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    • Ozclubbers Staff
      The controversial film, which had a limited release in Scandinavia last year, goes a long way in demonstrating just how hard the star was pushed on tour in the years leading up to his death.
      As part of the film, Avicii’s then manager Ash Pournouri acknowledges on camera that the DJ will “drop dead” as a result of his non-stop schedule of interviews and touring, a chilling sentiment given the events that followed. “Tim is going to die,” he says.
      In a recent interview, the film’s director Levan Tsikurishvili expresses that Avicii “was never comfortable as the center of attention”.
      The documentary will certainly be subject to controversy. It comes out n Netflix on December 28.
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    • Ozclubbers Staff
      Juan Atkins has announced that the first ever Cybotron live show will be held at London’s Barbican Centre, as Mixmag reports.

      The show, taking place on Friday April 12, will fuse visionary technology with new and original music from Cybotron, in celebration of their forthcoming, so far untitled new album.
      Cybotron was formed by techno pioneers Juan Atkins and Richard ‘3070’ Davis in 1981, who celebrated a body of seminal releases on Fantasy Records, notably the iconic ‘Enter’ LP.
      Nearly 40 years on, Atkins has teamed up with visual technologists, Pilot, to bring an immersive show which features a digital lighting and laser control system that allows multi-layers of audio to be fed in real time into a visual generative engine.
      Supported by the likes of Carhartt and Mixcloud, the exhibit will visit an array of major cities across the world, including Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, and Hong Kong, as well as a number of major festivals between 2019 and 2021.
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    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Aphex Twin adds three tracks to online store

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      Aphex Twin has added three tracks to the Drukqs section of his online store, as Resident Advisor reports.

      Originally released in 2001, Drukqs is Richard D. James’s fifth studio album. Of the three tracks, one is described as “new,” while the other two are unreleased versions of “Avril 14th.” But the “new” track, “Mangle 11,” sounds identical to “Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix],” which came out on a Rephlex compilation in 2003. The delirious jungle cut clocks in at 193 BPM.
      Produced in 2009, the two “Avril 14th” versions are a “Reversed Music Not Audio” mix and a “Half Speed Alternative Version.”
      Listen to the new uploads here.  
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    • Ozclubbers Staff
      Marking the 300th release on his very own Ovum Recordings label, Josh Wink has unveiled new single ‘Aries in Mars.’ The record follows an incredible slew of releases with the acid weapon ‘Selecta’ and a reissue of Josh’s Size 9 project, featuring a remix from Eats Everything, released earlier this year.
      Utilising deeply atmospheric chord patterns on the track, ‘Aries In Mars’ was influenced by his partner’s astrological observation, “when playing the record for the family at home, my partner stopped what she was doing and started dancing,” explains Josh. “Afterwards she told me how strongly she felt about the track and commented about how it seemed like it was based on my astrological sign of my ruling planet Mars being in my Aries,” as Josh goes on to explain.
      “The track had this strong, powerful, fiery and fierce fast paced animalistic passion. So I went into the studio the next day and added the vocal, switching the two as it had a better rhythmic flow.”
      Marking a landmark triple-century of productions on his iconic imprint, ‘Aries in Mars’ arrives just before we enter a year of celebrations in 2019 with Ovum Recordings 25th anniversary at the summit of underground music in 2018.

      Since his 1995 breakthrough hit ‘Higher State of Consciousness’, Josh Wink has proved himself as one of the most influential DJs and producers in electronic music. Josh has also featured on Bedrock’s 20th anniversary compilation, with further appearances on Cocoon’s Letter Series, and Soma’s 25th anniversary.
      Performing all across the globe at events such as BPM Festival, CRSSD Festival, Movement, Tomorrowland, Music On, Neopop, Ultra Miami, and at Carl Cox’s ‘Final Chapter’ closing party at Space Ibiza, Josh has firmly established himself as one of electronic music’s most creative and influential acts. Over the years, Josh has helped establish the underground scene in Philadelphia and beyond whilst standing the true test of time as a curator, label owner, producer, and DJ.
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    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Seasonal Savings with Attack Magazine

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      Treat a loved one, or yourself, this festive season. Save big with discounts across the Attack Magazine store.  As 2018 draws to a close, it's time for our annual festive sale. Until New Years Day, we're offering huge discounts, up to 50% off, in our store. We're dropping the prices across the store including the following items listed below. These prices are only available for a limited time, so take advantage of these seasonal savings before they disappear! The Secrets of Dance Music Production - £19.99.
          Disco Fucks T-Shirt - £9.99
      Check out the full list of discounts on the Attack Magazine store!    Source: Attack Magazine

    • Ozclubbers Staff

      News Round-Up: 14/12/2018

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      A nightclub stampede in Italy kills six. Festival drugs testing has been proven to save lives. FL Studio gets an update. Arturia announces Pigments. Stampede in Italy. A stampede in Italian nightclub Blue Lantern killed six people and injured more than 50. The stampede was brought on after "someone unleashed an irritant spray” inside the venue—located in Corinaldo, near the Adriatic coast—causing a panic. Witnesses commented on overcrowding, and authorities said organizers sold around 1,400 tickets, though the club was only able to hold about 870 people. The incident occurred around 1 A.M., less than 30 minutes before Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta was scheduled to perform. Read more here. Drugs testing works. A new study has found that drugs testing at festivals helps save lives. The study was the first of its kind, and showed that festival dealers were twice as likely to sell bad drugs as those selling offsite, making festival consumption more risky. But users who were allowed to test drugs on site are far more likely to turn over to the police any substances found with dangerous adulterants, as shown at Secret Garden Party in 2016, when The Loop was allowed to test there. The findings have led to calls for drugs testing services to be available at all major events. Read more here. What’s new in FL Studio? Image-Line’s FL Studio 20.1 is here, and the popular DAW has plenty of new updates that fans are already excited about. In an official 12-minute tutorial video, Image-Line runs through the latest features, including playlist track mode, independent channel looping (new), advanced looping, mono audio export, new audio recording enhancements, the return of “show entire piano roll” sequences, and more. Watch below. Tree-hugging loudspeaker. Teenage Engineering has teamed up with RISE research institutes of Sweden on a new loudspeaker made of an easily-recyclable material called holocellulose, a newly-researched property that contains no paint or dye, though is white in color. This means it’s easier to repurpose into “apparel, transparent film or even a moisturiser” because there aren’t additives to separate. It also doesn’t lose its colour when exposed to the elements. While the new loudspeaker was made with sustainability in mind, right now it’s only a research project, and isn’t yet for sale. Are sustainable products the gear of the future? We certainly hope so. Check out a photo here. [advert]
      This will be Fyre. A new documentary on the ill-fated Fyre Festival is coming to Netflix early next year. The film will give viewers a "first-hand look into the disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves," with footage detailing the lead up to “the most exclusive festival the world has ever seen,” and eventual let down—a fall so incredible it captured the world’s attention. The festival’s founder, Billy McFarland, was recently sentenced to six years in a federal penitentiary for multiple counts of fraud. And while first-hand accounts have previously been given into the Fyre disaster, this will be a detailed glimpse into exactly what went so very wrong. Watch a trailer below. Arturia announces Pigments. The latest software synthesizer from Arturia, Pigments, combines wavetable synthesis with the brand’s “award-winning” virtual analog technology, and it has plenty of key features. Those include dozens of filters, animated waveforms for easy visual representation, the ability to “modulate anything with anything” including envelopes, LFOs, function generators, and random sources; and hundreds of factory presets from artists and sound designers like Jeremy Savage, Starcadian, Cubic Spline, Mord Fustang, and Jörg Hüttner. Try it free until January 10th, 2019. More info here. Surround sound answers. Magnetic Mag have put together a how-to guide for Incorporating surround sound into your speaker system. Dispelling the notion that surround sound is only for film, the guide details why surround sound is “essential” for perfect sound, where to place your monitors, and discusses how surround sound recreates the live environment. Read it here. The gift of Aphex. Just in time for the holidays, Aphex Twin has released three tracks on the Drukqs section of his online store. Drukqs is the fifth studio album from Richard D. James, and two of the tracks are unreleased versions of "Avril 14th” from that 2001 LP. The third track, which is the only tune labeled as “new,” is the 193 BPM "Mangle 11," the “[Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix]” version of which originally came out on a Rephlexions! compilation in 2003. Make sense? It’s as mysterious and convoluted as anything else RDJ does. Check them out here. SoundCloud integrates with Serato. DJ's will now have 'immediate access' to SoundCloud streaming the catalog directly via Serato. Users will be required to have SoundCloud GO+ premium subscription with Serato DJ Pro 2.1 or DJ Lite 1.1. It's another important step for SoundCloud who have had their own troubles in recent years but look to be taking steps to plan for the future with these new opportunities. More here.Source: Attack Magazine

    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Who is rising DJ and producer Tori Levett?

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      Whether you like it or not, being a DJ  these days can be a hard sell… the alternate is being a DJ and producer who can kick it in the club and studio! Cue Tori Levett, a musically inclined soul with a knack for both.
      Just after the release of her latest single ‘Crazy’ and ahead of her headliner set at the next Stoney Roads party on the 22nd with Motorik, Lucy Cliche and more (yeah we had to do it!) we caught up with Sydney-sider to talk where it all began, her work with Keep Sydney Open, a pretty hefty instagram following and of course some tips for those starting out in what can be a fairly daunting scene.
      SR: You’ve burst onto the music scene in a huge way, DJing and producing. What kickstarted it all and where do you see yourself heading?
      TL: I grew up loving music, I played instruments throughout school and would make songs and upload them to my Myspace page. It was all for fun because I didn’t think it were possible to ever make a career out of it. When I turned 18, I started club promoting and through that, I met heaps Djs, artists (some of them being my favourite artists) and other club promoters and I was super inspired that they were sharing something they loved or created and where making people happy and dance while doing so. I then thought why not just try DJing and I practiced for a very long time in my bed room before I played my first show. After I played my first couple of shows, I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t stop until I made it happen. 
I hope to see myself joining all my favourite artists on festival lineups and touring around the word. I know that It’s not going to be easy and I am going to have to work really hard but I am definitely ready. I think I will always be learning through myself and others and I am excited to see where it takes me.
      SR; You recently dropped some wisdom for Keep Sydney Open. What drove you to get involved in that sort of political activism?
      TL: The lock out laws are something that directly effects everyone around me, artists, industry and music fans alike. I have supported KSO since day one and was stoked when they reached out to me to speak at their last event. Even as there is talk of relaxing lockouts and new government funding for live music, the situation continues to get worse. Take the closure of World Bar for example, where I played some of my first headline sets. Now those event staff and promotors are out of the job. It’s going to take a long time to repair.
      SR: What are your tips on Keeping Sydney ‘Open’?
      TL: Get out to club nights, support your friends DJ set, go watch a local band! Type Keep Sydney Open into Google and maybe write a litter to your local MP telling them lockouts suck.
      SR: You have a bit of an Instagram following, does that play into you as a DJ and Producer or do you keep them seperate? Are there any preconceptions people have about your music or sets before you play them and their response after?
      TL: I have always incorporated my music and DJing even when I had small following. It is something that I have grown with my music. I think like every artist I also like showing my other side and other things I get up to like surfing, travelling, don’t we all? At the end of the day it’s a tool to promote my music career, but there are two sides to every coin and there are a lot of preconceptions that come with a social media presence. I know I don’t fit the typical persona of a normal DJ and I struggle with this everyday. I often get the typical comments, ‘she’s only up there because she is a girl’ ’surely she can’t actually DJ’ and ’she doesn’t make her own music’ but then I get comments after from people being like, ‘Wow, that set was actually sick, you just proved to everyone that you are actually really good’ or ‘the music you play is super hard, I wouldn’t except that from someone like you’ etc. and it sucks because people still expect to see a cliche introverted guy making dance music. I spend most of my time when I’m not in front of the camera focused on my next show or my next release. It all makes me more determined to prove that I work hard, and I’m good at what I do.
      SR: How helpful is having a background in music for a DJ? Any tips for those looking to start out?
      TL: I think It is helpful but definitely not a must. I think Djing has also taught me a lot about music as well as the other way around. I didn’t Start properly producing and singing until after DJing for a couple of years. Definitely knowing the basics with a few instruments helped.
      My tips (which I have to remind myself everyday):
      – No one ever said it was going to be easy
      – You are going to fail a lot, but keep going
      – Don’t listen to people being negative about your career, just do you
      – Surround yourself with supportive people that are actually happy for you
      – Believe in yourself and don’t wait for other peoples approval
      So big tick for Tori Levett and one to watch! Those inclined to see her behind the decks should head along to the next Stoney Roads party on the 22nd of December at The Marly (powered by 42 Below) with Motorik Vibe Council, Lucy Cliche and many, many more.
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Green Velvet Keeps the Party Going with Afterglow 2019

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      Decadence Arizona knows that there’s no party quite like a Green Velvet party. For this reason, they are giving their guests two opportunities to get down with one of electronic music’s most prominent artists. After ringing in the new year, keep the party going at the 11th annual Afterglow, Decadence AZ’s official afterparty.
      In case 20 hours of music in two days isn’t enough for you, Circuit and RBDeep are presenting one final party to celebrate the start of 2019. For 10 years, Afterglow has kept the crowd dancing with performances from the likes of heavy hitters such as Shiba San, Justin Jay, and SIAN, to name a few. Given their track record, it is no surprise that this year they are bringing a legend like Green Velvet. After more than two decades in the electronic music scene, it can go without saying that this man knows how to put on a show. His sets are known for having an infectious energy that emanates from the front row of the crowd all the way to the very back. Anyone who has seen a Green Velvet set can agree that he has unlocked the perfect combination of classics and recently released weapons that come together to form an impeccably articulated show. Catch this techno legend’s set at Decadence and then help yourself to a second serving at Decadence Arizona’s official afterparty.

      Afterglow will also be featuring music from the likes of Juheun, Michael Hooker, Michelle Sparks, Thomas Turner as well as other artists who have yet to be announced. This group of artists reigns from Arizona and have been making waves both locally and internationally. Gather your friends and your last bit of energy and come say yes to an early morning of techno with Afterglow. Click here to purchase tickets to this event before it sells out!
      Source: Daily-Beat

    • Adam Madd

      Enter, Photons Of Life

      By Adam Madd, in Magazine,

      Category: Music Review
      Photons...  A collective of particles that have come together to produce the pieces to the puzzle, a combination of those who carry a likeminded energy and travel on a similar frequency.
      The introduction of Amsterdam’s Alex Sharp to the Recovery Collective family comes in the Photons Of Life form, bringing together a selection of artists that performed and together at John Doe during an RC showcase in 2016 to compile an EP like no other. Featuring the original by Alex, complemented by stellar remixes by label heads Jydn & Amuze, Bongani, Alegra and Prosdo.
      Alex Sharp’s original track embarks on a deep and progressive journey lead by the signature arpeggiator and wind of the synth that twists, turns and evolves throughout the composition whilst maintaining the flow and hitting all the feels.
      Following up the original are Recovery Collective head honchos Jydn & Amuze where they pick up the pace a with a rather driving and complex remix. Rich in energy and punch right from the get go via the chugging baseline, complemented by the broken drum patterns and soaring synth work.
      Bongani then takes a more subtle and laid back yet still sticks to his roots with a driving, outdoor & progressive approach, complimenting the original perfectly. His intricate sound design throughout the track and breakdowns evidently show that he is truly stepping up all areas of his production.
      A sheer representation of the way these Photons came together is shown through our connection with the moody and melancholic mastermind ALEGRA, who’s paths crossed by destiny, ended up in Amsterdam together and haven't turned back since. His remix is everything expected from him and so much more. An extremely delicate direction along with the attention to detail and way he intertwines the layers of synthesis is something that we feel is not only unmatched but is straight up world class.
      Last but not least our brother Prosdo, Recovery Collective’s most released artist who has been with them from pretty much the beginning of time. He is that dialled into his sound at the moment and his absolute thumper of a remix shows how that he's not here to mess around. Straight the point and full of untz, rounding up the Photons Of Life release nicely.
      Recovery Collective is a Melbourne based record label and collective with quite an extensive catalog dating back to 2014, currently working with artists and major music festivals right around Australia as well as overseas in countries such as Italy, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Canada and more.
      Photons Of Life is out now on Recovery Collective!

    • Ozclubbers Staff
      Following a wildly successful sophomore season, RESISTANCE IBIZA has announced that it will be touching back down on the White Isle in 2019. Returning to its home at the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege Ibiza, from 23 July – 17 September, ULTRA WORLDWIDE’s esteemed underground brand is ready to takeover Tuesdays on the island for another 9 weeks.
      The winner of this year’s Best Ibiza Night by the DJ Awards, RESISTANCE IBIZA was “the force that unite[d] the island week in, week out, drawing industry heads and techno lovers in their numbers to play witness to the stellar line-ups, that [were], quite simply phenomenal”[Essential Ibiza]. Wasting no time at all to build off the success of last season, the residency has already locked in four appearances each by legendary techno titans Carl Cox and Adam Beyer to anchor 2019. Carl is set to play on 30 July (His birthday), 20 August, and 3 September while Adam is slated to play the Opening Party on 23 July, 6 August, and 27 August. Both Carl and Adam’s paths will converge at the Closing Party on 17 September, where they will both make an appearance.
      Last year, RESISTANCE IBIZA promised to bring the biggest production on the island and it did not fail to deliver. Bringing in the very best in house and techno to rock the cavernous walls of Privilege, RESISTANCE IBIZA created a place where “ground-breaking production, pumping dancefloors, and bone-rattling music” were the rule. [Ibiza Spotlight]
      Coming hot off the heels of its Latin American tour, RESISTANCE’s global takeover shows no signs of slowing down with even more ambitious plans for 2019. The brand recently announced that it will debut in the land down under at Ultra Australia in February and will return to Ultra South Africa a week later. On top of all this, RESISTANCE just revealed that it will be hosting a stage at London’s WE ARE FSTVL in May to kickoff the summer. With even grander plans for the coming year, expect another season of “proper festival line-ups and outstanding staging.” [Data Transmission]
      Dates and lineup to be announced soon…

      The post Resistance ibiza announces third season on white isle – Carl Cox and Adam Beyer to return appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers Staff
      Back in October Point Blank travelled to Amsterdam to make an appearance at the country’s legendary ADE gathering. Whilst there they caught up with DJ, music producer and techno legend, Tom Hades, for an exclusive masterclass in the art of techno production.
      During the masterclass, Hades focuses on the importance of experimentation. Starting from scratch, with an empty Ableton rack, he demonstrates his workflow process and provides a solid look at some of the techniques he’s learned over the years to get the creative juices flowing. Piecing together random sample chops and combining them with his favourite frequency filters, noise plugins, and more, Tom Hades will teach you how to inspire yourself in a session. This, coupled with his signature atmospheric glitches and gut-shaking kick drums will ensure your next techno track will be a winner. Hit play on the video and immerse yourself in the creative workflow of one of techno’s biggest players.
      If you want to learn how to beat-make or beat-match Point Blank offer a number of courses both on and offline which specialise in DJing and music production. Follow the links to find out how their courses in London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and online can help you get started.
      Hades has become something of a tastemaker in the world of techno. His fusion of ambient sounds paired with bruising kick drums and entrancing melodies is truly something otherworldly. With 23-years industry experience under his belt and numerous releases on some renowned International labels, the Belgian mastermind has a great deal to share. Following the release of his latest EP, Lost In Black Senses, on the Alleanza imprint, he has dropped his very own Splice sample pack, “The Sound Of Tom Hades”.
      The post Make Techno From Scratch With Point Blank’s Tom Hades Masterclass appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers Staff

      What So Not wants to play YOUR Christmas party this weekend!

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      It’s been a while between drinks with ol’ mate What So Not and to be honest we miss the bloke a little. Having had his fair share of good times at the recently deceased World Bar you can tell he’s feeling a certain way towards lockouts right now so he’s trying to do his bit for his hometown.
      He’s put the call out on his Instagram for parties going down that he can play at for free (preferably in Sydney, but he’s happy to travel). All you have to do to enter is chuck down “the resume” of your party in the comments, get some mates to like it and he’ll make his decision on Friday afternoon!
      He has no other Aussie shows teed up until Laneway, so this might be your only chance to see the bass mastermind live for a while. Check out his Instagram post below, submit your party specs here and may the best party-goer win!

      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Adam Madd
      Category: Music Review
      Hardwell is the seasoned-veteran DJ/producer that’s behind Spinnin’s mammoth new tune. Boasting multiple international new music Friday playlists already, How You Love Me is a pop infused single that features the hugely respected artists, Conor Maynard and Snoop Dogg.
      As one of the leading pioneers in the world of electronic music, Hardwell runs his award-winning label as well as directing award-winning documentaries. All whilst tending to a cool 9 million on Facebook (and rising). Hardwell’s impressive plethora of work includes collaborations with Craig David, Jason Derulo and Austine Mahone. Having filled numerous headline slots at the biggest world-wide events, Hardwell has graced the stages of Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza among others. Recently expanding his extensive reach with unique projects such as a live orchestra show at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. In addition, his Indian United We Are and Guestlist4good charity shows saw remarkable attendance. A hundred thousand people joined in order to aid children educationally within the Magic Bus program.
      Pop sensation Conor Maynard is an artist who also boasts many strings to his bow. As the man behind vast Spotify streams, Conor’s incessantly up beat personality and determination has seen him gain the role of Charlie Price in the Tony award winning musical Kinky Boots, chart in over 25 countries, and reach an incredible 118m streams with another Spinnin release, Whenever. 
      Continuously pushing boundaries, Hardwell has delivered a smooth slice of tropical pop. Kicking off with the iconic voice of Snoop Dogg, Conor Maynard follows with a heavy dose of pop flavour with the subtle addition of shy Conor styled sexiness. How You Love Me is a sunny exploration from three monster’s in the music industry, flexing their musical muscles to provide us with a champagne filled celebration with the swagger of smug love.
      Hardwell – How You Love Me (feat. Snoop Dogg & Conor Maynard) is out now.


    • Adam Madd
      Category: Music Review
      You will know BoogieKnights (Galleon & BoogieShoes) for their countless remixes for the likes of KC & The Sunshine Band, Colour Castle & Roland Clark, Jolyon Petch & Komes, Minx, Buzz William and Diamond Lights, or for their previous single "Feel It In Your Soul" in 2017.

      They are back now and ready to explode with a houser as hot as the approaching Australian Summer.
      Running is a slice of uplifting, piano-infused house with a nod to long lazy afternoons and sunsets spent on the beach.
      With a solid array of stellar remixes from a number of talented producers, there really is something for everyone with this track!
      BoogieKnights themselves give us a funky ass Got a Horn remix.
      J Cannons & Steve Hart bring a hell of a chug.  Tonky's Fisher inspired mix will have you Losing It at one listen. 
      Up & comer Buzz William delivers a shape set to smash any big room dancefloor it lands on
      Adam Madd cruises in with a chilled sunday afternoon beachside vibing mix.
      Tim Light brings us a real driving tech house banger.
      James Tobin’s remix is something you would easily find playing in any big club!
      Skorpio goes sidewards with a bit of a minimalistic electronica mix
      Darren Somerville bring back the banging house sound
      And finally, Terry Moyaz and Captain Kuda give a nice big room sound with a bit of original rapping thrown in at the end!
      Running is out December via Hi-Tech Records


    • Adam Madd
      Category: Event Review
      After the success of the very first overseas ‘Mobile Disco’ in Bali recently, Carl and Eric also just wrapped up a string of Australian & New Zealand Winery Tour Dates featuring the fabulous: Cece Peniston & Robin S! Where the Music Policy was strictly: Funk, Disco, Soul Grooves & Classic House!
      From Carl & Eric:
      “The Mobile Disco tour was fantastic this year, we absolutely love this event.  It is an opportunity for us to dig into our record collection, play some of our most loved tracks, songs that were part of our growing up, songs that have influenced us over the years.  It is a pleasure for us to share the music.  This tour was a tour of ‘firsts.’ In Brisbane, we went to Roma Parklands for the first time, we also went to the Barossa Valley, Canberra and Queenstown, all for the first time.  Each event was unique. For Brisbane, we were right in the city of the tiered levelled venue and it was fantastic, the crew definitely brought a huge vibe to the event! Queenstown, the adventure capitol, the weather a month out looked like it was going to be clear skies and sunny.  Just three days out from NZ the weather (using the travel agent’s words) “looked horrific.” With multiple flight cancellations we finally caught a connecting flight (with little time in-between).  The weather Gods were on our side and the worst of the Queenstown weather held off.  Queenstown crew turned up and they were ready! It was cold with a bit of drizzle but you guys came prepared and we loved it.  It was our first time in Canberra too and it was amazing! Set in the beautiful Botanical Gardens, we’d like to send a big thank you to the ‘Kicks Entertainment’ crew, for the great set up and a fantastic crowd.  Finally, the last show of the tour was at the stunning Barossa Valley.  As you know, we are the ‘Mobile Disco’ and move around, so it was a special venue in Seppeltsfield, what a history, the event space was placed right amongst the gum trees.  Thank you to Seppeltsfield – SA, Cargo Brewery at Waitari Creek – Queenstown, Kicks Crew – Canberra and Brisbane Tourism/Marketing/Events and Parklands for making it a tour we won’t forget.  Also, a huge thankyou to Robin S and Cece Peniston.
      Melbourne, as you know it’s not possible to do a ‘Mobile Disco’ this coming February and we have had lots of messages asking if we could do another date.  Well we have been working really hard to find another venue and get the permits through in time and we are happy to say that we have a city centre, green venue: Piknic Électronik at The Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  This will be a thank you gig for all the Mobilizers that have supported us over the years, with a special priced ticket.  We are going back to basics with Carl and Eric on the decks from the beginning to the end.  See you on the Dancefloor!” 
      7 HOUR SET
      SUNDAY 20th JAN 2019
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2E3A2HL
      About event: Carl & Eric will be doing what they do best! Digging deep through their extensive record collections and picking out their favourite soul, funk and disco tracks that they were brought up with and tracks that have influenced them over the years.  It’s a known fact that they have many gems in the archives! 
       ‘Mobile Disco’ began in Melbourne, Australia with 150 of Carl & Eric’s closest friends.  It’s gotten bigger each year with more friends & jazz, funk and disco loving fans coming along for the ride.  ‘Mobile Disco’ is now a ‘Must Attend’ national tour playing to sold out boutique shows at some of the most picturesque locations across Australia. 

      So get those disco shoes ready, this is one ‘Mobile Disco’ you won’t want to miss!!
      What is Piknic Électronik:  Piknic Électronik is an innovative weekly Summer event that indulges audiences while constantly proposing new discoveries. With electronic music at the core of its mission, Piknic aims to open up the genre by offering an immersive social experience. Defined by its specialised yet accessible programming, Piknic Électronik knows how to please both electronic music enthusiasts and newcomers alike as local and international talent enthrals the crowd every time. With beautiful city centric green spaces, food trucks and more on offer, Piknic invites you to make it your own and enjoy the day however you fancy.
      The Story of Piknic Électronik:  Piknic Électronik was founded in Montreal in 2003 by a group of electronic music enthusiasts looking to make it more accessible by bringing it out in broad daylight. Its aim is to open up the genre by offering an immersive daytime social experience. Now a major cultural and festive summer event in Montreal, Piknic Électronik has had successful editions in Austin, Barcelona, Lisbon, Melbourne, Santiago and Dubai. Its innovative and popular formula has evolved into a friendly international expansion that has made the event and its name a source of local pride in each city where it has set its roots and grown.

      For more info, go to:
      Facebook: @carlandericsmobiledisco
      Instagram: @carlandericsmobiledisco
      Website: carlcox.com
      Twitter: @Carl_Cox
      Facebook: @carlcox247 

      Follow Piknic Électronik:
      Website: www.piknicelectronik.com.au
      Facebook: PiknicElectronikMelbourne
      Instagram: @piknicmel

    • Adam Madd
      Category: Music Review
      Following on from highly praised single Faith alongside Stace Cadet and Yeah Boy, Benson gets set to release the ultimate Faith remix package. Enlisting fellow comrades Motez, Kyle Watson and Holmes John to flaunt their rework skills on the single, check out the Faith (Remixes) via Medium Rare Recordings. 
      Motez is the first of the three revered producers to work their magic on the heavenly original. With deep pulsing drum lines and euphoric rhythms, Motez takes Faith to wondrously sacred heights. Meanwhile, Kyle Watson delivers not only a earth shattering remix but a glorious dub of the miraculous single. Elsewhere, we witness high riser Holmes John step up to demonstrate his skills on the majestic remix package, ascending dancefloors to darker dimensions of biblical proportion.
      Having already had an exceptional year, Benson’s career continues to skyrocket. The Australian producer has accumulated millions of streams with the likes of originals including Hold Out and a remix of Stace Cadet’s High. Not stopping there, Benson is also dominating our airwaves with national airplay whilst securing an in demand residency slot with triple J. Gig-wise, Benson impressively launched a sold-out headline tour. Clearly demonstrating himself as an artist of prominence, we can’t wait to see where Benson takes us next on his musical journey. 
      Meanwhile, fellow friend and producer Motez continues to push the boundaries of your regular house producer that goes unrivalled. His tantalising skills within the booth and studio have landed him remix opportunities for the likes of Disclosure, Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding whilst releasing a slew of hefty originals including The Future which garnered support from BBC Radio 1 and triple J as well as amassing over 12 million streams. Also demonstrating flawless remix artistry, Kyle Watson has crafted an impressively unique style that has secured him remixes with the likes of Rudimental, ZHU, Oliver Heldens and more, whilst rising artist Holmes John continues to rise above the ranks with his stand out production capabilities.
      Benson ft. Stace Cadet & Yeah Boy – Faith (Remixes) are out now via Medium Rare Recordings!

    • Adam Madd
      Category: Event Review
      Basement Jaxx LIVE on stage, magically re-imagined with a full Orchestra & their legendary singers
      TEG Dainty and Nice Events are excited to announce that esteemed electronic music duo Basement Jaxx will bring their orchestral live show to Australia in April 2019.
      The tour opens up in Melbourne on Saturday 13 April and moves on to Sydney on Sunday 14 April before winding up in Brisbane on Thursday 18 April.
      Tickets go on sale at 10am local time on Friday 14 December for the three-city tour.
      Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe (better known as Basement Jaxx) are double BRIT and GRAMMY award winning artists who have graced the biggest stages across the world, including: headlining the main stage at Glastonbury Festival, Hyde Park in London and The Hollywood Bowl.
      Following on from their ground-breaking 2011 album collaboration with The Metropole Orkest and the now seminal LIVE shows that accompanied it in London & the Netherlands, Basement Jaxx will unveil a new and updated version of the project as they creatively collide LIVE on stage with Sydney’s The Metropolitan Orchestra at the iconic Sydney Opera House, as well as stops in Melbourne & Brisbane.
      Comprising magical re-interpretations of all the Basement Jaxx floor-fillers, as well as specially commissioned new work and a few surprises along the way, the show will also feature legendary Jaxx singers Vula & Sharlene Hector on powerhouse vocal duties.
      Basement Jaxx are no strangers to Aussie shores and have thrilled audiences over the years with their massive hit records including: ‘Red Alert,’ ‘Rendez-Vu,’ ‘Jump N Shout,’ ‘Bingo Bango,’ ‘Romeo,’ ‘Where’s Your Head At,’ ‘Do Your Thing,’ ‘Good Luck,’ ‘Oh My Gosh,’ ‘Hush Boy’ & many more! They’ve collaborated with the likes of: Robyn, Sam Sparro, Dizzee Rascal and have remixed for the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Mary J Blige and more.
      Landing in Australia in 2019, these shows promise to be a remarkable re-imagining of one of dance music’s most influential recording artists, in an extraordinary classical & contemporary re-boot of their original LIVE show.
      Catch Basement Jaxx Vs. The Metropolitan Orchestra LIVE on stage in Australia this coming April.
       “A meeting of expertly crafted pop songs, dynamic arrangements and an orchestra that fizzes with vigour, this might just be the best thing Basement Jaxx have put their minds to” - London Evening Standard
       “Sparkling, rich, witty & fun” – The Daily Telegraph, UK
       “This isn’t the simple orchestration of a few old hits, but their transformation into a theatrical revue of cinematic sweep that leaves everyone grinning.
      What a show.” – The Independent, UK
      MELBOURNE - Saturday 13 April – Margaret Court Arena
      SYDNEY - Sunday 14 April – Sydney Opera House
      BRISBANE - Thursday 18 April – QPAC
      General public tickets on-sale date:
      10am local time on Friday 14 December from: www.tegdainty.com 

    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Some monsters are trying to further regulate nangs!

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      You read it right folks, a youth advocate group is calling for the further regulation of nangs.
      Co-ordinator of Byron Bay Schoolies Safety Response, Nicqui Yazdi, has come out saying that they need to be better regulated, going further to say the shops selling them need to be held more responsible.
      “The reality is, they just shouldn’t be selling them in the first place.”
      “Any shop owner, manager or anyone ordering stock would have to know exactly what that is being used for.”
      As it currently stands the NSW laws are that it is illegal for someone to give you nangs while knowing that it’s going to be used for “human consumption” and that carries a maximum penalty of two years jail time. As you’d imagine however it’s not the easiest thing to police.
      “There is the possibility that it is an offence under the Drugs Misuse and Trafficking Act, but how do police prove that it is being used for psychoactive effect unless someone actually states that to police?” said Detective Chief Inspector Brendon Cullen.
      The detective chief inspector has said that his area command has in the past seized a bunch of nitrous oxide cannisters at local music festivals (e.g. Splendour) but no charges were ever laid.
      This comes after the proposed changes in classification on amyl were pushed back for further review.
      What do you think, would Nangs being better regulated affect you? If you’re
      Source: Stoney Roads

    • Adam Madd
      Category: Music Review
      Despite the hectic tour schedule, his weekly A State Of Trance radio show and all preparations for his unique Gaia show during Amsterdam Dance Event next week, Armin van Buuren hasn’t been sitting still in the studio. Today, the Grammy-nominated, globally renowned artist unleashed a brand-new single called ‘Wild Wild Son’, released on Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music.
      Armin van Buuren: “Many people ask me what songs of mine I’m most proud of. All tracks are my babies, but some tracks I just have more of a connection with, simply because of the time I spent on it or the emotion attached to it. In this case, ‘Wild Wild Son’ is about Sam Martin’s (then unborn) son. I fell so much in love with the song because I recognize the love I feel for my own son. I also really went the extra mile with the production, recording real drums (Koen) and real strings. It was almost a year in the making. It’s a little different from my previous work and a big step for me personally.”
      Helmed by sublime piano chords and wonderful, guiding vocals, ‘Wild Wild Son’ sees Armin van Buuren go down the cross-genre road to come up with an absolute masterpiece. Moving, hopeful and honest, it features the vocals of singer-songwriter Sam Martin, who worked with David Guetta on international hits such as ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Lovers On The Sun’. The release of the single, which coincides with the launch of a phenomenal official music video, also bears an empowering message; the song was written by Sam Martin as a message to his unborn son, encouraging him to follow his heart and dreams, and run free.


    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Efdemin to release new album ‘New Atlantis’ via Ostgut Ton

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      Efdemin’s upcoming album ‘New Atlantis’ will be released via Ostgut Ton on February 15th.
      So begins New Atlantis, the fourth full-length album by longtime Berghain resident Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann. The words, sung by 60s California art icon William T. Wiley and embedded in
      glowing drone swells, set an otherworldly tone for Sollmann’s first solo release on Ostgut Ton. Over eight tracks, New Atlantis oscillates between fast, kaleidoscopic techno, multilayered drones and acoustic instrumentation, fusing for the first time Sollmann’s deep dancefloor productions as Efdemin with his sound art and experimental music projects. The latter include 2017’s Harry Partchinspired Monophonie performance and 2018’s Panama / Suez EP with Oren Ambarchi and Konrad Sprenger.
      Long drawn to utopian musical traditions, Sollmann took inspiration for New Atlantis from Francis Bacon’s unfinished 17th century novel of the same name, which describes a fictional island devoted to social progress through the synthesis of art, science, technology and fashion. In the story, Bacon imagines futuristic ‘sound houses’, which contain musical instruments capable of recreating the entirety of the sounds of the universe; a 400-year-old prophesy of today’s digital sonic reality. Through Sollmann’s lens, Bacon’s vision ebbs and flows over 50 minutes in varying speeds and colors, emerging as a tapestry of different utopian musical traditions – through billowing synth lines, early Detroit techno, resonant wooden percussion, trance, droning organs, dulcimer, electric guitars, hurdy-gurdy, just intonation, poetry, hymns and murmuring voices. Sometimes they merge into epic, rhythmic journeys like the 14-minute long title track; other times they appear as a briefly open sound portal (“Temple”), or in the forlorn human voice on “Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death”, calling to be freed from jail of the human body and pass into the afterlife.
      Like previous Efdemin albums on Dial, New Atlantis veers off the techno path to explore other musical territory. Here however, Sollmann occasionally abandons the club entirely, returning only to push its boundaries with other instruments, mythologies and psychedelic story telling.

      The post Efdemin to release new album ‘New Atlantis’ via Ostgut Ton appeared first on Only Techno.

    • Ozclubbers Staff

      Looking Forward: Esa & the Future

      By Ozclubbers Staff, in Magazine,

      Oliver Payne speaks with Esa about his next chapter, the beauty of collaboration and how his past is shaping his future. Esa, Brixton’s new Phonox resident, Worldwide FM regular, Auntie Flo collaborator and Ata Kak band leader, sees the future. He’s over the past and ready for what is to come. His music, his creativity, draws continually on what he describes as “energies”, these dancefloor attitudes he has amassed from moving place to place, and they’re coming together to bring something organic to the club. For Esa, he's been doing this since he moved from Cape Town 15 years ago and the Phonox residency sees him retreating from the studio and embracing the DJ persona full-time. Our conversation begins with production and how so far he’s been using South Africa’s inspiration to shape the forward-thinking music he makes, and how he’ll bring that combination to the dance-floor. [advert]
      “I think the futuristic element is really coming from my experience of working with indigenous sounds.” His knack for combining the native South African sounds with current UK trends (noticeable on the edit of Que Beleza by Tim Maia, for example) is widely admired. Contemporary electronic basslines, bleeps and whistles - made via machines from whom he has built up friendships with: the likes of London Modular, Pioneer, Yamaha and Make Noise – introduce instruments that are perhaps alien to house music. Esa boldly brings indigenous sounds to the fore, establishing something entirely new. His unique production approach inspires both contemporaries and aspiring producers. Re-engaging with his past experience of hosting music production workshops in Kenya, he recently shared his in-depth techniques at Ableton's Loop summit in LA. With this listening session, Esa talked through tracks of his choice, while a 90-minute studio session was an insight into his creative process. A further studio session, entitled ‘Rhythm Moves’, focused on using samples of instruments from Africa to create polyrhythms and how a contemporary workflow, usually used in dance music, can be applied when using indigenous instruments. These techniques all feature prominently on his edit of Que Beleza. [quote align=right text="It was that optimism of young people coming together working collaboratively and creating a sound that would push them forward to the future."] “When you talk about African music our minds automatically come away from the ‘norm’,” he says. “I’m able to tap into that, but also to get influences from my time in Europe and my time spent here [London]. I’m bringing these worlds together and in the exact same way I like to take people on a musical journey.” Influences he draws on including the genre ‘Kwaito’. “Kwaito was… looking forward,” Esa says, explaining that the South-African genre, formed in the 90s, was a response to the country’s ‘intense’ history, [advert-inline] and while featuring much of Africa’s instruments it was a variant of house, taking elements from hip-hop. It definitely veered away from all previous traditions in South African music, becoming spear-headed by the ‘king’ of the genre, Arthur Mafokate, who led with the anthem ‘Kaffir’ in 1995. “It was that optimism of young people coming together working collaboratively and creating a sound that would push them forward to the future,” Esa says. “Despite the struggles that they went through they created music that would push them forward: to unite them, to bring them together. And I think I’m taking inspiration and influence from all these things and trying to put it together through music, through different energies, through creating new sounds.” [caption id="attachment_66680" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Esa performing at Ableton's Loop in LA, November 2018. Photo by Anna Elledge.[/caption] It seems then that for Esa, who is strict when it comes to the importance of collaboration, the sound of the future is not just created through merging the old with the present, but also through working with others. “I’ve realised that working in collaboration, when it works - because sometimes it doesn’t work - is important. You’re always pushing the boundaries. Two minds is always better than one when trying to create something. That’s pushing forward.” This idea will be brought into Phonox over the coming years, bringing in DJs and letting styles collide on the night. Esa’s own initial influences are surprisingly local. “A lot of my early records that I produced were pretty much inspired by Detroit techno and house. I spent 10 years in Scotland and 8 in Glasgow and that is what I was exposed to every weekend. Glasgow will always play a massive role for me musically as a DJ, and now I kind of share that,” he laughs, reminiscing about the relentless rave energy Glasgow has. Scotland has techno heritage and he’s taken a bit of this with him. “It’s okay to give people what they want,” he says, referencing the dancefloor’s thoughtless ‘fist-pumping’ energy. “It’s great, but I think that is sometimes not the main focus. I’m introducing new ideas and new sounds. When I make people think, they go ‘wow, what was that?’ Maybe they Shazam it. Maybe they find it, maybe they don’t. It just opens it up a whole new world.” [quote align=right text="Two minds is always better than one when trying to create something."] However, Esa’s own future and the next step in his own life is the main focus. “It’s important to focus on ourselves and through this I think I’m paying more attention to me and my health [advert-inline] first of all, because being a touring DJ can be very demanding. In terms of my career. The Phonox residency is my chance to learn and to become a better DJ, to explore all my music collection and records that I’ve acquired after 15 years of living away from South Africa. Taking all those influences from my home and all those places where I have travelled for the past 15 years and putting them all into this next phase; this next chapter in my life.” Previous resident HAAi, recently nominated for BBC Essential Mix of the Year, left “some amazing energy in that room,” he says. “I guess now it’s just to piece it together in my way. Big boots to fill, as someone has told me. Every Saturday I go in there and give you a performance. A show. I’m going to create a sound that you can take away with you, if you want.” Photography by Anna Elledge & Michael WalshSource: Attack Magazine

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