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    [INTERVIEW] PILO Kicks off Monthly Brooklyn Party, Dissociate


    There’s a new techno party about to consume Brooklyn and it’s presented by former Webster Hall – Gotham resident, DISCHETTO. After the closing of Webster Hall, their loyal following has dispersed and is now having to find new places to get their fix. Taking place at The Graham in Bushwick, Dissociate could be it!

    Kicking off this monthly party is techno savant and BNR Records, PILO. Read on to see what he has to say about being apart of Dissociate‘s debut, being apart of BNR Records and what he’ll be up to in 2018.

    verb | dis·so·ci·ate
    1. disconnect or separate (used especially in abstract contexts).
    2. a new monthly party hosted by DISCHETTO at The Graham
    3. a place to unwind and relax with sounds you usually wouldn’t unwind and relax to; a late night excursion into the darker side of house + techno

    How does it feel to be kicking off this new monthly party in Brooklyn, “Dissociate”?
    Feels incredible… It’s been about 2 years since I last played in New York. I’m honored to headline the first ”Dissociate” ever. I’ll be preparing a very special set!
    What do you expect from this party – it being the first?
    I really dig that the venue has a smaller capacity. Having a more intimate atmosphere can be powerful.
    Jade [Dischetto] is a friend and has always supported me. She has a great taste in music so I’m glad she is starting her own monthly.
    How’d you become a part of the BNR family?
    Awhile back, I did song with Harvard Bass. He was sort of like a mentor to me. The song was called ”Twerk Talk” & we signed it on a Dance Mania BNR compilation. After that, Harvard Bass sent some of my demos to Boys Noize who then contacted me over email asking to sign them.
    How has Alex (Boys Noize) been an influence since you have been on the label?
    Alex has had a profound influence on me as an artist. By giving me 100% creative control of how I wanted to release my music (whether it be artwork or tracklisting), it made me feel comfortable in fully expressing myself as PILO. That open-mindness taught me how to be confident in my own vision & how to be a self-sufficient artist. He let me use BNR as a platform to start my career as a producer & I am very thankful for that.
    What strengths do you think you bring to the label?
    I think hailing from the US gave me the opportunity to be a frontman for the label here in the states. BNR has always had that glow that reached a broader audience & I wanted to help extend that reach. What Alex was doing musically fed back into me as as inspiration & it gave me a drive to stand out as an artist.
    “Collider” came out a few months ago – how was your fans reaction to it?
    Collider was one of many freebies I want to give to the people. Sometimes going through a label, you won’t see a track come out for ages, but once in a while, I like to give something exclusive for the fans. I’ve gotten great feedback on Collider… more than I hoped for which is incredible. There is no better feeling than that! It makes the thousands of hours spent in the studio worth it.
    Have you been working on any more new music – if so, when can we expect it?
    I believe I have gotten more productive this year than ever in my life. I can definitely say that all my new material is my best work yet. After my production hiatus, I learned to be faster with my writing without inhibiting the quality of the music.
    I’m hoping to release an EP early next year then an album at the end of the year with a bunch of surprises (free downloads, etc.) I’m also working on a remix which probably will be my next release. I can’t wait to show everyone what I have been up to.
    What are your plans for 2018?
    I want to really shine next year with the effort I put in these past couple months. I’m going finish up the album, release 2 or 3 EPs + remixes, and release a sound pack through Splice.
    This sound pack thing is very interesting to me because I enjoy crafting my own sounds through instruments/programs I make. To be able to share them with my fans is something special. I hope to do something where I can get the fans more engaged in the process.
    Besides the production, I aim to hit Europe mid-year & am planning to do a special show in my hometown of Los Angeles. I’m excited for 2018, it is going to be a new chapter for PILO.

    Source: Daily-Beat

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