composing melody and creating a mood in his tracks, an all-important factor considering its prominence in trance music.
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      Dillon Francis and Valentino Khan and Nitti Gritti are taking New York City this Halloween weekend.
      The upcoming show, presented by Light & Life, will take place Friday, October 26, at a secret Brooklyn warehouse. Tickets are 90% sold out, so we are giving you the chance to win a pair of passes to the most chilling Halloween event of them all.
      Enter below and RSVP here.

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      Lil Peep’s posthumous album is on the way.
      The forthcoming album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2, will be released on November 9th as revealed by the late artist’s mother on Instagram. “It’s just what we all would have expected from Gus,” she said of the release. Producer smokeasac, who also contributed to all productions on Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1, will also be the main producer for the sequel album. 
      “Gus’ art is an essential part of the album packaging,” said Peep’s mom. “It is a pleasure to see a range of Gus’s colorful, witty drawings in the vinyl and other physical versions. I think the vinyl record itself is absolutely beautiful. It is designed and crafted with care. More information will be posted about all of that, so stay tuned.”
      A brand new single has also been released today along with a music video. The video for “Cry Alone” can be viewed below. You can stream/download it here.

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      FMB MIXTAPE 109 | KIWI

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      FMB MIXTAPE 109 | KIWI
      This week we have London based DJ and producer Alex Warren aka Kiwi stepping up for mixtape #109. As usual, we asked a bit about the mix & what he’s been up to recently…
      Well I’ve just come out of a 12 hour stint in Panorama Bar, so I’m a little hazy, but off the top of my head I’ve had a super fun summer touring, played some really special parties and had a lot of fun. The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to knuckle down in the studio making some new bits and I’ve done a few remixes that I’m super excited about, i through one of them in this mix, not sure its ready but felt right…
      In my living room (south east london) I’ve built myself a really nice setup and there really is no place like home, i like to record all my mixes live, for me i don’t think it really translates well when people do them on a computer, i like to hear the mistakes.
      I actually didn’t have much of an idea, i had a few beers, i started playing some slower bits warmed myself up,  i ended up playing for a couple of hours i think, but just trimmed the beginning off for you guys to get it down to a bitesize 1 hour. It includes a nice variety of bits, and has a good flow. <3
      Up next…
      I have an EP on Correspondent coming soon which I’m super excited for and theres a 12” on CinCin with Joe Goddard on the flip. Theres a couple of other EPs signed for next year and I’m also launching a collabs label/party called Crossbreed, then theres a handful of remixes to come before the end of the year. And hopefully loads more gigs! <3
      1) Grace Records – Nenad Markovic 
      2) på kryss og på tvers – Rave-enka
      3) watch out! (inkswel raw dub) – UglyInk Feat. Charli James
      4) House Phone (Random Kraftwerk bootleg) – Unknown
      5) Just My Love (Demo) – Umo Vogue
      6) Loco Mia (Iro Aka Fucking Edit) – Loco Mia
      7) An English ’93 – International Music System
      8) Take A Bite Of Brains (DJ Slyngshot Re-Edit) – Wicked Witch
      9) Unknown Demo – Kiwi
      10) Snappy (12” version) – Erasure
      11) Crazed – JV
      12) Beat Girl – Skyrager
      13) Vicuna – Kiwi
      14) Ride on Time (Kiwi Piano Dub) – Black Box
      15) Symphony (bnh remix (pitched up)) – Donell Rush 
      Source: Feel My Bicep

    • Nordic-By-Nature


      By Nordic-By-Nature, in News and Reviews,

      Ultra Australia presents the official launch party at the 2018 Spring Racing Carnival – AAMI Victoria Derby Day – Saturday 3rd November

      The world’s biggest dance music festival will be launching on the front row of Flemington’s iconic Birdcage Enclosure.  The Ultra Marquee will be an optimal platform for clients, partners, DJ's and celebrities, to enjoy the entertainment of the renowned Ultra brand.

      Not only will you be able to enjoy front row position in the birdcage, but you will be served a grazing menu throughout the day, alongside a premium beverage package including: G.H.Mumm champagne, a selection of spirits, red and white wines, light and heavy beers and soft drinks.

      Scott Disick will be exclusively appearing in the birdcage at Flemington for AAMI Victoria Derby Day on Saturday 3rd November!

      For more information, please register your interest here: http://goo.gl/QQLn87


      **Scott Disick is an American television personality and entrepreneur.  He is best known for being the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and father to their three children.  Scott is currently filming Season 16 of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’


      **The Ultra Australia marquee will feature on the front row of the Birdcage on both AAMI Victoria Derby Day, Saturday 3 November and Seppelt Wines Stakes Day, Saturday 10 November. 


      For more info on Ultra Australia, go to:





    • Ozclubbers_Staff

      Lockout laws could gone by next week

      By Ozclubbers_Staff, in News and Reviews,

      Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak has called out NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro and moved to scrap lockout laws, up for debate next week.
      He’s come out swinging in a lengthy Facebook post taking aim at the lockouts and the impact it’s had on Sydney’s nightlife and its culture.
      This comes after the Deputy Premier announced his plan to try and scrap lockouts to coincide with the completion of the light rail, but Borsak believes that it’s not good enough stating
      The key arguments made by Borsak are:
      The light rail has been a disaster Small businesses are suffering The laws obviously aren’t meaningful otherwise they’d have affected the casino John Barilaro had no intention of trying to get support behind his motions to scrap lockouts Sydney deserves better You can read the whole statement below made by the MP, so give it a read and tell us what you think, has he hit the mark with this one?
      “The 1:30am lock-outs across the Sydney CBD are killing our city. No other international city of similar standing to Sydney has such a law striking at the heart of its nightlife. 
      I’ve lost count of the number of small business owners, residents, and young people who have contacted my office to register their anger at this situation.
      It is time that the Liberal Party and the National Party stopped interfering in people’s lives under false pretenses. If they were fair dinkum, the original laws would not have exempted The Star Sydney from the lock-outs.
      In the last month, National Party Leader and Deputy Premier John Barilaro called for the lock-outs to be repealed. Since Barilaro has no pulling-power in Cabinet to get this off the ground, I’m doing it for him. 
      Every single Member of Parliament will have the chance to have their say on these lock-out laws and it will be up to them to explain their position to their constituents and Sydney’s small business owners.
      The Deputy Premier has two options: put up, or shut up. He can either support my bill, or stop paying lip-service to proposals he has no intention of really supporting.
      It wasn’t enough for the Liberal Party and the National Party to grind Sydney to a halt with light rail that nobody wants and that goes to nowhere: they had to kill the nightlife in our city as well. They seem to want all Sydneysiders tucked-in bed early, or to travel to Melbourne to have a good time.
      Sydney deserves better. “
      Source: Stoney Roads

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