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    We asked the experts to rate Goldie’s biggest tunes


    It’s been a huge year for the legend known as Goldie and his Metalheadz imprint. For the label, its been a steady flow of quality releases taking Metalheadz to new heights, whilst receiving a lot of positive response to his long awaited brand new album, The Journey Man. It’s been a year of interviews and gigs, not to mention a new book scheduled for release anytime soon…. safe to say, there’s been a lot of hype and chit chat surrounding the Drum and Bass legend.

    With a return visit finally just around the corner, the hype has carried over to Sydney. It’s time…. Goldie is about to land for a New Years Day throw-down at The Oxford Art Factory. We spoke to the support acts and promoters involved to get their two cents recently as to what tunes by Goldie or as Rufige Kru have helped shape their Drum and Bass journey over the years.

    Get hyped! *gunfingers*

    SLICE, (Inna Riddim)

    This is a track that often gets overlooked for its massively popular flip-side ‘Beachdrifta’ that has garnered a cult following (and rightfully so). While ‘Beachdrifta’ was never favoured in the raves (perhaps for being too soft), ‘Stormtrooper VIP’ with its edgy arrangement, haunting samples, big breaks and typified Metalheadz sound was. Released around the turn of the millennium, I’ve got great memories of hearing this featured on Fabio & Grooverider’s (now defunct) Radio 1 show and subsequently in the dance.

    NERGAL (Promoter of CHARADES)

    When I 21 and first started venturing out of house / techno parties back home in NZ, I discovered Fu/Zen which was Auckland’s leading underground venue in hosting bass events. I didn’t really understand what drum & bass and jungle was as it was all very new to me, I remember one the first memorable tunes that connected with me was Hyena, I asked someone on the dance floor the track ID and it’s stuck with me ever since..

    ALF (Airbourne)

    My pick is Kemistry from the Timeless album. The eerie and melancholic pads in this tune always stirs my emotions, makes me feel his loss..

    ELLA LYONS (Riot Club)
    GOLDIE – Angel

    My favourite tunes are always the one that take you to a different place for a couple minutes. The atmosphere and transition of this song reminds me of the feeling of walking into a dark rave when its sunny outside. a great transitioning tune!

    ALICE D (Afterlife)

    It’s Goldie and KRS ONE. I don’t believe this needs an explanation. I have this on wax and I intend on getting it signed at the gig.

    ROWDY ONE (Promoter of RIOT CLUB)

    DRUMS!!! I had come from a raver background digging for breakbeat hardcore mid 90’s and slowly started discovering the world of jungle and drum and bass. And then this… no idea how and when I first heard it during the pre shazaam and internet era. It was a little hardcore, a little menacing, all dark rolling stepper vibes… THIS IS QUINTESSENTIAL METALHEADS. To me, it nails the Metalheadz sound and vibe of the time. Check out the SOURCE DIRECT remix also! BRRRRRRAAAP….


    I’m going to go new school here with my tune choice! There’s no secret of my love for Ulterior Motive and I think the combination of the duo together with Goldie in this collaboration has created something so beautiful and uplifting! Goldie is so passionate about what he does and I feel that passion really shines through here which is so credible after so long in the game.

    ROYALSTON (Medschool)

    This was a mind blowing tune to hear in the late 90’s – I used to have a recording of it off local radio that I wore out. It has such a dark atmosphere without being scary and the eerie computer generated vocal is amazing. I also love how you can hear all the producer’s individual styles in the track. This was a massive influence on my music.

    XION (Afterlife)

    The epitome of good rave music. Nuff said.

    ANGEI (Promoter of BASS DROP)

    The very first Goldie tune I ever heard just so happened to be the big one, Inner City Life. It’s an absolute classic which every one knows and I think a lot of people including myself can relate to. The lyrics touch on the rat race and trials of living in a big city. However for a song that touches on such a subject, it is beautiful and haunting, beautifully sung by the amazing Diane Charlemagne. It was such a loss last year when she passed.
    When he played it at my first Garden Party experience years ago everyone surrounding me sung together, hugged and it was all a little emotional to be honest. It’s an all time classic.

    What do you make of their selections? Be sure to catch GOLDIE at OAF on new years day. Grab your tickets here.

    Source: Stoney Roads

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