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  1. Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist could soon account for user preference. Discover Weekly relies on an algorithm to compile a list of songs that would likely appeal to the listener, given the Spotify user’s listening history. The playlist refreshes each Monday, routinely offering new recommendations for streamers. The playlist’s weekly renewal is favorable for the Spotify users that find their Discover Weekly collection to be irreflective of their tastes, but if Spotify moves ahead with its latest trial feature, listeners will be able to have more input in the formation of their Discover Weekly playlist. Spotify is accordingly testing a like/dislike feature to be used in conjunction with Discover Weekly. The like/dislike function is comparable to that of Spotify’s Daily Mix, which allows users to up-vote or down-vote a track, effectively reshaping the algorithm used to create the mix via vote. To like a song, Spotify users need only to click the heart button representative of “like.” To dislike a track, users can click the blocked sign button, indicating that one does not like the tune. The like/dislike button for the Discover Weekly playlist currently appears to be randomly distributed among Spotify accounts, as some patrons of the streaming service have reported that they do not in fact have the ability to like or dislike songs from the weekly compilation. Spotify has not announced when the feature will become uniformly applied across Spotify accounts. H/T: Mashable Read More: Spotify submits $43.4-million-dollar settlement in class action lawsuit Spotify acquires cloud based collaborative DAW New Spotify data shows sharp increase in listening time, artist diversity Source: Dancing Astonaut
  2. Beatport has spent 2017 working to ensure that its genre categories correctly reflect the music displayed under them. The company has introduced four new categories over the course of the year and is closing out 2017 with a fifth: Afro house. The addition of this new genre reflects the organic instrumentation and African rhythms influencing the modern house music scene, pioneered by South African artists like Black Coffee and Culoe De Song. In a press release, Beatport chief product officer Terry Weerasinghe says the Afro house sound is “stronger than ever” on dance floors around the world. “We’ve focused this year on building the best possible store experience for DJs, which makes it the right time to add this thriving genre to Beatport,” Weerasinghe says. “In order to do it right, we’ve collaborated closely with the labels and artists at the forefront of the movement. Our dedicated team will curate the best Afro house tracks every week, and spotlight the artists you need to know about.” The Afro house page is live on Beatport now and can be found here. Read More: Anjunabeats and Beatport announce contest in search of young up-and-coming producer Beatport goes back to bass with three new bass genres launched The Beatport Top 10 has regained its credibility [Editorial] Source: Dancing Astonaut
  3. It’s no secret Kaytranada is an impressive producer. Since the release of his debut album 99.9% in May of 2016, he’s remixed Gorillaz and collaborated with artists as diverse as BADBADNOTGOOD and Azealia Banks. A lesser-known attribute of his career, though, is his expansive list of production credits. Luckily, Spotify user “hunterhhh” has compiled a complete playlist of the artist’s productions. In the 93-track playlist, standing at near six hours of playtime, resides Kaytranada’s complete collection of 99.9% tunes, plus an impressive array of productions from the artist. Productions for GoldLink, Nick Murphy, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Anderson Paak date back to 2014, with his production outside production credits themselves dating back to 2012. If Kaytranda continues on this prolific trajectory, it’s certain we’ll see more additions to this list shortly. Photo Credit: Carys Huws H/T: Stoney Roads Read More: Kaytranada surprises fans with the release of three brand new tunes Kaytranada drops delightfully funky remix of Gorillaz’s ‘Strobelight’ Kaytranada and Buddy star in new ‘World of Wonders’ video Source: Dancing Astonaut
  4. The venerable rock ’n’ roller Neil Young has delivered on his promise of a high-fidelity audio service with the launch of a new platform, XStream, and to mark the occasion he’s launched an archive of all of his music. Aptly-titled the Neil Young Archives, Young’s complete music collection is all the music he’s produced to date — both released and unreleased material. All of the artist’s works are now available for free — until June 2018 — in the high-fidelity format. “We developed [the archive] to provide fans and historians with unprecedented access to all of my music and my entire archive in one convenient location,” writes Young. A big push for the integrity of all listening experiences, Young’s music service is a dramatic improvement in easy-listening with the service’s full-resolution. XStream provides the highest quality listening to a network condition in its adaptive nature. The service is simply an adaptive streaming service that changes with a listener’s available network bandwidth. “Full resolution is attained with no compression, unlike any other streaming service to date,” Young explained in an open letter about the archives. Full resolution is attained when your bandwidth is high enough to play back all the quality of each individual recording. This is as good as it gets.” Young’s new service comes after a wave of the audiophile’s investments. He first introduced the PonoPlayer in 2014 on Kickstarter, which was launched in store later the following year. Much like the new streaming service, Pono catered to audiophiles who were seeking out high-quality files at lower costs. In 2016, Young was prompted to close his Pono venture after a change of hands and investments, but in a streaming giant age that beckons for convenient, high-quality audio, audiophiles will soon see if XStream can fill the void. Visit the archives here. Photo Credit: @Neil Young/Facebook H/T: Engadget Read More: Crankdat unveils remix of Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ A-Trak enhances Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ with insane launchpad and scratching video MUST WATCH: Daft Punk’s monumental 2007 Alive show is here with HD audio Source: Dancing Astonaut
  5. Four years ago, techno tastemakers Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary of Modeselektor released a comprehensive documentary in conjunction with EB.tv. The production, We Are Modeselektor, functioned as a filmic compilation of on tour and behind the scenes footage and commentary, centered around the duo’s development of the Monkeytown Records imprint, and Modeselektor’s stylistic evolution. The 75-minute documentary has remained available on both DVD and Blu-ray since its 2013 release, but is now able to be viewed online for the first time since its debut. Fans of the German electronic artists can stream We Are Modeselektor in full as a part of the documentary’s landmark Internet release. Read More: Movement Festival announces Phase Two lineup with Modeselektor, Tiga, Mija and more Modeselektor and Apparat team up as Moderat for new album II now available for full stream Modeselektor closes out the Mojave tent at Coachella 2012, Tupac holograms be damned Source: Dancing Astonaut
  6. The $43.4-million-dollar settlement offered by Spotify in May to end a class action lawsuit brought publishers and songwriters whose tracks were streamed on the site without prior approval is now subject to a final approval or court rejection, with a decision to come any day. Spotify’s legal team appeared at a hearing on Friday, December 1 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York before Judge Alison J. Nathan to argue for the settlement’s acceptance, the steep figure a response to the class-action copyright infringement lawsuit pursued against the streaming giant. While streaming unlicensed content is a widespread practice in the streaming business, the extent of the infringement routinely varies. A lawyer for the putative class has noted the difficulty in identifying the exact number of compositions infringed by Spotify, but Andrew Pincus, a lawyer representing Spotify has offered a “ballpark estimate” of 300,000 songs. Spotify’s failure to license many compositions leaves an expanse of publishers and songwriters that are consequently owed royalties by the streaming platform. Spotify did possess the recording rights to the compositions, but notably did not license the mechanical rights for the compositions that it would later stream. Spotify additionally failed to issue Notice of Intent (NOI) documents with the U.S. Copyright Office. NOIs alert the Copyright Office of a service’s intent to use and/or distribute the content. Whereas Spotify’s legal team supported the settlement during the December 1 hearing, two other rightsholders filed objections therein, stating that the settlement number was not commensurate with the damages for each composition. The settlement seeks to award composition writers whose offerings were streamed between zero and 100 times a minimum payment, based on the total settlement number. The remaining money from the settlement would be distributed to other writers and publishers in a pro rata manner. If Pincus’ estimation of 300,000 infringed tracks holds, then each rightsholder would receive an average of approximately $100 each. The uncertainty shrouding the expanse of material infringed by Spotify renders settlement award dissemination complex. The deciding judge, Alison J. Nathan has requested more time in the determination of her decision whether to accept the settlement proposed by Spotify, or to reject it, a negation that could engender further litigation. If the settlement is ruled as fair, Spotify still might see many rightsholders opt out of the lawsuit to independently sue Spotify, rendering the streaming platform’s business choices costly expenditures. H/T: Billboard Read More: Spotify acquires cloud based collaborative DAW New Spotify data shows sharp increase in listening time, artist diversity Spotify cancels all current video series, goes back to drawing board Source: Dancing Astonaut
  7. The success of a first-year festival can often be measured by the rate at which tickets to the event sell for the festival’s following iteration. Excision‘s Lost Lands festival has accordingly emerged as an indisputable crowd favorite after selling out a pre-sale stock of 15,000 tickets to the event’s 2018 edition. Tickets to the Legend Valley-based Ohio production sold out in mere minutes, with more tickets purchased within the first hour of the pre-sale than during the entire first month of 2017 ticket sales. The number is staggering given the festival’s currently unreleased lineup for the 2018 season, and its return date — Lost Lands will not return until September 14-16, 2018. The overwhelming response to the pre-sale prompted surprise not only on behalf of dedicated Lost Lands fans seeking to attend in 2018, but of Lost Lands’ founder, Excision himself. Excision released a full statement after the pre-sale, expressing his gratitude, and further detailing the presale process. Many fans were miffed to find that tickets to Lost Lands 2018 sold out faster than 2017 goers had the opportunity to purchase the passes. Excision noted that the festival’s omission of wristband registration for the event’s opening year resulted in Lost Land organizers’ inability to create a Loyalty Pre-sale style sale that would give preference to those present at the festival’s inaugural run. In order to facilitate the pre-sale — requested by many — Excision and fellow organizers were required to use a “generic code” of “HEADBANGER” to allow access to the sale. “We knew the code would spread, but we did not think it would spread faster than Mailchimp could send emails to last year’s purchasers,” Excision wrote, stating that the mail automation platform had imparted that it could send out the email containing the code to the email list of last year’s purchasers in ten-minutes. The email, however, did not go out until 40 minutes later, causing loyalty buyers to completely miss the opportunity to purchase a discounted 2018 pass. Excision ended the statement by vowing to present a festival “even bigger and better” than last year’s. Read More: Excision releases Lost Lands 2017 mix + 27-track compilation album [Free Download] Excision sets tentative dates for Lost Lands 2018 Listen to Lost Lands live sets from Excision, Illenium, Kill The Noise & more Source: Dancing Astonaut
  8. Federal officials are forcing Martin Shkreli to give up the rights to his exclusive $2 million dollar Wu Tang album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. In August, Shkreli was convicted on two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The convictions were found in connection with Shkreli’s biotech company, as well as two hedge funds that the thirty-four-year-old ran. Shkreli is currently being held on $5 million bail at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Correctional Center awaiting his appearance in court. CNBC reports that Shkreli’s attorney, Ben Brafman, says he’ll “vigorously oppose the government motion.” “Our position is clear,” said Brafman in a prepared statement on Friday. “None of the investors lost any money and Martin did not personally benefit from any of the counts of conviction. Accordingly, forfeiture of any assets is not an appropriate remedy.” Prosecutors, on the other hand, believe that Shkreli gained access to “funds he would not have had but for his criminal offenses.” Prosecutors have tallied $3 million for fraud at the hedge fund MSMB Capital, $3.4 million at MSMB Healthcare, and $960,000 for Shkreli’s conviction on conspiracy to commit securities fraud. “These funds were, in essence, the life blood that fueled the fraud scheme,” prosecutors wrote. Shkreli’s efforts to sell the album as a piece of art, rather than simply release it to the public, were near-universally reviled by the music community, especially considering Shkreli’s dubious moral background. Shkreli is scheduled to be sentenced on January 16th, 2018. Considering the evidence, he might want to protect his neck. Photo Credit: Getty Images Source: CNBC Read More: Ibiza government issues a new club closing time for next summer Burning Man has been monitored by the FBI for the past 5 years Source: Dancing Astonaut
  9. In celebration of hitting the 10 million subscriber mark, Alan Walker performed his new single, “All Falls Down,” alongside Noah Cyrus and Juliander live from YouTube. This marked the first time that the trio has performed the track live together. The performance featured Walker on a midi controller and pad and Juliander and Noah Cyrus singing, accompanied by a drummer and a keyboardist. “All Falls Down” was initially released on Oct 27 via Sony Music Sweden/RCA Records and features co-production by Digital Farm Animals. Read More: Alan Walker releases remix of Avicii’s ‘Lonely Together’ Alan Walker releases infectious original ‘All Falls Down’ Source: Dancing Astonaut
  10. The Berlin government has pledged to invest €1 million in sound protection for various nightclubs throughout its city limits, according to Berlin based publication Tagesspiegel. The announcement comes in light of recent complaints from city residents about noise generated at large scale nightclubs. Around 170 Berlin nightclub locations were forced to shut down from 2011 to 2015. Typically, when residents complain to city officials, the officials err on the side of caution, favoring residents over nightclub owners. Now, Berlin’s city officials are taking preemptive measures to effectively soundproof its nightclubs, thereby mediating the concerns of residents and club owners. The recent investment will fund renovations such as the placement of sound absorbing installations in venues, noise barriers in outdoor areas, and soundproofing the windows of local residents. “The club culture has given Berlin so much that the city now has to save the clubs,” says Georg Kössler, club spokesman for the Green Group, who helped to arbitrate the funding approval. How the money will be distributed is still unclear, but Tagesspiegel reports that a possible reference model would be the Hamburg model: wherein a charitable club foundation allocates funds as they see fit. H/T: Mixmag Read More: Berlin nightclub bans CDJs, turntables New techno nightclub to open this November in Berlin This artist has created a Berghain-scented fragrance Source: Dancing Astonaut
  11. Dance music enthusiasts rejoice, as The Black Madonna is working on her debut album. In a recent New York Times story, Marea Stamper unveiled she’s working on a new collection of music that serves as a navigational-venture between the “push-and-pull between clubbing’s opposite impulses.” Stamper continues, “When you look at dance music’s core canon, there’s always been a tension between two poles,” she said. “One is a kind of utopianism like ‘Promised Land’ by Joe Smooth, and on the other hand there’s the realism you would hear in a record like ‘It’s a Cold World’ by Jamie Principle.” Tellingly, “He Is the Voice I Hear” has the elegiac fervor of gospel, another genre-straddling these poles. “Most of the album I’m working on is, in some way or another, trying to operate in that set of ideas.” The article continued to name the Chicago artist Principle as one of three collaborators on the LP. Stamper’s also reportedly working with the Chicago hip-hop group Jyroscope and the DJ and vocalist Shaun J. Wright, formerly of the neo-disco-outfit Hercules & Love Affair. And while the album is yet to have a known title, track list, or release date, it’s an exciting debut to anticipate from the refreshingly socio-politically engaged act nonetheless. Read More: Berghain unveils prodigious 60-hour NYE line-up featuring The Black Madonna, DVS1, Rødhåd & more The Black Madonna delves into how misogyny operates amid Konstantin controversy The Black Madonna comments on Conan O’Brien’s televised visit to Berghain: ‘It’s private for a reason’ H/T: Resident Advisor, Source: The New York Times Source: Dancing Astonaut
  12. Multi-talented Mat Zo has let some more of his personality shine through on his Twitter. The Brit-born producer unleashed a tweet storm of self-recorded home videos of himself performing The M Machine‘s “Tiny Anthem,” along with a cover of close friend Kill The Noise‘s “All In My Head,” on his ukulele. The Grammy-nominated artist is an obvious fan of Porter Robinson as well, with his very own renditions of “Flicker,” “Language,” and Robinson’s debut single under his Virtual Self alias, “Eon Break.” What incited the quirky little jam session? His girlfriend being sick on a rainy day. The string of ukulele covers shows a unique side of Zo’s talents and provides a fun and refreshing look into another side of his music and personality. Read More: Mat Zo shares new music under drum & bass alias, MRSA Big Gigantic releases 15-track ‘Brighter Future’ remix album, feat. Kasbo, Kill The Zo, Sweaterbeats and more Rezz previews insane new track and Virtual Self remix Source: Dancing Astonaut
  13. Carl Cox has officially been announced as Creamfields first headliner of 2018, nearly a decade since his last time topping the legendary UK festival’s billing. Beyond Cox’s headlining duties next year, the techno icon is also lined up to curate his own Intec Digital stage hosted at the event’s Steel Yard megastructure as well. The announcement comes three months ahead of Creamfields’ full lineup reveal, expected to land in February of 2018. The festival celebrated it’s 20th anniversary earlier this year, roping together 70,000 attendees across four days. Tickets to next year’s edition of Creamfields are on sale now with the festival running from August 23 – 26, 2018. Amid headlining duties next year, Cox will also be performing in front of a 17th century castle outside Dublin on August 25. Read More: Epizode festival announces Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, and more to expanding lineup Listen to Martin Garrix’s mystery ID from Creamfields 2017 Source: Dancing Astonaut
  14. Facebook will soon offer a select list of news publishers access to a “breaking” designation for their articles. The scarlet tag of distinction will appear below the post’s image, displaying the amount of time that has passed since the piece’s publication. The publishers with the breaking tag at their disposal will have the ability to apply the tag for anywhere between 15 minutes and six-hours, but can only use the breaking classification once every 24-hours. Facebook’s implementation of the tag seeks to show its users the most significant, recent news, designed to add urgency to the platform’s non-chronological newsfeed organization. The tag, however, will not be weighted differently in Facebook’s algorithms — for now. A spokesperson for Facebook has indicated that initial use of the breaking tag will function as a measure of whether or not breaking news stories should be algorithmically favored over other newsfeed posts. If use of the breaking tag is met with a positive reception, posts with the tag might later receive preferential temporal ordering. While Facebook has not released the full list of media entities cleared to use the breaking tag, ABC News and Vox Media will be permitted to use the exclusive tag. H/T: engadget Read More: Facebook adds trust indicators to its news to fight misinformation Facebook is offering hundreds of millions of dollars for music rights Spotify partners with Facebook Messenger for easy group playlists Source: Dancing Astonaut
  15. Come January, Mr. Carmack will serve fans a musical sampler as a part of his latest initiative, The Original Sound Tour. The 23-stop tour will witness the production guru descend upon a number of major cities to deliver live renditions of songs that will be respectively pulled from Melodies, Vibes, Bang, Vista, and Mr. Carmack’s RED, BLU, YELLOW and Drugs EPs. The North American tour will make its first stop in Phoenix on January 26. Tickets to the live tour will go on sale at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern time on Thursday here. Read More: 3lau announces Ultraviolet North American tour, primes new album single Sam Feldt, From Sunrise to Sunset North American tour – Photos by Deni Kukura Belgian bass duo Ganja White Night reveal details for new album and upcoming tour Source: Dancing Astonaut
  16. LA-based producer and industry leader Destructo has announced his “Let’s Be Friends” tour to kick off 2018. Gary Richards, also the man behind the world renowned annual dance music festival HARD Summer in LA, will be hitting major spots all over North America, starting at Output in Brooklyn, NY and concluding his 16-stop tour in Portland at 45 East. Richards will be accompanied by some house music buddies including Fisher, Habstrakt, Will Clarke and more. Destructo sets are already confirmed to include special edits of tracks from his Renegade and West Coast EP’s as well as other fan favorites. The announcement is accompanied by a Beatport exlcusive chart with some of the most notable tracks by Destructo and friends as well as a “Let’s Be Friends 2018” Spotify playlist. Tickets go on sale Friday December 1, 2017, with the tour dates available here. H/T: EDM Sauce Read More: Destructo releases face melting ‘Bassface’ single and music video FISHER stuns on anthemic ‘Oi Oi’ EP Listen to Zomboy’s ‘Rott N’ Roll Pt. 1: Remixed’ EP with Doctor P, Gent & Jawns, Habstrakt, more Source: Dancing Astonaut
  17. While the formidable trance trio Above & Beyond has yet to embark on their forthcoming “Common Ground” tour in honor of their upcoming album of the same name — to be released in January —the group’s already announced an incredibly exciting denouement of the tour. Fans of the ensemble can expect a cinematic deliverance from the three, now set to conclude in Miami at the famed RC Cola Plant during Miami Music Week on March 22, 2018 alongside Seven Lions. Abandoned in the early ’90s, the RC Cola Plant has since become a haven for street and graffiti artists alike. Above & Beyond’s takeover of the venue will follow-up their two previous sold-out jaunts there in previous years. The “Common Ground” tour is poised to be Above & Beyond’s biggest tour to date, and includes massive headline slots at The Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden, Sydney Opera House, Royal Albert Hall, Alexandra Palace, London, Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome, The O2 Arena, Red Rocks and The Gorge Amphitheater, and many more. Attendees are sure to see the new, expectedly evocative album play out before their eyes. Currently, three singles are available for listening off the album including, “Northern Soul,” “Tightrope,” and “My Own Hmyn.” Above & Beyond ‘Common Ground’ Tour Dates: 12/29 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Convention Center 12/30 – Calgary, AB – Big Four 12/31 – Minneapolis, MN – Armory 1/25 – Philadelphia, PA – Fillmore 1/26 – Washington, DC – Echostage 1/27 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center 2/1 – Toronto – Rebel 2/2 – Toronto – Rebel 2/3 – Montreal – Place Bell 2/6 – Burlington, VT – Higher Ground 2/8 – Syracuse, NY – Sl Hall at the Fairgrounds 2/9 – Worcester, MA – Palladium 2/15 – Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues 2/16 – Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room @ Old National Centre 2/17 – Chicago, IL – Navy Pier Festival Hall 2/18 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit 2/21 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant 2/23 – Dallas, TX – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory 2/24 – Houston, TX – Revention Music Center 2/27 – Phoenix, AZ – Rawhide 3/2 – San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 3/7 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre SOLD OUT 3/8 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre SOLD OUT 3/9 – Boise, ID – Revolution Concert House and Event Center 3/13 – Kansas City, MO – Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland 3/15 – Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works 3/16 – New Orleans, LA – The Joy Theater 3/17 – Atlanta, GA – Coca-Cola Roxy 3/18 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte 3/22 – Miami, FL – RC Cola Plant Pre-sale tickets are available December 5. Get more information here. Read More: Above & Beyond deliver cryptically beautiful music video for new single Above & Beyond to release a documentary with Abramorama in early 2018 Above & Beyond announces upcoming ‘Common Ground’ album & NA tour Source: Dancing Astonaut
  18. Above & Beyond‘s deep house imprint will make its foray into festival season this August. Dubbed “Anjunadeep Open Air: London,” Anjunadeep’s inaugural festival will take place on Three Mills Island in East London on August 12. The one-day event will feature a variety of artists aligned with the label’s self professed “deep” aesthetic. Those interested in attending Anjunadeep Open Air: London can register for Super Earlybird tickets for £20 here. Tickets will become available to the public for general sale on December 4. H/T: Mixmag Read More: Lane 8 exudes pearlescent bliss on latest Anjunadeep Edition mix What Anjunadeep means to its artists Anjunadeep 09 offers an ethereal ride through deep and progressive Source: Dancing Astonaut
  19. Diplo has struck a pose. The luminary has let his hair down for L’Uomo Vogue, a male focused offshoot of the American fashion & lifestyle magazine. A cornerstone publication of men’s fashion and style, L’Uomo Vogue sees Diplo outfitted in the clean lines of Prada’s spring/summer 2018 line, compiling a gallery of seven photographs of Diplo modeling the collection. The gallery is flanked by a brief interview with Diplo, written in the magazine’s domestic language of Italian. Diplo notes therein that he “[does] not cry for music” in response to the interviewer’s question concerning “the last time music made [him] cry,” but lauds Sam Smith‘s voice as a particularly “powerful” one before moving on to discuss outsiders in “the producers’ environment,” being called an “EDM DJ,” and the recent decline of American pop music. “All pop stars are struggling to have some great hits,” Diplo muses. “Taylor Swift just had to surrender the first ranked position [to] Cardi B, a rapper, and then to Post Malone, another rapper who is now in second place. If five-years ago [you] said that would happen, I never would have believed you, you know?” Diplo attributes the shift in popular musical preference to kids “listening to what they want,” a reality that has dethroned the label as a commanding entity. Diplo digresses from music to highlight the “many other things” that he eventually wants to do. “I can not imagine continuing to do it unless it is inspiring [work in music],” Diplo states, “…I can write or work at a pizzeria or do something else I’ve never done.” The full interview can be read here. Read More: Richie Hawtin, Bonobo, Diplo & more lead Sónar Festival’s 25th annual Barcelona edition Diplo initially hated James Van Der Beek’s portrayal of himself Diplo’;s got a Kanye West story and it’s pretty epic Source: Dancing Astonaut
  20. Festivals can feel like a utopian bubble where nothing goes wrong, but given the number of productions each year and the logistics involved, sometimes the margin for human error proves too much. Transmission Festival is the latest example of what can go wrong when all seems right. Just after a stunning visual moment happens via strobes, LED walls, and lasers, fireworks launch off the stage landing in the crowd and not passing over them. Luckily, no severe injuries or deaths were reported. A video shows the malfunction within the arena. Read MoreLISTEN: Soundtrack to Tomorrowland 2017 Your Paradise Fiji: A destination music experience that lives up to its hype Fireworks version of Kygo’s ‘Firestone’ appears in Sony commercial Source: Dancing Astonaut
  21. After an enthralling reveal that Sónar Festival would be sending music into space in an attempt to contact aliens for its 25th anniversary, the festival has come down to Earth and announced the first round of names for 2018. The Barcelona festival will take place from June 14–16, and so far is lead by live performances from Diplo, Richie Hawtin with CLOSE, the Grammy-nominated Bonobo, Bicep, Hyperdub boss Kode9, LCD Soundsystem, and Damon Albarn‘s Gorillaz. Presently, slated DJs also include Laurent Garnier, Ninjatune’s Helena Hauff, the venerable Black Coffee, Tony Humphries, and the Studio Barnhus crew. Sónar kicks off with several editions this year including its Bogotá installment on December 2, its Reykjavik leg on March 16 and 17, its second edition in Hong Kong on March 17, and an Istanbul jaunt on April 6 and 7. Sónar Pass is priced at $195 until December 11, and the four-day Delegate Pass is priced at $284. Tickets can be purchased here. H/T: Mixmag Read More: Sónar Festival is attempting to contact alien life with music for its 25th anniversary 24 hours in Barcelona: The 24th anniversary of Sónar Festival Finding Techno Bae online is now a reality thanks to new app Source: Dancing Astonaut
  22. From travelling to the farthest reaches of the world to debuting a new song on the Arc De Triomphe, there is never a dull moment when DJ Snake livestreams. This week, the French producer’s livestreams have been just as riveting, but in a very different way. Jérôme Jarre has brought a group of influencers and advocates, including DJ Snake, to Bangladesh where they are spreading awareness from the largest refugee camp in the world. The refugee camp is full of Rohingyas, a minority Muslim population native to Myanmar. This group is unable to claim citizenship anywhere because the Myanmar government refuses to recognize them. The atrocities inflicted on the Rohingyas at the hands of the Myanmar government are staggering, and according media reports, include stories of beatings, villages set on fire, rape, and murder. After one day of broadcasting from the camps, $950,000 has already been raised for the cause. Every dollar counts, and if the second day of broadcast is as successful as the first, this initiative will have raised an incredible amount of support for the dire situation in Bangladesh. Consider supporting the cause, and kudos to DJ Snake for using his platform to spread the message. Read More: DJ Snake flies fans to Paris for upcoming hometown show This video for DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way’ will brighten anyone’s day DJ Snake surprises fans, drops new single ‘A Different Way’ on the Arc De Triomph Source: Dancing Astonaut
  23. Since setting up his landmark non-profit label Blume, Las Vegas’s own 3LAU have made fans of the electronic dance act seamless philanthropists along the way. Having dropped album lead-in single “Star Crossed” earlier in the year, the young artist returns this month with the album’s second single and news of an extensive North American tour for 2018, with support from SNBRN, Throttle and ELEPHANTE. Kicking-off in his hometown on December 30, the Ultraviolet tour leaves few national stones unturned, mustering 20-dates across the country and concluding on April 27. The announcement lands just days shy of latest single ‘Walk Away,’ with the landmark album anticipated to be out by the time 3LAU concludes this national romp. Catch the full itinerary of the Ultraviolet 2018 tour below and stay tuned for the new single this Friday! ULTRAVIOLET TOUR 2018 Dec 30 – Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl Feb 08 – Bloomington, IN – Kilroys Feb 09 – Chicago, IL – Prysm Feb 10 – Columbus, OH – Dahlia Feb 16 – Atlanta, GA – Opera Feb 17 – New York, NY – Terminal 5 Feb 22 – New Orleans, LA – Republic Feb 23 – Philadelphia, PA – Noto Feb 24 – Washington D.C. – Echostage Mar 02 – San Francisco, CA – Regency Mar 03 – Los Angeles, CA – Belasco Mar 10 – Seattle, WA – Sodo Mar 16 – Toronto, ON – Uniun Mar 17 – Montreal, QC – New City Gas Apr 06 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Apr 13 – Boston, MA – The Grand Apr 14 – St Louis, MO – Ryse Apr 20 – Houston, TX – Spire Apr 21 – Dallas, TX – Lizard Lounge Apr 27 – Portland, OR – Roseland Read More: 3LAU releases ‘Star Crossed’ music video, donates profits to hurricane relief 3LAU – Star Crossed 3LAU provides a Drum & Bass remix for his Audien collaboration, ‘Hot Water’ Source: Dancing Astonaut
  24. Altered states of consciousness serve as a sort of psychological goldmine in the scientific evaluation of perception. In its quest to examine different states of consciousness without altering the subject’s neurophysiology, a research group from Sussex University has engineered the “Hallucination Machine.” A tool that will enable researchers to conduct analyses of a studied group’s consciousness without administering a psychoactive substance that will temporarily affect brain function, perception, mood, and behavior, the Hallucination Machine subverts the scientific application of a drug like LSD through its use of virtual reality. The Hallucination Machine simulates “visual hallucinatory experiences in a biologically plausible and ecologically valid way,” creating illusionary scenes that are characteristic of a psychedelic induced trip through a head-mounted, panoramic VR display. The display, titled “DeepDream,” renders the use of mind-altering substances unnecessary in its ability to invent a constructed experience commensurate with that of a drug prompted trip. Researchers moreover determined that although capable of producing a comparable visual landscape, DeepDream does not result in the “temporal distortion commonly associated with altered states,” signifying that a study carried out in conjunction with DeepDream can be both orderly and time controlled. The Sussex University’s examination observed the effects of the DeepDream technology on 12 volunteers, who witnessed visuals akin to those caused by the ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin. An invention that possesses the power to dramatically advance the researchers’ study of altered consciousness, the Hallucination Machine has the power to transform scientific consciousness assessment. The researchers’ full study can be read here. H/T: Mixmag Read More: Watch this hilarious anti-LSD PSA excavated from the 1960s The Game of Thrones cast went to Glastonbury and freaked out people on LSD Police monitor Welsh village to deter criminals from finding a 40 year old stash of LSD Source: Dancing Astonaut
  25. While the toxicology report containing the specific details of Lil Peep’s death has yet to arrive, police in Tucson, Arizona have reportedly received information regarding the potential presence of fentanyl in the drugs ingested by Lil Peep prior to his death. A potent synthetic opioid, fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, leading to an increased risk of overdose for users of drugs cut with the opioid. Fentanyl additionally augments the addictive quality of addictive substances, further increasing the chance for drug addiction and related overdoses. Fentanyl has appeared as a substance used to cut drugs on the black market, despite its toxicity — an amount of fentanyl the size of a mere grain of salt can materialize as a lethal dose. Fentanyl overdose victims are generally unaware that the drugs that they take are laced with fentanyl at the time of consumption. Lil Peep’s brother, Karl Ahr, stated earlier this month that the family had been informed by an unspecified source that fentanyl laced drugs could have played a part in the rapper’s death. “We have heard there was some sort of substance he did not expect to be involved in the substance he was taking,” Ahr said. “He [Lil Peep] thought he could take what he did, but he had been given something and he didn’t realize what it was.” Ahr believes Lil Peep’s death to have been a tragic accident. The artist’s death was determined to be a drug overdose by the local medical examiner’s office. Lil Peep’s toxicology report will be able to identify whether fentanyl was indeed involved in the overdose. Toxicology reports generally become available from a six to eight-week period. H/T: Complex Read More: Fentanyl laced cocaine is circulating the black market in Tennessee and surrounding areas UK police seeking public information on Snapchat pill suppliers New research suggests psychedelic drugs may make people less prone to violence Source: Dancing Astonaut
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