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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      D-Block & S-te-Fan released their new album Antidote last September. During Q-BASE the hardstyle DJ’s even had their own album showcase on the mainstage. The showcase received a lot of great response, since the audience went completely nuts. Now, almost two months after the release, the artists suggest that it’s time for the follow up of ‘Angels & Demons‘.
      So, a brand new track is coming up. On Instagram D-Block & S-te-Fan posted a picture of their singer. The DJ’s wonder if their fans want to hear the follow up of ‘Angels & Demons’ for Qlimax. Stay tuned!

      The post D-Block & S-te-Fan are working on a follow-up of ‘Angels & Demons’ is visible on Hard News.
      Source: Hard News NL
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Armada music has been around for over 10 years and is founded by one of the leading icons of progressive/trance music, Armin van Buren.  In recent years the label has broadened it focus to underground sounds, like Green Velvet with Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) that caught the world by surprise or Groove Armada, Cari Golden, Tiga and Atapy, to name a few more.
      Their latest release comes from Planet of Sound which to this day hasn’t brought to the table anything mind-boggling. Their latest track “We Are Together”, however, finds itself at the border between electronica and progressive in a very compelling manner to say the least.
      To top things off, the track comes with noteworthy remixes from Piemont and H.O.S.H. that changes the tracks facade. Piemont’s remix strays away quite a lot from the original. The German duo cleaves into that progressive trait of the track and layering it with a 4/4 beat that brings more of a club tune rather than a state of relaxation. With bits of summer samples retracted from the original and airy strings overflying with delay trough the course of the track, the imposing bass chord puts the finishing touches on the overall mood. It’s remade into a dance track whereas your main attention on the dance floor will be divided between a meditation sensation and a continuous beat that allows you to balance each flowing trait that comes through the track.
      H.O.S.H. is known for his ability to craft a remix and reinterprets it with his inimitable sounds while preserving the track’s tenets. This time around he does just that. With a similar layout as the original, H.O.S.H. lays out a different buildup where at first it gives the idea of a darker approach. In change, the track slowly fills with a carefree sensation as light strings bypass the authoritarian broken bass chord leaving a sense of home-bound pleasure. Passing the breakdown, the track gets seasoned with shattered-like noises over an out of this world bass chord that only accentuates in persistence. All in all the remix truly preserves the H.O.S.H. sound trademark.
      ‘We Are Together’ is available now.
      Artist PageSoundcloud
      Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (Original Mix)

      Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (H.O.S.H. Remix)

      Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (Piemont Remix)

      The post Review: Planet Of Sound – We Are Together appeared first on Deep House Amsterdam.
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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      KSHMR has been shockingly silent for the last few weeks. This seems almost silly to say considering the amount of music the producer has consistently been creating in 2017. Still we were getting used to weekly releases and have been missing the arguably best producer in the game right now. Luckily today we got great
      The post KSHMR and R3HAB Are Dropping A New Collaboration This Friday appeared first on EDM Sauce.
      Source: EDM Sauce
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      While the toxicology report containing the specific details of Lil Peep’s death has yet to arrive, police in Tucson, Arizona have reportedly received information regarding the potential presence of fentanyl in the drugs ingested by Lil Peep prior to his death.
      A potent synthetic opioid, fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, leading to an increased risk of overdose for users of drugs cut with the opioid. Fentanyl additionally augments the addictive quality of addictive substances, further increasing the chance for drug addiction and related overdoses. Fentanyl has appeared as a substance used to cut drugs on the black market, despite its toxicity — an amount of fentanyl the size of a mere grain of salt can materialize as a lethal dose. Fentanyl overdose victims are generally unaware that the drugs that they take are laced with fentanyl at the time of consumption.
      Lil Peep’s brother, Karl Ahr, stated earlier this month that the family had been informed by an unspecified source that fentanyl laced drugs could have played a part in the rapper’s death. “We have heard there was some sort of substance he did not expect to be involved in the substance he was taking,” Ahr said. “He [Lil Peep] thought he could take what he did, but he had been given something and he didn’t realize what it was.” Ahr believes Lil Peep’s death to have been a tragic accident.
      The artist’s death was determined to be a drug overdose by the local medical examiner’s office. Lil Peep’s toxicology report will be able to identify whether fentanyl was indeed involved in the overdose. Toxicology reports generally become available from a six to eight-week period.
      H/T: Complex
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      Fentanyl laced cocaine is circulating the black market in Tennessee and surrounding areas
      UK police seeking public information on Snapchat pill suppliers
      New research suggests psychedelic drugs may make people less prone to violence
      Source: Dancing Astonaut
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      UK police are calling on the public to come forward with information regarding the sale of “Snapchat” ecstasy pills. Stamped with the app’s ghost logo, the bright yellow tablets have landed two 14-year-old girls from West Cumbria in the hospital after ingesting the drugs. The hospitalizations were isolated incidents.
      Officials are now seeking out the suppliers of the Snapchat branded tablets as UK parents have reported the purchase of the £5 a piece pills by children as young as 12-years-old. Police are accepting information on the sale of the illicit substance anonymously via Crimestoppers, or at 0800-555-111.
      Source: Time and Star
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      Police in UK warn blue Tesla ecstasy may contain meth and cocaine
      Don’t swipe these: police issue advisory for pink MasterCard pills
      Turkish police seize more than 2.55-million ecstasy pills in country’s largest drug bust
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