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    Adam Madd
    Adam Madd

    Venue review: Bar Lourinhã

      Category: Venue Review

    At first glance, you might think this cosy bar seems to have all sorts of random nic-nacks on the walls, none of which seem to follow any certain theme.  But thats its thing - the collection of random objects all over the place.


    Bar Lourinhã is one of those cosy table-service bars where you will have an endless number of topics to talk about with your friends.  Or if you are going it alone, with the bar staff.  The walls of this bar are reminiscant of a bowerbird nest.  You start to get the feeling after looking around that there seems to be a mild spanish or mexican theme to the objects, but then something random stands out and you're left wondering - how does this all fit together?


    The drinks menu is several pages long, with a range of tasty cocktails, beers and ciders, a wide selection of wines, and of course spirits of different varieties.  Whatever your poison, its pretty certain that they have it.  And if they don't, the staff are happy to arrange something for you that fits with your taste quite nicely.  


    On to the staff, this crew are some of the chattier ones that I've struck in my time in Melbourne.  Happy to have a fun conversation about anything, not just the unique objects on the wall or the type of alcohol you prefer.  Our waitress was telling us about her Bali holiday plans and how she was flying out the following morning.  Kudos to her for working the night shift and then flying to Bali in the morning, I wouldn't have been able to do it.


    The food menu, while a bit short, is quite special.  Chef Matt McConnell, who has been a staple in the Melbourne bar and restaurant scene for quite some time now, and is also the owner of the bar, has created a unique menu that comprises of a variety of tapas and mains inspired by his jouneys throughout Europe. And if you aren't sure about the menu, ask the staff, there are some "secret" specials that you'll find quite amazing! 


    Musically, you'll find your usual background bar music, nothing that stands out, but you don't go to this bar for the music.


    Overall, Bar Lourinhã is a great place to enjoy some social drinks without the need to worry about lining up at the bar.  Definitely worth taking a look at.



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    • Adam Madd
      By Adam Madd
      Here is one of the interesting little places that you would expect to find in Melbourne.   Located on the corner of Flinders and Malthouse Lanes, this is a bar that would fit right at home with Alice in Wonderland. In fact, I'm sure the Mad Hatter would have spent some time drinking here after his tea party.
      The entrance to this bar is a bit of a secret, but we Melbournians like a secret entrance. Push a glass door and you're presented with a small space which contains a massive 2m+ tall ballerina dressed in all black, called Gem.  Under Gem is a massive key.  Give that key a twist, and suddenly music starts, a secret door opens, and you are transported into this beautifully adorned art deco bar called Trinket.
        This is where I don't want to say, "but wait, there's more", but there is.  Notice that old wardrobe to the left?  The one that looks like it would fit in The Chronicles of Narnia?  Open the door, push through the coats, and head downstairs to the lower level where table service is the norm.
      But back to the main bar.  Nothing has been spared on the fit out of this gem (no pun intended).  Its adorned with all sorts of eclectic odds and ends, from vintage books, ornate classical lighting (including the black tutus on the lights), unusual sculptures, and a beautiful (and warm) fireplace.
      The drinks are good too.  The main cocktail menu comprises of drinks that suit the theme of the place, or at least the unofficial mascot, Gem.  There's "The Ballerina", "The Gem", "Centre Stage", plus a selection of "twisted cordials", where you pick your flavour and poison.  But that’s just one menu.  Look around a bit, as the "other" menu is a little bit scarcer and often nabbed by other people in the bar.  This is the REAL drinks menu.  I didn't count the pages, but you can see from the photo how thick it is.  The bar staff were super helpful and super friendly and were able to accommodate our slightly less-than-standard requests, and did it with a smile and a chat, even in the busy period.
      If food is your thing, you can't go past the "Feed Me" menu.  We tried this and between two of us, were unable to finish it.  From triple cheese cigars with smoked ash aioli, delicious flatbreads to suit any taste, through to bacon smoked nuts.  In fact, those nuts were so good, I had to ask for a take home pack - but don't ask for yours, that was a once off thing.
      Musically, you can expect to hear classic disco and deep house played from their resident DJs on weekends.  There's no dancefloor, or space to dance, but you don't go to bars like Trinket for that.  We can't tell you who the DJs were, and I will be honest, their technical skills behind the decks were a bit rough around the edges, but the selection of tunes was just sublime and exactly what you would expect from a quality bar such as Trinket. There's always something to be said about a DJ who knows how to play the right tracks to suit to the venue.
      If you're worried about crowds, best to go mid-week.  Friday and Saturday nights can get quite busy and it can be hard to get a table, but if you don't mind standing or sharing a table with strangers, then you'll look past how busy it is on these nights. Besides, sharing a table with strangers can be the best way to meet new friends!
      Trinket is one of those bars that slots right in amongst Melbourne's unique scene, and is definitely worth the visit.
          Have you been to Trinket?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below!  
    • BrendanClay
      By BrendanClay
      Purchase Tickets: Music Genre: Deep,Disco,Funk,House Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/164773337513349/ So, we're back in action at Alex Ludlow's weekly project at Stanleys on Stanley—this time for an official Attic-themed takeover.

      You know the score by now... expect our signature sound of low-slung deepness with a disco edge; this time, over the course of the entire evening!

      This is all taking place on Friday, 23 March...

      Line-up, as follows:

      Andrew Fazzolari

      Brendan Clay

      Tooz Enuf


      About Tooz Enuf:

      Also joining us on the bill is 'Tooz Enuf’, a local up-and-coming duo made up of Mark Hamilton and Josh Evans.

      Mark and Josh are a couple of young, fiercely loyal supporters of Attic, who embody the virtues for which our fair brand stands: digging deep to find quality tunes, uncompromising on taste, and having a great time while you're doing it.

      Like us, these two possess a thirst for the low, slow, disco-driven house selections, and aren't too shabby on the 1s and 2s, either!

      As such, we’re thrilled to welcome them aboard.

      We'll be kicking things off nice and early at six o'clock and running the tunes right throughout the evening.

      Come and join us for an end-of-week beverage and a boogie...


      About Attic:

      'Attic' is the brainchild of Sydney jocks, Brendan Clay and Andrew Fazzolari; devised as a medium to promote their love for low, slow grooves, thick basslines and loose percussion.

      Attic is tailored to those searching for an avenue for deep, soulful, disco-infused and melodically-centric house music.

      Fundamentally, its focus is the promotion of quality, hand-picked local talent; while regularly welcoming selectors from around the globe, mirroring its ethos and vision.

      Since its inception, Attic has hosted four standalone events—featuring renowned artists, Fouk, Nachtbraker, Folamour and Laurence Guy—as well as appearing all around Sydney for invitational takeovers, radio appearances, and exclusive showcase sets.

      2017 was a positively memorable first full year of Attic action; the boys' enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for quality house music continue in full swing...

      deep • low-slung • disco


      Stanley's is located at 79 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst.
    • Nordic-By-Nature
      By Nordic-By-Nature
      The Tivoli, Hardware, Bush Records and Carl Cox announce today, a change of venue for PURE 2018.  
      For reasons relating to trading hours and liquor licensing, Family Nightclub will now play host to this event in Brisbane, taking place on the same scheduled date. 
      Patrons who have previously purchased tickets through Ticketmaster will be issued with a full refund. 
      Tickets for the Family show will go on sale through: Eventbrite this Thursday 15th March.
      One of Australia and New Zealand’s most loved techno event, returns for its third year, to announce another huge lineup. 
      PURE, presented and curated by: Carl Cox, Eric Powell of Bush Records and Richie McNeill of Hardware, will see
      Paco Osuna (Spain), Nastia (Ukraine) and Fabio Neural (Italy) take PURE to the next stage in 2018. 
      After its first year in Ibiza, winning best event of the summer in September 2017, this year the Australian leg expands to include: Brisbane for the first time alongside regulars Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.  PURE 2018 will tour Australia and New Zealand over the ANZAC Day weekend in April.
      Celebrating techno and house music, PURE has quickly established itself as a ‘must attend’ event for dance music fans across the two countries, thanks to its reputation as an event where the audience can make a special connection with the DJs.
      In April of 2016, Carl Cox launched the first installment of his PURE event in Australia.  Taking place in Melbourne and Sydney, the event showcased players from the global Techno and House movements. 
      Paco Osuna from Spain has enjoyed being a local hero in Ibiza for years.  He is one of, if not Spain’s most famous DJ from playing the legendary Florida 135 in Barcelona regularly, to playing heavily across Ibiza during the summer as well as the infamous Elrow parties. Nastia from the Ukraine needs no introduction with her blend of driving techno fused with Detroit tones.  The fastest rising DJ from this sector of the planet.  Fabio Neural from Italy is best known for his output on Carl’s Intec Digital label.  Playing Ibiza at Pure this year at Privilege, he’s shown us what he is capable of with his driving techno reminiscent of his peers Joseph Capriati and Marco Carola.
      Join us for a night of Pure techno, delivered with incredible sound in an old fashioned no nonsense, no fluff rave atmosphere.
      PURE 2018 Line-up:
      Carl Cox (Frankston)
      Paco Osuna (Spain)
      Nastia (Ukraine)
      Fabio Neural (Italy)
      Eric Powell (Australia)
      And more to be announced.
      Friday 20 April - Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
      Saturday 21 April - Festival Hall, Melbourne
      Tuesday 24 April - Metro City, Perth (Anzac Day Eve)
      Friday 27 April - Family, Brisbane (New Venue update) – Tickets on-sale this Thursday 15thMarch via Eventbrite.com.au
      Saturday 28 April - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
      For more info on Hardware, go to:
    • Adam Madd
      By Adam Madd
      Ozclubbers video review by Louise Lou Lou & Mc Wormie from the Lu-Lu & Wormie Breaky Show on 97.1 Sweet FM & Marizma Snips aka MC Mj (Music Promoter)
      Tracks reviewed:
      Metroplane - Word of mouth
      Alex Preston - Feel It
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