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    Ozclubbers Staff

    In The Studio: LUZCID

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    Talented producer LUZCID is quickly progressing forward in the bass music scene, thanks to his hip-hop-esque, expansive and psychedelic bass sounds. He recently released his eight-track Cognition EP via Wakaan, and just came off of several huge performances across the U.S., including both weekends of Electric Forest.

    LUZCID’s collaborations with Basssnectar proved his staying power in the scene, while he has continued to one-up his own productions with each and every release. We teamed up with the buzzing artist to find out what his studio is like, and how he creates his signature sound.

    In the Studio: LUZCID

    UAD Apollo Quad


    The UAD plug-ins are a huge game changer in my opinion! Building a collection of their plug-ins has let me cultivate my own sound. So many times great ideas are slept on because they are poorly engineered and then seen as a bad idea. They just need some polishing. UAD plug-ins are great for keeping sounds powerful and polished.  

    Adam A77x Monitors


    I got my Adams around the same time I got my UAD Apollo. Together they upped the fidelity of my music by a large margin. The clarity from the Adams let me perfect my mixes like never before. Switching from my prior monitors to these was like getting the water out of my ears.

    New custom-made desk


    I built a desk a few months back and it came out really awesome! It is measured and built to my exact height standards. This helps a ton with ergonomics and keeping good posture while producing. Also, it was designed so my speaker tweeters are at the perfect height for my ears regardless if I am sitting or standing. I love having tons of room to create!

    Palo Santo


    Creating good art requires a healthy mindset. At least for me. A lot of people listen to music while they create art. Since I am making music, I can’t do that haha. So visual and olfactory stimulation do the trick when it comes to creating a zen mentality. I like to burn palo santo and take breaks out to the garden to get my eyes off a screen every few hours.

    Modular Synth


    My modular synth has been a ton of fun to work with. I have a very modest set up at the moment and it is very limiting as far as application goes but for what it can do, it crushes. It blows my mind how crispy and full analog sounds. I definitely plan on expanding my modular arsenal soon!



    I built this PC back in 2010 but have slowly replaced the parts over the years to keep it up to date. I cannot even imagine the amount of hours I have spent on this thing working on music. By far my most important piece of equipment in the studio. It’s essentially the brain to everything else.

    Stanley the Cat

    My cat Stanley loves to lay around the room and nap while I produce music. I am not sure how he does it, but I will be ripping a new synth at wall-shaking volume and he won’t even flinch. I think it is love haha. He’s getting pretty big these days and really likes the corners of the rooms to nap, so he essentially functions as a superchunk bass trap. He’s a pivotal piece of my sound treatment.

    Listen to Cognition below.

    Connect with LUZCID: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

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