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    Ozclubbers Staff

    NEWS ROUND-UP: 09/11/18

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    More good news for London's nightlife. New female led radio station goes on air. An interface for women? Getting heated in the kitchen. Two men have been arrested after a fight in Sony Music’s London HQ. The incident happened last Friday morning when two members of a catering company attacked each other with knives in the on-site kitchen. Both men sustained stabbing injuries and were the only casualties. Read more here. A welcome addition.  Having launched on November 5th, Foundation.fm is a new radio station whose goal is to battle inequality in the radio industry. The female-led radio station will primarily champion emerging female artists with the hope of furthering their careers. Founded by Becky Richardson, Ami Bennett and Frankie Wells (pictured), the London-based station will be live on air from 10am to 10pm daily. Read more here. [advert-inline] Leaving a legacy. Japanese novelist, Haruki Murakami, is donating his memorabilia to Waseda University in Tokyo. The gift includes original manuscripts, letters and his extensive vinyl record collection. The university plans to create a centre of studies based on the author’s work. Read more here. New sounds, new songs. Novation has announced 'Sound Collective' a bi-monthly source of new sounds for Novation users. In addition, registrants will receive free versions of software instruments and creative FX.  The offer applies to all Novation gear. Sign up here and be rewarded for your loyalty. NAMM Foundation. NAMM has opened its registrations for educators, students and members. The next edition is January 24th-27th in the usual Anaheim Convention centre just outside Los Angeles. If you register now it's discounted. Register here. Stay in the Loop.  Ableton's annual exhibition, Ableton Loop, begins today and runs until Sunday evening. If you failed to get a ticket you'll be pleased to know they are offering a live stream this year on their website. There can be no reason therefore not to stay in the Loop. Clock in here. [advert] New venues. London will get a new venue next summer in Greenwich called Magazine London. Construction is expected to begin next month and the venue will host up to 3000 people when it opens in summer 2019. More here. In it to win it. You have until the end of November to submit your entry to the Captain Plugins competition 'The Two Genres Music Contest'. 1st prize goes to the best new genre submitted i.e Dib Dop which is dub+hip hop combined...With prizes aplenty it's a good opportunity to have some fun, get your music heard and hopefully win some free gear. Register here and good luck. La Voix du Luthier. Originally unveiled at ContinuuCon (the Haken Continuum Fingerboard conference),  and then presented again at SuperBooth 2018 in Berlin you can now order the sound of a luthier for your electronic instrument. Amp and speaker cabinets are typically used to add tone to the specific sounds such as a guitar so this is an unexpected development for electronic instruments. Watch the video below and read more over on their site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz9nIvX8tSo Wtf. This has to be the weirdest product in a long time but Taiwanese company. MidiPlus, have released 'Mirror' a new midi audio interface designed for women. The undoubtedly sexist product is designed to look like an eyeshadow palette. Yes, an eyeshadow palette. We can't bring ourselves to write more so you can read about this nonsense yourselves....here.

    Source: Attack Magazine

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