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    What You Need to Know About EDC Traffic/Freeway Closures

    Ozclubbers Staff

    For all of those folks getting ready to be under the Electric Sky this weekend at EDC Las Vegas, there’s some travel info you need to know.

    The Nevada Department of Transportation has notified everyone that they will be shutting down U.S. Highway 95 at Interstate 15. The road closure will take place from May 18 at 10 pm through May 21 at 5 am. Below is a helpful picture to help you plan your routes.

    It is said this is part of a freeway project called ProjectNeon. For those who don’t know, this is a nearly 20-year-long project that includes expanding the I-15. It is said that it should be completed before EDC 2019.

    Since the news, Insomniac has released an official statement. Check it out below!


    Late last week, we learned that the Nevada Department of Transportation would be closing I-95 for construction during EDC weekend, as part of Project NEON. For those who aren’t aware, Project NEON is Las Vegas’ nearly 20-year I-15 expansion initiative, which should be complete before EDC Las Vegas 2019. While we have been working with them since this announcement to make sure I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd will remain open and our guests can get to the festival in a timely manner, this closure may cause some delays.

    Insomniac works year-round to create the best experience for our Headliners; this includes constantly improving the logistics of getting to and from the festival. In light of this recent news, we have been working around the clock to increase the capacity of the Official EDC Shuttles. We have contracted shuttles from all over the country to increase our fleet by more than 50 percent, and we have expanded the footprint of our stops to expedite the loading process for these additional shuttles. In addition to adding more staff at our stops, we have included prescreening, so you can walk straight into EDC without further delay. These shuttles will be traveling to and from the festival on exclusive routes that have been secured with the help of the Nevada Department of Transportation.


    If you do decide to travel to the festival on your own, we suggest the following tips:

    Rideshare & Carpool: Gather as many of your friends as possible, and find the biggest Uber you can. Ridesharing will not only take cars off the road, but it will help avoid backup in the parking lots. Don’t want to Uber? Encourage your friends to consolidate into fewer vehicles and carpool to the show.

    Travel During Off-Peak Hours: Just like the daily commute in your city, EDC also experiences a “rush hour” between 9pm and 11pm. This year, EDC will open the gates to cosmicMEADOW each day at 3pm for our first-ever Opening Ceremonies. Come join us all three days as a handpicked selection of DJs curate some beautiful vibes on the lush grass of this special stage.

    Stay Up-to-Date: Please consult the Waze navigation app for real-time traffic and the best available routes. Waze has partnered with Project NEON to provide the most up-to-date information and routing while the roads and traffic continue to shift with the construction. And if you haven’t already, download the official EDC Las Vegas app and follow EDC Las Vegas on Twitter to stay in the loop with the most current traffic information.

    We can’t wait to see you Under The Electric Sky!

    The post What You Need to Know About EDC Traffic/Freeway Closures appeared first on Noiseporn.

    Source: Noise Prn

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