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    Danny Howard moves Radio 1 show to Friday slot

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  • We source our news and reviews from a number of sources.  From our local volunteer contributors (writers and reviewers) around Australia, to syndicated news sources including Your EDM, Dancing Astronaut, MixMag, By The Wavs, MNML, No Dough Music, Techno Kittens, Drum and Bass News, BBC, Junkee, and Trance Family.  Where the article has been sourced via syndication, you will find a link at the bottom of the article to the original source.

    Our local volunteer contributors are creative people who are passionate about the dance music and club scene in Australia and want to share their passion with others.  If you feel you fit into this category, we would love to hear from you!  Send us an application to become a contributor (writer / reviewer) by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/application

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    • Dancing Astronaut
      By Dancing Astronaut
      Danny Rampling’s Balearic baby is approaching a milestone anniversary.
      Heralded as a founding father of the UK’s electronic club culture, Rampling will celebrate 30 years of Shoom in London on Friday, December 8. Founded in 1987, Shoom emerged as the UK’s first Balearic rave club, an establishment that became central to the expansion of the acid house musical movement. Then located in Southwark, the club sought to bring a bit of Ibiza to London, but found its institutional impact to be of a worldwide scale, greatly influencing the development and expansion of dance culture.
      Come December, Rampling will throw Shoom a booming birthday bash at London’s Pulse nightclub. Bushwacka!, Saytek, and a variety of additional supporting artists are slated to spin at “Shoom 30.” With the event’s “legendary co headliners” yet to be announced, the roster of event performers will only continue to elongate as the occasion approaches.
      Those interested in attending Shoom 30 may purchase tickets to the event here.
      H/T: Resident Advisor
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      Sasha unveils dates for two additional Refracted: Live UK shows, releases new single, True
      The Prodigy announce an eight-date December UK tour
      Zedd & Liam Payne perform Get Low on London streets [WATCH]
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    • Dancing Astronaut
      By Dancing Astronaut
      It’s a well-known fact that acclaimed electro and progressive house producer Zedd began his music career as a drummer, before he made the fateful over to a Digital Audio Workstation and the international superstardom that followed. However, the veteran producer has kept in touch with his percussiion passion, as he is all set to join Linkin Park on drums for a song during a heartfelt Chester Bennington memorial performance.

      This news comes just after the band released a touching tribute to their late lead singer with the official music video for “One More Light.” Beyond a glimpse of Zedd in a different setting, the upcoming show indicates just how well respected Bennington was within the music community — and how far his influence extended beyond the trappings of rock music.
      The memorial show will be held October 27 at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.
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      Calvin Harris donates proceeds from Omnia show to Las Vegas Victims fund
      KSHMR honors grandfather in his new single, ‘Underwater’ [STREAM]
      Zedd – Get Low ft Liam Payne (KUURO Remix)
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    • Dancing Astronaut
      By Dancing Astronaut
      Researchers at Imprerial College London have conducted a study that found psylocybin helps “reset” the brains of depressed patients. Their intent was to look further how the compound, which is found in magic mushrooms, affects depression by way of fMRI brain scans.
      Each member of the nineteen-person test ingested one dose of the psychoactive ingredient, with each one showing, “some decrease in depressive symptoms at one week,” the study said. Additionally, it seemed the experience truly provided some sort of blank slate effect in the brains of participants. “Without any priming they would say, ‘I’ve been reset, reborn, rebooted,’ and one patient said his brain had been defragged and cleaned up,” said Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, the head of psychedelic research the college.
      Looking deeper into the MRIs, scientists observed that psylocybin affected two key areas of the brain: number one was the amygdala, which was rendered less active and thus led to reduced depressive feelings, and number two was stabilization of the default-mode network. A psychiatry professor at King’s College London, Dr. Mitul Mehta, advised, “What is impressive about these preliminary findings is that brain changes occurred in the networks we know are involved in depression, after just a single dose of psilocybin.”
      Despite the positive results of the study, it wasn’t without its flaws. Primarily, there was no test group to compare the results of the psylocybin trials to. However, increased interest in deeper studies on the matter is certainly accruing.
      H/T: BBC
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      Mushrooms have been deemed the safest recreational drug
      Watch this hilarious anti-LSD PSA excavated from the 1960s
      Source: Dancing Astronaut
    • Dancing Astronaut
      By Dancing Astronaut
      Over the past two decades, dance music pioneer Paul Kalkbrenner has become one of electronic music’s bonafide superstars, filling arenas with his live shows and headlining major festival’s worldwide On Friday, November 3rd, the Berlin-based producer will venture to Los Angeles to deliver a singular journey through the history of techno.
      The live show, titled “Back to the Future,” underscores a previous three-volume project in which Kalkbrenner personally curated over 5000 underground works in Berlin between 1987 and 1993. The compilation was meant to channel the freedom and abandon felt in the warehouses of East Berlin during this seminal period.
      By proxy, Kalkbrenner’s US debut will showcase the evolution of techno and rave culture throughout the late 80s and early 90s. “Back to the Future” marks a rare chance to witness one of electronic music’s true pioneers in an intimate setting, and become exposed to the music that shaped not only Berlin’s club culture, but the global techno landscape.
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      Electric Zoo 2017: Paul Kalkbrenner discusses why he went ‘Back to the Future’ [Interview]
      Listen to Paul Kalkbrenner’s 3-part ‘Back to the Future’ mix series
      Techno Tuesday: MK talks Detroit techno and Halloween
      Source: Dancing Astronaut
    • MixMag
      By MixMag

      Three parties, three venues, three years
      Continue reading...
      Source: MixMag

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