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  • The "No Pants Subway Ride" is part of a global event, created by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002.

    WARNING: This is only for people who love a laugh, like having a bit of fun, and don't take themselves too seriously! :D

    I'm guessing that if you are looking at this page, you are wondering whether the Brisbane No Pants Subway Ride is on in 2018?  Well, IT IS!

    Do you have a few hours free on Sunday 7th January 2018, and, like us, think pants are over-rated and should be hidden away like the annoying thing they are, oh and plus you like the idea of catching a train without pants along with a bunch of others just for the sake of it? Think it'd be cool to give unsuspecting commuters something random to laugh at and talk about?

    Then we want you!!!!  And your friends too!!!!




    RSVP-on-Facebook.png tellafriend.png

    Tell your friends about it! Use the hashtag #NPSR when posting to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed

    In short, we plan to converge, catch various trains, remove our various pants and feel the liberating rush of catching public transport without pants !  And oh yes, you must wear underpants!

    >> Complete logistics will be released closer to the date <<

    See one of the previous years videos here:  







    Or view it (and more videos) here: https://www.facebook.com/BrisbanePopupComedy  

    View the facebook event (and any updates) here: (Make sure you RSVP!)

    BRISBANE (Sunday 14th Jan)https://tinyurl.com/bne2018nopants   

    Not in Queensland? Our buddies in other states aren't shy either.  We will post up links as they become available

    OVERSEAS ??? No reason why you have to miss out !

    New York: https://improveverywhere.com/missions/the-no-pants-subway-ride/

    Find more from our buddies overseas by checking this site out: http://improveverywhere.com/missions/the-no-pants-subway-ride/

    The No Pants Subway Ride is a global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002. Check http://www.improveverywhere.com! This will be the 17th year they've done it, so get amongst this global thing!  Check out this video below of our friends in New York doing theirs in 2014.

    Want to make a bit of an impact with the ride but not sure what to wear as an extra to your outfit?

    Try these suggestions for the top half of your body:
    * High Vis construction clothes
    * Business suit
    * Motorbike rider clothes 
    * Defence Force clothes (or imitation of)
    * Firefighter clothes

    Or if you want to add some props to your whole get up, here's some suggestions:
    * Bicycle
    * Pram
    * Shopping Bags
    * Briefcase (goes well with the business suit)
    * Fake pregnancy belly (females only of course)
    * High socks with or without print on them

    Remember, the basic concept is to ride the train without pants and pretend that it is the most normal, regular thing to do. If people were to see one person entering the train without pants on, they could easily pass them off as a crazy. But when more and more people enter the train without pants on with them, their reactions are just priceless! If you are keen to participate, but are a bit uncomfortable or nervous about wearing underwear on the train, wear boxers. They're practically shorts anyway. If you are a bit more daring, throw on a pair of boyshorts/boylegs or trunks. It would be even funnier if they have some unusual or funny print on them too! And if you are really REALLY confident, go a pair of briefs! Just remember, no underwear that screams "I am doing a crazy stunt!". And no G-Strings (thong underwear) or revealing underwear! We don't want to offend regular passengers. And if you have worries or concerns about your "bits" accidentally showing or hanging out, secretly wear another pair of underwear underneath.

    So what do I need on the day ???
    * A valid ticket MUST be purchased prior to the ride or GO CARD with enough funds on it to travel across multiple zones - THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.
    * A small bag or backpack - To put your pants and valuables in.
    * An item to keep you occupied - Book. Tablet. iPod. Mobile. Laptop. Whatever


    Read these ones from our valued listeners! Or post them on the event wall on facebook!
    "So whats the difference between swimmers and underpants".... Not alot really when you think about it these days..
    "So why can't i wear swimmers then?".. Swimmers.. In public.. Well that'd just be weird now, wouldn't it!
    "Can i wear a skirt?" - well yes, as long as it comes off too, cause thats not playing fair for all those who wore pants! Underpants only, friends!
    "What train(s) do i have to catch and where do I get off?" - We will be providing you with a Guide which will tell you which trains to catch and when to get off and where at the briefing on the day
    "Do I turn up to the meeting point with my pants off?" - Definitely not. Please arrive with your pants on.
    "How will I know when to take my pants off?" - We will give you this information on the day at the briefing.
    "Is there an after party?" - Yes. And you will be able to go there in your underpants. We will advise where closer to the date.
    "Can i take my shirt off too?" - NO. Taking your shirt off could be portrayed as though you are stripping, and we want to keep this as far away from a appearing as a public nuisance as possible.
    "What should i do while i am riding the train or tram?" - Again, thats up to you. Some suggestions are: read magazines and books, play hand held gaming devices, use your phones / tablet / laptop, and so on. You want to give the impression that you are doing something that is normal, so don't do anything that you normally wouldn't do while travelling on public transport.
    "I'm a bit shy, what can you suggest?" - If you are a bit shy about taking your pants off and letting people see your underwear, try wearing boxers. They are practically shorts anyway. If you feel a bit more confident than that, try boylegs/boyshorts or trunks. And of course, for the most daring, briefs! But just remember, your pants / shorts / skirt / lower part of the costume has to be able to come off.
    "Can I wear a G-String / Thong / Revealing underwear?" - Simply put, no. While we applaud your courage for wanting to give it a go in public, we don't want to offend regular passengers. There's also the little matter of how flashing your butt in public could be construed as a public nuisance, and we aren't responsible for any fines you get from the police for doing that! (QPS info here)
    "Do i have to wear underwear? Can I come naked / go commando?" - Again, no, for the same reasons as the previous question.
    "Can i act the part of an unassuming commuter to start with then join in?" - You are more than welcome to do this. The trains we ride on travel back and forth through Central, so once you have been given the schedule on the day, you can wait for one of the trains to pass back through Central and jump on and join in then!
    "Can i bring props?" - Most definitely! In fact, we encourage it! Dress up in the most unassuming or outrageous outfit you have! For example, if you have a bicycle, bring that along! In previous years, we have had people dressed up in suits looking like they were attending a business meeting, people bringing prams with babies in them, and even bike riders in sports clothes, just to mention a few examples.

    If you have any other questions, post them on the facebook event wall, we will attempt to answer them there. So tell all your friends you had plans with to forget that and come with you to this! Come and feel the rush of the cool air between your knees!

    What do we need from you?

    1. Click on our facebook link here and RSVP (https://tinyurl.com/bne2018nopants)
    2. Make sure the only thing in your schedule for Sunday 7th January 2018 is the No Pants Subway Ride
    3. Wash your best or cutest pair of undies ready for the day
    4. Bring your own backpack or bag on the day to carry your pants and other accessories you need (such as Go Card, wallet/purse, etc)

    Lock this date in! We'll let you know the exact details between 48 and 72 hours prior to the event!

    What we CAN tell you so far is this:
    1. You will be travelling between 2 zones on the Translink network and passing through Central a number of times.
    2. You will be invited to post-ride activities in your pantslessness if you choose to come along
    3. A Briefing will be given by Agents on the day on where we will be going!
    4. There WILL be an after party, we will announce it closer to the day.  



    We need help from you!

    Not too keen on subjecting Brisbane to the emotional trauma of seeing your legs?

    That's cool - We need volunteer helpers too !

    Video and Hidden Cameras - If you possess any form of HD cam we could use you to secretly film reaction of passers by., for the purposes of a YouTube video at a later date. We don't care if you spent $1000 on it or if it's a mobile phone cam. Contact us so we can integrate you into the ride correctly and then when it's done send us your footage.

    Still Photographers - If you fancy yourself as semi-professional and think you can assist, we're happy to hear from you.
    Please be under NO illusions that during the ride you WILL be part of a team of "planted" snappers, and allocated a role or location for part of the ride, in order to ensure we maximise our chances of capturing (often missed) public reactions.

    Your work will be credited on our site with appropriate links to your site/services/contact details if you wish.
    Your work "may" be featured internationally on the Improv Everywhere site without your consent.

    If you want to help, please contact us at


    If you are a twitter user and posting it on twitter, tag your posts with #NPSR and @improvevery so everyone can follow along.


    Please note that some of the content on this page was taken and modified from our friends organising the Sydney No Pants Subway Ride. Thanks to them for coming up with it. Thanks also to Improv Everywhere for coming up with the whole idea of the No Pants Subway Ride!

    No Pants Train Ride Brisbane

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