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      Your boy Kaytranada sure has love for the fans after dropping not one, not two, but four new tracks on his Soundcloud!
      The distinctive jams which include two originals as well as an edit/remix of Sade’s ‘Kiss Of Life’ and similar re-work on A Tribe Called Quests ‘Midnight’ comes following a tease of a Anderson .Paak remix last month and a summery original back in June.
      Each has those characteristic fat paddy drums that you know can only stem from the Canadians brain. All in all, we’re damn spoilt to be getting SO much new Kaytranada.
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Previously collaborating with vocal artists to create popular tracks like Switch Gears and Breathe,  cln dabbles into his own song-writing and vocal abilities for his debut album, sharing its first single Waiting For You.
      Sometimes us listeners can’t always expect every artist to be on their A-game all year round but then when they’re back it’s game on and this Aussie producer has proven just that.
      2018 sees cln take some seriously experimental steps forward after re-evaluating his position in this thriving electronic music scene, coming out of the rut bigger, better and further from the norm. His choice of sounds and textures has released a dreamy downtempo track that evokes some seriously captivating beats and lyrics that seem so easily relatable.
      Although production is his main focus you’ll be able to enjoy what’s to come in the very near future where not only his voice will be making an appearance but a stack of collabs as well.
      For now listen to his latest, Waiting For You and tell us what you think! 
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      We’ve had a couple of these live sets now, either in-game captured or streamed through Resident Advisor but this is definitely the one we’ve been holding out for.
      After seeing her deck someone in the trailer for the Grand Theft Auto After Hours expansion we’ve been eagerly awaiting The Black Madonna’s set. The Black Madonna is an icon and her track selection is nothing short of amazing and this set shows it. On top of that, after watching Solomun lazily do his god complex thing and Tale Of Us spend more time looking at each other than the decks, it’s super refreshing to see one of the GTA V After Hours residents actually tear it up with enthusiasm.
      Check out The Black Madonna moving and flowing behind the decks in a way that will get anyone grooving and tell us what you think, is this the best set of the series?
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      FBi Radio seems to have always been one of the biggest backers of Aussie music, so it’s almost hard to believe they’re only 15 years old! In saying that, here we are, the young adolescent teen is throwing a huge festival style birthday in the heart of Sydney.
      From Cloud Control to Miss Blanks, Sampa, The Great and all the way to CC: Disco they’ve made a point of enlisting names that “have been part of the station’s history and are setting the course for its future”. This includes the likes of some local absolute killers like Andy Garvey, Adi Toohey, CLYPSO, Freda & Jackson, Stereogamous and honestly the list goes on like crazy.
      FBi TURNS 15 is happening November 3 at the Manning Bar, Sydney, across three stages and is looking to be massive! Check out the full line up below and grab tix here!
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Cassius was a pioneer of the French touch movement, a sound that we here at Stoney absolutely love and this tune is one of the epitomes of that sound.
      Feeling For You has stood the test of time, having been remixed countless times, including by ">Sebastien in collaboration with the late Avicii. The simple vocal hook and and heavy filter, remind us that tracks don’t have to be overly complicated to be all-time classics.
      This track holds true as one of those that you’ll hear at house parties for the rest of time. So check it out and get your weekly dose of French lovin’!
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      [Photo: Bart Heemskerk]
      This is not a drill, who needs the Identification of Music group when you’ve got some miscellaneous Soundcloud legend sorting all the IDs for you!
      Dekmantel is one of THE biggest house and techno festivals in the world and Jamie XX would have obviously killed his set. But until we’ve got the full live viewing, a playlist of the involved tracks will have to do.
      The full track listing involves a bunch of his own tunes as well as tracks from The Avalanches, Karizma and more. To be fair there were a few tracks that got missed, (not everything’s on Soundcloud) but they’ve been named so you can keep an eye out for them in the future.
      Check out the full list here and do your best to treat that FOMO!
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      For all you budding DJ and live electronic artists there’s a new agency in town here to help you pave your way to electro-greatness.
      Sydney based, events and touring agency NECTAR has just been launched with the sole purpose of shining a light on those forward-thinking electro artists, so you can have a rest from RUFUS DU SOL’s Bloom and start supporting those upcoming Juans IRL.
      The faces behind NECTAR are some serious legends of the industry: Triple J radio host and DJ Andy Garvey, Soft Centre festival founder Jemma Cole, Tia Newling from Boiler Room and FBi Radio and Amelia Jenner of radio show/record label Body Promise and FBi. With these minds combined artists can expect a transparent and supportive environment that ultimately sets up a huge opportunity to squeeze all tricks of the trade in give their best performances.
      The patrons already enlisted in the NECTAR line up sees the likes of Sydney artists Body Promise, DJ Scorpion, DIN, HED Ardennes, IV Drip, Merph, Natalia and Nat James.
      To launch it’s debut, the agency is holding a shindig on the 1st of September in a yet to be annouced location, along with an abundance of parties to come in the next 6 months. So we reccomend getting those livers prepped and detoxed for this NECTAR hit.
      [Via: Mixmag]
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Look, we know this one’s a little strange but honestly this film won the art cinema award at Cannes’ earlier this year and essentially just has an amazing soundtrack.
      It features two tracks from Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter including an unreleased one, Sangria alongside a bunch of bangers from Daft Punk themselves, Aphex Twin and more!
      Check out the official trailer and the track list below, read more about it here and tell us what you think! Is it too out there or is this something you could watch for the soundtrack alone?

      [Via: Mixmag] 
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      A Refreshing Weekend: Outside Lands 2018

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      San Francisco’s yearly gathering of music, food, and art, better known as Outside Lands has just finished its 11th year at the beautiful Golden Gate Park and dare I say, it was my favorite year as of yet. This was not my first rodeo, but my second, with the last time I even visited the city being in 2016.
      As someone living in Southern California, I found it not only necessary but made it a mission to escape the brutal heat wave that had been affecting the entire region. Driving up late on Thursday night, I was immediately greeted by the foggy weather that SF is known for, and I knew from that point that I was ready for a great weekend ahead.
      We began our first day by taking a stroll around the festival and giving our salutations to Ranger Dave. This year featured some new additions to the experience including the Bubble Tea Party, which was an Alice in Wonderland inspired area where they had psychedelic style installations, people in costume, and booths serving up delicious boba drinks.
      The first stage we went to was Twin Peaks, where Perfume Genius was slated to play. His brand of emotional, slow, and heavy pop-rock tunes really left an impression on the audience. Not to mention his dramatic dance moves and earth-shaking voice really made him stick out as a unique artist. He really took control of the crowd for the entire duration of his performance, and it was a stunning set to start our day.
      Shortly after, we headed to the Lands End stage to check out N.E.R.D, the infamous band containing Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes, who are responsible for some of the most forward-thinking hip-hop albums of the early 2000’s. Blending in rock with rap vocals and beats, it made for quite an interesting sound. The crowd was jumping and energy levels were through the roof. Playing crowd favorites as well as classics and mostly songs from their latest album, this set was the whole package.

      Although we wanted to stay the entire time, we made our way over to the Heineken House to see the last bit of Todd Edwards, the disco producer famous for writing and producing songs with Daft Punk, as well as many other collaborations. As we walked in he was singing over Face 2 Face from Daft Punk’s Discovery album, which was an amazing throwback and a rare opportunity to hear the original voice in person. It might be the closest we’ll even get to seeing Daft Punk…but who knows.
      The rest of the day flew by as we caught performances from Chicano Batman, Father John Misty, and Mac DeMarco (who had a live stream of Earthbound gameplay during his set). We closed out our night with the man and legend himself, Beck at Twin Peaks. Playing tunes from his latest album Colors, as well as his classic hits like Loser, E-Pro, and Where It’s At. There was no better place to end our first night.

      Day two of the festival brought out a packed venue as only this day’s tickets were sold out. With the lineup as stacked as it was, it definitely made sense. Broken Social Scene was the first band we watched, who delivered a stunning performance. Their band on stage consisted of 4 guitar players along with a bassist, drummer, and percussionist. This gave them a warm and lush wall of sound that made it easy to fall in and lose yourself to the music. Performing tunes from their wide discography, Broken Social Scene showcased their diverse yet simplified sound, promoting self-love and letting go of all that weighs you down. A very positive experience overall.

      We then decided to make our way to Big Gigantic since we haven’t seen them in a while, only to find a massive crowd (which was great, but not convenient). So we decided to venture through the festival before Bon Iver played, giving us ample time to check out the many installations placed around the park. With all the tasty food, numerous art displays, and nice wooded areas to sit and relax, it was impossible to not enjoy yourself and just take it all in.
      Needless to say, Bon Iver wowed the audience with his serene and ethereal music during his sunset performance. He even brought a trombone choir up on stage with him to supplement his sound with very warm and brassy tones. As a low brass player myself, I am a firm believer that you can never go wrong with more trombones in your band.

      With haste, we moved over to Sutro to catch the rest of Jamie xx‘s set. He has always displayed his prowess and control over a crowd with his unique blend of old funky jams, nu disco, and a healthy dose of rumbly techno. His remix of The xx’s single On Hold from their latest album had the crowd in a trance, and he closed out with everyone’s favorite hit Gosh. If you have yet to witness Jamie perform he is a must see, solely because his music is much more entertaining than when he plays with The xx (not sorry). As our second day came to a close we caught some of Florence + The Machine and made our way to Future only to see him end the set a little early as we approached the stage. Nevertheless, it was still a perfect day.
      There’s always a little bittersweet feeling when you make your way into the last day of a festival. Maybe it’s the dread of having to go back to reality on Monday, or the feeling that everything is coming to a close, event with a stacked lineup for the last day. Anyway, we were ready to take on a full day of music and we started with Durand Jones & The Indications.
      This band is from Indiana, and is reviving the deep soul genre. The frontman is an incredible singer, and his voice reminded me of a mix between Marvin Gaye and James Brown. They recently dropped their debut self-titled album and it is a fantastic listen.

      Afterward, we went to see Bahamas, the stage name of Canadian musician Afie Jurvanen. His blend of folk and funk, along with lyrics about life and an overall happy vibe was the right combination to have the crowd dancing and swaying. I would compare his sound to John Mayer.
      Our final day wouldn’t be complete without some groovy four on the floor beats, so we went into the Heineken House to catch one of my personal favorite DJ’s, the lovely Öona Dahl. She’s released on All Day I Dream, and Anjunadeep to name a couple of labels. So you can safely assume that her brand of house and techno is on the chill side of things. But if you ever get the chance to catch her spin, she is definitely worth your time and effort.
      We moved on to watch one of our most anticipated acts of the weekend The Internet, but due to technical difficulties more than half of their set was wasted trying to fix their sound system. With our patience running thin we decided to move to Portugal. The Man who were totally rocking the crowd with their powerful funky tunes and absolutely wicked visuals. It was a pleasantly surprising set.

      As the day was coming to a close we were headed to our most anticipated set of the weekend, James Blake. To be honest, I was not too into his recent album but my colleague and fellow writer Louis was the most excited to see him so I had to give him a chance.
      Talk about a change of heart, because I thought that was probably my favorite set of the whole festival. His moody vocals, heavy hip-hop beats, and the sound of his Prophet synthesizer were not only refreshing to hear but the overall sound was something that I did not even realize I needed in my life.

      Overall, our return to Outside Lands was another success. The entire event was phenomenal and is definitely the most chill festival on the West Coast. Combining a beautiful venue, fantastic summer weather, and a very relaxed vibe and environment that San Francisco is known for is the formula that makes this event so successful. This festival is well worth the price tag, and your experience will be nothing short of perfect.
      Photos Courtesy of Outside Lands by FilmMagic.com
      Source: Daily-Beat

    • Ozclubbers.com.au

      Blueprint – A History of Rave Culture

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      A Summer of Love edition of Dorothy’s NEW Acid House Love Blueprint – also available in original KeayKolour Royal Blue
      A history of dance music and rave culture mapped out on the circuit diagram of a 303 bass synthesizer.
      Check it full here.

      The post Blueprint – A History of Rave Culture appeared first on Only Techno.

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      IMS College returns to Malta

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      International Music Summit (IMS) is proud to announce the return of its summer camp educational program, IMS College – Malta, to the Mediterranean island for the third year running on 14-15 September. The programme offers the next generation of electronic music artists and professionals the tools and knowledge they need to build a career in the industry.

      Working in partnership with global trade body the Association For Electronic Music, leading music production institute Point Blank Music School and preeminent institute of contemporary music Berklee College Of Music, IMS College – Malta will provide a carefully curated schedule of seminars, workshops, discussions and interactive sessions, paired with night time parties throughout the weekend.
      Observing the need to support and develop the future of the electronic music industry, IMS has created a dedicated educational programme to help cultivate and inspire students, emerging artists and the next generation of business leaders who will push our genre forwards. With the ethos of ‘Learn by day, party by night’, the summer camp is a two-day, intensive learning experience led by some of the world’s most renowned DJ talents and industry thought leaders. Keynote speaker Dubfire will join representatives from ACS, AEI Group, AFEM, Beatport, Black Rock Publishing, elrow, Help Musicians, Inflyte, Mixmag, Ultra and Warner with more speakers to be announced. Artists and industry leaders will give valuable insights on the four key educational pillars of IMS College – Performance, Production, Promotion & Publishing.
      By night and throughout the weekend delegates will be able to see special performances from world leading artists; Global party phenomenon elrow comes to Uno Village, featuring Iranian-American house and techno producer Dubfire, Grammy nominated duo Camelphat, elrow Residents plus local Maltese talent Carl Bee. Ibiza born and raised duo the Mambo Brothers will open the party proceedings with a rooftop sunset gig at the Sky Beach bar, plus fellow Ibicencan Manu Gonzalez at Playground.
      Nicolas Spiteri from Maltese partner 356 Entertainment Group states “IMS College Malta is now entering its third year. This educational platform has become an integral part of our yearly calendar and as always we look forward to hosting several international guests and speakers to Malta. This year for the first time ever we have elrow hosting the Saturday night time event at Uno.”
      More information available here.
      Breakwave (Artist, UK)
      Carl Bee (Artist, Malta)
      Christine Brown (Help Musicians, Director of External Affairs, UK)
      DJ Ravine (Point Blank Music School, Content Creator, UK)
      Dubfire (Artist, USA)
      Greg Marshall (Association For Electronic Music, General Manager, UK)
      Inder Phull (KRPT, Founder, UK)
      Jaguar Bingham (Mixmag TV, Presenter, UK)
      Jenni Cochrane (AEI Group, Director of Culture and Partnerships, UK)
      Joost Toast (ACS, Distributor, Spain)
      Jono Heale (ACS, Director of Communications, Education and Strategic Partnerships, UK)
      Luke Curtis (Dance Music Photographer, UK)
      Mambo Brothers (Artists, Spain)
      Manu Gonzalez (Artist, Spain)
      Mark Lawrence (Black Rock Publishing, Director, UK)
      Nacho Marco (Berklee College of Music, Professor of Music Production & Technology, Spain)
      Paul Arnold (Ultra Music Publishing & Records, A&R, UK)
      Paul Hamill (Inflyte, CEO, Nothern Island)
      Sebastian Battista (Warner Bros. Records, Head of Digital Strategy, UK)
      Ski Oakenfull (Point Blank Music School, Head of Curriculum, UK)
      Stine Glismand (Berklee College of Music, Manager of the International Career Center, Spain)
      Tenishia (Artist, Malta)
      Tristan Hunt (Association For Electronic Music, Regional Manger, UK)
      Victor De La Serna (elrow Family, Music Director, Spain)
      Ziggy (Artist, Malta)
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      Iconic French house music producer Tchami will be embarking across North America on his forthcoming Tchami Presents: CONFESSION Tour this fall. He’ll be joined by names like Noizu, Dombresky, Brohug, Wax Motif and more.
      The CONFESSION Tour kicks off October 5, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan at Elektricity and will hit Houston, Brooklyn, Toronto and more. We are giving away a pair of tickets for the show of your choice. View the full list of tour dates and enter below!

      The post NP Exclusive Giveaway: Win Tickets to Tchami’s CONFESSION North American Tour appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

    • Ozclubbers.com.au
      Austin alien Bro Safari and Frisco music maker UFO! banded together to create an experimental bass track named “N.U.M.B.,” off their en route extended play entitled Clockwork. They’re playing hard to get; over the next few weeks, Bro Safari’s Nicholas “Knick” Weiller and UFO!’s Edwin Garro will publish Clockwork bit by bit. This fall the boys plan on touring low-key North American nightclubs for a more personal experience. Envision “N.U.M.B” as a humid summer night in bumblefuck nowhere. Crickets chirping accompany extraterrestrials speaking in tongue and nightingales singing.
      “Anybody who knows my music knows who UFO! is,” said Weiller. “I’ve written an album with him called Animal. I’ve written an EP with him called Future Primitive. We’ve written countless singles, remixes together. He and I just completely gel when we are working together, and that does not happen with me for many people. We just started trading files back and forth. We started a couple songs that do fit under the Bro Safari and UFO! umbrella, and that’s what we’ve been doing. We decided that we’re going to do another album together, and that’ll be bass music. It’s going to be heady, deep, headphone candy.”

      Connect with Bro Safari: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
      Connect with UFO!: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / SoundCloud
      The post Bro Safari and UFO! Drop Number “N.U.M.B.” in Advance of ‘Clockwork’ EP appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

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      Alex Ridha is never one to be pigeonholed to one genre. Whether it be the hollering techno of his Boys Noize alias or the acid of Dog Blood, Ridha has you covered on every base.  
      Things took a bit of a groovy turn this time around when Ridha debuted his latest alter ego, ELAX. While the name may be new, his latest track, “Reaktor,” is far from unheard. “Reaktor” is featured on Solomun’s Diynamic label as part of a “Four on the Floor” compilation, a collection of tracks by various artists. If you have been listening to any of Solomun’s sets this summer, it is almost guaranteed you have heard “Reaktor.” He has dropped this track everywhere, from Tommorowland to the Théâtre Antique d’Orange for Cercle to his infamous +1 parties in Ibiza. It remained cryptic for most of the festival season but has fortunately resurfaced. 
      A violently striking synth-line encompasses the track while a behemoth=sized clap is entangled. Enticing bongos are echoed in the background along with a pithy bass-line. They are not the stars of the track, but they are deeply appreciated. This is a track that is meant for the festival circuit. It stomps and tackles the audience while being friendly enough to make the crowd dance with aplomb. 
      Boys Noize and Solomun may not play nice, but ELAX and Solomun are a match made in heaven. We can only hope ELAX will not go away after this summer. This is just another testimony that the creative genius of Alex Ridha knows no bounds nor will be forgotten. 
      You can purchase “Reaktor” here.

      The post Boys Noize Releases His First Release Under a Brand New Alias appeared first on Noiseporn.
      Source: Noise Prn

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      Imagine yourself laying horizontal at the waterfront, with clear turquoise sea extending off to the horizon in front of you and clear blue skies in all directions above, and of course, great music all around you. You’re surrounded by friendly faces, the atmosphere is welcoming and the music is pulsing, sun is shining… or dancing under a starry night sky… welcome to the pure and undiscovered joys of Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro.

      After scooping Best Medium-Sized Festival in Europe after its debut in 2014, Sea Dance has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the region’s most popular summer music festivals.
      Part of Exit Festival renowned family, Sea Dance celebrates its fifth edition, while the sea escape moves to Buljarica beach in Budva. Names such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Dax J, Francois X, Antigone and more will perform on seven stages, accompanied by regional music stars.
      Sea Dance will be held from August 30th to September 1st. Ticket prices go from 29£ for regular, and from 90£ for VIP Gold.
      Daily tickets are also available from 5£ for day 1. Find our more about tickets prices, flights and accommodation here.

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      Breakbeat House

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      In this instalment of Beat Dissected we’ll be creating a driven breakbeat house style beat. Beat Dissected is a regular series in which we deconstruct drum patterns, showing you how to program them in any DAW. Just copy our grid in your own software to recreate the loop. Click here to download the samples. Here’s the beat we’re building today: [audio wav="https://www.attackmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Intro-Audio-1.wav"][/audio] [spec tempo="118-125 BPM" swing="Maschine 10%" sounds="Drum Machines - Samples From Mars’ 808, 909"] Step 1
      We’ll begin by making a heavily distorted bass drum. We load ‘BD_Tuned_3_808_E’ into a Drum Rack, and programme a breakbeat pattern with the sample, placing 3 hits each bar. Pay attention to the length of each hit, this sample will also provide the sub frequency in the project, so longer notes equals more sub! We load an instance of Fabfilter Saturn and use the 'warm tape' algorithm, but to control the shape of the effect we add an envelope to the Drive control in Saturn, meaning the drive tails off slightly on each hit. We follow this up with an instance of Oek Sounds’ Spiff, set to Cut mode this takes out the transient in a very natural sounding way. [audio wav="https://www.attackmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Step-1-1.wav"][/audio] Step 2
      Next to add another layer to the kick drum to take care of the transient. We add ‘BD_909_37’ to the group, placing identical hits as the previous kick drum. Then we add an EQ to sweep the lowest frequencies form the sample. We add another instance of Spiff to the Group, cutting the transient at around 6k, which is the most ‘clicky’ part of the sound. This second layer add a nice solid thump to the kick drum. [audio wav="https://www.attackmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Step-2-1.wav"][/audio] Step 3
      Next for a snare/clap layer for the upbeats. We begin with ‘Clap_RP_808_11’, taking back the Attack slightly and controlling the tail by taking down the Sustain. Now when we programme longer notes we’ll hear more of the splash from the clap, and shorter notes will sound tighter, great for some variation between the different upbeats. We also add ‘Snare_909_02’, pitching it down -2 semitones helps it gel with the clap sound better. We add an instance of Spiff to the snare, taking out most of the transient, and also use an EQ to take out some high frequencies. On the snare/clap group we add Soundtoys Decapitator for some drive, followed by a low cut EQ and then (yet another) instance of Spiff, this time using the Boost mode to add some more transient detail in the lower mids, [audio wav="https://www.attackmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Step-3-1.wav"][/audio] Step 4
      Now for some hi hats. First we load ‘CH_909_15’ and programme hits on every 1/8th note, but take the velocity right down for the hits that land on the upbeat and downbeat so they don’t interfere too much with the kick and snare, we also add a syncopated hit right at the end for variation. We also tweak the envelope, backing off the attack and taking don the sustain. Next we add ‘OH_909_15’, backing the attack right off, we programme a few syncopated hits, with the sound mixed low acting like ghost notes, providing extra rhythm and shuffle. Finally we add ‘OH_909_08’ programming hits in the offbeats, but shortening the first one in each bar, adding extra groove. [audio wav="https://www.attackmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Step-4-1.wav"][/audio] Step 5
      Finally some group processing. We group all 3 groups into 1 and load the Glue Compressor. Backing the attack right off and bringing dow the release, for some Snap style compression, we take the Dry/Wet down to 40% for a more subtle application as we’ll follow this compressor with another more aggressive one. We then load Native Instruments Supercharger, only adding a small amount of Compression with the main control, essentially though by turning on the Dirt and Punch we add loads of power to the drums. [audio wav="https://www.attackmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Step-5-1.wav"][/audio] Source: Attack Magazine

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      The Scottish DJ Jackmaster took to Facebook to post an apology for what he called “inappropriate” behavior” at Love Saves The Day festival.
      He said he takes full responsibility for the situation and has been making changes in his lifestyle to avoid it happening again. He also thanked the festival for its “professionalism” and “maintaining openness.”

      The post Jackmaster apologizes for acting offensively to staff at festival and damaging equipment appeared first on Only Techno.

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      There’s a new party in town and it’s FUEGO

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      No really, it’s actually called FUEGO and it boasts a heavy local lineup for hip-hop, trap, dancehall and all-round talent.
      On top of that the event being held at Goodbar, has enlisted international talent Lance Savali, the acclaimed DJ and dancer with backing from the top of the tops in the scene, including Rhianna and Beyonce. 
      Run by Sydney talent Jade Le Flay, the event looks to add a bit of spice into Sydney’s nightlife with live dance performances, rappers and DJs all under the one roof!
      Check out the rest of the lineup below and if it seems like something you’d be into, you can grab tix here!
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      You read it right, the man who’s leading our country is, albeit very loosely, caught up in a bit of a drug scandal.
      Turnbull’s nephew, Harry Hughes, a former staffer for NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, was arrested at a bar in Sydney’s CBD last month with 0.7g of cocaine on him. Now let’s be real, that’s not a lot, but I’m sure some media outlets will tell you it’s got a pretty high street value.
      We’re not too sure why anyone’s ever really surprised at this stuff, for example when quite recently Ray Hadley was in tears after his son was found to be a mere mortal, caught with a bit of the illicit stuff.
      Who’s next to be caught up in a bit of a drug scandal? While we don’t wish any ill will, we’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for the next bit of juicy drugs in mainstream media goss!
      [Via: Daily Mail]
      Source: Stoney Roads

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      Meatball Mafia leader Spag Heddy never disappoints with his behemoth tracks. Each and every track that he slurps up is bigger, better, and heavier than the last. His latest release on Borgore‘s Buygore Records, dubbed “Bass Claws,” is one of the Meatball Mafia leader’s filthiest tunes to date.
      Slithering its way into your speakers with a memorable melody in the beginning, Spag Heddy’s relentlessness quickly finds its way into the track during the drop. Don’t let this cute and bouncy melody fool you, as Spag Heddy always has something more sinister up his bass sleeve. He builds the track back down into the feverish and distorted melody with blissful synths accompanying it in the background, only to build it back into the unforgiving dubstep and drumstep drop we all know and love. Prepare yourself for Heddy’s sharp and large claws of bass. They’ll rip your ears to shreds.

      Connect with Spag Heddy: SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter
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      Source: Noise Prn

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      Strict Face goes grime heavy on Dro Carey remix

      By Ozclubbers.com.au, in News and Reviews,

      Since coming under the NLV banner Strict Face has been racking up clout like crazy.
      The Adelaide based grime artist takes UK influences and chops it with a synth pop sound that gives him a unique style. The tune Dro Carey enlisted Stricty to remix, Atmosphere, features a few heavy hitters, Kwame, Renz and Raj Mahal, none of whom are let down by this mix.
      The song, released through Soothsayer screams both Dro Carey and Strict Face as it powers through a genre that is still discovering itself in Australia. Check out the tune below and tell us what you think!
      Source: Stoney Roads

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