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    Pantha du Prince - Elements of Light

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  • We source our news and reviews from a number of sources.  From our local volunteer contributors (writers and reviewers) around Australia, to syndicated news sources including Your EDM, Dancing Astronaut, MixMag, By The Wavs, MNML, No Dough Music, Techno Kittens, Drum and Bass News, BBC, Junkee, and Trance Family.  Where the article has been sourced via syndication, you will find a link at the bottom of the article to the original source.

    Our local volunteer contributors are creative people who are passionate about the dance music and club scene in Australia and want to share their passion with others.  If you feel you fit into this category, we would love to hear from you!  Send us an application to become a contributor (writer / reviewer) by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/application

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      Elements Lakewood Camping Music & Arts Festival will be returning to Lakewood, Pennsylvania this upcoming Memorial day weekend 2018. After their successful inaugural festival last year, BangOn! will be returning better than ever with lots of expansion and improvements. See what we had to say about Elements Lakewood 2017 here. Over the past ten years,
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      NASA’s ‘Voyager Golden Records’ series will be released via OZMA Records 40 years after its 1977 launch into space. The compilation will debut in the form of either a two-CD or three-LP box set on Dec. 1, thanks to a successful 2016 kickstarter campaign led by David Pescovitz of Boing Boing. The fully remastered box set will come with a 96-page book complete with a photographic history of the record series, and liner notes from the series’ original producer, Timothy Ferris.
      Astronomer Carl Sagan assisted in the creation of the ‘Golden Records’ collection, a grouping of sounds reflecting the musical climate of the period. The records contained music from Louis Armstrong and Stravinsky, classical masterpieces from Bach and Mozart, and records of the word “hello” in more than 50 languages should extraterrestrial life forms encounter the series.
      Those interested in pre-ordering the ‘Voyager Golden Records’ compilation may do so via Light In The Attic here. A “Sounds of Earth” grouping of sonic effects from the ‘Golden Records’ series can be streamed prior to the record’s December release.

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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Belfast’s Calibre delivers a moody, cinematic two hour mix. Featuring brand new productions alongside music from Mala, Alix Perez, Dbridge, the late great Marcus Intalex, and even some rare BBC sound effects LPs!

      Or listen here, as long its available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08vxk1z
      1. Death of the Fly – More Death & Horror – BBC
      2. Dirty Shadows – Future Sound of London – Virgin
      3. 70’s Beauty – Hearts of Space – Rising High
      4. Five Minute Flame – Calibre – Dub
      5. You know I know & Thee know – Charles Bukowski – Caedmon Audio
      6. Intro – Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – Universal
      7. Stars We Can See – Calibre – TNS
      8. As the Earth Kissed the Moon – Michael Steams – Light In The Attic
      9. The Road – Calibre – Dub
      10. Adagio – Dick Mills – BBC
      11. Sand Promise – Calibre – TNS
      12. Thunder Fog – Calibre – TNS
      13. Trimming – Calibre – TNS
      14. Limbo – Calibre – TNS
      15. Lit – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      16. I’ll Draw You A Mountain – Kevin Verwijmeren – Icarus
      17. Wassold – Calibre – TNS
      18. Eyes – Mala – Deep Medi
      19. Softly Softly – Calibre – TNS
      20. Dutty – Calibre – Deep Medi
      21. Without You – Calibre – TNS
      22. Mars Rain – James Bernard – Rising High
      23. Love Is – Dominick Martin – Signature Recordings
      24. Wind Through Crack In A Door – More Death & Horror – BBC
      25. Round Box – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      26. Crawler – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      27. Falls To You – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      28. Blind For Bang – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      29. Footloose – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      30. The Trot – Calibre – CIA
      31. Mr Natural – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      32. Synergy – Alix Perez/Spectrasoul – 1985 Music
      33. Complain – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      34. 8 am to 1 am – Skeptical – Dub
      35. Sunrise – Calibre feat. DRS – Signature Recordings
      36. Still Aint Changed – Random Movement – Flight Pattern
      37. New Day – LSB feat. DRS – Soul:R
      38. Step Forward – Marcus Intalex – Soul:R
      39. No Discipline – Dbridge/Skeptical – Exit
      40. Innate Motion – Tokyo Prose – Soul:R
      41. Run Away – Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox – Signature Recordings
      42. If You Wait – London Grammar (Calibre Remix) – Dub
      43. Oh Please – Calibre – Signature Recordings
      44. Bullets – Calibre feat. Diane Charlemagne – Signature Recordings
      45. Field Recordings & Sound Design From End Of Summer – Johann Johannsson & Peter Albrechsen – Pattern
      46. Manchester Nights – Calibre & Marcus Intalex – Signature Recordings
      47. Field Recordings & Sound Design From End Of Summer- Johann Johannsson & Peter Albrechsen – Pattern
      48. Grips On A Baby – Mary Lattimore – Footfalls Records
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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      The Swedes’ fourth LP is something else, but something profoundly exhilarating.
      Source: BBC Dance and Electronica
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Second set from Glaswegian electro duo, successfully expanding their debut’s palette.
      Source: BBC Dance and Electronica

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