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    Snapped: Red Bull Curates x CRSSD XPRESS

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    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      On Nov. 21, Canadian producer REZZ built excitement throughout the day leading up to her Denver show with a series of tweets, leaving her followers curious what sort of announcement could be coming during the show.

      On stage at the Ogden Theatre, the producer announced a huge event coming in 2018: a headline show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
      At the suggestion of her fans, the show will be called ‘REZZ Rocks.’ She hasn’t announced the date yet, but her loyal following is sure to pack the iconic venue for an unforgettable performance.
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      REZZ reveals ‘Mass Manipulation’ comic book in new ‘Premonition’ video
      Madeon slid into Rezz’s DMs with the best of intentions
      REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in ‘Mass Manipulation’ [Interview + Album Review]
      Source: Dancing Astonaut
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      Nice and easy summer vibes going on here.
      She is a Ukrainian girl and she is proud of it. The DJ touring most in all history of her country , born to a small family in a tiny village. A talented girl without any musical education – Nastia. Her career started unexpectedly in 2005 in the city called Donetsk.
      Since 2006 Nastia gained experience as a promoter, stage manager and radio show host. But her main occupation is DJing.
      For five consecutive years Nastia worked on projects of Kazantip (2006-2011). Since 2006 she has her weekly radio show  at the infamous and most popular radio stations of Europe – KISS FM Ukraine. Now its her whole project, which includes a radio show,  conceptual parties and a vinyl label, which started this year – all combined under influential name ‘Propaganda’.
      Nastia is one of very fe..
      I was born in a small village in the east of Ukraine to a normal family. Nobody was a musician in my family and there was no opportunity to obtain musical education. But I loved to dance and danced well. Through all my school years I was involved in social activities, I took part in school activities and was very active and enthusiastic.
      I have two older sisters, who lived in the near by city – Donetsk. I visited them every two weeks and this is where my first visit to nightclubs happened. This is where I realized what I wanted and everything came into focus…
      I finished school in my dear little village and then went on to the university of Donetsk to the Marketing faculty.
      I immediately found my first job as a dancer in the best club of the city. After some time, this was not enough anymore, and I wanted to move forward, so I began to spin. That was 2005….
      In 2006 was the first time I came to Kazantip. Since then many things have changed. I changed.
      I worked in Kazantip since 2006 until 2011, playing in different parties, managing the studio of the infamous KISS FM radio station, where I also have my own radioshow. Now this weekly radioshow of mine is called  ‘Propaganda’, which is also the name for my new label, launched recently in 2013.
      Since 2009 I have been touring frequently. The last three years I have had no free weekends. I have played in many cities throughout Europe and further abroad to Japan, North Africa, South America, Mauritius. In Russia and Ukraine I am performing less now.
      For a short time I also worked as a promoter, organizing my own parties. Later on I just decided to work on one event once a year together with the team Feeleed from Odessa. This event, which we make together is my birthday party, where my friends and close artists gather from all over the world.
      I have never been a resident of any club, but recently this changed; I simply could not resist the offer from Arma17 and since 2010 I am their resident and this is a big honor for me.
      Arma17 is something unique. I can not even a club, it’s just so much more. It’s much more important, more interesting and complete. It’s one of a kind in the whole world and it’s my second home. Soon after I also joined the Feeleed family, they became my family in Ukraine.
      I am not a producer. I am a true DJ. I am one of a few, who builds their music career through the performance of DJ’ing. I spend time in the studio over the last 2 years, but for now there is still not enough to present for your musical pleasure. Although producing doesn’t really interest me – I know that my best skill is at mixing records.
      In 2011 the first release was made of mine and Sasha’s (Alexander Pavlenko / Sunchase) collaboration named ‘He & She’ on the label Musik Gewinnt Freunde. Until today it’s our only release, because we are both busy at the moment. There is little time left for studio for me, so I use this time to producer under the name ‘Nastia’.
      Recently I was part of the Bullitt Agency. We worked together just one year. But circumstances forced this to end and my decision was to continue on my own, how I always worked before.
      I love my hobby, which transformed into my profession and my way of life during recent years. My aim is to see as many people as possible on the dancefloor and to dance with them, leading the mood with what unites us all – music.  I am what I do.
      The post Nastia – sunset dnb mixmag set appeared first on Drum and Bass News.
      Source: Drum and Bass News
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Red Rocks is one of the best music venues in the world, so when you have an artist like Deadmau5 playing there – on his Cube 2.1, no less – then it’s really something special.
      We had one of our staff at the show, who recorded parts of a new song played at the show, but that wasn’t the only one. The aftermovie released today contains another new song by deadmau5, which is called “A Seed.” It’s the second track in the aftermovie, preceded by deadmau5 x Shotty Horroh’s “Legendary.”
      Hopefully this ends up on deadmau5’s new album, which he’s already said he expects to come out next spring.
      Check out the video now here:

      Photo via Rukes.com
      This article was first published on Your EDM.
      Source: Deadmau5 Shares New Song “A Seed” In Red Rocks Aftermovie
      Source: Your EDM
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Dance music’s big cheese has a new song on the way.
      The second half of deadmau5‘s ‘lots of shows in a row’ initiative landed the producer at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater yesterday evening. Loading some of the largest hits from his library on the decks, deadmau5 catered to the crowd by playing his classics, but didn’t hesitate to incorporate some of his latest work, debuting a brand new track from his Cube 2.1. Deadmau5 did not share the song’s title, rendering the release mysterious in its name and impending release date, but a fan’s video of deadmau5’s latest offers a preview of the track that should effectively satisfy fans until the song officially drops.

      H/T: Your EDM
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      Deadmau5; Ghosts N Stuff (Matroda Remix)
      Deadmau5 cancels Toronto show, reschedules as TESTPILOT
      Deadmau5 partners with Blackcraft Cult clothing for new merch line
      Source: Dancing Astronaut
    • OzClubbers
      By OzClubbers
      The producer takes over the Roundhouse in London in February
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