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    Conquering Animal Sound - On Floating Bodies

    Second set from Glaswegian electro duo, successfully expanding their debut’s palette.


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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Armada music has been around for over 10 years and is founded by one of the leading icons of progressive/trance music, Armin van Buren.  In recent years the label has broadened it focus to underground sounds, like Green Velvet with Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) that caught the world by surprise or Groove Armada, Cari Golden, Tiga and Atapy, to name a few more.
      Their latest release comes from Planet of Sound which to this day hasn’t brought to the table anything mind-boggling. Their latest track “We Are Together”, however, finds itself at the border between electronica and progressive in a very compelling manner to say the least.
      To top things off, the track comes with noteworthy remixes from Piemont and H.O.S.H. that changes the tracks facade. Piemont’s remix strays away quite a lot from the original. The German duo cleaves into that progressive trait of the track and layering it with a 4/4 beat that brings more of a club tune rather than a state of relaxation. With bits of summer samples retracted from the original and airy strings overflying with delay trough the course of the track, the imposing bass chord puts the finishing touches on the overall mood. It’s remade into a dance track whereas your main attention on the dance floor will be divided between a meditation sensation and a continuous beat that allows you to balance each flowing trait that comes through the track.
      H.O.S.H. is known for his ability to craft a remix and reinterprets it with his inimitable sounds while preserving the track’s tenets. This time around he does just that. With a similar layout as the original, H.O.S.H. lays out a different buildup where at first it gives the idea of a darker approach. In change, the track slowly fills with a carefree sensation as light strings bypass the authoritarian broken bass chord leaving a sense of home-bound pleasure. Passing the breakdown, the track gets seasoned with shattered-like noises over an out of this world bass chord that only accentuates in persistence. All in all the remix truly preserves the H.O.S.H. sound trademark.
      ‘We Are Together’ is available now.
      Artist PageSoundcloud
      Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (Original Mix)

      Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (H.O.S.H. Remix)

      Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (Piemont Remix)

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      Come January, Mr. Carmack will serve fans a musical sampler as a part of his latest initiative, The Original Sound Tour. The 23-stop tour will witness the production guru descend upon a number of major cities to deliver live renditions of songs that will be respectively pulled from Melodies, Vibes, Bang, Vista, and Mr. Carmack’s RED, BLU, YELLOW and Drugs EPs.

      The North American tour will make its first stop in Phoenix on January 26. Tickets to the live tour will go on sale at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern time on Thursday here.
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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      If you’re want for something to do this weekend, might we suggest a trip down to Ministry of Sound Sydney?
      The new superclub — which is set up in ivy’s world class surrounds — has not one but two big-name internationals locked in for Saturday night. ‘House Work’ hitmaker Jax Jones and Dutchman Oliver Heldens will both play sets at MOS this Saturday, November 25. Tickets start at $25.
      MOS Sydney launched in June, pledging to bring a top-tier line-up through every Saturday night.
      “Ministry of Sound in London is a world-renowned venue and has been the destination for lovers of dance music for over 25 years,” Ministry of Sound Australia CEO Tim McGee said. “We are now going to bring that same experience and ethos to Sydney.
      “We will be implementing a forward-thinking music policy and making Ministry of Sound Club a haven for good music and a home for both international and Australian artists to connect with their fans.”
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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Apple‘s AirPods boast several attractive features: the Bluetooth enabled wireless earbuds are perhaps the lightest weighing wireless listening product on the market when compared to wireless headphones, and when it comes to battery life, the rechargeable AirPods prove their endurance. One singular charge delivers five-hours of listening time, while a quick 15-minute charge offers three-hours, maximizing the earbuds’ on the go potential. When stored in the charging case, the AirPods afford more than 24-hours of battery life, thanks to the case’s ability to hold “multiple additional charges.”
      And yet all that glitters is not quite gold. AirPods are a continual subject of user criticism on account of their reportedly poor sound quality, the earbuds’ compromised audio the product of the AirPods’ open-air design that fails to concentrate sound within the earbuds. One such AirPods user, Thomas Ricker laments AirPods’ tendency to leak sound. The AirPods’ insufficient sound quality leads Ricker to wonder how he might close the earbuds’ air gap to prevent audio escape. A YouTube channel titled “PoltergeistWorks” is the host of a video tutorial that shows AirPod users how to do just that.
      After viewing the step by step DIY video, Ricker applies the techniques shown in the video to his own AirPods, successfully managing to close the air gap, an action that improves the AirPods’ overall audio quality. “My AirPods now have bass!” Ricker writes in his account of his AirPod hack. “The better sound, especially at the low end, is remarkable,” Ricker states. Ricker notes that the hack effects a more immersive listening experience, the closed air gap preventing external noise from competing with his music. An added bonus? Users consequently may decrease their listening volume.
      Photo Credit: The Verge
      The foam covers with which Ricker outfits his AirPods to block air flow fit within the earbuds’ charger case, distinguishing Ricker’s DIY method from other hacking approaches that while useful, require the hacked AirPods users to remove the covers prior to charging. Other AirPods associated features like the earbuds’ Siri compatibility and the ability to advance tracks when listening to the AirPods are not affected by the hack.
      While Ricker’s DIY approach requires a bit of extra effort from AirPods users seeking greater sound quality, Ricker’s exclamation— “My AirPods now have bass!”—indicates that tinkering with the AirPods design might just be worthwhile after all.
      H/T: The Verge
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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Last year, Ministry of Sound rounded up all of your favourite turn-of-the-century DJs for a massive reunion tour that went around the country.
      It was so wildly successful — the Sydney show sold out in less than 48 hours, forcing organisers to add more dates — that MOS ended up running a second tour not long after the first one wrapped.
      Read More We unearthed a stack of photos from old school Sydney raves   The good times are only going to continue, with MOS now announcing their best reunion tour yet, this one dubbed ‘Icons’. It’s called that for good reason: they’ve enlisted legendary Italian selector Junior Jack and ‘Together’ hitmaker DJ Falcon as headliners.
      They’ll be joined by a slew of Aussie favourites including Mark Dynamix, Kid Kenobi, Groove Terminator, Goodwill, John Course, and so, so many more. Check out the full line-up below.
      The tour will kick off at Melbourne Prince Hotel on December 15, with shows in Sydney and the Gold Coast following. Tickets are on sale now from MOS’ website.
      Ministry Of Sound Reunion Tour — Icons
      Junior Jack
      DJ Falcon
      Ivan Gough
      Andy Van
      Friday December 15 — The Prince
      Junior Jack
      DJ Falcon
      John Course
      Phil K (Breaks set)
      Groove Terminator
      Mark Dynamix
      Nik Fish
      Jumping Jack
      John Ferris
      Amber Savage
      Klaus “Heavyweight” Hill
      Andrew James
      Robbie Lowe
      Ben Korbel
      Sweet Chilli DJ’s
      Ben Morris
      Matt Roberts
      Kate Monroe
      Jeff Drake
      The Impossibles
      Trent Rackus
      Saturday December 16 — Greenwood Hotel
      Gold Coast
      Junior Jack
      DJ Falcon
      Stafford Brothers
      Kid Kenobi
      Groove Terminator
      DJ Flash
      Raye Antonelli
      Sunday December 17 — Nightquarter

      The post Ministry of Sound are bringing your favourite DJs back for another reunion tour appeared first on inthemix.
      Source: InTheMix

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