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    [INTERVIEW] Jaenga Hosts Massive Album Release at New NYC Monthly, H<3art Beats


    Patrick McDevitt AKA Jaenga has to be one of the most talented, hard working, and humble artists to come out of Brooklyn. His futuristic, heavy-hitting bass beats give us something to live for! That’s why we’re stoked to be able to be apart of his debut album release party this Saturday, May 19 at H<3art Beats at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn.

    Before the big day, we had some questions about the album:

    1. What was the creative process behind your debut album, The Toulambi Album?

    Honestly, I didn’t mean to write an album. We all go through unexpected changes in our life, some harder than others. This album was a way of me getting through a tough time in my life. I wanted to get out of New York for a bit, so I flew to Portland to visit my brother. For the few weeks we were together, we formed a routine. We would hike, rock climb, party, and have great conversations that lasted hours. I would produce in his apartment, writing from a place of strength and positivity. Letting things go that are out of your control – and learning to be a stronger you. After a while, I started thinking, “whoah, I think I have an album.”

    2. How does it represent who you are as an artist?

    I think this album is a culmination of all of the experiences I’ve had in the past few years. I try and hit as many festivals throughout the summer in my schoolbus, and always find myself hearing music that leaves an imprint in me of that place I was visiting. When I’m writing music, I often times write it with specific places in mind, or specific memories in mind. Sometimes even specific people. Traveling has a major influence on the music and art I put out.

    3. How long had this album been in the works?

    Overall, the album has been in the works for a few months. It all came together so quickly.

    4. What do you think your fans are going to enjoy about it?

    I feel the album has a healthy ratio of soul and heavy hitting bass. I think it’s important to keep a high energy when you’re playing a show – it’s easy to cut the “slow” stuff out if I’m playing live, but if you listen to the tunes in their entirety, theres a whole other side to them. Music can heal, and resonating with a song can tell you everything’s alright, tell you to keep pushing, or tell you to fight back. I think it’s amazing think to have the ability to bottle sounds with such power.

    5. Now that the album is done, what’s next for you?

    With summer here, it’s time to hit the road again on my schoolbus (aka the Jaenga Bus) for the 3rd summer. The idea is the same – hit as many festivals as I can, throw as many parties as I can, and make another album.


    This show will not only serve as Jaengas album release party but an immersive, theatrical experience including bass ballerinas, projection mapping onto a custom, hand-made stage design and so much more! Support for Saturday includes Choppy Oppy, LuminateJEANIE, and Avrge Joe.

    Get your tickets here!


    Featured photos by

    Ballerina photo by Chuck Kwok

    Source: Daily-Beat

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