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  • Adam Madd
    Adam Madd

    Carl Cox & Eric Powell's 'Mobile Disco' featuring Incognito adds more artists!

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      Category: local

    *all shows except ‘Return to Rio’


    Carl Cox & Eric Powell are excited to announce: Melanie Williams, Joe Roberts and Eric Gooden will be joining Carl and Eric on stage (all shows except ‘Return to Rio’), to perform their classic tracks including: Melanie Williams (with Sub Sub) – ‘Ain’t No Love, Ain’t No Use’ - https://youtu.be/pRguEi3wufQ and Joe Roberts - ‘Back In My Life’ - https://youtu.be/Zl3BKtsrTcM.

    Back In the Manchester ‘summer of love,’ when the Hacienda was at its peak, the Happy Mondays were causing mayhem in the studio, in the charts and on stage. Eric Gooden and Eric Powell put a band together called ‘Sweet Mercy.’ Working with Dave Morales, Roger Sanchez, Satoshi Tomiie, Melanie Williams, Joe Roberts, Graham Park to name a few.  ‘Sweet Mercy’ went on to have several house music hits such as: 

    ‘Take Me Away’ (still in Sasha’s Top Ten ever records).  Melanie Williams sang the original guide vocal, her eighteen year old niece ‘Natasha’ did the lead vocals, when visiting Eric Gooden earlier this year, Eric and Eric found the original guide vocal (which they will release at the end of this year) of ‘Take Me Away’ with the newly found vocal: https://youtu.be/sQFo5K-E7-o. 
    ‘Happy Days’ feat Joe Roberts – a gospel tinged classic house track with an incredible Dave Morales Mix: https://youtu.be/2savw7qCAtw.
    ‘Reach Out’ – this was the first track they wrote and released together on the fledgling ‘Blip Records.’ If you don’t know the original you will recognise the vocal which has been sampled by Todd Terry, Black Eyed Peas, bootlegged by Laidback Luke to name a few.  It was remixed in 2008 and hit Number One on most Dance Charts.  Still a floor filler today, that vocal has been used across most dance music genres including DnB, EDM, Breaks: https://youtu.be/GdjdR8F6pQI.



    Featuring: Incognito (Live) (with 12 piece band)
    Behind the Hits: Nights Over Egypt, Always There, Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing + more.. 


    After the success of taking ‘Mobile Disco’ in 2016 to Adelaide for the first time and into the city of Melbourne, Carl & Eric are excited to announce that for 2017 ‘Mobile Disco’ will now visit Mt Coo-tha Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, QLD and heading back to the Peninsula for a ‘Mobile Disco’ on ‘The Lawn’ at Mornington Racecourse, Mornington, Vic.
    Headlining these amazing events is one of the world’s biggest, most loved and respected DJs: Carl Cox.  Joined by his esteemed partner in crime Eric Powell, the dynamic duo’s ‘Mobile Disco’ will beentertaining the crowds for most of the day & will see the boys digging deep in their record crates to spin: old and new disco, jazz-funk, soul and classic house tunes.  Fresh from the success of PURE in Ibiza the lads are ready to get ‘funky.’
    Joining Carl and Eric for an incredible LIVE performance will be the Acid Jazz legends ‘Incognito.’ The Award Winning Brit Funk group will be performing some of their best loved classics including: Don't You Worry Bout a Thing, Nights over Egypt, Always There, Parisienne Girl & more.

    Saturday 28th October – Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane  

    Sunday 29th October – ‘The Lawn’ Mornington Racecourse, Mornington

    Saturday 4th November – ‘Return to Rio’ - Del Rio, Riverside Resort, Wisemans Ferry, NSW 
    (Sold out in 10 days)

    Sunday 5th November – S.C. Pannell Wines, 60 Olivers Rd, McLaren Vale, Adelaide 
    (Sold out in 48 hours)

    Incognito Videos:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex92TZRuSAA - Live at Baloise 2013
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avC07hISWVw - Live at Singapore Jazz Festival 2014
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHorhdoxGO4 - Live in London (Always There) 2015
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AF0zVDKTYA - Live at Java Jazz with Chaka Khan 2015
    More materials (inc. music videos) can be found here - http://www.incognito.london



    Incognito Bio:
    An acid jazz project with deep roots in the 1970s jazz/funk/soul world, Incognito was originally formed by Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick and Paul ‘Tubbs’ Williams in 1979. Both were the original members of the late -'70s disco-funk group ‘Light of the World.’ Whist Tubbs had been a contributing member of another L.O.T.W. off shot ‘Beggar & Co,’ Bluey had formed ‘Freeez’ with Jonny Rocca and Peter Maas, but throughout the time that they worked on other projects they would meet at Bluey's house in North London to play music in a makeshift bedroom studio, for they both had a musical affinity and an undying love for funky jazz. 

    They decided to take a couple of their home made jams into the studio, and so it is that Incognito debuted with the single ‘Parisienne Girl’ (which also featured another L.O.T.W member Peter Hinds) and released the 1981 LP ‘Jazz Funk.’ The planned second album ‘Behind The Mask’ in 1983 went into a jazz rock fusion direction and came out under another name (‘The Warriors’).  Throughout the 80's Bluey continued to write material for his group, even while working with Maxi Priest, Total Contrast, Steven Dante and others.  Tubbs went on to work with George Michael and Rosie Gaines and later moved to the Netherlands.  By the beginning of the 1990s, DJ legend and early Incognito fan Gilles Peterson had founded the Talkin' Loud label and he made Incognito one of his first signings.  The 1991 single ‘Always There’ (with vocals by Jocelyn Brown) became a Top Ten hit as part of Britain's booming acid jazz scene, prompting the release of Incognito's official second album ‘Inside Life.’ It was largely a studio affair, with Bluey and engineer Simon Cotsworth directing a large cast with many of the best musicians in Britain's fertile groove community. 

    In 1992 they released ‘Tribes, Vibes and Scribes.’ Bluey added American vocalist Maysa Leak and a cover of Stevie Wonder's ‘Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing,’ became another hit for the band.  The album ascended Britain's pop charts and went on to feature in the America's contemporary jazz charts.  The third album, ‘Positivity’ in 1993 became the group's biggest album success, with much attention across Europe as well as Britain.  That album also spawned ‘Deep Waters’ which would become their biggest radio hit in the USA to date! 

    The band toured relentlessly and Pamela Anderson and Joy Malcolm were brought in as featured vocalists on their 1995 world-wide hit album ‘100° And Rising.’ Leak returned though... appearing on the following year's luscious and warm sounding ‘Beneath the Surface.’ 

    Incognito later expanded their discography with 1996's ‘Remixed’ which featured the dons of the dance scene ‘Masters At Work,’ David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Pete Rock, 1998's ‘Tokyo Live’ and 1999's ‘No Time Like the Future’ which featured the hit ‘Nights Over Egypt.’ The group's next two albums were again made without Leak, 2001's ‘Life Stranger Than Fiction’ and 2003's Dome / Edel debut ‘Who Needs Love,’ which featured Brazilian vocalist Ed Motta, Joy Rose & Kelly Sae. 

    More releases on Dome records followed with ‘Adventures in Black Sunshine.’ In 2004 featuring the late George Duke on the cut ‘Minding My Business.’ The Aptly named eleventh album ‘Eleven’ featuring Imaani and Tony Momrelle followed in 2005. ‘Bees + Flowers + Things’ appeared at the end of 2006.  The album was a mix of cover versions along with stripped down re-recordings of four Incognito classics. 

    In 2008 Bluey and company released ‘Tales from the Beach’ and ‘More Tales Remixed.’ 

    In 2010 they issued two albums: ‘Live in London: The 30th Anniversary Concert’ and the studio set ‘Transatlantic R.P.M.,’ featuring guest appearances by: Chaka Khan, Mario Biondi, Leon Ware, Al McKay, Christian Urich from Tortured Soul, Ursula Rucker, and Maysa among others.  A cover of the classic Boz Scaggs ‘Lowdown’ saw the band’s international status grow more and more popular. ‘Surreal’ in 2012 featured Vanessa Haynes and two newcomers Natalie Williams and Mo Brandis with the addition of new younger musicians in the rhythm section, and once again the band took on a fresh direction on an old musical theme and provided their fans with unforgettable live shows. 

    The band celebrated it's 37th birthday in 2016 and the release of their 16th studio album. 

    For more information on Incognito, go to:


    Edited by AdamMadd

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      Ice cold drink in hand we head to find ourselves a better view of the stage.  Sneaking down the left hand side we make it a lot closer to the stage just in time for Capriarti’s last tune.  Retreating into the darkness the decks stand empty for what seems like and eternity.  Nervous energy builds as engineers scurry back and forth checking the equipment.
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      Heading back inside, Carl is pushing a big room techno sound to a sold out crowd, leaving another generation in awe of a true pioneer of electronic music.  His last tune is somewhat reminiscent of the Carl I saw back in ’97.  Tough as fuck with a dash of acid.  My smile won’t quit and he exits the stage to cheers and a sea of hands raised high.
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      One of Australia’s most loved techno events: PURE, returns for its fourth year in 2019, to announce its biggest line-up to date! PURE, presented and curated by Carl Cox, Eric Powell of Bush Records and Richie McNeill of Hardware, will see Carl Cox (Intec, Australia), Marco Carola (Music On, Italy), Joseph Capriati (Redimension, Italy), Enrico Sangiuliano (Drumcode, Italy) and Eric Powell (Bush Records, Australia) take PURE to new heights in 2019.
      After its first year in Ibiza winning ‘Best Event’ of the summer in September 2017, this year the Australian leg expands to include Adelaide fans for the first time alongside regulars: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.  PURE 2019 will tour Australia over the Easter weekends in April 2019 and Adelaide will also be getting in on the action of Australia’s largest techno event! Adelaide ravers get ready!
      Celebrating techno and house music, PURE has quickly established itself as a ‘must attend’ event for dance music fans, thanks to its reputation as an event where the audience can make a special connection with the DJs.
      In April of 2016, Carl Cox launched the first instalment of his PURE event in Australia.  Taking place in Melbourne and Sydney, the event showcased players from the global Techno and House movements.
      Marco Carola from Italy has enjoyed being a global techno ambassador, instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90’s.  Over twenty years later and Marco is still one of the most respected artists amongst the techno faithful, widely regarded as one of the key factors in driving the genre towards worldwide recognition within electronic music.  Joseph Capriati from Italy needs no introduction.  Now over a decade into his career as a globally touring DJ, there’s hardly an accolade he hasn’t achieved.  He is deservedly one of techno’s most in-demand headliners and continues to better himself as an artist.  Capriati’s brand of slick and emotive techno, delivered with precision, flair and infectious energy, has become a staple highlight of the global club and festival circuit.  Enrico Sangiuliano is a name you will have noted if you have been anywhere in the electronic music scene over the last few years.  International recognition came in 2015 with his remix of DJ Boris’s ‘Can You Hear Me’ on Alleanza, claiming the title as Beatport’s ‘highest selling techno track’ and being known for his driving techno, reminiscent of his peers Joseph Capriati and Marco Carola.
      Join the crew for a night of Pure techno, delivered with incredible sound in an old fashioned no nonsense, no fluff rave atmosphere.
      Pure 2019 Lineup Line-up:
      Carl Cox (Intec, Australia)
      Marco Carola (Music On, Italy)
      Joseph Capriati (Redimension, Italy)
      Enrico Sangiuliano (Drumcode, Italy)
      Eric Powell (Bush Records, Australia)
      And more to be announced.
      Friday 12 April - Family, Brisbane – SOLD OUT
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2ScRyxv 
      Saturday 13 April - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – ALMOST SOLD OUT
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2QYhwY2 
      Thursday 18 April – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2rIxrvb 
      Friday 19 April* – Christchurch Town Hall, Christchurch
      *FYI Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati & Eric Powell only will be performing at this gig
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2I1XhDX 
      Saturday 20 April - Showgrounds, Melbourne – 3rd Release
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2A5RhoT 
      Sunday 21 April – Claremont Showgrounds, Perth – 3rd Release
      Tickets: https://bit.ly/2CiohLY 
      For more info on Hardware, go to:
    • Adam Madd
      By Adam Madd
      “David Guetta has a massive one on the way…”  –Billboard
      “If there’s something we’ve learned in recent years, it is: David Guetta + Brooks = A masterpiece.” – We Rave You
      A year after David Guetta and Brooks combined forces on the international powerhouse club single and festival favorite “Like I Do” (with Martin Garrix), comes the duo’s next collaborative effort, “Better When You’re Gone” – out today via What A Music Ltd/Parlophone/Big Beat Records – https://guetta.co/BetterWhenYoureGonePR!
      A stunning production, both a dancefloor hit and a radio anthem, written in partnership with New York singer-songwriter duo Loote; features cute melancholy vocals which unfold over shimmering, chorused guitars as the track kicks off, before it explodes into the joyous chorus with a driving beat underpinning it. Next comes the spine-tingling lead riff that bursts into play out of nowhere, building towards the full drop where it dances and prances over chunky beats and phat electro bass. More sorrowful guitars greet us in the next breakdown, setting the stage for the beautiful vocals once again.
      Kicking off another huge year for David Guetta, the global superstar DJ/producer will perform on the mainstage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and has an upcoming residency at Wynn Las Vegas in April.  Meanwhile, his seventh studio-album “7” has sold over two million copies and the most recent music video for “Say My Name” with J Balvin and Bebe Rexha has picked up over 250 million views in just two months. 
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