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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      PrototypeRaptor is back at it again, this time with the release of Midnight Hour. The Tasty Network release is a bouncy complextro banger with a tech house intro. Sounds interesting right, well that is PrototypeRaptor for you. Never one to fit into any mold the Dallas Texas based producer is the definition of an outside
      The post PrototypeRaptor – Midnight Hour appeared first on EDM Sauce.
      Source: EDM Sauce
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Few will grow tired of these intimate songs living in their headphones.
      Source: BBC Dance and Electronica
    • Guest
      By Guest
      A warning has been issued for ‘blue superman’ pills being sold as ecstasy. The pills caused nearly a dozen people to be hospitalized last weekend with overdose-like symptoms, and several more to be admitted to emergency rooms.
      According to authorities, the pills being sold as ecstasy or MDMA actually contain a potent depressant similar to alprazolam, more commonly known as Xanax.
      “We are talking about a potent and fast-acting form of benzodiazepine,” said Dr Craig Sadler, director of the alcohol and drug unit at Calvary Mater Newcastle and Hunter New England Health.
      “This particular supply of illicit pills is being sold as something that it is not.”
      The danger lies in mixing this particular blend of pressed pill with alcohol, as the mixture presents a high danger when used in conjunction with other depressants, such as benzodiazepines. People who had been admitted after taking the pills were reported to have “declined rapidly and suffered varying levels of consciousness.”
      At least one suffered seizures.
      All patients eventually recovered and were discharged from hospital.
      “It is very real problem if people are taking these pills thinking they are a stimulant,” said Dr Sadler.
      “We want people to aware that what they are being sold, is not what the pills are. They should not be taken.”
      The patients, ten men and one woman, were aged between 18 and 34.
      The exact number is not known, but several other people were treated in Hunter hospitals since Tuesday after taking the pills.
      via The Herald
      This article was first published on Your EDM.
      Source: Warning Issued For Blue Superman Pills, 11 People Hospitalized
      Source: Your EDM
    • Guest
      By Guest
      The Earth’s year ends December 31st. This, we know. Pure Trance’s calendar however resolves itself a couple of months earlier. The end of October is its spiritual nigh, for it was that month six years ago, that Richard Mowatt first drew up the blueprint for Pure Trance. With Volume 1, he cast the dye and placed its foundation stone; purity-absolute has been its unswerving pursuit ever since.
      So here we are, approaching the end of another P.T. year, ready to witness a new gathering of the Pure. With five titles now under its belt, its honour roll of former mixers is already rich. Trance crusaders Giuseppe Ottaviani, Bryan Kearney, Orkidea, Gai Barone, Sneijder, and Forerunners’ mixes’ have already passed Pure’s litmus. 2017’s draft sees Netherlands based trance-master Robert Nickson and Australian fast-ascender Factor B join its illustrious roll call. Naturally Solarstone is spear-tipping this new puritan assembly, all now ready to ‘preach’ its gospel!
      The album draws its track weapons from the current and future arsenals of Pure Trance Recordings, as well as a judicious handful of like-thinking labels (Black Hole, FSOE, Flashover and Subculture among them). From their annals music & mixes from irreproachable names like BT, System F, Armin van Buuren, Andain and Three Drives abound. For every legend though, equally there is a rising star. Lostly, Peter Steele, Basil O’Glue, Future Disciple, The Noble Six, Neptune Project and couple of dozen others all bring their latest wares to Pure’s laser.
      It goes without saying (but we’ll do it anyway) that Robert, Factor B and Solarstone himself have stepped up to the plate with enough exclusives to make a tabloid weep. So hang on tight, its Volume VI time – Vive La Trance!
      Having successfully established its ‘open-till-close’ format with last year’s first triple disc edition, 2017’s sixth volume arcs the same trajectory. Anglo-Norwegian producer Robert Nickson is the man tasked with PT VI’s ‘doors-open’ set, to which he delivers a masterclass in building clubfloor suspense. Over the opening course he seeds it with the prog-trancers like David Forbes’ Monolith, Slam Duck’s ‘Mercury II’ ‘Barracuda’ from Three Drives and Forerunners’ ‘Just For A While’. At the mix’s meridian he drops ‘Atoms’ – his new RNX preparation, and under his own name, in its latest stages comes the celestial ‘Somewhere In Spacetime’. In between flows all manner of trance manna, including new works from the likes of Basil O’Glue, Lostly and Gai Barone.
      Of his participation in the album, Robert said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of ‘Pure Trance 6’. Sourcing the tracks from every corner and creating this mix took months of preparation and meticulous fine-tuning. The first disc is very special as it can create the flow and atmosphere that leads the entire album. It has presented an opportunity to showcase another side of me that others may not have heard yet. Enjoy!”
      Following Robert to the decks, well it’s that man Solarstone, up-ticking tempo, tickling the tone and investing an ever-greater sense of urgency into proceedings. His mix starts with the now-familiar opening strains of ‘A State Of Mind’, albeit in its new & exclusive Mike St. Jules’ Mix, which in turn cedes to Solarstone’s remix of Raz Nitzan & Moya ‘Clannad’ Brennan’s ‘Find The Sun’. Bookending an epic retell of Andain anthem ‘Summer Calling’ you’ll find ‘Renaissance’ from Peter Steele, Danny Eaton’s ‘Concentration’ and ‘Swelter’ by David Broaders. PureNRG’s remix of BT & JES’ ‘Every Other Way’ isn’t far behind, while Solarstone & Indecent Noise’s ‘Querencia’ and Elucidus’ Bootleg Remix of System F & Armin van Buuren’s ‘Exhale’ see it to its zenith.
      On his modus operandi for the albums, Solarstone said: “One of my aims with each new edition of this compilation is to make the mixes a combined journey. Volume 6 is, I hope, the best example yet. Robert’s completely nailed the progressive build-up and you can’t get any more euphoric than Brendan’s mix! With mine nestled nicely in the middle, this is a proper Pure Trance soundtrack.”
      The final set of ‘the night’ is mixed to nth degree perfection by Pure Trance’s now traditional new(er)comer DJ. Brendan ‘Factor B’ Blatt may have been making waves in trancedom for just 5 years, but they’ve been peaking ever higher with each 365 that’s passed. Factor B front-loads his mix with music hot off the studio desks of Neptune Project, Activa, Cold Blue and TrancEye. His own ‘Invidius’, The Noble Six’s ‘Black Star’ and ‘Colourways’, courtesy of Lostly all preface Brendan’s Back To The Future Remix of Solarstone & Scott Bond’s ‘Red Line Highway’. Bringing mix-matters to a head, Will Rees’ rework of Gai Barone’s ‘Lost In Music’ and Solis & Sean Truby ‘Coastal Route’ deliver PT:VI its final and most climactic moments.
      On receiving his Pure Trance button, Brendan says: “mixing ‘Pure Trance 6’ was one of the most exciting, yet challenging projects of my career thus far. My love for trance began during the golden era of the ‘journey mix’-compilations, ones that still give you the same thrill when you return to them years & years down the line. To me, the Pure Trance series still captures this ethos and naturally I wanted my disc on PT6 to be of the same calibre!”
      Disc 1 – Mixed by Robert Nickson
      01. David Forbes presents Hal Stucker – Monolith
      02. Slam Duck – Mercury II
      03. Matter – The Bends
      04. Forerunners – Just For A While
      05. Tencode – You’ll Never Know
      06. Three Drives – Barracuda
      07. RNX – Atoms
      08. Gai Barone – Shiny
      09. Lostly – Roam (Instrumental)
      10. Andromedha – Why We Fall
      11. David Broaders – Rumspringa
      12. Basil O’Glue – The Promise
      13. Martin LeBlanc & Nick Silvestri – Turning The Tide
      14. Tim Verkruissen & Monoverse – While The City Sleeps
      15. Stargazers – Arrival
      16. Robert Nickson – Somewhere In Spacetime
      Disc 2 – Mixed by Solarstone
      01. Solarstone – A State Of Mind (Mike St. Jules Interstellar Mix)
      02. Outer Pulse – Vixen (Pt. I)
      03. Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan – Find The Sun (Solarstone Remix)
      04. Peter Steele – Renaissance
      05. Danny Eaton – Concentration
      06. Andain – Summer Calling (Acapella)
      07. David Broaders – Swelter
      08. Eco – The Lonely Soldier (Solarstone Pure Mix)
      09. Solarstone & Alex Karweit – Choosing His Angels (Club Mix)
      10. Active Lab – Nuclei
      11. Future Disciple – Jinka Blue (Solarstone Pure Mix)
      12. Corin Bayley – Crowd Vision
      13. BT & JES – Every Other Way (PureNRG Remix)
      14. Vince Schuld – Altered Nature
      15. Solarstone & Indecent Noise – Querencia
      16. System F featuring Armin van Buuren – Exhale (Elucidus Bootleg Remix)
      Disc 3 – Mixed by Factor B
      01. Neptune Project – Proteus (Factor B Intro Edit)
      02. Activa – Meridian
      03. Cold Blue – Speed Of Life
      04. TrancEye – Illusion
      05. Allan Morrow – When They Are Gone (Factor B’s Piano Edit)
      06. Factor B – Invidius
      07. The Noble Six – Black Star
      08. Solarstone & Scott Bond – Red Line Highway (Factor B’s Back To The Future Remix)
      09. Lostly – Colourways
      10. Solis & Sean Truby pres. S&ST – Coastal Route
      11. Factor B – Liberator
      12. Gai Barone – Lost In Music (Will Rees Remix)
      13. Sholan & F.G. Noise – Broken Star
      14. DJ T.H. featuring Robin Vane – Just For You (Factor B’s Piano Edit)
      Out October 27th – Order Pure Trance VI Here
      Source: Trance Family
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Johan Gielen delivers another beautiful track to the scene. After several releases on High Contrast, the loyal trance DJ couldn’t resist releasing another masterpiece on the label. Containing beautiful chords and melodies, there’s no doubt that Hollow Shadow will hit the charts fast.
      Get your copy here: https://highcontrastrecords.lnk.to/HollowShadowyo


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