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    Spotify is now worth $16 billion in private trades

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  • We source our news and reviews from a number of sources.  From our local volunteer contributors (writers and reviewers) around Australia, to syndicated news sources including Your EDM, Dancing Astronaut, MixMag, By The Wavs, MNML, No Dough Music, Techno Kittens, Drum and Bass News, BBC, Junkee, and Trance Family.  Where the article has been sourced via syndication, you will find a link at the bottom of the article to the original source.

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      Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist could soon account for user preference.
      Discover Weekly relies on an algorithm to compile a list of songs that would likely appeal to the listener, given the Spotify user’s listening history. The playlist refreshes each Monday, routinely offering new recommendations for streamers.
      The playlist’s weekly renewal is favorable for the Spotify users that find their Discover Weekly collection to be irreflective of their tastes, but if Spotify moves ahead with its latest trial feature, listeners will be able to have more input in the formation of their Discover Weekly playlist. Spotify is accordingly testing a like/dislike feature to be used in conjunction with Discover Weekly. The like/dislike function is comparable to that of Spotify’s Daily Mix, which allows users to up-vote or down-vote a track, effectively reshaping the algorithm used to create the mix via vote. To like a song, Spotify users need only to click the heart button representative of “like.” To dislike a track, users can click the blocked sign button, indicating that one does not like the tune.
      The like/dislike button for the Discover Weekly playlist currently appears to be randomly distributed among Spotify accounts, as some patrons of the streaming service have reported that they do not in fact have the ability to like or dislike songs from the weekly compilation. Spotify has not announced when the feature will become uniformly applied across Spotify accounts.
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      On November 25th, Psy tweeted his thanks to all of his fans for watching “Gangnam Style” over three billion times on YouTube. Psy took to Twitter to say “‘Gangnam Style’ got 3 billion views!! THX.” While Psy said that he is ready to move on from his 2012 hit, the music video continues to be
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      Since its founding in 2006, Spotify has completely transformed the world of music and become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The innovative music streaming platform has now bought Swedish online  music studio start-up Soundtrap for an undisclosed amount. Since the start of 2016, Spotify has made nine acquisitions and also attempted to purchase Soundcloud before ultimately backing out of negotiations. Now, Spotify has added yet another intriguing element to its ever-growing arsenal.
      Soundtrap is a Stockholm-based company with 35 employees, valued at $ 25 million last year. The platform allows users to collaborate in real time by storing projects to the cloud which can then be accessed and edited via a number of supported devices. In a recent blog post from its website, the company touched on the new deal with Spotify and stated that: “The essence of Soundtrap is to give easy-to-use, collaborative, music-making capabilities to anyone with an electronic device and a passion for music. CEO Per Emanuelsson also spoke to Di Digital about the new merger stating: “We’ve captured creative people who don’t like the complexity in normal music software. The simplicity helped the service break through in schools.”
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      Berlin’s dance temple Berghain will see out 2017 in the only way it knows how: by throwing a 60-hour party featuring the cream of the techno crop.
      Longtime residents Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, Norman Nodge and Steffi will hold the floor alongside selectors like The Black Madonna, Ryan Elliot and Dr Rubinstein. Over 40 artists will perform across the four venues in the club complex, being Berghain, Panorama Bar, XXX-Floor, and Elektroakustischer Salon.
      Read More Watch Conan O'Brien get turned away at Berghain   It’ll kick off at midnight on Saturday December 30 and stretch on until Tuesday January 2. Of course, you getting in depends  on whether you can get past the terrifying doorman, Sven. If the BBC’s head-scratching advice is anything to go by, you should just “wear black”, “not laugh too loud”, and “not bring too many friends.”
      Check out the full line-up below.
      Berghain Silvester Klubnacht line-up
      Answer Code Request
      Ben Klock
      Dr. Rubinstein
      Etapp Kyle
      Ray Kobosil
      LSD [Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell, David Sumner (Function)]
      Marcel Dettmann
      Mykki Blanco
      Norman Nodge
      Panorama Bar
      Anthony Parasole
      Danny Tenaglia
      Gerd Janson
      Massimiliano Pagliara
      Nick Höppner
      Roi Perez
      Ryan Elliott
      Tama Sumo
      The Black Madonna
      Elektroakustischer Salon
      B12 (live)
      Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement [Dominick Fernow]
      Nathan Fake

      Article image by Ole Westermann
      The post Berghain’s throwing a 60-hour New Year’s Eve party worth flying for appeared first on inthemix.
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