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    Shaping the Next Big Artist – The Art of Initiating a Collaboration


    Twitter strikes again! When I say that I mean Twitter just turned dreams into reality for another aspiring artist to achieve his next career milestone in the most beautiful and natural manner possible. I’m going to take this moment to introduce myself, and what I do; My name is Anthony van Atten – founder of Kill Your Ego Artist Management, and record label owner. I work as one of the heads of Jersey Terror (Record Label) which is founded by FlipN’Gawd and I’m also a representative of Exodus, owner of the prestigious Peak Hour Music.

    One of the most magical occurrences in art is when two or more artists combine their talent and skills together to make something unique and beautiful. It really is something to be said that people can come together despite hypothetically living on the other side of the world. We tend to take that for granted when this is a fairly new occurrence. It is by no surprise that people will do anything to collaborate with their favorite artist or a big name in order to propel themselves into the limelight or to freak out. Needless to say, there is a right and wrong way to go about it all especially when those forget you’re about to enter a contractual agreement with these individuals.

    Understanding a Collaboration

    Collaborations are a necessity when growing one’s brand. They provide so much outside of the final result. Think about it. You’re combining two or more artists skills and talents. By seeing what the other has done allows knowledge and thought processes to explore and delve deeper into the depths of their musical ability. Depending on the size of the artists, teams get involved. There are plenty of variables that really throw it all into a loop. Regardless, this is a union of minds. Now that you understand this, do you feel that someone is ready for this when they say “collab bro?”

    A collaboration goes on “permanent record” or rather, your discography. It goes on every participant’s. This is something that needs to represent them as much as it has to represent you. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want to collaborate with the biggest artist or an unknown artist. Maybe they want to find someone within their own sound or pull an Avicii and go off the rails and make sexy music with a totally different genre. Plus, like all creativity, maybe it just doesn’t click. Your sound that you want to share doesn’t play. It happens. It doesn’t mean it will never happen, but just not right now. Perhaps what you shared isn’t good enough. I know that is a tough pill to swallow. We can go back to the whole doesn’t mean never, but I am not going to make that generalization.

    49 / 51

    Why should an artist collaborate with you? Do you really have anything to give? What if your reach is smaller than the person you want to collaborate with? Can they recreate your sound? Is it that unique? How are you asking? So many questions. If you think your musical talent alone will do it, you better be the best person anyone has ever listened to ever or damn close. If not, then don’t freak, but think of something that makes you worthy of a listen and then a collaboration. It’s important you enter these potential musical partnerships with material that’s going to be above the standard expected, and something new being added to the table. You don’t want to just sell yourself or musical ideas to someone who can do it themselves. However, nothing is impossible and everything is absolutely possible. Before finding out your fate, make sure you’ve got an arsenal to impress. 

    The biggest issue I see is that one person is doing a favor for another producer. Well, that is if they don’t make the even bigger mistake (that I shouldn’t even have to write because this is common sense) of trying to collaborate with someone who’s musical catalogue does not even correlate with their own. This is where people tend to get the most hurt. This is where people make the biggest mistake. “Collab bro?” Maybe you want to share your work in progress so you email or a tweet. What do you have to offer to the table? What are you going to do to facilitate this collaboration? Do you even know the artist? Take time to learn about them. A little bit of homework goes exponentially further than just asking. Take the initiative by going above-and-beyond by learning their day one moves all the way up to current times, and understand them like the back of your hand. Otherwise, you’re now just in a really awkward position, and kind of look naive to them for basically discrediting their career’s work.

    The Hand That Reaches

    There’s this often misconception that artists of stature typically ignore young (in terms of career) artists or do not see their fans tweets. I say this is a misconception because people don’t necessarily understand the other’s shoes. Let me explain. Twitter is a chronological social network. That means that your tweets show up the moment they happen and ask they get older, they get pushed down further and further into an abyss. You only see tweets that mention you or the ones you scroll through. Depending on the number of people you follow or mention you, this list can be short or long. How long do you look at Twitter? Sometimes people check it at a scheduled time. Others it is sporadic. Timing is everything. This often creates a somewhat negative backlash from fans due to this. I believe that using Twitter as a tool goes equally both ways for the “artist of stature” and the up and comer or fan trying to communicate with the artist. One thing that is important to bear in mind is that, we’re all people and should therefore be treated as people. You are more prone to engaging with your idol, or favorite artist when simply making friendly conversation that is relatable. No need for aggression where you are enforcing how much of a fan you are or begging and pleading to be noticed for a tweet or follow back. These higher profile accounts do eventually see your tweets. They tend engage with the person behind those tweets in a methodical manner. After all, I did mention social media is a tool. These artists are completely aware of that and the power they also have when utilizing it with such powerful platforms their brand has built. 

    I can go into teaching you how to build relationships or networking, but we’ve covered that in quite depth. So now you have a bond flowing with the artist, you’re engaged with one another, and often in agreement over normal life talks or even musical talks at this point. You have opened the window of dialogue to be able to feel comfortable enough to share your music with them. They are now more open to listening to what you’ve got. Knowing that you’ve developed this bond is every reason to not ask them, “Hey can I send you this track I’m working on?” That’s a good way to deter them from listening with an intrigued approach. It also reveals your hand and shows you’re full of nonsense. Instead, if you’ve followed the advice I’ve mentioned throughout this article thus far, you would be making the right move by simply sharing your piece of music in a calm, and collected manner. The reason you’d share your music in a more confident approach is because you know that the product is made to impress.

    It Can Happen

    I got to witness once again the power of social media and how one’s character can really create an absolute world of difference with a direct impact on their musical career literally in minutes. I’ve watched an up-and-coming artist that goes by the name of “Sapphire” (real name; Moses) for roughly 6 years now. He has been quite the individual to know and a very intriguing producer to watch develop. The platform of choice for Sapphire’s career changing post is none other than, Twitter. Sapphire (real name Moses) tweeted to world renowned DJ/Producer tyDi. Moses sent a clip of a work in progress letting it be known that tyDi had influenced this new project to be more string based.

    Cool story bro, but tyDi doesn’t care or even listen to the video right? Wrong. Tyson (tyDi) responded to Moses saying how beautiful his WIP was to wait until he hears his music played live, and how much more magical that would feel. Amazing, right? It doesn’t stop. Moses thanked Tyson for his kind words, and let him know the amount of inspiration he has now instilled unto him to continue making and releasing music. What we have here is an artist playing his cards humbly and not trying to overbear the artist for complementing his work (which is very common and not very professional).

    Remember, a lot of this is working in the underdogs favor because he studied tyDi. He knows exactly what will spark interest in Tyson’s artistic mind solely due to the fact that he has invested a great amount of time in learning what it is that will bind the two of them together, musically. They have a common ground as music makers. That’s a special thing, and I know tyDi felt it. This picked up the traction for Moses and his followers as he continued to show gratitude, and a humble approach in all of his replies.

    Alright, we get it. Sapphire got a shout out, big deal. It did not end there. tyDi then blew everyone’s mind who was now already very enticed into watching this unravel and without a doubt made Sapphire realize that the power of his music and a proper approach with his Twitter platform could go a very long way. He received a quote tweet from tyDi now saying, “I’ve never done this before in my life. But let me help you. Wanna send me these parts, and I’ll add/work on your song.”

    If you are ever in this position, do not put yourself on a high horse, and do not over compensate your gratitude when the artist very well knows the ripple effect he’s caused in you, and your excite over the now reality that you guys will be working on a track together. Keep your cool, and continue speaking to them like the person they are. In reality, nothing has changed. You spoke to them as a colleague over time when building that relationship, and now you are actually colleagues with one another. 

    For everyone reading, I hope you are grasping how insane this actually is. It is doable and attainable. This can be for you as well when you follow the common sense rules to building a musical bond with someone you idolize. It really all just takes time to develop the skill of working social media as a tool within your brand to push your music. Now, at this point into Moses’s moment in the limelight, he calmly (and just like one artist to another) responded, “Alright will do!!!!” You’d think this closed any added opportunities now, but rather lead to a humble and individual to individual response from tyDi saying “Deal! Let’s make it a collab?”. This happened the way it did for one very simple reason. Sapphire built a relationship. He understood the artist’s interests, showcased a part of his portfolio that was worthy of sharing with tyD, appreciated the kind words, and then humbly conversed with someone he admires and looks up to artistically. If more artists understand the basic principles of how to utilize their social media, and also understand boundaries when speaking to artists they look up to, they may find this to be a more common thing. However, there are very important things to bare in mind when being in a situation like this, and finding yourself on top of the world with what is undoubtedly the next chapter to be written in your musical career.

    This is my second time as a guest writer for my friends here at By The Wavs. They have given me the privilege and honor of writing from my own perspective and achievements in the music scene. I really hope that whoever reads this, especially those young up-and-comers out there really absorb what I’ve said and the reality of what they can do at the palm of their hands with the right head on their shoulders. Feel free to drop me a DM, tweet, or follow on Twitter, my DM’s are open to everyone. I’m always chatting with people in the scene to advise and learn new perspectives, or just to be there as a supporter for you. Much love from your friend, Anthony van Atten.

    Here is the list of all the articles as we put them out week by week:

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    Source: ByTheWavs

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      How do you choose who to collaborate or tour with? Is it a style of production, technique, sheer coincidence or someone you’ve been a fan of for years? 
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      What are the top 5 essential tracks on rotation right now for you personally? What do you love about them?
      Kanye West & Lil Pump – I Love It.
      Don’t take the lyrics to literally, but the song has a good flow and it’s just so cool.
      Lil Wayne – Uproar
      This beat is just a killer, good lyrics and one of his best songs on his new album.
      Armin Van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah
      One the best EDM songs of this year, just a very catchy hook!
      Lartiste – Mafiosa
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      Juice Dreams – Lucid Dreams
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      With an intense tour schedule, have you had a chance to be a tourist and see the sites when you have visited Australia? Anything strange about the Australian culture?
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      We’re quickly getting to the end of 2018, what’s on the cards for 2019? Are there any special projects or collaborations?
      Yes, we are! We worked on our collaboration with Yellowclaw earlier this year and hopefully we will be able to release this in the beginning of 2019! We are also working with another hardstyle DJ to do another collab, but that will be a surpise !!!! We are trying to release another album ep next year and this will be full of new Showtek Music! We are working on 25 songs at the moment! So enough to everybody happy!
    • AdamMadd
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      Sydney’s global dance export, Go Freek, have just produced their catchiest tune to date. ‘Love Is The Weapon’, steps in an exciting new direction for the electronic heavyweights as they blend their signature offensive bass lines and tech-house percussion with a truly addictive topline. After spending quite some time in the U.S. smashing stages at the likes of EDC and Nocturnal Wonderland and playing European boat parties with artists such Detlef and Latmun, they’ve finally managed to find some time between drinks to get in the studio and deliver this sure hit, out today on Sweat It Out.
      "When you work on something long enough you become emotionally attached and your art becomes a part of you. In the case of ‘Love Is The Weapon’, it was in the works for over 8 months. It grew from an idea that was almost thrown away, and has now become our most unique and exciting record to date. I remember having a moment of hysterical laughter and tears when we wrapped up the final mixdown. My mum complained that after first listen she had an earworm for days to follow. We are so proud of this record." Go Freek.
      And proud as punch they should be after the career successes these boys have achieved over the years. With multiple ARIA Club Chart Top 10s, including their record breaking #1 collaboration with Dom Dolla on ‘Define’ and #2 on ‘Call Out’ and ‘Put It Down’ in 2016 and 2017 respectively. It comes as no surprise then that Go Freek have been given the nod of approval from some of the biggest names in dance, including Claude VonStroke, Camelphat, A-Trak, Don Diablo, Anna Lunoe, Claptone and most recently support from arguably the most popular DJ of 2018, FISHER, on their previous single, ‘Time’.
      With a 12 date national tour around the corner, there is no doubt ‘Love Is The Weapon’ will earworm it’s way into every aspect of your life. Be sure to send this one to your mum.
      ‘Love Is The Weapon’ is out now via Sweat It Out. 

    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      Faithless have sold in excess of 15 million records worldwide and have played live to millions across the globe
      Hits include: Insomnia // God is a DJ // Salva Mea // We Come 1
      One of the Pioneers of the dance music world: Sister Bliss from Faithless, will be touching down in Sydney this December for the first time in 10 years. Currently playing in some of the world’s hottest clubs, Sister Bliss will excite her Aussie fans with an exclusive Faithless DJ set.

      As the musical force behind Faithless, world-renowned DJ and record producer Sister Bliss needs no introduction.  Together with iconic front-man Maxi Jazz and producer Rollo Armstrong (brother of Dido), she formed Faithless: one of the most successful electronic acts with a career spanning 20 years, including 7 albums (two at number 1) and six top 10 singles.  To date, Faithless have sold in excess of 15 million records worldwide and have played live to millions across the world.
      Inspired by her love for discovering new music, Sister Bliss launched her own label: Junkdog Records.  An outlet for signing new music she believes in, Junkdog has been championing the freshest of alternative music.  Between her label duties and a busy schedule of upcoming releases, she continues to DJ & play to fans across the world.  She also broadcasts a weekly radio show, 'Sister Bliss in Session' currently syndicated to 40 countries globally.
      2015 marked the 20-year milestone in Faithless’ illustrious career and to celebrate the band curated a special remix album, ‘Faithless 2.0’, calling on the great and the good of electronic music to remix their catalogue; Avicii, Tiësto, Flux Pavilion, Above & Beyond, Booka Shade, Claptone, High Contrast, Eric Prydz, Purple Disco Machine and Armin Van Buuren.  An artistic retrospective and testament to one of the most influential bands of a generation and as revered today as when their journey began two decades ago, 'Faithless 2.0’ was released in October and went straight in at No. 1. Following this success, the band will continue to tour their iconic show, as well as working on brand new material with more to come!!
      Faithless DJ Set
      Saturday 1st December – The Court, Perth
      Buy Tickets: http://bit.ly/OneFineDay2018
      Sunday 2nd December - ivy courtyard, Sydney (Rodd Richards presents)
      Buy Tickets: https://bit.ly/2MplyHs
      Thursday 6th December – San Fran Bath House, Wellington (SOLD OUT)
      Friday 7th December – Studio, Auckland (SOLD OUT)
      Saturday 9th December – Revolver, Melbourne
      Buy Tickets: http://revolverupstairs.com.au
      For more info, go to:
      Rodd Richards Presents:
      Faithless Facebook:
      Faithless Instagram:
      Faithless Twitter:
      Sister Bliss Facebook:
      Sister Bliss Instagram:
      Sister Bliss Twitter:

    • AdamMadd
      By AdamMadd
      The entertainment stakes continue to rise for the 2018 Melbourne Cup Carnival, with one of the world’s biggest dance music festival brands, Ultra Australia, to join Flemington’s iconic Birdcage Enclosure.
      The Ultra Australia marquee will feature on the front row of the Birdcage on both AAMI Victoria Derby Day, Saturday 3 November and Seppelt Wines Stakes Day, Saturday 10 November.
      Victoria Racing Club (VRC) Chief Executive Officer Neil Wilson said the Club was pleased to welcome Ultra Australia to its impressive stable of invitation-only marquees: “This is the first time a music and festival brand has featured in the Birdcage and we’re delighted to have Ultra Australia add to the party atmosphere at Australia’s biggest party, Cup Week.”
      The marquee, themed by Ultra, will feature some of the hottest Australian and international DJs, celebrities, fashionistas and music lovers.  Travis Grech from Ultra Australia said it will be a taste of the Ultra Australia Music Festival to be held at Flemington Racecourse in February next year: “Ultra Australia is very excited about having our very own facility inside the Birdcage during the Melbourne Cup Carnival.  We will be launching the Ultra Australia Music Festival in style with our own decor, theming and entertainment to create a dance music festival atmosphere trackside,” Mr Grech said.
      The VRC lifts the Melbourne Cup Carnival curtain on AAMI Victoria Derby Day on 3 November, followed by Lexus Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday 6 November, Kennedy Oaks Day on Thursday 8 November and Seppelt Wines Stakes Day on Saturday 10 November.
      Tickets and hospitality packages can be purchased from flemington.com.au. @FlemingtonVRC @UltraAustralia #MelbCupCarnival #UltraAustralia
      The full-scale Ultra Australia event will take place in Melbourne at Flemington Racecourse – 23rd February 2019 and Sydney at Parramatta – 24 February 2019 - http://www.ultraaustralia.com.
      About Ultra Music Festival:
      Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in the city of Miami, Florida. The festival was founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes and is named after the 1997 Depeche Mode album, Ultra. Ultra Music Festival is held in Downtown Miami at Bayfront Park. It was a one-day festival from 1999 to 2006, then grew into a two-day weekend event from 2007 to 2010. Since 2011, Ultra has taken place across three days (Friday through Sunday) during the month of March. In 2012, a record attendance of 155,000 people attended the festival. In 2013, for the first time in Ultra’s history, the festival took place across two consecutive weekends welcoming a combined attendance of 330,000 people. In 2014, the festival returned to its original one weekend format, selling out pre-sale tickets in under five minutes. The most recent edition of Ultra, in 2017, welcomed 165,000 people to the festival.  As of 2016, Ultra Music Festival is home to seven stages that span the picturesque Bayfront Park which include the Main Stage, the Live stage, the MegaStructure, the Worldwide stage, the UMF Radio stage, the Resistance stage, and the Oasis stage. Other Ultra Worldwide festivals and events take place across the world in locations like: Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa; Seoul, Korea; Singapore, Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; Hvar and Split, Croatia; Mexico City, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Bogotá, Colombia; and many other destinations. At the end of Ultra Music Festival 2017, it added two more countries: India and Australia. The twentieth edition of Ultra Music Festival took place March 23–25, 2018.
      About the Victoria Racing Club and Melbourne Cup Carnival
      Host of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the Victoria Racing Club at Flemington was founded in 1864 and is the world’s largest member-based racing club, with more than 30,000 members. Regarded as the world’s most vibrant racing event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a uniquely Australian celebration of sport, fashion, food and wine and culture, attracting more than 310,000 racegoers to Flemington Racecourse over four magical racedays each year and injecting more than $444 million into the Victorian economy. The jewel in the Melbourne Cup Carnival crown is the Lexus Melbourne Cup, a 3200m Group 1 staying race, one of the world’s richest, offering $7.3 million in prize money and held on the first Tuesday in November.
      For more info on Ultra Australia, go to:

    • Nordic-By-Nature
      By Nordic-By-Nature
      YET AGAIN, Brisbane is being spoilt for choice as another great artist is set to return to the garden Capulet this weekend. OzClubbers was lucky enough to have a very candid chat with Jody ahead of this weekend's show brought to you by Lemon & Lime.
      As always with OzClubbers we like to keep it local and ask questions that the fans themselves want to know.  This Q&A was developed in collaboration with our very own Anjuna Brisbane crew!  Big ups to A.B.C Crew Admin Jason Whyte and crew member Riley Keatch.
        Artist Name: Jody Wisternoff
      Label: Anjunadeep
      What’ve you got planned for us here in Brisbane on September 16?
      Gonna be road testing a lot of new material from Anjunadeep10 which is nearing completion, a few new JW remixes, some classic WOW and just a bunch of hot shit basically! It’s gonna be a day to remember!
      You’ve been to Brisbane a few times – what do you like about?
      The parties are always daytime which I’m a huge fan of. This is a concept we’ve really embraced with the Anjunadeep open air events this summer! Capulet is such a fun spot to play, super intimate and a lovely friendly crowd. I usually end up getting kidnapped and going out afterwards too.
      How do you prepare for a set when you’re travelling?
      By listening to new music with my ears lol. But seriously, decent noise cancelling headphones are essential (BOSE) and a lot of planning in Rekordbox and Ableton. I generally like to map out my sets beforehand, although things usually change in the heat of the moment…
      Any thoughts on the progressive scene at the moment?
      In its broadest sense ie. including deep house/melodic techno/desert music etc, I think the scene is super healthy at the moment, worldwide!  Our Anjunadeep parties are starting to get booked at some of the best venues in the world. Printworks in London coming up for example. The show we did at Mirage in Brooklyn in the summer sold more tickets than a lot of the super trendy hipster parties around at that time.  Asia seems to be an expanding market for our sound right now too. So all in all I feel things are rocking at the moment!
      How is the progressive scene different to other crowds? Eg a techno or EDM crowd.
      I don’t really go to many techno parties and I know the EDM crowd is mostly very young. What I can say about the crowds we seem to pull is that people are generally extremely friendly and really care about the music. We get quite a few young ones (recent converts from trance) a few old ravers and everything in between - plus a good female to male ratio!
      Our scene here is relatively small - as a DJ do you have any thoughts on keeping the scene alive?
      Of course, because the scene is my livelihood pretty much. I can only do my bit really, a small cog in a big wheel.
      You got into music at the early age. What’s around these days that parents could show their kids to get them interested in making electronic music?
      I would suggest FL Studio (fruity loops) or garage band as an entry point. However, I did recently install FL Studio on my daughter’s laptop as an attempt to train her up as my young padwan but she only seems interested in playing Simms lol.
      Any work started on Anjunadeep 10?
      It’s nearing completion and I’ll be road testing some of it at the Brisbane show.
      Who’s your favourite producer?
      Volen Sentir.
      What do you listen to in your downtime?
      A lot of oldskool hiphop (1986 - 1990) and Rave (1990 – 1991) eg. before the BPM’s went crazy and it all got corny. Not much country music, although I do love the soundtrack to Crazy Heart!
      For more information
      Check out his latest promo mix here:
      Tickets are on final release so if haven't got a ticket for the show this Sunday 16th September get in quick!


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