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    Ozclubbers Staff

    Floating Points, Four Tet, Daphni and Jamie xx go b2b2b2b in a huge mix

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    When you get four of the best electronic music producers and get them to go back to back for two hours you better believe there’s going to be some interesting selections. NTS did just that for Floating Points’ show and boy it’s as much of a doozy as you’d expect from Four TetDaphni and Jamie xx.

    Nothing seemed off limits for these guys, starting with an ambient track then pushing straight into some psychedelic rock, hell at about 30 minutes there’s a strange European folk sounding tune but it’s not out of place. The mix itself is a swirling time, it ebbs and flows and pushes boundaries in a mix that that isn’t defined by genres, just moods.

    They do eventually get into dance tunes, at which point the mix takes an almost sinister turn. Look it’s not the easiest thing to describe, so we’re going to tell you to buckle down and have a listen

    Check out the full mix and tracklisting below and tell us what you think!

    Full Tracklist: 

    CARL STONE – Banteay Srey
    YURIY MOROZOV – Inexplicable 4
    KLAUS WEISS – Survivor
    KOUSHIK – Letitiout
    AIR – Grieve Not The Spirit
    CHARNISSA – Love At First Sight
    IDOLI – Rusija
    PLACEBO – Aria
    BATTEAUX – High Tide
    FERNANDA – Ora Bolas
    NAPOLEON STRICKLAND – Back Water Rising
    NORMAN CONNORS – Dance Of Magic (Daphni Edit)
    HUDSON PEOPLE – Trip To Your Mind
    VALERIE ETIENNE ( MJ COLE mix ) – Misunderstanding (MJ Cole Dubb Remix)
    DARINA ROLINCOVÁ ( MATLOK mix ) – Slowly (Matlok Remix)
    DJ DUBZ – Volume 2
    MIKE DEHNERT – Starground
    DJ Q – Fogbound
    D.O. MISIANI & SHIRATI JAZZ – Kiseru (Daphni Edit)
    DAVID GRANTHAM – Drummer Boy
    OMAR GOSH – Millennium Jump
    FLOURISH – Heaven Tar
    KEITH MANSFIELD, JOHN CAMERON – Half Forgotten Daydreams
    DEPTHS OF LOVE – I Just Can’t Find A Love

    Source: Stoney Roads

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