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    Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 21.19.03

    Maceo Plex’s Ibiza event series ‘Mosaic By Maceo‘ at Pacha has taken the island by storm with some seriously hefty line ups; so far he’s played host to the likes of Stephan Bodzin, RØDHÅD, Carl Craig, Ben Klock & Mano Le Tough and still has a whole load of techno royalty lined up for the forthcoming parties.

    Roman Flügel joins the Mosaic party on 29th August along with a collection of some of the very talented artists from Maceo’s Ellum imprint who are taking over the club’s Prism Room with a label showcase.  There you’ll find Ellum artists Dino Lenny, Raxon & FiberRoot who we caught up with ahead of their gig at Mosaic…

    Hi guys, thanks for chatting to us.  Ahead of your performance at Mosaic by Maceo we were wondering what it means to you each of you to be playing there?

    Dino Lenny: It’s always great, I can really express myself shaking up a lot of genres and all the Ellum family is there. It’s like when you play at friends parties and you’re having a lot of giggles.
    Raxon: It’s such a pleasure and an honor to be back again this year and be part of something special on the island and to be among artists that inspire me and that I look up to.
    Fiberroot: Actually I never imagined to be part of Mosaic, it’s a great recognition for any artist and so I’m very very happy. Since I started producing my own techno music I never could imagine that my music would have some kind of acceptance. It’s amazing.

    Out of everyone on the Mosaic season line up who would you like to go back to back with?

    Dino Lenny:  I’d like to go back to back with Roman Flugel, he is very eclectic so I think we would wonder around quite a lot. Always fun to play b2b with Maceo and we are preparing a little B2B tour with Shall Ocin for the near future; it’s going to be a b2b 2018 year anyway!
    Raxon: I did go b2b with the main man Maceo and Shall Ocin a few weeks ago at one of the Mosaic after parties, it was so much fun because it was not planned and spontaneous. To me, these are the best back to backs. Also last year with the Agents Of Time boys; that was also unplanned and super fun!
    Fiberroot: One of my favorite artists is DJ Koze, and I would be happy to do a b2b with him. But I would also feel very comfortable playing b2b with Shall Ocin, Jenifer Cardini, Fango or Rebolledo.

    In your opinion, will the underground scene still prevail in Ibiza?

    Dino Lenny:  It always depends on what people mean when they say underground; I don’t really care what it turns into, people just need to dance and listen to good music. As long as there are some clubs that do that, I think we are safe. When a place is so popular it’s always hard to find a fair balance. In my opinion, Ibiza has never been underground but has been great in breaking some records that without probably wouldn’t have surfed up.
    Raxon: Of course, but I don’t think its a matter of prevailing, it will always be there and there is something for everyone on the island.
    Fiberroot: I know the island very well for a number of years because I live very close and a lot of friends have lived there for many years. I know that there’s a very underground and spiritual part, maybe more hidden than the mainstream scene. It’s true that some big and popular clubs are not supporting the underground scene, but it’s just a matter of time that the public starts to demand another kind of proposals to the promoters: less manufactured products and more authentic. The best example is Pacha and Mosaic; the perfect combination in one of the most famous clubs on the island, that’s the fist step and the way to follow.

    What are your 3 essential items for Ibiza trips?

    Dino Lenny: USB keys, toothbrush, earplugs.
    Raxon: USB, shades and a few brain cells!
    Fiberroot: Laptop for producing, credit card, swimwear.

    What was your latest Ellum release?

    Dino Lenny:  This Is a Love Song… next one is coming shortly.
    Raxon: Majoris EP – released last February
    Fiberroot: My Soul For Sale – released August last year.

    What track has made a regular occurrence in your sets this summer?

    Dino Lenny:  5th Dimensional by Maceo Plex & Swayzak.
    Raxon: I’ve been testing a lot of my own material throughout this year which makes most of my sets and I’m happy with the results so far and thankful to be able to have the chance to do so.
    Fiberroot: The tracks that I’m using this summer, in addition to the ones that I already published last year in Ellum, are tracks that are signed by Jenifer Cardini’s label Eco SIlence; ‘Looking From the Outside’ and ‘Suddenly made with my dear friend Dino Lenny – Incredible vocals! I’m also using a lot an Odd Oswald’s remix of and Stephan Barnem’s which are not published or signed by any label yet. I’m also using another EP created by Pig & Dan which will be released in January. Basically, for me it is very interesting to use unreleased music.

    And the last question, the one that we ask everybody – if you were a techno kitten for the day what would you get up to?

    Dino Lenny:  I would rest all day at the beach listening to old techno from the 90s with a few friends telling the same good stories that never get old. Then in an ideal world, I’d go to an Underground Resistance party or a B-sides showcase but I guess that they don’t do those anymore. If it’s Tuesday I’d just go to Mosaic – you all need to get there.
    Raxon: Creeping into the techno kitchen!
    Fiberroot: I would look for stray animals, I would drink milk, I would play with techno cockroaches and I would chase techno rats that returned me to the night and then be able to go out and look at the stars.

    Dino Lenny, Raxon & Fiberroot all play the Mosaic by Maceo residency on 29th August at Pacha – more details HERE.

    Oh and ICYMI – here’s that heartwarming love story that did the rounds of the Ellum super fan dancing next to his idol at The Boiler Room…


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    Source: Techno Kittens

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      What's your favourite synth?
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      06 October 2017
      01. Bjika – Medway
      02. Bjika – Murk
      03. Bjika – In The Wind
      written and produced by Bjika
      Mastered by GenDnB
      Artwork by Jeroen Smulders @ Deep Electronics
      Photography by B.A.Parker
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      Medway EP by Bjika
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