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    NP Exclusive: Enschway Talks ‘Friendschway Vol. 3,’ Shares Exclusive Spotify Playlist + More

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    I’ve been following Australian producer Enschway ever since his very first ‘Friendschway’ compilation in 2016. Since then, he’s only continued to get better with time (which, somehow, I didn’t think was even possible after a certain point). The Sydney native has gone on to release extremely successful originals and remixes, such as his recent fan-favorite “Reims” remix with LUUDE, a powerful collaboration with sumthin sumthin and my personal favorite, Friendschway Vol. 2. Not going to lie, I still sing/scream along to those songs in the shower on a regular basis, but that’s beside the point. 

    We chatted with Enschway about his brand new EP, Friendschway Vol. 3, which features singles with three talented friends and collaborators, and continues to showcase the impact that the buzzing artist is making on the electronic scene. He also took over our Spotify for an exclusive playlist featuring his brand new releases and favorite tracks from Kanye West, DROELOE, Juice WRLD and more.

    Hi Nicc, thanks for chatting with us today! When and why did you get into music production?

    Thanks for having me! I got into music production about 4-5 years ago. I used to DJ at house parties and just wondered how the producers actually made the music, so I just searched for some tutorials on YouTube and ended up loving it. 

    What are three tools that are crucial to your production setup? 

    1. Stock Abelton distortion audio effects (Distortion, Overdrive, Saturation & Erosion) 

    2. Splice online sample library 

    3. Lit candles on my desk 

    What sparked your idea for the initial ‘Friendschway’ project?

    I’ve always loved working collaboratively on projects. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to production so it’s nice to work with people where we can complement each other.

    How do you decide who to team up with on each collaborative EP?

    I usually have a fair few collaborations underway at one time. I usually just team up with artists I love & artists whose sounds I think will work well with mine.

    Are there any artists you are particularly inspired by?

    The main artists would easily be Porter Robinson & Madeon. I’ve grown up idolising those guys for so so long & are one of the main reasons for my genre pathway I guess.

    This July, you’ll be taking your EP on a solo tour. What can fans expect to hear in a typical Enschway set?


    Is there any advice you have for younger producers?

    Watch YouTube videos or tutorials online. I recommend Cymatics Academy. Also, whenever you’re feeling uninspired or can’t come up with anything new, go and download a shitload of sample packs.

    When will be seeing you over here in America?

    Hopefully before the end of 2018 or early 2019. I’m super keen to get out there and start playing

    Can you tell us more about the artists on Friensdchway Vol. 3?

    Both Perto & Leotrix are really close mates of mine – both living in Sydney. We usually end up having super long studio days filled with Bubble Milk Tea and Korean BBQ. I think those two things have helped build Friendschway 3 more than anything else lol. Jupe is an artist in Miami who’s been a part of my label SOLA and we’ve been online mates for a long time now. We’ve been meaning to make a song for years so I’m super happy to have finally done it. All three are amazingly talented artists and I’m proud to have worked with them all on the project.

    Finally, what will be hearing in your Spotify takeover today?

    I usually just listen to heaps of rap/hip hop so the first half is that, followed by some of my favourite electronic tracks at the moment. Mostly from bitbird artists such as San Holo, Duskus & Droeloe.

    Connect with Enschway: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

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    Source: Noise Prn

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